Latest Training Gallops, Daily Racing Form, 1922-06-13

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LAT3ST TRAINING GALLOPS 945 945NEW NEW YORK N T June 10 Workouts of Friday ever the Eelmont Park and Aque ¬ duct tracks follow followIIELMO IIELMO T rAUIT Weather cloudy track fast ThreoEighths Kile KileC42AU2din C42AU2din S3 TOSTlie Pot 3 3Blue Blue Teal 37ft 932 Whirlwind 33 33940Siiob 940Siiob II 34 34Half Half Mile Mile942Canyon 942Canyon SO 842Jark Homer 49 49S4Jastabout S4Jastabout 48 012Monnt Hope 30 30S9 S9 Uant Bothile49 03GRompins Homel7 80 Faith W 50 9S9Senns3 Park 55 55937Kxcnss 937Kxcnss ile 52 Suwcep 49 49930Rdict 930Rdict 49 9VSon o Unc 47 47S42Goid S42Goid Guinea 49 940Siiuff Alocg 43 43837UcIl 837UcIl Gate 49 H2Wampus 51 51FivoEishths FivoEishths Kile Kile93Arnold 93Arnold B 105 937Xan Shanks Ctt 99 Druid Hill 101 929Sni Screen 107 107J J 15II a 107 041Vicaire 104 104764JIer 764JIer Marine 100 100ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Kile Kile913Astrolite 913Astrolite 120 983Evil 123 123911Bluffer 911Bluffer 123 SWSKjuinoctial 120 120tMOBelle tMOBelle Boyil 115 937Kcff 117 117942Dr 942Dr Johnson 118 942Lanius 113 113941li 941li Allan Pocl18 940May Uampnl20 One Mile Mile940Braro 940Braro 149 940Tribune 142 912Comic 142912Comic Song 145 145Mile Mile and an Eighth 940Dar Harum 157 038Many Smiles 200 200Kilo Kilo and a Quarter 940 Rose Hill 210 210Snob Snob IT fhowed excellent speed Whirl ¬ wind and Aladdin were on even terms Son o Unc and Romping Home raced fast to ¬ gether Shuffle Along showed improvement Hea is fresh and good Druid liill worked well Lanius worked fast fastAQUEDUCT AQUEDUCT AQUEDUCTWeather Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Kile 040 Kewpie S 938Trotna o 937bea Mint 33 939Zoona C9 C9Half Half Kilo 942 Athersfone 50 935Marourneen M h hCinaudino Cinaudino 3 912Mandalay 51 ° f M WlMcKec 49 941lte 49941lte i V Frank 30 937RacoueUe 52 91 Gocrt i r2 941Suanylanrt 94ttlentllt 0 FiveEighths Kile 929Polythia 102 102Three Three Quarters Kile Kile940Liberry 940Liberry Girl 316 93SXat S i21 One Kile KileSliiETtmninator SliiETtmninator 1r = 5 913Harridan 143 835Fsncicr 148 nMyi 0 anfl Sea iiint showed good r speed McKee ran well Harridan was driv ¬ ing Exterminator galloped easily Be Frank ran welL Polythia worked fast 847 iA Ivy June 10 Todays work were as follows LATOMA LATOMAWeather Weather clear track fast ThrceEiehths Hila uiVdli uiVdlideton deton Prince WcilVsSW 942IIiKh Co = t 37 V2 V2ePt Q Qeen een Esther 3 ePt ePtlCl COXockug lCl CIl Brl reJ1137 37 dasTippo W2Royal Sahib Palm 37 lrt Half Mile 923 Black Hicklc 49 Mary Pat 4S = i KoDncts wnd ri o42Mte7pcMtc r ° aMMontnra 9JJick TddCTr Baoer 45 33Polite Vo ady Gorhaal 040Pongce T ri 820LoParao 43 Rnymond wl crf 49 = WfiJ5n Combs 0 0oJ oJ 311194Miss v Mis 5M2Sea Court 3111 94Miss Jemima 30 039Wajivd LadyDj LadyDjFivcEishths FivcEishths Kile 940Anncttes Slsl0 j P 0Haral00 S 940 0Haral00S Aspiration i t 10 OWKinss Clcfe102 943Lichen i03 i 9 Jtar Pahnerl04 941Minnie B 103 oil934Baftiuudo C34 IMC34 Ban Bright