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I THE HARFORD AGRICULTURAL i !! AND BREEDERS ASSOCIATION » ► [ Race Course: ■ - Havre de Grace. Md. | I7M1MNI AISIH i:s op THP MARY1.AM UACIXCi OMMISION. ♦ STAKES || TO BE RUN AT THE j; 1 1922- SPRING MELTING -1922 ► :____________________________=___ I ENTRIES CLOSE ON SATURDAY, APRIL 8, 1922 ! i : HARfORD HANDICAP ,000 ADDED j o A Handicap for Three-Year-Olds and Upward. ♦ V To l»o run on Saturday. April IS. SIX" PI Hl.OXfJS. il I: PHILADELPHIA HANDICAP .... ,000 ADDED i A Handicap for Three-Year-Olds and Upward. l || To 1»«- run on lllllllj. April _:_:. OW__ III,E AD A SI TKRXTH. O i! ABERDEEN STAKES ,000 ADDED | o For Two-Year-Olds. o j| To he run on WcdnPKilii j , April _:«;. IOIK AD A IIAI.P Fl RI,0iS. it i: CHESAPEAKE STAKES ,000 ADEED I o For Three-Year-Olds. j 0 , To lie run on Saturday. April 2! . OVP. _fll_at AMI A SIVTKPNTH. |[ ♦ ,Ma,M,,|,M|MM|„IM,MM|l|l„l| minim -llllll-l IIBIilllWIWIIII IIIIIIIIMIIIWWWIIHIII— IIMIIIII—II — I— i! 0,500 Daily in Purses l! No Purse Less Than ,200 jj ;; 13 DAYS RACING, fROM APRIL 15 TO APRIL 29, INCLUSIVE ♦ ., mgmmmm I mi iilBimiimu. niiimiumnnia IP it Address All Communication; for Entry Blank;., Etc., to ► I Harford Agricultural and Breeders Association I 1 Havre de Grace, Md. ► o * it JOSKPII McI,i:AN, lirlll Secretary. mssm THE MIRACLE SYSTEM i-s_and- SIMPLY BUT AN WONDERFUL FULLY COPYRIGHTED AND PROTECTED INVESTMENT •ASK THP !A. WHO OPERATES IT. ITS WHAT HP THINKS AND SAYS A NO KNOWS THAT IS OlR GREATPST TIIIBITE." EVERY LAUREL IS A LECTURE. EVERY SUCCESS IS A SUMMONS TO NEW TASKS. IT IS BE-CAUSE WE ARE SEVER SATISFIED THAT OUR CLIENTS ALWAYS ARE. The definition thai tmeetm is a reward past efforts is incompleit. It is also a reminder for tut future. taeMM is a journey, not ■ terminal. It indicates progress, not perfection. It should also iu-doate a lmiulde spirit, for the ! ••-. y of humility marks the lit-ginuin;; of the humiliation of uecav. Wf ineijiion Ike HIISDKKDH OK CMENT8 KNDOKSKMKNTS in our til. s. located from coast to r.—t. not to lie-in to eMilt. I. ul -iinpr to routine* l" EXCEL! We ever stand prr-pan-d to suhmit ■ collection of the-.- nattering i-mlur-Mmriits in OHKJINAL lOlI.M. with the envelope attached, allowing post mark and canceilnd stamp. WHAT IS A SIPPK V1SPO SYSTEM* A svstem that presents daily statistical check, study and concentration by B skilled corpn of turf ■Meats, who constitnt. a n.-w standard for SYSTEM KFKICIKXC Y. Write TODAY f..r our CKY8TALUXED RACISM MAM AL. containing M pages of the most en-lightening ami valuable luiT data cv.-r publislicd, itally impt.rt.int racing pointers, potent testimonials sworn results and statistics, result charts, the Ll FAMOUS "WALTER" SUCCESS maxims, and a review of the b st-known "ajSteaM" puhlished. They will be s.-nt you abolutely without charge or obligation For once you re.-eive something worth while. If j-m appreciate the true meaning of the word N-O-W. you will soon spell it the otlu r way around, W-O -Ml This is not mere advertising abstraction, but a DKMONSTKAI.I.K BEAUTY. Liberal terms, contingent upon resultant earnings. If the system doe* not win consistently and fulfill evefj l:.im, you o e us nothing. We appoint you both judge and jury lostals are ignored. is. a. M. P. WALTER and CO., noun HVl ANADA TH|: "WAET OP SYSTEM COERS AISTRAMA ■ESSi1* ,°, . „ ,.; AKT1IIH, Pul.lie Kelutioui* Air.. PIIIVAli: LOCK HOY 40I _____ TOWSON, 1IU. Ithe gold bond system! j OF TURF SPECULATION. j; it An original. HMO-tatM, poweuid method of tnrf speculation, based on the invincible and in- . 