The Experimental Handicap: Two-Year-Olds of 1921 Considered and Given Rank by Weight According to Ability Shown in Racing, Daily Racing Form, 1922-03-18


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. 1 i 1 I THE EXPERIMENTAL HANDICAP] TWO - YEAR - OLDS OF 1921 CONSIDERED AND GIVEN RANK BY WEIGHT ACCORDING TO ABILITY SHOWN IN RACING By W. S. VOSBURGII In England it has keceaM the custom far the haniiicapper of tin- Jockey Club to publish toward the close of the racing season a table giving lis idea of the relative merits of the two-year-olds of the year, and this i« known as the "Free Handicap." It cannot be said to serve any practical purpose, though it docs, perhaps, draw added attention to tin- young generation of race horses. Uut as the weights are arranged on their form as t wo-year-olils it can scarcely be considered as a fair guide to their form as three-year-olds. Many brilliant two-yi ar-elds caaaat stay the distance they are required to go iu the leading atakea for tlir eyear-ohls. TrTster, far osanip!--. was iacoateataMy the best two-year-old in Ameri-a iu MSP. He had all his speed in l!Ll . but the di-lances were kejraad his ability. As an evidence ef how little practical value the Knglish Free Handicap is as a guide to lie- form of three-year-. Ids I need only ui. nton that, in the gftecn ; ears past only one top weight has won tie-Derby— FiliiieDa, in IBM, While Cragaaear, the top weight, won the Darby of VMM, he was dfaaaalttedL Haxardo is the only top weight wl.icii has won the St. l.egcr. In the Tare Thousand Guinea- Tie-I.inther. Tetratema aad Ne! Gov. ali lop weigbtl in the Free Hamlicap. have landed :is winners. Siiion Kop, the Derby winner of 1MB, was not even ainutig the forty-two weighted for the Free Uaudicap, and Humorist, last seasons ahiaef, was rated t.iird. East season I was panaaatod by friends to make i similar public allotment of weights to express my idea of the merits of the two-year-olds of MSP. I made Tryster the top weight at 130 pounds, which, ou his form, he deserved, but. as staled before, he failed to stay the distances. Inclicape was rated second and did little or nothing, owing to infirmity. Frudery did well. Leonardo IE. at 12."i pounds, showed great form, but broke down early. Grey Eag. at 12- pounds, improved and was a belter colt than he had been rated. Of Careful, the same may he said. Star Yoter was a good p-rformer, but hardly as good as he was the year before. Exodus failed, a- did many of the others. Crocus, which I had at IIS pounds, ran better than she was rated, but she culd not stay any appreciable distance. Touch Me Not. Ill pounds, showed some return of his early form as a two-your-old. but it was uot sustained. Black Servant, at 108 pounds, made the greatest advance and proved himself an excellent race horse. At the close of the season of 1921 I prepared the list presented herewith. It is my estimate of the colts and fillies as two -year-olds only. How they -will rank as three-year-olds I make no attempt at prophecy. The racing of 192ti may completely upset the form of 101.T. as has lieen the case so often in tie past when the three-year-old form ken no resem-lance to that of the same horses the year previous. Nor shall I consider myself bound to be influenced by the ■gam below should I be required to make a handicap at any time in the future. Thirefoie. ! "p resent." as the theatrical awaager? say, the "Experimental Handicap" of the two year-olds of MCI as a sort of memorandum of their form that season. It includes only such colts and fillies as I have pcrsoi:."lly si-en perform. This compels me to omit some young horses of uudoubted class whose racing was confined exclusively to the western meetings. The filly Startle is a most conspicuous instance. Those who have seen her perform consider he;- quite the equ-il of any. The same may be said of Gentility, which tilly beat Brartle in the ran- for tin- Breeders Futility. The colt Bucket was also of evident class, as was the colt John Finn. Jeanne iiowdre. Enele Sonny. Bockministei- and Bit o Black must certainly have keea youngsters of da-s The weights aatigaed in tin- Experimental Handicap. I would beg to r. mind readers, are not based on the result of any one ran-, but on the general form of the caita and tillies named. Bating horses on the issue of a single perfarauiBca is aftea quite misleading, the iachfcato, the happenings iu a race often being accountable for the result, and there are ni.-in of theee incidents of win. !i nebody is aware, or being aware, forgets them. Horse. Wt. Hone. Wt. Horse. aft. Merrick !*• Ne.Ina 114 Feniteut 10." 1 Kai-Sang I2t Deadlock 114 Flannel Shirt MS 1 Miss Joy 12S Mkadaaarr 114 Akaaati lot I Hunting 121 Bay Jay 114 Knot Crass lot 1 l.ticky Hour l-* Dream of Allah 114 Pjetrus lot 1 Ituustar l--" Oceanic 11" AVishbone 103 William A 14 Sidereal 11" Hephaistos lie Surf Bider 1-* Brooniflax Ill Monday Morning lo:; ! Little Chief 1-- Second Thoughts 112 Caipenter 103 1 Knnantell IB -"ue Crass 112 Yashmak 103 I WhiskaWH.v 1-2 Bose Brigade Ill Black Baseal 103 1 1-..-.-I r.altiiuoie 122 Belay Ill Irish Hrigadicr MB t My Benrie -- I*ag Island in Cne-torbrook lag I Horologe 122 Kirm Friend Ill Meadow Mist MB 1 Uood Times 1211 My Flay 111 Prelude MS i. Pegaaaa KM Toil m mtaattta 102 i lali.tiiHy Jane IBB Iettermaii Ill Nightloat MB 1 Column 120 St. Maurice 111 Simpatica 102 I Snob II 1li Bmotion Ill Modesty MB Broomsler 11** Madam 110 Venizelos 100 Oil Man 11s Sedge 110 Draft UK Fair Fliintom US Shaffer 110 Cloughjordan Kit II Nancy F US Mission Bella 110 Northeliff 9s S St. Henry 11* Bib Gran 100 ITtimo 08 S M.-icutio 117 Fro-Jigious Km Zealot 97 Modo IM Until ette 108 Oeid.ina 97 7 Galantman IH Hairidau MM Philosopher 97 Sweep By 11" Baarehrh 10S Confusion 97 7 Eady Baltimore 118 Beeswax 107 Rainbow Hoy gg T Olympus US Pierre Qui Boule 107 French Furze M I Sleiveconard 115 Yankee Star MM Trevelv.-ui 95 r. Pillory 114 CaVbara IBS BUrtttam gg r, Bigheart 114 Bntoatana Igg Neapolitan or. Mustard Seed IM D.i:i P.olling lor, liravo 95 -,

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