Bearer Iat 102 102 a s Oilss Keedy Sine 1 IM oil 934Baftiuudo 102 927Ormleign l nn nnf f ioiiS 940Flor 910Gam DncrowVllo910Gam nioaml02 Gnrtonl03 94Sun DncrowVllo S3SWida 104 104ThreeQuartors ThreeQuartors Mile Mile939Arfa 939Arfa Motherl15940Aspinwall 115 942Lady Motherl15 940Aspinwall 117 Lendlnii 1tKit 040 Ill033Brennan Blow Bubblesll0 WBP m Ill 033Brennan 317 1494oColoied 943Pindur Peel l 14 94oColoied Boy 117 933Petie 139 139920Chas 920Chas Henry 113 938Quito 13S 9G9Castlereigh 13S9G9Castlereigh 134 045Qniacy Ward lViSf 909nona lViSf909nona illrlWSfcwr Loriottel35 934Rp StrWe illrl WSfcwr Bold 117 OJOSupcrcarro 117 941 QjTr Lady ° CH MadcspllS 113 043VuIcanora 117 One Kile KileWfincst Wfincst Pal 142 939La Derniercl44 14194i3ten vll Paradise 143 922Louig A 141 94i3ten Vslet 141 40ilahony 147 p10CoIonel Bakerl43 MPahaeka l43 itcrton 112 Sr Th Kcanl42 03Cernier Kcanl4203Cernier Sou 148 943Wm Oldt l43 = 930Fancy Free 144 938 Wapiti l4o ijfgSIS 033Gcorgettc 143 943Vothimi i ijfg SIS Lottery 144 Milo and an Eighth Eighth943Cantilever 943Cantilever 202 933Chin Walsh P f 839Cut Up 157 S35Dr Rae 203 Mile and a Quarter 941Pit 217 217JAMAICA JAMAICA JAMAICANEW NEW YORK N T June 10 The results of todays training gallops were as follows Weather clear track fast ThrceEishths Mila Mila839Cromwell 839Cromwell 3S 943Marie Mazim 35 930K Channing 37 919Spnss 42 812Lcnt 33 93GTrajanus 30 30Half Half Mile MileH5Annistice H5Annistice 57 915Montokah 49 49S38Blue S38Blue Hawk 51 940Out and Gone 40 40B B 40D13Qlovaly D13Qlovaly 50 1aiil A Shay4Jfc Shay4JfcDr Dr WJiitchst49 939 Refrain 50 42Oen Thatcher 49 Spade Guinea 54 943IIephaiBtc 48 939Tan II 32 32Humboldt Humboldt 49 942Titabrcl S3 842Missionary 51 lSW Pittston 30 Mabel 30Mabel Kane 49 938WilkesBarre 50 FiveEighths Mile Mile943Better 943Better I ick 105 93 1Parli Hill 103 103C37OExamiaer C37OExamiaer 103 935Ralnbtnv BoylOS BovlOS845Daniil 845Daniil 103 937Recomation l03 l03L3Dimme6daIe L3Dimme6daIe Itt5 913Sea Sand 108 frl5Eliz Bricc 11275 913Shcn Maid l j jf37lii f37lii uire 108 IM2W of Chnccl12 XbreeQuartera Mile 12Cahalan 118 941Mabel Curtiel18 Curtiel18B37Decp B37Decp SinkerllS i 915M A Nnanl23 Nnanl23D43End D43End Man 118 731flrcus 117 11793S 11793S 93S Honorable 120 927Servicc Starl20 B39IUrtle 943Vlneyurd 118 118One One Mile D43Broomster 148 045 Pilgrim 142 = 3 ilarie Masim showed good speed IJcph aiston is training well Dimmesdale was undar strong restraint Park Uill raced eas ¬ ily Pilgrim seems fresh and good Whisk could have worked much faster Mawrcoron had an easy gallop gallopAQUKDUCT AQUKDUCT AQUKDUCTWeather Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths ITilo 937Avi = nn 41 945Cav Kmptor37 Kmptor37S43Blue S43Blue Mount 37 AiuSlmtfcr 37 37Half Half Mile 041Cormac W 9i3Prince James 922l jlnun 50 911PaJkIcy 94 Dry ilcwm r 3 ti39Sleiveconard 50 50tMlIouly tMlIouly i rn 0 927St Donard 51 93CMary Agues S51 943Sernpis 52 52FivoEighths FivoEighths Kilo 04 Bobbed Hair 105 943GoadolIer 103 939Bayonne 107 943The VcnsncelOI VcnsncelOIThroe Throe Suartcrs Mile Mile94rnextcrous 