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I j j I | I j i I TO BE RUN 1 I UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE 3 ■ I ■ ■ I KENTUCKY JOCKEY CLUB] 3 I ... INCORPORATED ... £ 5? Immm AUIUMM MllIINuo I Mlltli JOCKEY CLUB MAKtd I for 1923 I 5 e ii ju,.T»gim»»ganw g J For Two-Year-Olds in 1923 — Foals of 1921 g | 0,000 Added I I Total Estimated Value 5,000 1 I One Mile I g rVir- .— ■■■■■ ■■■"■■—■mm MiSS— ■■■— II n— sssssssssssssss— s— 8 ATAUiA rHAMPIAIICHIP CTAKFC [" 1 /or /ft?4 a For Three-Year-Olds in 1924 — Foals of 1921 f ij 5,000 Added I Total Estimated Value 0,000 One and Three-Quarters Miles j? 1 D I BREDERS fllTLRITY /or 1924 wnjarjum i ■mm ifaa t I S ■ .: For Two-Year-Olds in 1924 — Foals of 1922 j j $ 5,000 Added 1 Total Estimated Value $ 1 5.000 Futurity Course l About 170 Feet Short of Six Fur.ongs I | Entries Close | SATURDAY, JULYIJ922] 1 Address All Communications to KENTUCKY JOCKEY CLUB . . . INCORPORATED . . . COVINGTON :: KENTUCKY J. N. CAMDEN. . . President M. J. WINN Vice-President and General Manager SHERMAN GOODPASTER Secretary and Treasurer I j j I | I j i 1 I 3 ■ I ■ ■ 3 I 5? OUT TODAY. Price 25c TJ A Tr nTTOTVC R AILBIRD S "c,0™n:-"«r BBTS - :n. PLAYER," Today Is Your Chance to "lean Up." I Have a Hone Today Race at I.ATOMA tbat Should Win AT BIG ODDS TUa horse I have waited some time to got the O.K. on and at last I hare it that "TODAY IS THE DAY." I have gone to a TREMENDOUS EXPENSE to obtain this GOOD THING, and I am confident of this one WINNING today at a big price, and that IF THIS DONT WIN YOU GET FREE OCCASIONAL FOR ONE WEEK I am doing this BECAUSE I KNOW I HAVE A "LONG SHOT 11IIU TODAY. SO I WANT EVERYONE TO "GET IN ON THIS WINNER." so ao to show and convince YOU tho k.nd that YOU get for our OCCASIONAL, which we only have about TWICE A WEEK. SPEND TODAY AND WIN YOURSELF A BANK ROLL YCU may never again have KMft a chance— so you better take it white the taking is good — thats all I can say— RATLBIRD. NOTICE— YOU CAN BUY THIS ?5 "OCCASIONAL TODAY from your newsdealer. BET IF sold out, then BUSH to any telegraph office and wire us , vtiih name and aduresr, and you v..l ge: our WIBE in half an hour. Send to RA1I,IIIRDS PI B. CO., 20 WEST JACKSO.V BLVD., CHICAGO TODAYS FREE CODE: LatoaU— Pink— 37— 22. PLUNGE •WIN ONLY.- This BOOK, JUST OCT TODAY, sold everywhere, 23e. Meekly. CHICAGO HANBSCAPPER 50 CENTS— AT ALL NEWSSTANDS— 50 CENTS , JOIN OUR WINNING ASMY FIVE WINNERS, ONE SECOND out of last six occasional*. YESTERDAYS OCCASIONAL: BULLION 4.00-S2 Won ; j THURSDAYS OCCASIONAL: Aiice Blue Gown. .30-32 Wen WEDNESDAYS OCCASIONAL: I, HIGH COST .....30- Won TUESDAYS OCCASIONAL: KEWPIE ONEIL .00- Won I i h MONDAYS OCCASIONAL: |i • ! HOPELESS .....80- Won | ; SATURDAYS OCCASIONAL: RED LEGS S.70- Won We sure are slamming them over with regularity. J TODAYS OCCASIONAL , 2 agxin c-omes from the same source and 10 TO 1 is what they say we should get. Here is your chance, co go right now to your nawsdealer and ask for the j CHICAGO HANDICAPPERS .00 OCCASIONAL i MUST WIN OR THE NEXT ONE FREE. TODAY ANOTHER LONG SHOT SPECIAL I j I One that comes to us very strong. They tell us ! that barring an accident ha is one BIG CINCH. ; I For this one go to yonr rewsdcaler and