Work-Outs Of Eastern Horses., Daily Racing Form, 1913-08-12

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WORKOUTS OF EASTERN HORSES Saratoga N V August 11 Recent workouts of horses in training here were as follows Weather clear track fast fastAirey Airey Seveneighths in 133 Shows some im ¬ provement Applauder Half mile in 31 Shows a good way of ofworking working aud is ready Arringtou readyArringtou Fiveeighths in 103 Improving Aunt fastgoingfilly Mamie Threequarters in 110 A fastgoing filly fillyBclloc Bclloc Fiveeighths in 104 Under a pull Black Broom Threequarters In 11S Coming Comingaround around to best racing form Bryndown Seveneighths in 133 Cock o the Walk Mile and an eighth in 130 130Has Has all his good speed Colonel Ashmcadt Mile in 14G Under a hard hardpull pull Contrary Threequarters in 118 Works along alongwell well at all times Disparity Fiveeighths in 100 Has been on the theslow slow side for a short while Dombra Half mile in 31 Has been showing good goodwork work right along Dorlon Threequarters in 118 Looks good aud audshows shows plenty of speed Dr Duenner Mile in 140 Not much on work workbut but is ready to race well Feather Duster Threeeighths in 30 Has been beenlet let up on for a long while Florin Half mile in 53 Has been showing showinguseful useful work right along Flying Feet Threequarters in 118 Has all his hisgood good speed and is ready Gray Planet Threequarters in 119 A good goodlooker looker and mover Gregg Threequarters in 118 Coming around aroundfast fast to good form formHarvest Harvest Queen Half mile in 30 Shows im ¬ provement with each work Hedge Fiveeighths in 104 Has all her good goodspeed speed and is ready readyHoney Honey Bet Threequarters hi 117 At her best Iron Mask Half mile in 51 Has all his good goodspeed speed and is at his best Joannina Fiveeighths in 104 Is ready Kilcree Fiveeighths in 105 Has shown a few fewgood good workouts Lace Threequarters in 118 Shows plenty of ofspeed speed in all works Little Jupiter Mile in 145 Has shown a few fewgood good workouts workoutsMr Mr Sniggs Threequarters in 110 Nightstick Mile in 145 Coming around fast fastafter after a letup Noble Grand Throequarters in 117 A good goodmoving moving colt and Is ready Ochre Court Threequarters in 118 Ollagau Threequarters In 117 Shows some someimprovement improvement with each work Old Rosebud Threeeighths in 7 Worked along alongin in an easy manner Perthshire Threequarters in 117 Well in inhand hand Prairie Threequarters in 117 Is speedy Ray o Light Fiveeighths in 103 Royal Message Threequarters in 117 Royal Meteor Threequarters In 123 Under a ahard hard pull Runaway Fiveeighths in 104 Has not been beenhurried hurried for speed Some Kid Fiveeighths in 103 Shows a little littleimprovement improvement with each work Susan B Threequarters in 117 Sylvan Half mile in 30 Tandstickor Threequarters in 118 Works Worksand and acts like a good colt Towton Field Threeeighths in 37 Been going goingalong along slowly for some time Transformation Threequarters in 118 Good Goodwork work for this one oneVega Vega Threeeighths in 37 Speedy and ready War Horn Mile In 150 Appears to be ready lo lorace race well Willie Waddell Threeeighths in 37 Weather clear track fast Agnier Threequarters in 120 Has been on the theslow slow side for a long while Ambrose Threequarters in 110 Coming around aroundfast fast to good racing form formAmbition Ambition Half mile in 51 Shows some im ¬ provement provementAsli Asli Can Half mile in 51 Under n good pull Brave Cunarder Threequarters in 110A Coming Comingaround around fast to racing form Bringhurst Fiveeighths in 100 Casuarina Half mile in 52 El Biod Threequarters in 117 Coming around aroundto to form and looks good Executor Threequarters hi 118 Works well wellwhenever whenever set down FHtuway Half mile in 52 Has all her good goodspeed speed Fond Heart Seveneighths In 133 Has been let letup up on for a long while Front Royal Threequarters in 121 Has not been beenhurried hurried for fast work Gainer Threeeighths in 38 Looks good and is isready ready readyGracilla Gracilla Half mile in 51 Hammon Pass Threequarters in 110 Looks Looksgood good and should race better Hapenny Fiveeighths in 100 Should race racebetter better next time out Hawthorn Mile and an eighth in 205 Under a ahard hard pull

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