4, di: nuiublc law of average. A tjteni which eliminates the chance element and makes racing a t it - ystematic business investment instead of a chance speculation. . j SENT ON APPROVAL. ; ► GUARANTEED TO WIN CONSISTENTLY OR IT COSTS YOU NOTHING, o ][ This system requires no knowledge of raiiii;. handicapping or any of the technicalities of the J| it ta"-. It may be operated at the tra.k or in the books, and is so simple that a child cannot go .. . wrong. It it the only system sent on approval. Guaranteed to win or ho pay. ;; SEND NO MONEY. t Simply ser.d your name and iMnm today. Get this wonderful system on approval. Try it at k MT ii-k. Wot Ma day. but en days, ten weekr or ten months. If it dont win it costs you noth- . . J ij injr. Under this offer von tal.c M 1 1 K. Why not investigate todav ? .. j SUCCESS PUBLISHING CO., j; LOUISVILLE — KENTUCKY » t rut-: ROMS »i- Tin: thokoi .ii ick i:i . » ,, *i • ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ft»»»»»»»e »»»»»»»»»»o»»t»» SELECTING WINNERS All tracks have tlinereiit speealM. Ito « u kniuv liow to e«|ualiv.e the speeds of all tracks Weight is a hi factor in racing. Ho you know if a horse i» earryinx too much weight to win? You must he able to answer these «|iiestiojis clearly before yon can he coullaieut of your selections. THP St li;TII K IHVDK l CHARTS will show yon bow to do this SrilAIIIK U.IA, Aft I It ATP.I.Y and III II KIA. Iri -e S_..M», A money order went to the following address will hring them l» return mall. Scientific Handicap Charts P. O. BOX lit. : : i NPWPORT, hi, WINNERS EVERY DAY ! All These Horses Filed in Advance with Daily Racing Form. This being the first time I have ever advertised in the Chicago edition I feel that it will be necessary to let yon know the kinrl of information that is in store for yon who suhscribe. IS THIS THE KIND YOU WANT? My Last Seven Days at New Orleans: Tuesday, February 28: THE DECISION 3-1 WON Mondays Special lost. Saturday: BETSINDA 7-1 WON Friday: RAS 6-1 WON Thursday: COLUMBIA TENN 8-1 WON Wednesady: ROSIE H 4-1 2nd Tuesday: AVISPA 6-1 WON 00 flat bet last 7 days won ,800. Positively only one horse a day. Without a doubt this is the best information money can buy. Americas premier turf wizard. First Bowie Special GOES TODAY TERMS: DAILY; 5 WEEKLY. JOHN LYONS 25 WEST 42nd ST., - NEW YORK CITY Room 211 Office Hours: 10-2 RELIABLE PLAYERS WHO WANT REAL INFORMATION DURING THE COMING SEASON. EITHER TWO OR THREE SPECIALS A WEEK, NEVER MORE. To show me you desire REAL INFORMATION and to play square with me. wire me 0 at once, then I will wire you on Tuesday or Wednesday the name of a horse that goes at BOWIE. Play ten dollars straight for me and remit me the winnings by wire, deducting the twenty you already advanced. After you have done this you will have proven your honesty and future deposits in advance will not be required, just the winnings of a 0 straight play. ABSOLUTELY no other propositions accepted other than the above. NO business by mail. I am in a POSITION to give you REAL INFORMATION. BELIEVE ME. Remit at once by Western Union or Postal. Address TOM BRICE BINGHAMTON, N. Y. I LOOK ! BOYS, LOOK !! This wonderful System onlly had 21 losers out of 99 bets in the last meeting at New Orleans. Last spring at Bowie. Havre de Grace and Pimlico combined same system only had 12 losers. The best bet only had 4 losers. My Occasionals for last week on a 0.00 flat bet figured 84.00 profit. SYSTEM No. 2 This system picks a great many long shots. Here are a few: Rebuke. 2480-2: Miss Frauland. 4010.2; Ava. R.. 2480-2: Walter Dant, 5700-2: Restful, 3620-2; Fair Lassie. 1600-2; Herron. 1580-2; Moon Winks, 3640-2; John Jr.. 1680-2: Kimono, 3000-2; Maysville, 1610-2; Lee Enfield, 3840-2: Miss Dunbar. 