General News Notes Of The Day, Daily Racing Form, 1917-05-11


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C GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY J British shipping, which has lteen destroyed since the unrestricted I" boat warfare went into effect February 1, is summarized in the following chart: Over Inner Smaller MM tons. MM tons. Craft. First three days in February ." : Week ended Kebruary ID H V. Week ended Kebruary 17 17 K Week ended February 31 L7 IS Week ended March 3 11 ! :! Week ended March 11 13 I :t Week ended March is M H ill Week aded March 23 1s 7 It Week eaded April 1 is 12 c Week end-d April S 17 J ■ Week iided April IS I! ! 12 Week ended April 22 M 1". ! Week ended April •_! 88 12 8 Week ended May i 24 22 Hi Totals to date 2 152 !1 The efforts being made in Great Britain to cou-aenre the health ef atanltfoa workers thraagh ss tematic and carefully planned welfare supervision in factories and workshops, are described in Pal letin 222, just issued by the Bureau of l.aln.r Statistics of the Halted States Department of Ijibor. This bulletin, the second one in the group reproducing documents giving foreign experieare in dealing with labor conditions growing out of the war. includes r prints of the memoranda published by the British Health of Munitions Workers Committee covering the subjects of welfare su|iervision. industrial canteens, canto, n construction and equipment, investigations as to workers food and suggestions as to dietary, and washing facilities and baths. The bulletin also includes an article on the value of welfare supervision to the employ* r. by It. Seebohm ltowntroe. a manufacturer, and dire-tor of the welfare department. Britlah Ministry of Munitions. The summary of the war as announced from the European Capitols is as follow-: London re|ior.s that part of the ground lost in the vicinity of FroMioy was regained by the British last night. Further t.crnian counter attacks were repulsed, laris reports gain in local eperatieaa to northwest of Reims. French carry 1.200 yards of Cerman trenches near Chevreux. Berlin reports Norman and Bulgarian troops administered a severe defeat upon entente forces in Macedonia. Potrograd reports that Russian troops on the Roumanian front north-west of Sonne broke through the Teuton positions and advanced towards .lenawar. Bethman — IIoll-wog expected to give new German peace terms in Reichstag on Monday. Conferees on the army bill reached an agreement yesfnlay and the measure will be reported to the two houses for confirmation as soon as possible. The conferees made tile age limit of those subject to the s-Iooiivc draft 21 to M years inclusive, in place of tin- 21 to 27 limits in the senate bill ami 21 to 10 in the bosjse bill. The amendment put in by the senate permitting Col Roosevelt to raise four divisions for service in Franc was cliiiii-n-it d. as was another authorizing the raising of three volunteer regiments for border patrol duty. The senate amendments prohibiting the sale of ttajaor at army camps and otherwise safeguarding the morals of the troops were retained. Responding to the appeal to the inventive geniuses of the country to assist the government in com bating the submarine, there have appeared] at the war department derieee baMavad by the inventors to offer a solution of the trouble, at the rate of one every four minutes. More than one thousand devices have been submitted to the navy department heads in a few days: aaeae of the ideas contain the germ of usefulness, although the most of them are impractical. Within a year England had received thirty five thousand inventions for the relief of the submarine affliction. In spite of meatless days and stories ahead, the Allies feeling the pinch of hunger, a report from Paris carries the information that the meatless days have lieen failures and that although the consumption of foodstuffs was not lessened by the restrictions, the food situation remains good. Gasoline for automobiles and cooking stoves and ink for writing purposes are both hard to obtain, but the necessities are forthcoming without trouble. There is an excellent prospect of a fine fruit crop ami vegetables are plentiful. The total casualties among the Canadian troops since the beginning of the war are 88,841 killed. wounded aiei missiag, toe war records office in Ottawa. Canada, has announced. The killed in action totaled 15,828, of which 771 were officers: died of wounds. LI2 officers. ."..100 men: died of sickness, -ij officers. l.1il men: presumed dead, 88 office.-.. 1,48] ,„on: wounded. 2.74:1 officers. tio.HKt men: atissiag, Km officers. 2.7."il men. Thai tl.e Russian situation is serious and that Britain is making an attempt to minimize the effect of the situation upon the Allies, is bald by responsible Russia M in London. The fraternizing of Russian regiments at the front with .ermans is holding the attention of the Russian general staff, an effort to relieve the condition having failed. Russian soldiers have had pay increase. Count Beraatorff, the ambassador, who was recalled from the Inited States at th" outbreak of the trouble with Germany and the Tinted States, may go 1 0 Sweden as the envoy of the Kaiser. Baredea is gradually becoming alien to the intepsts of Germany and the Kaiser wishes his most expert propagamii-t there as ambassador. George Lambert, toe foiinr Civil Lord of the British admiralty, in a speech in the llou-o of Commons, says the gravity of the situation caused by submarine activity, is not known to the British public, but wlen the do realize it. it will be too late, unless something drastic is done at once to relieve the situation. Berlin has announced that the submarine toll for April will reach the amazing total of one million one hundred thousand tons. Vice-Admiral Capelle. of the naval staff, has announced that the submarine is supreme and will win the war for Germany. A large tteaaeer, the name of which will not be divalged by the British admiralty, was sunk off Ireland recently, containing, so the Loudon Chronicle says editorially, several notables, which lost their lives along with other passengers, totaling seventy. ;• neial Kartzoff, tif commandant of the Siberian Rifles, the most renowned fighters in the Russian army, was assassinated while walking near a railway station near Riga, Russia. A search failed to reveal his assailant. Debate upon the revenue bill, which has been presented to Congress by the House Committee of Wilis and means, will begin at once, the filial vote upon the bill being likely the early part of next week. President Wilson has urged the leaders in the House and Senate that delay in war preparations means an edited cost in lives and treasure. He lias urged s] I in the war preparations. A bill to allow women the right to vote has been introduced in the Italian parliament, with the chance of its passage good. A final vote upon the espionage bill of the administration was expected in the House Saturday.

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