Aurora the Mecca: Shipments Coming from Maryland, New Orleans, Tijuana., Daily Racing Form, 1927-04-05


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AURORA THE MECCA * Shipments Coming From Maryland, New Orleans, Tijuana. « W. S. Kilmer to Send Eighteen Horses to Exposition Park Abont April 12. AURORA, 111., April 4.— With the close of winter racing: at New Orleans Saturday and Tijuana Sunday, the attention of the turf world in the middle west will now be centered on Kxposition Park, where the spring meeting of 1927 will be inaugurated on April tL This will mark the beginning of rating in Illinois for this year with six months if the sport in prospect for the Vicinity of "hit-ago. Never before since racing was established In the Fox River Valley were conditions more auspicious for a wonderfully successful meeting at Kxposition Park this spring. Wore and a better grade of horses will be available with the outlook bright for racing that will appeal to all. There are several hundred horses already on th«- grounds and big shipments are expected from all the winter tracks. Twenty-two carloads of horses from New Orleans, twelve from Tijuana, eight from Havana, ten from Florida a half dozen from Maryland and Kentucky will be unloaded at the Aurora track before the end of this week. Included in the Maryland shipment will be eighteen head belonging to W. S. Kilmer, the New York turfman, who has one of the finest breeding establishments in the east at his Sun Hriar Court at Binghamton, N. Y. A telegram from Mr. Kilmer Saturday stated that his horses will arrive here about April 12. EX F.I.LENT CAMPAIGNERS. Such thoroughbreds as Iron Mask II., Clenister II., Florence Mills, Genuine, Brilliant. Prince Ronald. Balboa, Golden Mac, Pigeon Wing II., Stampdale. Take a Chance, Sergeant Seth, l evon. Hot Time, Black on White, Sturdy Stella, Jack Alexander, Sanola. Shasta Iove, Bookbinder, Silver Song and Jenny Hear will be among the campaigners seen under colors here. H. O. Bedwell will be represented at Exposition Park by a bakers dozen, including Mary Contrary. Fore Iady. Sarko, Balto, Teas Ready, Roi Confidence, Plain Dealer, Foretell. Foretold. Fair Lotta. Fair Legion, Transfer and Selfish. The stable of 15. A. Jones, the Missouri turfman, is already here and this establishment has such as Prince Tii Tii, Sergeant Seth. Seth, Elizabeth Seth, Seths Romance, Go Foin, Major Seth, Governor Seth. Senator Seth. Dolly Seth. Nose Dive. Fred Whitham and Bourbon to carrv its silks. Stampdale. Take a Chance. Cloister and eight others are in the E. E. Major barn. Tlie complete list of owners and the horses •which will race here are shown in the following three divisions, first those already on the grounds ; second, those coming from New Oi leans ; and, third, the Tijuana consignment : ALREADY OX THE GROUNDS. Allen. R. It.--Xormana, Serena, I.eo I.ampe, Volt, Antiquity. Uosetta Stone. Atkinson. «.. V. fighting Cook. Mrs. Erwin and three other* K.Tinan. 11.— The Wire. Outlawed. Wild Bee. I.ruca. A. — Rilt BfMB, Iobou. Cora Russell. t ay wood, W. Ioiuiious. Bddie Jr.. Itrush Ity. Ojieii Hand. Southern Melody. little Flora, Claudia, Tickler and unnamed two -year -old. Crist. T. B.- Ball iee, larcheaie. Cheek. T. and .1 iarwood- -Baslia, Alice I ang. Virginia Cheek, lialusha. Coll. Vm. J -Belle of Rlizalx-Uitown. Eminent. .itt.m. If. A lep| erette. Bray Annie, Star-rnalia. Ionce. Silver King, llay Hour. Creeilius. B. A. ■ — I/etter Six, Indian Tales, Lucky Kun. Iioyle. Thomas M Hot Time. Captain Ifcinan. Far Over. Monaster.!. Citizen, Centella. Polly At well. Hahy Evel.wi. Foster. ». I. Floy billie. Fore liold. Acquitted. Yo Bema. Zoya. Theo Fay. African Mint, Bills Hero. Mala S.. American Thunder. Hao-tmaii. A. S. Bight on T:me. Whats the Time. Watch the Time, .eorge oNeil, I.ady Monte, In the Hag Iandy. Flying loud. Looney. Nell Jo. i.oode. J. W. Sagamook. I ough Kinder. «.reeley. J. J.- Ih-vnn. Anita M.. Wild Francis. Peter I,.. Colonel Schooler. • .rant. W. M i.ui R. t.assawai. Mrs J. p. Tommie McComb, Air Castle Pretty Molly. Jenkins. K 7. Inv ictus. Silent King. Gunsight. W-oKllakc Lin rcce Jones. 1! A Frii Tii Tii. Sergeant Seth. Fer- rona Seth. Seth. Seths Komance. ; Coin. Major Seth, .ov.