Telegraphic Form, Daily Racing Form, 1919-12-06

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ELEGRAPHIC FORM The horses -which seem best in Saturdays races arc:- Jefferson Park Now Orleans, La., December 3, 1 PUEBI.mL iteggy cVIJdia., 2 Ideal. Ilia Kay, Toombeola. :! Sentimental, Early Sight. Cadillac. Ilterk and Call. Bread- Man. Valley Park Maid. 5 Pauuitiau. Ballet Dancer II., Flyaway. 0 Subahdar. Happy Co Lucky. Pollux. 7-1Neppcrhaii, Dancer, J. C. Stone. J. L. Dempsey. IlnlTnloM .letters on Park Handicap. lr-rlueblo, Clear the Way, Midia. Anna .lackson. 2 Ina Kay. K incline II., Ideal. Toomltcoln. 3 Kentucky. Boy, Pulaski,. Early Sight, Don Dodge. ... . " 1 Beck and Call, Bread .Man, Lady in Itlack, Accelerate. 0 PAN AM AN Ballet Dancer II., Marcheea II., "- X. K. Deal. 1 Pullux, Orderly. Subahdar, Delle Uoberts. 7 Nepperhan, Chick Barkley, Dancer, Toddler. Observer .lefferxon lark Handicap. 1 Midia. Pueblo, .Anna Jackson, Miss Parnell. 2 Ina Kay. Ideal, Sturdee, Kuklux. 3 Kentucky Boy. Mary II.,:- Early Sight, Bronco , Hilly. -1 Valley, Park Maid, Dread Man, Lady in Black, Deck, sind Call. ,. 3 ANAMANP. Honolulu Boy, Marchesa II., Ballet Dancer II. 0 Ordcrly. Belle Uoberts. Port Light. Subahdar. 7 Neroorhaii, .1. C Stone,- Miss. Kruter, , Kimp- along. "Work: Watchers .TelTerson Park II an- " dlcap. Jefferson Park New Orleans, La., December 5, 1 Clear the Way, Pueblo, Midia. 2 Ideal, Verity. Ina Kay. . ., 3 Mary II., Sarasota, Sentimental. ,4-Breud Man. Lady in Black. Aalley Park Maid. 5 Game Cock, Pnhamah, Honolulu Boy. 0 Port Light, Subahdar. Brother Maclean. 7r Nepnerlran, Dancer, Toddler. Oriental Park Havana,. Cuba, December 5. 1 rMAUYS MAGNETO, Terrible .Miss, Byrne. 2 Spectacular Girl, Perfect Lady, Buekliorn II. 3 John Jrl, Yorkrille, Walter Maek. 4 Col. Taylor. W. V Thrares entry, Grundy. 5 Baby Cal,, .Crystal Day, Eda Hermiaiin. 0- -Uranlum, Magnet LaluC Mild Sill- . 7 Ycnghee, Fly Home, Candle Light. T. K. Lynch. a . Biiffal, Ilavana Handicap. 1 Terrible Miss, Misericorde, Marys Magneto, . Prince Direct. .2 Perrect Iidy, Ilornce .Lerch. ,.Qrey Rump, Buckhoru II. 3 Yorkville. Avion. Driffield, Walter Mack. 4 COL. TAYLOR, Grundy, Skiles Knob, The Blue Duke.. . ... , , 3r-Buby Cal, John W. Klein, Crystal Day, Sasenta. ! Mud Sill, .Zodiac, Magnet Land, Cranium. 7 Ladyl!Jarit -Gray, Fly1 "Home, Ychghee, Guide Post. . Obwerver Havana Handicap. 1 Prince Iirott,MarysMagnetoyr Terrible: Miss, Misericorde. I-r-Perfeqt Lady. Spectacular Girl, Grey Kump, i Miss Pattyj. . . i , ., 3 John Jr., Yorkville. Harlock. Avion. 4 Col. Taylor, Skiles Knob, The Blue Duke, u -i Marse John. : ... 3 BABY CAL,i Capital City, Sascnta, ; John W. Klein. 0 -Magnet Land, Mud Sill, Duke of Shelby, Zodiac. , ,j. 17 i 7 Yeiigieic, ?iuide Post., Caudle Light; Lady Jane Grey.

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