Racing Dates for 1917., Daily Racing Form, 1917-03-16

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RACING DATES FOR 1917. Lower California Jockey Club, Tijuana, Mexico: B s;iiiniiig November 11, 1910 112 or more days. Books. Cuba -American Jockey Club, Oriental Park, Havana, Cuba: December 6, 1S16, to March IS 83 days. Books and mutuels. Business Meus League, Oaklawn Park, Hot Springs, Ark. : March 7 to March 29 20 days. Stakeholders. Essex Park Jockey Club, Eses Park, Hot Springs, Ark. : March 30 to April 14 14 days. Stakeholders. Southern Maryland Agricultural Association, Bowie, Md. : April 2 to April 11 12 days. Mutuels. Harford Agricoltare and Breeders Association, Havre de Grace, Md.: April It! to April 30 IS days. MutueR Boekaway Hunt Club. Hewletts Park, L. 1.: April 28 and May B 2 days. Oral. Kentucky Association, Leximrton, Ky.: April 28 to May 10 11 days. Mutuela. Maryland Jockey Club, Pinilico, Md. : May 1 to May 17 15 days. Mutuels. Ualted Hunts Racing Association, Belmont Park Terminal, Queens. L. I.: May 12 and May 19 2 days. Oral. New Louisville Jockey Club, Churchill Downs, Louisville, Ky. : May 12 to May 25 12 days. Mutuels. Metropolitan Jockey Club. Jamaica. N. Y.: .May is to May US 9 days. Oral. Montreal Driving Club, Delorimier Park, Montreal, I Que.: May 19 to May 2tl 7 days. Mutuels. Out irio Jockey Club, Woodbine Park, Toronto, Out.: May 19 to May 20 7 days. Mutu-ls Be aulas Park Jockey Club, Douglas Park, Louisville. Ky. : May 28 to June 9 18 days. Mutuels. Dorral Jockey Club, Borral Park. Montreal, Que.: ; Kay 28 to June 0 7 dayst. Mutuels. Westchester Racing Association, Itilmont Park, N. V.: , May 28 to June li 17 days. Oral. Pi] i ig Bock Racing Association, Locust Valley, I L. 1.: May 88 and June 2 2 days. Oral. Montreal Jockey Club, Blue Bonnets, Montreal, I Que.: lone 7 to June 14 7 days. Mutuels. I of—la lackey Club, f otoula. Ky.: June 11 to July 4 21 days. Mutuels. Back River Jockey Club, Mount Royal Park, Montreal. Que.: June 14 |o J mac 21 7 days. Mutuels. X Country Club, Rrookline, Mass.: Jane IB aad June IS 2 days. Oral, eimauciit Park lackey club. Ottawa, Out.: J e 10 to .lime 23 7 das. Mutuels. Metropolitan Jockey club. Jaaaaica, N. ST.: June Is to .Line 28 0 days. Oral. Miisonneuve Park Jockey Club, Montreal, Que.: June 22 to June 28 7 days. Mutuels. Queens ..niity Jockey tab, Aqueduct, N. ST.: .lane 25 to .Inly 12 lit; days. Oral. Hamilton Jockey Clou, Hamilton. Ont.: June 2B to July 3 7 Bays. Moteels. Wc stern U.uin:, Association, Devonshire Park, in daor, tint.: June 30 to July 7 7 days. Mutuels. Montreal Driving Club, Delorimier Park, Montreal, C»ue. : June 30 to July 7 7 days. Mutuels. Ni.icira Unci DC Aaaociatkm. Fort Brie. Ont.: July 4 to July 11 7 days. Mutuels. KtaC ahlauird Park Jockey Club. Montreal, Que.: July 9 to July Hi 7 days. Mutuels. Empire City Racing Associat ion, Toakerb, N. Y.: July 13 to Jl ly 31 ll« Bays. Oral. Wiadaor Jockey Club. Windsor, Ont.: July 14 to July 21 7 day-. Mutuels. Ki inpton Course Bleeders Association, Kempton Park, Montreal, Que.: July 21 to July 27 7 days. Mutuels. Hamilton Jockey Club. Hamilton, Out. : July 25 to August 1 7 days. Mutuels. Saratoga Association. Saratoga Springs, N. Y. : August 1 to Aagast 30 20 days. Oral. Niagara Racing Association, Fort Erie, Out.: August 4 to August 11 7 days. Mutuels. Maisonncuve Park Jockey Club, Montreal, Que.: August 4 to August 11 7 days. Mutuels. King Edward Tark Jockey Club, Montreal, Que.: August 12 to August 19 7 days. Mutuels. Windsor Jockey Club, Windsor, Ont. : August 15 to August 22 7 days. Mutuels. Kempton Course Breeders Association, KeinpJoD Park, Montreal, Que.: August 20 to August 27 7 days. Mutuels. Kenilworth Jockey Club, Keuilworth Park, Windsor, Ont.: August 23 to August 30 7 days. Mutuels. Montreal Jockey Club, Blue Bonnets, Montreal, Que.: September 1 to September 8 7 days. Mutuels. Westchester Racing Association, Belmont Park, N. Y.: September 1 to September 15 13 days. Oral. Borral Jockey Club. Boreal Park. Montreal. Que.: September 11 to September IS 7 days l. Mutuels. Connaught Park Jockey Club. Ottawa, Ont.: September 20 to September 27 7 days. Mutuels. Back River Jockey Club, Mount Royal Tark, Montreal. Que. : September 22 to September 29 7 days. Mutuels. Ontario Jockey Club. Woodbiae Park, Toronto. Out.: September 29 to October 0 7 days. Mutuels.

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