5740.2; Gadling. 3600-2; Marcella Boy, 3050-2; Goldie Rose. 2420-2: Butler. 1900-2: Springvale, 1900-2; Little Cottage, 17370-2 place: Trumpet Call, 5160-2 place: Douglas Fairbanks, 1760-2 place, and a lare number of others. Get these systems and pick your own winners. Price in full for both systems, 0.00: then after you get them and if they have not done just as I advertise I will gladly return your money. Nothing accepted by telegraph. J. H. CROSMAN BOX 26 PALMYRA, INDIANA OPPORTUNITY i EXTRAORDINARY A well-known responsible horseman now at the | Maryland tracks will have special select plays at Bowie that he will send to a few men that will in-I sure him the winnings from a 0 play, to be increased as their winnings grow. Will also send a daily wire naming one or two best plays for 0 , per week. No such valuable information has ever J before been obtainable at any price. Write and I will identify myself fully and satisfactorily. Dur-I ing the Bowie meeting address A. TURFMAN 1824 ■ ST.. N. W. WASHINGTON, D. C. 00 WORTH OF INFORMATION FOR 35 CENTS. [agfe. ■ Enables you to handicap daily K5rsd*T* card, half hour. Tell class of horses: Hand !.-£•*. ?~ consistent ones from in-and -outers , [yft*- ones staling off; those rounding to. __lF fejjjjjj Fourteen years delivering the goocU. Wa_-S?T — Try one. Thats all. All newsstands. 35 cents. TODAYS BEST: No. 288. THE AMERICAN THOROUGHBRED Baltimore Bldg. Estab. 1907 Chicago, 111. YOU CAN WAGER WITH CONFIDENCE on a specially prepared horse going at Bowie Tuesday April 4. Start the season off right. Stop guessing"— or paying guessers to guess for you. RUSH a five-dollar note, your name and address. Ill do the rest. NAME OF HORSE NOW ON FILE WITH THIS PAPER. T. H. CERBEIS 155 East Second Street :: Lexington, Ky. Annual Racing Form for 1922 Is Now On Sale DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. 157-169 E. 32ND STREET :: NEW YORK CITY 74 EXCHANGE STREET BUFFALO. V. T. JACK FIELD "THE MAN WHO KNOWS •ONE HORSE A DAY ONLY "—PRICE DAILY 00 SPECIAL— FREE"— TODAY If you knew what T KNOW" of this one YOU would also VALUE it 00. I have gone to a TREMENDOUS EXPENSE to "GET IN" on this good thing and I AM DOING IT just to CONVINCE every one that "I AM THE MAN THAT GETS THE GOODS." TODAYS YOUR LIFETIME CHANCE To win a big SB RS as this one today from what I UNDERSTAND and was told should be 10-1 OR BETTER as very few KNOW much about this one and in the MUTUELS he will be OVERLOOKED, so thats why I expect him to pay that price — GET ME? IF YOU PAID 00 TODAY You couldnt get anything better than I AM GIVING YOU today and ONLY COST YOU . I am so confident of this horse WINNING today, that if vou dont WIN. I WILL GIVE YOU NEXT ONE FREE Because I KNOW I have a WINNER today and I want everyone to WIN a big bet. Thats why I will give my next one FREE if this doesnt WIN today. RUSH to your newsdealer and get JACK FIELD SPECIAL today and you wont REGRET it aa YOU have a big chance to CLEAN up today. NOTICE— This SHEET mailed to you in plain sealed envelop or WE CAN WIRE YOU if you dont live where mails cant reach you on time. SUBSCRIPTION. Week. St. Louis — Wm. Laser. 705 Market St.. and Foa- ters. 410 Washington Ave. Louisville. Ky. — Eiler and Goodman. 