Work-Outs Of Eastern Horses., Daily Racing Form, 1913-06-22

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WORKOUTS OF EASTERN HORSES New York June 21 Itcccnt workouts of horses In training at Helmont Park arc as follows Weather clear track fast Aldebaran Half mile in 48 Shows plenty of ofearly early speed in all work Any Time Half mile in 40 Has shown a few fewgood good workouts Cadean Half mile in 53 Has boon on the slow slowside side Captain Hums Half mile in 50 lias shown some somegood good work and will improve Captain Elliott Half mile in 53 Has boon on onthe the slow side sideCrossbun Crossbun Half mile in 51 Under a good pull Cutaway Half mile in 49 Speedy and ready to torace race well Daingerlield Half milo in 54 Has been working workingwell well wellDefendum Defendum Half mile in 4S Donald Macdonald Threequarters in 120 Looks Looksgood good and is ready to race well Fauntleroy Threequarters in 120 Coming Comingaround around after a long letup Flittergold Half mile in 4S G M Miller Mile In 145 Works well when ¬ ever set down Gainer Half mih in 51 Has plenty of early earlyspeed speed and is good Galaxy Fiveeighths in 109 A good moving movingfilly filly that is ready Gallop Half mile in 50 Was working along in inan an easv manner Garl Half mile in 53 Holiday Fiveeighths in 103 Works well at all alltimes times Hnrakan Fiveeighths in 102 if Good work for forthis this one Ishose Mile in 145 Is fast and should race raceIvabel Ivabel Threequarters In 117 Has been doing doinggood good work right ah ng lack Wall Seveneighths in 138 Works well wellbut but is a little thick in wind Jawbone Fiveeighths in UWliVfe Coming to hand handfast fast and looks good Jim CalTrey Threequarters in 118 Shows a afair fair amount of siietd in all his work Little Ep Threequarters in 118 Has been on onthe the slow side sideMonmoiith Monmoiith Half milo in 50 handily Northerner Half mile in 49 Good work for fortliis tliis one Oylmphi Half mile in 51 Has not boen hurried hurriedfor for speed Prince Eugene Seveneighths in 129 A good goodmoving moving colt with plenty of speed Punch Howl Fiveoishlhs in l0tf Extra good goodwork work for this gitod colt Uingling Half mile in 51 Speedy and is ready readyto to race to form Hock View Threequarters in 123 Worked along alongSalon Salon Half mile in 48 Good work for this thisone one oneScrapper Scrapper Threequarters in 120 Shackletou Threequarters In 118 Has all his hisearly early speed and is good Spearhead Fiveeighths in 103 Hns been on the theslow slow side but is now close to form Stromboli Half mile in 51 lias shown a few fewgood good workouts workoutsTarts Tarts Fiveeighths in 102 Is at her best Top Hat Fiveeighths In 103 Has lieeii working workingwell well wellTriller Triller Threequarters in 120 easily Violet Kay Half mile in 52 War Horn Seveneighths in 130 Shows good goodwork work at all times Warbler Half mile in 51 Has been going along alongslowly slowly for some time Weather clear track fast Azyinde Seveneighths in 133 Has plenty of ofearly early speed and is at her best Hob U Half mile in 50 Works well whenever wheneverset set down and is ready readyHreaker Hreaker Hoy Mile in 155 Under a stiff pull Hriar Path Half mile in 50 Has been on the theslow slow side for some time Prnin Telle Seveneighths in 130 Good work workfor for this filly Carroll Keid Fiveeighths in 105 Has not been beenhurried hurried Captain Swanson Threequarters in 121 Looks Looksgood good and is ready to race to his best form Cock o the Walk Half mile in 50 Dandy Dixon Mile in 150 Has been let up on onfor for a long while Disparity Half milo In 49 Drawn Half mile in 51 Has not been asked askedto to show much speed in work Dr Dnenner Threequarters in 118 Has all his hisEifdymion Eifdymion Mile in 151 Was working along in inaii aii easy manner Flamma Mile in 151 Has shown a few good goodworkouts workouts and is ready Flask Fiveeighths in 102 A good moving colt coltwith with plenty of speed speedFord Ford Mai Fiveeighths in 100 A fast filly G M Miller Mile and a quarter in 212 Good Goodwork work Ilenpeck Seveneighths in 131 Has been going goingHousemaid Housemaid Fiveeighths in 101 Has plenty of ofspeed speed and is ready to race well Isidora Threequarters in 119 Joe Finn Fiveeighths in 100 King McDowell Half mile in 50 Lidv Lightning Mile in 140 Has all her spppd Lawsuit Threequarters in 117 Has been show ¬ ing good work for some time Lohengrin Half mile in 52 Under a pull Margaret Meise Half mile In 52 Shows some someimprovement improvement Master Joe Fiveeighths in 1OJ Has been on the theslow slow side for a short while whileMisfortune Misfortune Half mile in 53 Has not been bur Mission Half milo in 51 breezing Moncreif Threequarters in 117 Not much on onwork work but is ready to race Mordecai Fiveeighths in 105 Works and acts actslike like a good colt King Marshall Half mile in 50 Coming around aroundto to form formSchaller Schaller Seveneighths in 132 Silver Moon Half mile in 49 Well in hand Sleuth Threequarters in 117 Under a stilt stiltStriker Striker Half mile in 50 Has plenty of early earlysjieert sjieert and is good Surprising Half mile in 53 Has not shown any anyfast fast work lately Syosset Seveneighths in 110 Does not seem to improve Tarts Fiveeighths in 105 Has all her good goodspeed speed and is at her best Whisk Hroom II Mile and a quarter in 20fi 20fiGrand Grand work for tills good race horse Yankee Notions Seveneighths in 131 Coming Comingaround around fast to his liest form

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