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t" * — . — *f I ONE EPSOM DERBY WINNER WHICH WAS THE SON OF AN AMERICAN BROODMARE By Dr. M. M. LEACH Il€ to gj , f of |„ ,[. f of N j„ in ,1, a] u ,[. a] • j jj n sj t, to tl j, m si o of ii in si ii •;.: u i. . The success of Mr. Richard Crokers Derby winner Orby. as a sire, must be distinctly gratifying all American turfmen, for Orby is out of Kboda B.. one of those splendid producing daughters Hanover, and Hanover. I take it. is the greatest broodmare sire the turf" world has known since the days of Galopin and Macaroni. No matter in what coinftry they may find themselves, these daughters l Hanover at once establish for themselves a reputation, as producers, second to none. Down i Australia, Colline. W. H. Daniels dam, produced a winner of the three-mile Australian Cup i and IUioda 1!.. since her exportation to England, has, besides the Derby winner Orby, become the ! dam of the One Thousand Guineas winner Rhodora i and also a number of lesser lights. Then again i Crania is the grandnm of of Mr. H. 15. Duryeas i Derby winner Durbar II. and Hamburg. son of Hanover, leads the winning broodmare sire list t this year. Hanover, himself, though dead these s sixteen years, fills third place. I hardlv think our breeders have yet quite come I understand and appreciate the excellence of I these daughters of Hanover, and mares of deuce » descent. However, the leader of the winning broodmare - stallion list, which will shortly be completed, -hould enable liieni to come to a better realization i the merit of all mares which trace to Herod 1 tail male. According to the latest returns, Orby now Stands ■ seventh on the Knglish winning stallion list, having sired eight winners of seventeen races worth i :::;s 320. The l cst of his get are Diadumeiios. win nor of the Jubilee and Liverpool Autumn Cup, and 1 Lard dAberaoaa -mart filly K«.s. The Special Commissioner," of the London 1 . l i i ! i i i t s I I » - i 1 ■ i 1 1 n. Sportsman, the avowed high priest of Bruce Lowe-ism, has, discretely enough, so far ducked the subject of Orhys success as a sire. Orbys pedigree is by no means built np to coincide with the teachings of Bruce Lowe and his pedigree shows no less than eleven outside figures in his first thirty-two Quartering*, and Ahd el Kader boasts uo figures at all. "Vigilant," also a member of the Sportsmans staff, is. however, bolder. Here is what he writes of Orbys success: "Orby certaiuly does not bring relief through his sire, hut the two No. 2 strains in Ormes i»edigree are fairly remote. It is through Orhys American-bred dam. however, that we get the needed outside crosses, for Ithoda B. is a No. 2 family mare by Hanover No. 15, his sire Hindoo No. 24, and his sire Virgil No. 20. Then, again. Rhoda B.s maternal grandsire Algerine belongs to the No, 2." family and his dams sire. Boston, to No. 40, while a little further back there are stub other outside strains as 24. 15 and 27." Shocking. is it not. that a horse so bred should attain to any distinction as a sire? It is the same old story. over and over again — the out cross and balancing of the blood lines plan of mating. I am quite in accord with "Vigilant." when he says "It is through Orbys American-bred dam. however, that we get the needed out cross." but "Vigilant" lias managed to overlook the important fact that Bhada B. is of Herod descent and that her dam Maigerlae traces in tail male to Matchem. How ioines it that turf writers iD general disregard the importance of the blending of the three great lines of Deled, Matchem and Felipse. is altogether past my comprehension. Here is Orbys [.eiligiee: r Doncaster 5 i Stock well 3E Bend Or 1« Marigold B r .. ,„ 1PJ Rouge ■ Rose i Th .nnanby 4 H Ormonde ...10- Ellen Home E Macaroni 14 i Sweetmeat 21 II I Lily Agnes -J Jocose H rOnac 11 Polly Agnes | The Cure GE I Miss Agnes E Vedette 19 i Volligeur 2E Oalnpin HJ I Mrs. Ridgway ...E Flying Duchess ... j Ely. Dutchman.. 3 II j Merope B King Tom 3 i Harkaway 2E and I St. Angela ] ***** dag H 2 j Adeline Hon «fj g 1 Little Fairy E Virgil 20 j Vandal 12 II r Hindoo 21 j 1 Hyaseala e Florence Lexington .. l*"fj I Hatw.ver 15- Weather Witch. ..E Bonnie Scotland 10 J la go n p; I Bearbea Belle .... jQaaea Mary .....n I Ella D J Vandal .. « n iBhedS B. ..2 H Falcon :":""„.! I Abd el Kader ... j Australian ... 