94rnextcrous 118 945iraryld Bellel3G 043Early Bird 119 9i3Torchy 11G 92GHeury G 132 915Vnlor 120 10Mon MomRl2S 943Yantee Star 116 116SevenEighths SevenEighths Kilo Kilo943Mustd 943Mustd Seed 131 843 War Hast JL33 943Scot Chief 132 132One One Mile Mile91GBe 91GBe Frank 143 913Eeconnt 144 144945Chat 945Chat Tliierryl43 91GTroma 145 145943Flannel 943Flannel Shirt 152 152Mile Mile and an Eighth 945Capt Alcock 201 201Chateau Chateau Thierrj and Be Frank worked to ¬ gether Recruit is improving Captain Al coek galloped easily Torchy and Yankee Star worked together driving at finish Mustard Seed was cantering Paisley and Lady Myra ran from the chute and worked welL Weather clear trade fast ThreeEighths Kile Kile911Blfov 911Blfov 37 938Northcliff 36 36Casrfe Casrfe 37 SHlRigel SS SSDemijohn Demijohn 39 931Scare Crow 38 38P40Do7esroost P40Do7esroost 38 933Ten Minutes SO SO910Goldea 910Goldea Rule 3G 920Violet Blue 33 Half Hile 942 Anonymous 51 812Jigstep 49 49Bethany Bethany 43 937Xnlghthood 48 48a39Beaverkill a39Beaverkill 52 842Poor Puss 50 50n42Grillianee n42Grillianee 49 942IIokes Drift 02 9 ± 2Oafcderacy 49 938Rafflcs 54 54Dot Dot 31 Sky Line 48 48940Fayelle 940Fayelle 71 D33Sattelite 52 52942Hklebrry 942Hklebrry Finn49 S33Suspicious 50 50Hour Hour Bet 53 53FiveEighths FiveEighths Kilo Kilo939Eigheart 939Eigheart 101 C40Pntity 112 112SS9Crocbct SS9Crocbct 1O4 B28 Reformer 1C9 1C9P12Captn P12Captn Corlisl02 945Round Robin 101 2Domini iuo l0 f 939Southn Bellel09 Bellel09937Dan 937Dan Boiling 301 942Smattcr Pop 105 942 Fairy Wings 105 94OSusaina 103 103P35Hot P35Hot Muffins 103 938William A Jl00 Jl00ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Mile MileC42BlacksiOTe C42BlacksiOTe 123 938Hard Guess 123 123911CitaUon 911CitaUon 114 911LHtle Chief 115 115938Cnm 938Cnm Sail 139 942Loiterer 117 117941Dunboycc 941Dunboycc 115 937Xatural 11 I I933French 933French Fur = e 118 930Reprisal 118 118nint nint 123 940Squaw Man J13 J13One One Mile Mile94AlEoa 94AlEoa 140 939Mad Hatter 142 142029Benevoteat 029Benevoteat 150 940Master Hand 142 142S4G S4G Golden Gcineal44 933Orderly 140 140912Irish 912Irish Sea 133 945Occanic 143 143943KeJIerman 943KeJIerman 144 9 0Royal Jester 148 148933Knobbie 933Knobbie 142 943Toil 144 144940MontaIro 940MontaIro 145 928Two Feathersl43 Feathersl432IONTREAL 2IONTREAL One June 10 Todays training gallops here included the foliowing foliowing15IUE 15IUE BONNETS Weather clear track slow FiveEighths Mile MileKJSSand KJSSand Mark 40 944Zoie 29 2934SSister 34SSister Flo 39 39Half Half Mila MilaGallipot Gallipot 3 945Royal Gift 5G 933 Old Dad 00 913 Veronica 51 51ThreeSuartei ThreeSuartei Kile Kile945BilIy 945BilIy Kelly 122 SOOManoevre 118 118931Cote 931Cote dOr 317 941Moco 123 123573Enrieo 573Enrieo Carus olt23 015Uight Angle 126 9111Uaruionions 118 91GRaider 117 117G3GHappy G3GHappy Chaucel22 14ViceChairnianl I2 944UinJoostan 117 94GW IL Bkuerl2ix 941Jewell V Dl20 Dl20FivcEichths FivcEichths Mile Mile94G 94G Illusionist 103 937Reap 108 43May Rcse 107 943Wiack Grass 110 11002Maddle 02Maddle 109 109One