Thoroughbreds Which Died in 1915, Daily Racing Form, 1916-01-03


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THOROUGHBREDS WHICH DIED IN 1915. Quite the most eminent American horse claimed by death in the year IMS was the celebrated racer and Stall! ii. Hamburg. Just as Hanover was Hindoos best sin. iie was Hanovers best son. Some of his feat-- in racing are subjects of iteeaaatea and inquiry to this day. as, fci instance, when be canicd 13a poaads and won the Great Eastern Handicap of three -quarters of a mile Straight at SheePS-head Bay and beat thirteen good opponents easily in 1:18%. He was a successful sire. One of his l est daughters, the great race mare. Hamburg Belle, was also among those called away. She was the Futurity winner of 100;;. Horses of importance recently in active racing which also passed on were nigh Private, Sadotfo, Priaceas Callaway, Meeting House. Little Father and the three Joes, Joe Deibokl. Joe Morris and Joe Stein. Of these High Private was best as a race horse and in his highest estate was quite competent to cope successfully with the best of his time. In Abe Frank, another good son of Hanover died. Better placed in respect to ai • -es to high-dam broodssares, he would probably have attained a great name as a sire. The successful sire Mazagan was a premature loss. In fact to all appearances he. Abe Frank and Hamburg all had years of usefulness due them when suddenly made victims of the inerring aim of the unsparing archer. The horses departing for good in the course of the year were: A. Mancini. ch. c, 2, by Hastings — Josie Cohan. Abe Frank, ch. h. 10. by Hanover — Cheese Straw. Al Wormwood, ch. g, 4, by Hurst Bark — label! Hermence. Andrew M., eh. c. 3. by Celt — Sanci. Apple, ch. jr. :;. by Hippodrome — Forbidden Fruit. Bagatelle, b. f. 3. by IManudes — Faunette. Battling Nelson, b. c. 4. iiv Allan-a-Dalc — Faunette. Beatrice, hr. m. 7. by Migraine -Lady .Schorr. Berganiot. b. f. 4. by Burgomaster— Martha II. Bergoo. b. g. H». by Potentate — Tuna. Billy Collins, blk. g. 5. bv Sain — Sister Josephine. Blood Test. b. f. 2. by Helmet— Stumpy. Bonne Chance, b. g. 6. by Orsini — Fleur de Marie. Brick and Mortar, b. g. 3, by Uncle — Matterhorn. Bright Goodbar, hr. e, 2. by Sain — Dishabille. Brigs Bister, b. . :!. by Helmet— Ella Smith. Browneved Kale. b. f. 2. by Helmet — Miss Ringlets. Bundle Day. ch. f. 2. by Canard — Sister Carliae. Bushy Head. ch. g. 4. by Canard — Miss Ringlets. Cannock, hr. g. 4, by Yankee — Okitau. Cantaloupe, ch. pa, 14. by Hastings— Carrara. Carolyn it., hr. r. 2. by Cyclades — Dorothy K. Coy, b. m. :.. by McGc ■ -Fickle. Dancing Master, b. g. •". by Burgomaster — Irish Reel. Dark Boaaleea, hr. f. 4. by Havoc— Irish Lass II. Delano, eh. g. 3. by Stalwart— Loey Locket. Doll Boy, b. g. 7. by Marchmout II.— Dolly, bv Joe Aiken. Dolly Hays. hr. f. 3, by Bowling Green — Catherine , Hays. Dorados, b. f. 2. by Ossary — Dora I. Dortcfa, ch. c, :;. by Ivan the Terrible — Sierra I., one. Dr. Sullivan, ch. . 2. bv Grcnwavs Best — Allio H. Dafce of Bridgewater, b. g. 10. by Bridgewater — Crown. Edith W.. ch. f. 4. by Uncle— Dicker. First Fiddie. b. o. ::. by Cornstalk— Resin. Florence Kripp, ch. m. 0, by Bean Ormonde — Lit-I, tie Gun. I, French Nun. br. m, 12. by The Friar — Yivandieic. I Frog, b. g. 7. by .Monsieur de I. Omit — Votma. General Ben Leon, br. g. ."i. by Campus — Den I.edi. George Oxnard, ch. h. 6. by Islington — Grey Agnes. I George BtoU, eh. g. ." . bv Nasturtium — Lac] I Locket. Glenera. b. c 2. by White Eagle — Cannera. Golden Chimes, ch. c. 4. by Yolei — Aldehert Belle. I Good Day. b. h. 3, by Ieep oDay — Aimee Good- , win. Greeabrae, b. g. 4. by Marta Santa— nail Down. Greenhorn, ch. g. 0, bv Monsieur Beau aire -Lake Flew Belle. Hamburg, b. h. 20. by Hanover — Lady Reel. Hamburg Belle, ch. ni, 14, bv Hamburg — lsiac, bv | Rosebery. Hapsburg. br. h. 19. by Candlemas — Lady Bed. Harry, h. g. 3. by Peter Quince — BeHegarde II. Headmast, ch. g, .".. by Sir Wilfred — Masthead. Heatherbrooiii. b 111. 