11 |J f Algerine 25/ Rescue if I Nina i ISoslon 40 H Margerine ....J Frolick. Fanny.... E 1 Doncaster 5 J Stockwell 3E I L Sweet Songstress. . J 1 .Marigold E I Melodious For. or Pep"mt27 II Harp H E— Eclipse. II— Herod. M— Matchem. . . . f , . . J , | ■ i i 1 J 1 1 1 ■ . : 1 ; J r ■ A glance at Ormes breeding shows that he is top-heavy Eclipse and is deficient in .Matchem blood. This probably accounts for Ormes irregularity as a sire. Orme is, of course, the sire of two Derbv winners in Orby and Flying Fox. hut he was by no means a regular sire. Winners great and small. good or bad. did not spring from his loins with the same precision that marked the efforts of a St. Simon, a Hermit or a Oallinule. Ormes lack of Matchem blood and his preponderance of Eclipse probably accounted for his rather erratic stud career, and his obvious mates were mares which supplied these strains close up. and in Rhoda B. he encounterd one made to order, as it were. I have always regarded the Flying Dutchman Herod strain as the most potent factor in the make tip of Galopin. far more so than his vaunted Blnck-loek descent, and Flying Fox was bred on the plan of returning the Oalopin of his dam to the Galopin in the dam of his sire. Of course, the Black-lock of Galopin was a distinct out cross, fox almost everything he came in contact with, and Vedette, Oalopius sire, was a most superior race horse, though possessing nothing like the class of the 1 magnificent Flying Dutchman. "The Druid." the most versatile, entertaining and comprehensive writer the turf world ever knew and "The Druids" opinion of the merits of " The j Dutchman" was the opinion of the turf world of England of that dav anil time and it is largely to 1 the return of this Dutchman blood that the excel- lence of Flying Fox must be attributed. It also well I enough to remember that Flying Fox scored his greatest success otf the Herod mare Annie by art. dam of Ajax and Adam. I snp[ ose we all have our own special likes and I dislikes and I at once plead guilty to a partiality for the Flying Dutchman strain, of which blood. I I may mention incidentally. Mr. Maddcns recent purchase. Pataud has no less than three .losses in his thirty-two quarterings. Dteaeed, Gleaeoe, Bonnie Scotland and Australian 1 are. as I wrote you last winter, four of the greatest stud horses ever imported into the United I States. Each and every one of them finds a place I in the make up of Orbys dam Rhoda B. Bonnie i Scotland is the sire of Bourbon Belle. Hanovers i dam. Hanover is alee a tail male descendant of f Gloncoe. by way of Vandal, and another Vandal I cross is introduced by Ella D. Diotned comes in through Lexington, sire of Florence. Hindoos dam. , and Boston also runs to the first winner of - h.nd- greatest classic". and Au-tralian is - represented by Algerine, sire of Margerine, grandatn 1 of Orby. 1 j 1 I I I 1 I I i i f I , - - 1 Bar the obscure origin of Abd el Kader. nothing much better could lie asked lor in the way of a pedigree than that ixissessed by Orby. especially by a stallion whose English and Irish-bred mates 1 must necessarily be top-heavy Eclipse and it is certain as anything can well be. that British 1 breeders of bloodstock will live to regret their indifference [ to the decay of the lines of Matchem and Herod, Orbys tabulated jiedigree shows him to be a BMBSShee of the extreme outside family No. " 2U. but it is well enough for students and others ! who ttike an interest in the successful breeding of bloodstock to remember that only forty-two mares ; were returned for this family in Volume XVIII of the English General Stud Book. Yet from this small family come the Derby winners Orby and Coronation, the Oaks winners Teetotum and Augusta, the St. Leger winner Knight of St. George, three winners of the Two Thousand and two of the , One Thousand Guineas. Besides these there is Bill of Portland, which was Beat, in his early days, to Australia, there to , become the sire of Malster. Bobadil and Merriwee. Bill of Portland became such a phenomenal success as a sire in the land of his adoption that he . was afterwards repurchased, to spetid the remainder . of his days in the land that gave him , birth. Rhoda B.s brother. The Commoner, was ; a race horse of renown and afterwards becaasa the . -ire of many a good winner, notably Mr. George . Hendriea Great Britain. Margerines daughter. Margorique. produced that Hyer Nasturtium, and i this year we have that good colt Sand Harsh, which traces to this same immediate branch of the . No. 28 family. Of late years we have seen St. Frusquins son Fortunatus. a No. 35 horse, sire a Mellxairne Cap winner in Posiuatus. Harcaldine. though a mein-I b.r of the No. 23 line, was never defeated and got t Sir Visto. Mimi and The Rush, and became the ■ire of the dams of Malster. Mountain King. Voter. Sain and Perth. Families numbers 9. 10 and 19 are the equals if not the superiors in point of merit t to any to be found in any stud book, and hut t for the comprehensive manner in which "Breeding [ Race Horses by The Figure System" enables us 5 to classify the different families and the various 5 branches of these various families. I am of the ; opinion that no good has come from the publica-1 - tion of Bruce Lowes work. I. therefore, despite the outside figures, which appear in his pedigree. . l.redict a continuance of the success which marked I ■Orbys early efforts as a sire, and hope to see ! him. in time, give us something as good as he ! was himself. :

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