Finish One Hundred Days: Original Schedule of Tijuana Meeting Completed with Yesterdays Racing., Daily Racing Form, 1917-03-05


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. 1 1 " ■ of f . .f 4 • ,s FINISH ONE HUNDRED DAYS ORIGINAL SCHEDULE OF TIJUANA MEETING COMPLETED WITH YESTERDAYS RACING. Sport to Continue Two More Weeks with Further Extension Promised if Conditions Warrant It — Wingfield Stable to Campaign in East. By J. it. JeaTery. San Diego. Cal.. Fe-bru.-a-y 2S. — In conformity to general expectstioas, manager J. W. Coffroth has decided to extend the- Tijuana meeting beyond the 100 days originally contemplated. How much lemg-er than 100 days the meeting will continue depeada entirely upon the mnami in which the sport is supported by the- publie- del lag the- ne-xt two we-eks. At present it is certaia that the mrrtiag will run fe r at least 112 elays. .-- until and including Sunday. March is. if eoadtttemi at the track foatlnm as satisfactory ;:-- at present, it is altogether probable- that thi- raing will be e-ontinued we-11 into April. Manager Ceiflroths unnouncement to the" horsemen in remtJoa to the exteastea of the meeting was rooched in tic- following language: "The 100 days meeting of the- Lower California Joe-key Club, which will expire- Sunday. March 4. will be extended twe weeks. There will be five panes daily of 3k each ami one of 00. If business daring these- tare weeka will warrant it. the meeting will again be e-xteudid. During the 100 elays. which expires as above-, there will be no reduction in purses or stakes. The assoe-iatioii. by that date-, will have kept eve-ry promise it made prior to tiiis meettag. I have been asked em ali sides by hotaamen at the trail; to extend the meeting ami will try the- above- exiicrimentally. I trust that beateass will warrant a fnrthe r l lillHina As a whole, til" uorsemea Acre- qalte willing to ae-e-ept the redaction of 00 in purses, proviih-il the- meeting shoald be e-ontiimeel beyond the original Bcbedate. They sensibly came to the csawtasioa that it weudd be bette r to ran- feu- rcdeted parses rather than remain in idle at an peiieling the opening of spring anei summi r meetings at other points, at semie of which, at least, the purses will not mea:-ure up to the" 00 mark. It is expected that the bulk of the hors.-s raeing here- will be feainel in action during the spring and summer on the Arisona- Colorado -Nevada -Idaho e-ircuit. Some of the better stables will go for e-ampaigns ov-r the traeT.s of New York. Marylanel. Canada anil Kentucky, but the major part of the hors s that have" been bearing ti:e- brunt of the loe-al action would not be able to pay their way on the big tracks of the e-ast anil must le ok to the minor circuits for profitable employ meat. The oppeirtunity to race here fen- oo parats outs them i the same liv.l n-ti- tlie silling platers of the elays when raeing noarmhed at Oakland, it is net far from tiie- truth to say that some of the horses that have- been winning these sloo purses at Tijuana were hardly anNrth the- value of a single-purse whea the- mee-ting op-ne-l. So it is not to be- wondered at that their owners should jump at the- chance ; keep on racing, evon with purse values slightly redae-ed. Slippery Elms Failure Natural. From a raeing standpoint, the climax of the si-aseen eras rent1 bed with tin- running of the Coffroth Handicap of ..0oo on Washingtons birthday. It was unfortunate that weather and track conditions were not in keeping with othe-r phases of this notable- occasioa. Coaaideriag that the track waa heavy aud that rain f-ll eopiously on the day of the race, the attendance was remarkable. A new record for the course would undoubtedly have been made bail condition! been propitious, as it was. the- at-tendance fell but little- short of the- highwate-r mark. The eateaaae of the rare was by ne means surprising. Sasin. the winn-r. had won his two preceding st-;r. ■ anil was leioked upon in advance as one of tie- meiM iik-l of the ceateaders. Much doubt was i-nti-it lined of the ability of Slippery Elm, top weight ami favorite, i successfully carry his exacting impost of 121 poaada, a mile ami a quarter, in .he ditfcalt going that prevailed ami the oateoaee of tin- race demonatrated that this doubt was we-ll feaaded. Acting under inatractieas, Joe hey Troxler attempted to rate- Slippery Kim behind the pacemakers and the little borne was involved in difficulties as a result at several stages of the raeing. There were some-, after tin- race was over, who advaaced the idea that Slippery Elm would have made a better showing had his speed been fully itiliz-d from start to finish, ns in his sries of winning rae-e-s. It is extremely deahtfai, bow-ever, if Slippery Elm wiiihl have proveel a mat h for Basin nader any circumstances. Clarence Pux-. ton. who trains his own horses to such gooel purpose, sent the son of The Picket to the post, in lapeih condition anil it weedd have- take-n a good l arse Indeed to make- tic- raaceaahma demanded in this case e.f the top weights. In fact, it se-enieel likely, in view eef the- e-as.- with which Sasin won. that he- i-oulel have handle-el considerably more- than tie- 113 pounds aasigaed him. At all events, he had the other cootestaats at his merty at all stages of tin- running ami went to the front when joe-key Keisay willed it. ou ue-r Baxtea was s,, tp-pree-iat ive of the faultless manner in arhteb Keisay handled the- horse that he- nreeeated him with ,009 as a fee for the winning of the race-. Basis will be- si-en in Kent inky the coming spring, the Baxtoa stable be ing destined for a enmpaign there- before proceeding to New York to engage in raeing e.ver the- me-tred»olitan courses anil ;.t Saratoga. Baxtaa has fig aired in many a sarcem ful betting coup eluring the ten or fifteen yars in- baa been training horses, but this is tin moat valuable ami important race he has ever sue-. ■ ilt d in winning. Wingfield Stable for New York Racing. Plans fe r the eastern campaicn of the Wingfifld st ible have- been rii-finiti-ly settled. The- st.ilde will go directly from here to the Leuig Island tracks, tic- idea of taninalialng in Kentucky or Maryland having been abandoned. Blippery Elm and some of his Stabtemates bare been entered for various of tin- New York stakes. Mr. Wiagfeld, Who hail justifiably entertaine-il high he pes of winning the- CeitTrolli Handiiap. accepted the defeat of Slippery Elm in a leoronghlj sportsmanlike man ner and was one of the first to congratulate his saei os-fiil rival. Tin- siahies of Edward Cebrlea anil William Walker will l e shipped from here iei P.e w ie, at the coacrnaion « t* the- Tijuana meeting. Tin- death of lre-.i ■are, earner of the filly Juaniia Predrick, took place in New fork city ______ _________ .Continued oil MCtai l a_e. FINISH ONE HUNDRED DAYS. Continued from first page. a few oays ago. The deceased, for whom H. W. Hoag acted as trainer. was a prominent moving picture comedian and Made his home in Los Aug- 1. s. .lolm Lewis, a recent arrival from New Orleans, has joined the ranks of the layers in the Tijuana bet; iii ,- ring. Ab Bevy of Los Angeles, a former bookmaker on western race tracks, has been among the recent arrivals. Jockey J. Morys has gone to Kentucky to report to J. i. Milam, to whom lie is under contract for the season. Beteral carloads of horns have gone from here t . 1 1.. Springs to participate in tin- racing at that resort. The horses of C. W. Gaaeer and the Alan. ei la Stable were included. The former disposed of several of his horses before leaving lure. The l.iii-year-old gelding .lose, by Duke of Ormonde Silver Line, died hire ■ day or two ago. P. .1. Williams has been seriously ill with pactum. nia. For a time his recovery a I s extremely doubtful.

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