One Hile HileAjora Ajora 131 945Sea Tale 153 153Bdg Bdg Dmondl50 943Sailins B 158 Sise Flo galloped fast Old Dad showed good speed all the way Royal Gift was only cautenn Billy Ktiy was only cantering Manoevxe worked easily had plenty in re ¬ serve Hindoostan is about ready for his l e t ace Haider showed fine speed all the way Bulldog Drummcnd worked evenly and had plenty in reserve Gallipot ran away Cote dOr worked easily 948 MOXTREAL Que June 11 Sunday training gallops here included the following followingBLUE BLUE BOJTXETS Weather clear track heavy ThresEichihs Hile 921Betsinda 37 37015Fnll 944 Lloyd Goorge40 015Fnll o Fun 39 39940Fanatic 912ilumbo Jumbo 33 33Radiant 940Fanatic 37 37fllGFair Radiant 3 fllGFair Gain 37 917Top Notch 39 91CGatne Scrapiwr39 945Tliigtle Queen 40 Half Kile Kile712Bill 712Bill Huuley 52 Racket 49 49937Kuklur 937Kuklur 11 942ScrKnt York 51 945Lady Meave 54 54XhreeQuarters XhreeQuarters Kile Kile043Affectation 043Affectation 122 9HJRedstone 121 939Duke Ruff 320 947Sand Mark 118 J15Perigourdine 118 947Sailing B 124 One Kilo KiloAquatic Aquatic 150 Nomia 148 148939Kenlish 939Kenlish Boy 159 94GBpan Maize 150 15091GModesty 91GModesty 14 730The Kn iuirerl4 Kilo and an Eighth Eighth94G 94G Woodbine 202 Bctsinda is in good form Game Scrapper was only cantering Radiant has a lot of Kpced Fair Gain is in good form Sergeant York appeared to like the soft going Racket is fast Second Thoughts bled after showing a fast fiveeighths Modesty is in fine form 949 949MONTREAL MONTREAL Que May 12 Mondays training gallops here included the following BLUE BOX ETS Weather clear track heavy ThreeEiehths Kilo Kilo944Eleanor 944Eleanor S 40 SlGReluctant 41 OtSGame Scrapper 40 Richard MurniySO 94 Gray Gables 33 373Uncle John 38 38930Lady 930Lady Heart 42 947 Veronica 40 917ilay Rose 41 41D1S 947Wrack Grass 40 D1S liidiillt JJ7 = Half Mile Mile946Antilles 946Antilles 55 844Prismar 940Alex U 51 948Top Xotch XotchCharlotta Charlotta Smitu54 943 Wi tell work Piunard 03 03FiveEighths FiveEighths Kile 945Algardl 110 917Moco 103 = K7Jolm Hoslior 112 917Natural 109 10983GMickey 83GMickey Moorel12 944Panipas 110 110ThreeBuarters ThreeBuarters Kile Kile933Ablaze 933Ablaze 110 944lTessincs 123 123945Austral 945Austral 124 915Midaisht Sun 1 944 Bastille 121 944MeBsines 1 1944Chow 1944Chow 944Chow 12G 910Paddlc 123 123Dandy 123I I Dandy andy 325 574Redland 124 124917Hap 917Hap Chancesl20 947VChairman 122 943Jomiuina 119 119Ono Ono Mila Mila947Ajom 947Ajom 133 947Sca Tale lr 2 2942Houyhnhnm 942Houyhnhnm 150 War Togs 138 138Mile Mile and an Eighth Eighth945Boniface 945Boniface 207 207Game Game Scrapper was only cantering Gray Gables and Uncle John showed good speed in the mud Top Notch and Witchwork ran well together Moco showed a fine turn of speed in the heavy going Midnight Sun fell lame Happy Chances ran evenly all the way Jcaquina was favored by the soft going Ablaze appeared to run as fast in the mud as on a dry track Boniface was cantering appears to be in good form

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