Latest Training Gallops, Daily Racing Form, 1922-05-11

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LATEST TRAOUNG GALLOPS 917 917PIMIICO PIMIICO PIMIICOBALTIMORE BALTIMORE Md May 10 Todays training gallops at Pirnlico included the fol ¬ lowing Weather clear track fast 750Bellsolar 40 913Old Dad 33 3391GBilly 91GBilly Kelly 36 915Rontledge 38 38915Oooucan 915Oooucan 3 74CSouth Breeze 39 39910Costigan 910Costigan 35 903Super 39 39911Midnight 911Midnight Sun 40 916The Wag 36 36Half Half Mile Mile902Brilliant 902Brilliant Ray 50 909Minnte Man 54 54905Biff 905Biff Bang 53 903Registrar 55 55752Crack 752Crack o Dawn 52 914St Germain 51 = 915Comic Song 50 908Sailing B 55 5574SCaligula 74SCaligula 49 911Soul Mate 49 = 915Frank Furst 49 912Servitor 50 50908Orey 908Orey Bard 49 915Shoal 55 55910Jigstep 910Jigstep 52 914The Decision 53 53915Jim 915Jim Cof froth 52 915Tricks 53 53903Lollipop 903Lollipop 49 915Top Notch 52 52ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Mile Mile907Antilles 907Antilles 118 915Petite Dame 115 115900Approval 900Approval 1 121 21 21915Champlaln 916Pen Rose 110 110915Red 915Champlaln 122 915Red Brand 116 91iir C Wells 115 913Snare 914Harry Maxim 124 915Thc Trout 113 902Miracle Man 117 910Turnabout 116 903Montalvo 124 124One One Mile Mile915Benerolent 915Benerolent 144 912Ircland 912Beaverkill 154 914Muttikins 912Balustrade 150 91Rebuke 142 142Butcher Butcher Boy 151 907Rajah 149 149916Crock 916Crock o Goldl4S Sweet Mint 144 144914Dark 914Dark Hill 143 912Sweet Bouquetl47 915tJalIaglier 148 916Two Feathers 145 j 913Hendrie 151 151Mile Mile and a Quarter Quarter915Algardi 915Algardi 214 915Oil Man 210 210The The Was ran well Billy Kelly bled con ¬ siderably Costigan showed fine speed from the barrier Comic Song was doing his best Frank Furst showed some speed Soul Mate appears to be quite speedy Brilliant Ray showed some of his oldtime speed Pen Rose is rounding into good form Petite j Damo and Dr Charles VclIs ran well to ¬ gether Red Brand was ridden out Re ¬ buke ran under restraint all the way Benev ¬ olent appears to be in his best form Galla ¬ gher was doing his best and finished quite lame Oil Man ran well all the way and j was never extended extendedBEL2IONT BEL2IONT PARK TJIAINIKG TRACK NEW YORK N Y May 10 Todays workouts over the local courses included the following Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Mile Mile915Carelcss 915Carelcss 48 915Equinoctial 33 33915Chcrry 915Chcrry Pie 39 El Astro 37 37914Clinkerina 914Clinkerina 39 916Links 37 37913Edg 913Edg Allan Pee 35 913RompIns Home37 Home37Half Half Mile 915Banksia 50 916Gladiator 48 Birdshot 52 52915Bigheart 90iHalu 915Bigheart 54 54728Bantry 907Jolly Sailor 728Bantry Pass 53 914Knighthood 915Canaque 51 007On Watch 49 49907Devastation 907Devastation 51 Sweep Stakes 52 52907Flying 907Flying Cload 51 913Son o Uac 01 01913Golden 913Golden Guinea 49 49JiveEighths JiveEighths Mile Mile914Tribune 914Tribune 101 101ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Mile Mile914Arrow 914Arrow of Goldl18 914Knobbic 114 114915Astrolite 915Astrolite 115 915Mizar 122 122913Chewink 913Chewink 115 910Mount Hope 114 