Betting Regulations In The East.: Attorneys for New York Racing Associations Give Advice on Subject., Daily Racing Form, 1913-05-30


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BETTING REGULATIONS IN THE EAST Attorneys f or New York Racing Associations Give Advice on Subject New York May 29 It is stated that any person who attends the Belmont Park race track whern racing will be resumed tomorrow after having been suspended since 1910 may bet without fear of mo leKtatloji He will not be hampered or annoyed but he must live within the intent as well as the letter of the law which is against bookmakiitg and gambling Personal wagers having been defined by tlio courts as perfectly legal will be tolerated by the club officials and county ollicials But no book making will be allowed and no person who accepts a bet will l e permitted to record it itSuch Such is the substance of an opinion given by the attorneys for the four racing associations that will jointly hold the racing meeting lusting eighteen days at the Belmont Park track relative to betting V No person will be allowed fo solicit bets or to publicly display odds or to make records of bets None of the patrons of the track will be permitted to occupy a place in the old betting ring This would IK construed by the management of the traek orcupyjng a place for bookmaking purposes Neither will the racegoers be allowed to stand in one place or In any manner show that they are oc ¬ cupying a place for gambling purposes The visi ¬ tor will be asked to keep moving on the lawn or to occupv seats in the grandstand grandstandIn In spite of the fact that the Scudder decision hi the Paul Shane case permits oral betting and tho private recording of wagers by persons wild actept odds the track managers have decided not to take advantage of the full terms of this important legal opinion While the Scudder decision has been unanimously allinned by the Appellate Division and has been pronounced good l iw by the attorneys of the racing iuleresls it has been agreed upon to await final action by the Court of Appeals before letting down the bars barsIf If Governor Sulzer accept an invitation from the Westchester Kacing Association to attend the races at Belmout Park oil Friday he will readily dis ¬ cover that the law prohibiting bookmalqug with or without writing or other forms of gamlding is strictly enforced and that the turf solons are ready to cooperate with the district attorney and the sheriff of Nassau County in suppressing professionals professionalsA A wellposted racing man outlines Fridays pro ¬ ceedings in this way If wayIf you can find a friend at the track who is willing to accept your word instead of money you can ask him the odds against auy horse yon may fancy Without referring to his program or other memoranda he can quote a price to you depending entirely on his memory If you make an oral wager with him he must memorize it and you can do the same sameBut But under no circumstances must the bet bo written down by either of you If the horse wins you 5in collect the amount of tlie wager away from the track if the layer remembers it or if you can convince him that he owes yon If the horse loses it is a question involving your word of honor to pay up upA A man who offers odds at your solicitation can ¬ not employ one or more clerks lo keep track of the transaction You cannot baud him a card to keep him in mind of your bet In other words betting will bo reduced to a minimum and conducted so privately that there can be no tangible evidence upon which to base arrests There will be no open speculation of any kind and certain wellknown pro ¬ fessionals if they visit the track will be under constant surveillance surveillanceThe The racing association is satisfied to reopen the gates for the revival of the sport at its own cxiiense If the public responds with a fair amount of patronage well and good for gate receipts will help But the men in control of the sport do not intend to have the future jeopardized by a iiuiulwr of pro ¬ fessional gamblers who care nothing for racing itself but simply go to the track for the purpose of lining their pockets pocketsThese These rules will apply to all parts of the en ¬ closure the clubhouse being on the same plane with the grandstand and the one dollar section Tho Pinkertons will aid the sheriffs men in every way and persons who expect to see open violations of the disapiioiutedTlie law will be disapiioiuted Tlie racing on Friday will afford both a spectacle and an outing for those who enthuse over the thor ¬ oughbred and will be entirely cut off from specula ¬ tion Under these conditions tho racing interests believe they can get along without the slightest trouble JnwThe or friction with the officers of the Jnw The Westchester llaciug Association under whose auspices the meeting will be held and other asso ¬ ciations which have planned meetings at other tracks circulated today announcements that tlie law in relation to bookmaking and betting would be en ¬ forced to its strictest interpretation Notice is served that if any attempt is made at bookmaking as it is feared there may be among the crowds within the inclosure where only 1 admission Is charged this popular priced section will be closed entirely entirelyThe The right of individuals to bet among themselves will not be interfered with by the police it is understood if only oral wagers are made

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