get the I CHICAGO HANDICAPPER. Only 50c at all r.ewc-tands. Hailed two weeks. | .00, or wred. Remit to CHICAGO PUBLISHING CO. 333 S. DEARBORN ST. CHICAGO, ILL. Racing Patrons Read Carefully | While at the truck at Latonia one morning re-j eently I saw one of the most sensational work-out* I I have seen in some time by a horse that has i shown nothing in recent races. This horse gees , I next week and will be placed in a soft spot and a 1 good rider will ride and I want a few reliable j bettors who will bet 0 straight for me to wire or write at once, so as to receive code by which ; horse will be sent. To these who received my last horse I will send code at once. My record as a i successful jockey, owner and trainer is my reference. ■ EX-JOCKEY TED KOERNER Apartment 4 Liberal Building Eighth and John Streets Cincinnati, Ohio * " | THE GUARANTEE SKSTIM I EREE BOOK ON RACING I We will mail you our free book on racing with- ,. 9 out obligation, This book shows in detail profits I obtained and capital used at every track for past t I two year*. It will surely interest yon if you are * 1 a follower of the turf. We can show you how to 3 regain your losses. Our claims are MODERATE. 1 but POSITIVE. An INVESTMENT, not a SPECU- ■. i LATTON. Write for copy of our GUARANTEE and J I forfeit declaration*. The GUARANTEE SYSTEM la 3 1 copyrighted and fully protected and is on file in n I U. S. Patent office and with the Racing Form. • | I 1 Part payment secures system complete, pay balance e 1 on result basis. No handicapping. It names tho 0 i horse to be played. At or away from the track. fc I Address 1 THE GUARANTEE SYSTEM % I 117 W. FRANKLIN STREET BALTIMORE. MD. . I Real, Honest, Genuine, Gilt -Edge 3 j Stable Information for Absolutely f | Responsible Parties. i I positively will not do business with people who . j are irresponsible or who cannot furnish first-class Z a references. My obligations come high. Therefore " 1 I need your honest co-operation. You all know my Hi past record. Terms: Send me by wire, after you u g I collect, the winnings of a 0 straight play. U I CANNOT WLN IF YOU LOSE IsJ. F. "Lucky" Baldwin a ! 1803 Lexington Ave. New York City, N. Y. ; 1 for First Time My Special Was Beaten I SATURDAY AND MONDAY f TWO THAT SHOULD BE AT A GOOD PRICE. joe Mccarty SARATOGA SPRINGS NEW YORK I : Two 5.00 Specials Today Remember last Saturday we gave DISTINCTION $ 8.30 WON I ; ADMIRER $£6.10 3RD DONT FALL TO GET TODAYS. Mo— DAILY AT ALL NEWSSTANDS— «©o. National 0. K. Publishing Co., , Room 411, Baltimore B.dg. Chicago, 111. : GARS CHIEF OBSERVER. Todays Free Codes: Latonia: Florida-Rain-Dark-Purple. Dorval: Yir-1 - 1 ginia-Boi-Rider-Red. I Only too at all newsstands. Sold everywhere. GAR PUBLISHING CO., S38 Plymouth Court, :: CHICAGO, ILL. k , ; j I, I i h |i • ! | ; J , 2 JACK FIELD Tha Man Who Can lir.kc- Yo i W,n. Only One Horse — Never More -.- Price 11.00. 