227 S. 4th St. Cincinnati, 0. — Bishow, 5th and Walnut Sts., Fountain Newsstand. Lexington, Ky. — Newsstand, Main and Limestone Sts. and OTHER CITIES. If your newsdealer dont sell it. Tell him to write US and we will send him copies. "NEWS DEALERS" WANTED. JACK FIELD 20 West Jackson St. Suite 1506. Chicago, 111. MARYLAND - CANADA RACING THE GUARANTEE SYSTEM will prove invaluable to those contemplating obtaining a profit from an investment on the races. We have just published a very interesting book which we will mail you free upon request. It contains information regarding racing and shows results of The Guarantee System for past two years. This system won at every track tabulated by Daily Racing Form in U. S. A. and Canada during 1920-1921. Its results, while moderate, are positive. OUR GUARANTEE: "Must win its cost in three days or money returned, or if you can find a period of sixty days or longer anywhere that it did not win we will refund your money." Is this GUARANTEE strong enough? System is copyrighted and it on file in U. S. Patent Office and with this publication. If you have been losing write for our fret book. It will help you. Address THE GUARANTEE SYSTEM. 117 W. Franklin Street. BALTIMORE, MD. THE WAY TO WIN Make racin? pay you an 18-Karat. jewel-studded, milk-and-honey income this year, next year and every year. After eighteen years of intensive study and costly experiment, a well-kr.own racing man finally solved the problem of "How to Beat the Races." In two hours YOU can learn the astonishing "Stop-Loss" system that it took this mathematical expert 936 weeks to make perfect. Dont shoot another Chinese dime on the poniel until you read The Gainway Safety System "Safety is its Middle Name." For YOU its the Goal Reached — The Problem Solved. Its the Pot of Gold at the Rainbows End. Get it. GET IT NOW. Send your name either by wire or letter. Postcards not answered. FRANK B. RIDLEY, Room 1111. 159 N. State St. CHICAGO. ILL. THE CniEf CLOCKERS "WINNERS EVERY DAY "—PRICE 50c DAILY MR. PLAYER, SPEND 50c And Get TODAY S Sheet, as WE HAVE THREE GOOD THINGS ON TODAYS SHEET BEST BET"— STAR SPECIAL 20-1 "PARLAY" These three are worth a good play TODAY, as "I KNOW JUST WHATS WHAT" about these above GCOD THINGS, by DAN WHITE, CHIEF CLOCK-ER. DONT MISS THIS CHANCE TO CLEAN UP TODAY Notice — This sheet mailed to you or telegraphed weekly. Sold on all newsstands, 50c daily. Chief Clocker GREAT NORTHERN BLDG. 20 W. JACKSON BLVD. CHICAGO, ILL. TODAY AT BOWIE *~ -~v What you ought to know. See A__ar-i*A REPORTER, any newsstand. 35c. irMflfcyffi AVA- R 5-2 WON V €*jf?ji-»7 and a 2ml Maich 25 X Specials. tyy Mail your for Saturday. April n_» 8 Specials. Saturdays Special: No. 275. THE TURF REPORTER OLDEST PUBLICATION IN EXISTENCE. 22 W. Quincy St. Estab. 1904 Chicago, 111. 10 Winners out of the last _0 on our Best Bets 50 Per Cent Winners Just Think Of It Getting information like the above for fiOe Daily at all Newsstands 50e Mailed Direet 1 week .00 — I weeks $."».0ii NATIONAL O. K. PUBLISHING CO. Room 411 Baltimore Bldg. CHICAGO, ILL. REBUKE ......... 8-1 WON was our last FREE FORM SPECIAL. GET NEW BOOK ON SALE TODAY. 35c AT ALL NEWSSTANDS. Contains code to Free Form Specials that appear in this paper daily. Also gives you a line on all the sleepers at Bowie. Todays Form Special — March-Banana-20-74-93-20. Standard Turf Guide, Room 403, 22 West Quincy St. Chicago, 111. J. F. "LUCKY" BALDWIN If you are interested in information on horses wall meant and you are absolutely reliable DONT HESITATE, RUSH your correct address at onoe. Several plays weekly. TERMS — Send me by wire after you collect the winnings of a 0,000 straight play. I CANNOT WIN IF YOU LOSE 1303 LEXINGTON AVE.. NEW YORK CITY. N. Y. SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM TERMS: 10 Cents Per Copy. .00 Per Month. 0.00 Per Annum. Single copiea by mail 12 cents each. As plain enveloped letter; first-class mail. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. 74 EXCHANGE STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM

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