914Dunboyne 118 915Mollie Barnesl21 Barnesl21909E1 909E1 Primo 119 915Shcrando 115 115915Ira 915Ira Wilson 122 914Thunderclap 110 110One One Mile Mile910Bersagliere 910Bersagliere 143 915Philosophcr 142 915David Haruinl47 915Sportiboy 147 910Mad Hatter 139 914Sconrgeman 145 915Niintucket 144 719Senning3 Parkl44 Parkl44913PHgrini 913PHgrini 143 143Knighthood Knighthood showed improvement Edgar Allan Poe was not extended Gladiator ran well Halu and On Watch were on even terms Bo McMillan galloped easily Mount Hope worked fast Knobbie seems at his best Dunboyne was under restraint Mad Hatter is in great form Sennings Park had an easy mile mileJAMAICA JAMAICA Weather clear track fast ThresEighths Mile Mile903Camouflagc 903Camouflagc 39 915Siren Maid 25 25915Millgate 915Millgate 37 915Valentia 36 36914Monastery 914Monastery 3G 914 War Mask 36 36909Rainbow 909Rainbow Boy 30 30Half Half Mile Mile903Bill 903Bill Block 57 916Mambi 50 50915Idle 915Idle Toy 51 915Crcsta 51 51915Moody 915Moody 52 840Veto 50 50915Mily 915Mily You 51 897AVar Note 51 51FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile 903Betsinda 102 913Stacy Adams 110 015Coaf usion 1 03 Three Quarters Mfla Mfla915Esquire 915Esquire 119 015St Allan 117 117915Lky 915Lky Button 1164 8778 Ught III 119 119915Rockct 915Rockct l14Hs914Rustler lic 914Translt l14Hs 914Rustler 118 118One One Mile Mile914Tuftcr 914Tuftcr 141 916Tan II 140 140Siren Siren Maid has her speed War Mask and Monastery ran well together Transit worked fast Rocket looks and acts good Tufter ia near his best form AQUEDUCT AQUEDUCTWeather Weather clear track fast r rThreeEighths ThreeEighths Milo 913lTy Reverie 38 38Half Half Mile Mile837Gondoller 837Gondoller 49 915Pictrus 49 49435Henry 435Henry G 49 GG4Vlctor S 55 55FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile Mile915Be 915Be Frank 102 915Snob 101 101090Care 090Care Free 103 915Sunnyland 103 916Lucky Girl 101 101ThreoQuarters ThreoQuarters Mile 915Athelston 117 915New Orleans 116 116765Fancier 765Fancier 119 557Old Rcscbud 124 124914LEclalr 914LEclalr 117 915Serandcr 116 116SevenEighths SevenEighths Mile 916Jaunebar 130 130One One Mile Mile915Chat 915Chat Thicrryl44 915Slclveconard 141 Victor S was only cantering Snob ran well Care Free and Lucky Girl were sulk ¬ ing Be Frank worked easily Sunnylard is improving Serander ran well Athelston was driving LEclair had an easy gallop New Orleans is improving Chateau Thierry and Sleiveconard ran well wellLEXINGTON LEXINGTON LEXINGTONLEXINGTON LEXINGTON Ky May 10 Today training gallops here included the following Weather cloudy track sloppy ThreeEighths Mile Mile907Dernier 907Dernier Sou 40 903Lavinia 42 42912Escarpolette 912Escarpolette 40 Piedmont 43 43Gonwithim Gonwithim 43 Sweetheart 39 39Half Half Mile 915Yal of Dreams51 Dreams51FiveEighths FiveEighths MUe MUe916Angon 916Angon 103 Marion Adler 103 103912Bone 912Bone Dry 108 108ThreoQuarters ThreoQuarters Mile Mile513Brown 513Brown Eyes 119 915Law Mannlngl2l76 909Cinderella 121 121One One Mile Mile73SBlack 73SBlack Thong 155 907Marine Corpsl47 913Day of Peacel50 909Precs Lulu 152

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