00 free Special Today This goes in race at fetetill a:.d if you let this o-e get a.way from you ;tcn -sou may as well "CEIT FLAYING EM." 0 for Bet ! is what I tXPECT to tee this one pay today, and it of.it mo so much money to get this one that IP YOU PAID 00 for it you wouldnt t e overpaying. lhal*s why I advertise th » cce as my 00 Special. but I am giving it "FREE as mv Daily .00 Special. -GET WISE. Mr. Player, and stop losing. Let ir.p put yon on the wirj.ig read, as I have dona to hundreds of my followers. Rush to yo: r newsdealer and j.et JACK FIELD" .G0 Special. You can buy it evtrjv.here, or you can h:e H mziied cr teiexr» rhei to yot, .03 a week. Send .00 to J. FIELD 20 West Jackson Street. CHICAGO. ILL. j j I I ! ; I I | MAI INFORMATION How MMfc tirre do you nmM tryir.? to find the fasts.t hoe? Do yon know « ben a torse has an advantage in the weights I [HE SCILNTIFiC HANDICAP MONTHLY Contains ratings that are accurate ?nd reliable, based en actual speed accon. pita red :n recent races. TI;e Isvttagl represent esae-Uy wkat the horse has done; not whit he could have dor.e or might have done. They are absolutely reiiabc and can be depended t-pon for consistent « . ii.n iij results. THEY SELECT WIN NTT- IVEP.Y DAY AT ALL TRACES. Price :t your newtdetitr, cr tent direct upon receipt of price. Scientific Handico Charts P. 0. BOX H6 KEWPCRT. KY. , Geo. E. Black 89 MOKTCCHEF.Y ST.. IZXKT CITY, N. 2. NOTICE— -Ky Srecials cf Tune 17 and £1 postponed fcr good rcr-sons until MONDAY. JUNE 26. TERHS — Wmninss of t J10 ;t:-ai:ht play after yen w.n. Wire mo cost cf s.i tiieurr. ms of ton words each and I will send you six prepaid tele- crzms. ; i ■ * " J. 0. STEWART THE MAN WHO KVOV8. Weoklv Wond?r. 35c per Ccpy. Bel 1 Evert-where. TODAYS SPECIAL r2E£ CODES: LatoT: : Kay 18-26-2. Eorr. ! : Jmsij 10-1-23. Wednesday s 55.00 fff— ft"*1. r ONGES. Won. Tctiiy extra big i5 00 OCCASIONAL. Ru:h yoit.- BSJstriptll . J C STLWA T 101 Wt;; 4£d Street. KEW YCEK CITY. N. Y. ,. t * ■. J la 3 in n TURF TOPICS ALL NEWSSTANDS. 35 CENTS EYEF.Y WEEK. NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY TODAYS FREE CCEES: LATONIA— Lihe-i-C . DORVAL— Boy -44- IS. AQUEDUCT— B;y. 12-2 3. 111 Nassau St., Room 64. New York City. K. Y. ___________ • | I e 0 fc % ON SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS LATEST KEFOftTEB Good for ail next week. COSTS CMY 25 CENTS. SATtJRDAYS SPECIAL: E -. 2G2. THE TUEr UPORTES 22 W. IriMf St. .Estat. 19i4. Chicago. I1L . 3 f THE AMERICAN TKOr.OUOHBBED Book with code for thete sj-ccris en sale at all newetands. 35 CENTS. Go-od for a week. TODAY S BEST: Pusk-Western-Ec-NutEe-Be. Baltimore BA?. Estab. i£-0". J CT::cago. nL . Z " u Get New Bock or. Scle Toir. S5c at all news-- stands. Contains cods to Tre lfSa ls that appear i in this paper daiiv. TODAY S FOLM SPECIAL: April-Grape-77-21-30-46. STANDARD TURF GCIDE Rcom 403, 22 West Quincy St. Chicago, IU. ; I f I : I SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM TERMS: 10 Cents Per Copy. Per "Week $ LSI Per Month 4.00 Half Year £0.00 One Year 40.00 Single copies by mail 12 cents each. As plain enveloped letter; first-class mail. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, Hi. 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, H. T. 74 EXCHANGE STREET BUFFALO, H. Y. — • : - k TIm American Racing Manual for 1922 IS NOW ON SALE. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYXOTJTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL* 167-159 EAST 82ND STREET, NEW YORK, H. Y. 71 EXCHANGE STREET BUFFALO, M. T.

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