7. by Ben Brush — Bitarica. High Class, b. g. 4. bv Orlando— Poflj Prim. Hiuh Private, h. g. 8, by Oddfellow — Commena. Hill Stream, b. f, 4 bv Chnctaanada — Burnt Hills. Hobnob, ch. h. ... by Star Shoot — High Degree. Jim Savage, b. c. 3. by Jim Gaffaey — Resignation II. Joe Deibold. b. g. 0. by Irish Lad — distance. Joe Morris, h. b. 8. by Peep oDay — Haaoverlae. Joe Stein, b. g. 7. by The Commoner — Alpaca. John Cella. b. c. 2. by Mentor — Miss Btrome. Judge Gheeaa, h, g. 4, by Malta Santa— Settles Deceiver. Kapanga Colt. eh. h, 24. by Spendthrift— dEa-paaga. Kathleen Clifford, eh. 111. :.. by Dick Welles — Bhawaaa. Lady Bountiful, eh. f. 4. by Transvaal — Laaretta Bnrke. Lady Bramble, b. 111. 17. bv Bramble — Charity, by Spendthrift. Lady Grant, eh. f. 1. by Charles Edward — Sil erin. Lillian Kripp. b. f, 4. by Beau Ormonde Little Sam. Little Bean, b c !. by Ieep oDay — Saceasaana. Little Father, ch. g, 7. bv Ivan the Terrible -Nannie Hodge. Little Will. b. g. 4. by Marchniont II. -Sweet Danger. I.« veland. br. f. 4. by Ogden-La Iueelle. Locasta. eh. m. 24. bv Hay-iion Edwards — Japonica, Maid of Dundee, ch. f. 2, by Duke of Ormonde Maid of Dunbar. Mazagan. b. h. 10. by Martagon — Maize. Margaret D.. eh. f. 3. by Ivan the Terrible — Bewitched. Meeting House, ch. g, ." . by Voter — Noonday. Mike Doulin. br. g. 7. by Sain — Jungfrau. Miinoricso. b. g. 6. by Mazagan -Olive Mutton. Miss Chancer, b. f. 4. bv Chancer— Jovial .lane. Miss Clara, ch. f. 3. bv Stabs art — Navarres Hope. Misty Morn. ch. f. 3. by Boanerges — International. Modieda. ch. m. 21. by Sir Modred — Beth Dunbar. Norse King. b. 0. .".. bv Fair Play —Nineveh. Notoriety, li. f. 4. by McGee— Renown. Peep oDay, b. h. 22. by Ayrshln — Sundown. Pomrras. br. g, 3. by Astronomer — Her Majesty. Pride of Greeaway, hr. e, 2. by Greenways Best — Eminence. Princess Callaway, b. 111. 7. by Broomstick — Flo-carline. Behecca. b. f. .".. by Abe Frank— Add Ran. Rolling Stone, br. h. 7. by Hermence — Ruction. Rosamel. -h. g. 2. by General Roberts — Motto. Rpilifo. h. a. 0. by sir Haea or Battt — ayatama. Rulfi. ch. g. 3. by Masagaa — Hani! ino. Sndorus. ch. c. 4. by Frontenae — La Josephine. Sam Grigsby. ch. g. 5, bv Canard -Good Cheer. Sandstone, br. e, 3. by Rock Sand — Sequence. Sandy, b. -z. 4. bv McGee — Gargle. Smiley, b. g. 4. by Von Tromp Ishtar. Stamping Ground, b. in, 15, by Lamplighter — Elise. Swaananoa, br. m. 7. by Watercress — Saakara. Bwaep I i . br. c. 2. bv Sweep— sweet Charlotte. Sunset, br. f. 3. by Ieep oDay Peace. I ahcarri, r. br. h. 0. bv Arineath II. — Jiuiiblv Girl. Tales lasa, h. h. IS, bv David Garrick- Foxtail. Tarxaa, b. g. :;. by Sandrlngbam — Crania. Tav Daaaaate, br. f. 2. bv Waterboy— Maltha. Tempest gr. f. 4. by Allan a-Dale Turtle Dove. The cad. b. g. 28, by Cncas— Parasol. The Kvader. br. g. 7. bv St. Evox — Deceptive Angle. the Governor, eh. g. 4. by Fatherless — -Aurine. Uncle Ben. br. g. 7. by The irishman Bessie Bis-land. Walters, ch. g. 4. bv MccUck Lacrissae. While Weill, eh. g. 7. by Woolsthorpe Madine. raakeelotas, ch. m. 8, by Vankei — Lotas.

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