-rnor Seih. Senator Seth. Holly Kcth. Now Hive. Susie Seth. Fred Whitham, Bourbon Hanghton. Bd and Tom Fllpnen Texas. Bandals R".. al. Mount FUgle. t aligula. Boys Believe Me, tvHiety ICa/c. Silent I illian. Kthel HaughUin. Hoiison, I. A. Ferrash. Clear View. Parucll lad. Cloriiines. PredTK k It.iphael, Pay Me, Fanoc, Ink. T Stewart Hunter. Itetty Ball. Lawrence. Magi Wand. Horothy Adams. Ion-J..I i Mat, rim™, lauist. Anti |iiity. Keiffer. H. 1. Julie, i. line. r. sir Fawnfal. I.ew:«. J. K.--Betty Klvira. Kathe. Ma. or K I St.iui|.dale. Take A han e. Cloister. Slow Time. Street Liz, Sun Hathor. Ask Him. llou.Uuut.-d ou ci.-htii paje.j AURORA THE MECCA Continued from first pace Soldier II.. Sun Fey. Bill Seth. Sheriff Setli. MctV.nkie. Fred — The Poet. Betty Bawn. Meripol, U, and Tom Shannon — Pigeon Wing II., Anna Marrone II.. Sanola. Tee Wee, Caa Welch. Morocco. Blue Beans. Runipelstiltskin, Serajevo, Spring Ioet. Simons Kiss. Morris. Walter H.— Lady Eleanor. Moody, N. K. — Two horses. Marko. A. J. — Carrie Belle, Aetaeon, unnamed two-year-old. Neal. ;. H — Brazen. Columbia II., Mart Bunch, Our Boy. Parsons. J. A. — Carom. Diagram, Seths Hope. Be Yourself. Wise Guy. Lady Corriegarth, Golden bloom. Xewt. Padgett. W. It. — Treasurer, Myrtle Belle and four others. Page, F. S— Teton. San Carlos. Highland Chief. Famine, Zealand. Hawk Song. Shasta Butte. Pryor. C. D.- -Anaconda. Federal and one other. Roper, W. — -Lagoon. Black Mask, Star of Eve, Black Angel, Voorflor. Son of Tromp. Walter Dant. Swift. W. E. — Clear Star, Medicine Man. Snowfall. Brown Derby. Merrimac, Sister Sue, Belle-elaire. Stoekwell. F— Porter Ella. Salter. C. W. — Two horses. Sullivan. I. — Sunny OM, Dantzic. Yellow Tine. Swineliart. Guy It. — Colonel Sprague. Tipling, Nobody Home. I.a Femme, Winnie Stewart. Willie. Monta Sir John M. Donald. Lady Oxford. White. Edw. A. — The Competitor, Bartheimess. Valiant. FROM NEW ORLEANS. Anderson. . R. Pricemaker. Ocean Current. Kundark. Fausto. Al Stebler. Head Cover, Marsdale, Super King. Ballot Brush. Brown. J. M.- St. Charles, Jupiter. Queena Mario. I p and At Em. Neat Girl. Buscher, J. iolden Mae, Joe Junior. Peggy O. ltedwell, II. G. Mary Contrary. Teas Ready. Roi Confidence. Plain Dealer. Kore I.ady. Koretell. Foretold. Fair I.otta. Fair Legion, Sarko. Transfer. Halt... Selfish. ltorntnan. T. F. — Try Again. Orestes II.. Basket Pienie. Blended. Kent I... Reveillou, Elevate and two others. Raiimgartner. W. A. — Stoneage. Jimmie Shannon, Riehelieu. Casino. Billy Metiarney. Kaker. R. L. — Seventeen horses. Bainton. John Mereutio, Bally Nuisance, Mite. Fannie Vallery. Sanguine. Castle. P. L. — Delphi, Neptune, Possil, Jonteel. Woody, one other. Cagey. W. V. Fairlight. Ceo. Pever. Sister Dianl. Collins. W.— Jenny Dear. Dreana Lee. Sis Garry. Tippenir, My Darling. Miss Brapeau. Farrar. F. — Levoy, Sol. Meddlesome Maid. Indra. Hill Henry. Fitzgerald He Patterson Sir John K.. Dr. Cardenas. Elevate. Monmouth. Eva M., Mae Pickens. ...If l.-x. Noah. Prazier. IL- Catewood. Lady Bouutiful. Green Woods. Jreat Northern. .oodpaster. M Clem Thcisen, I.eisch. Grant. J .IV- Frightful. I-ella. Glick. G. W- Kia. I-avignc Carrigan. has. Silver Song. Tiercel. Claudius. Mollie Myhill. Arabian Knight. Amman.-. tiaal. A. L. - Monday Morniug. Porto de Oro. — Paul Weidel II.. Balboa. Royal Kiss. Bonaventure. Duke of Ridgeriew. Gross. Chas. — Scoop. Cartoon. Monarchist. Fraier, Sturdy Stella, Chaff. Engadine. Needle Point, Tom P. Herron. H. — Royal Charlie. Moon Magic. Holmes. L. M. — Ali Baba, Son of Fortune. Secrecy. Bunthorne. Foolscap. Mean Meddler. Eager. Waponoca. Miss Meddling. Mayor OKeefe. Old Bill. Forward Pass, Arabian, Rival. Rebecca R.. Incle Joe. Real Guy, Sunny Guy, Charcoal, Ballot Box. : Uec. Eddie Curtis. Hoag. H. W.— Prince Ronald. Iron Mask II., Sureshot, War Spangle. War Sign. Pieces of Eight. Idealia. Fools Gold, Buckeye Belle, War Maid, Paprika. Rosalia. My Allie. Holtman. J. J. — Silver Queen. Irresponsible. Rayon, Hamburg Lad, Hamburg Lady. Keller. Joe — Sincere. Bosh. Rionda. Goldmount. Wapiti, Snow Man, Running Fox, Firetoma. Doc Ruck. MeCown. E. — Private Seth, Charlesetta, Blue Torch. Sweeptona, West Hill. McNamara, J. — One horse. McDonnell, J. G. — Prince Regent, Bubbling. Hawk Eye, Buzzer, Anna II.. Dobson. MeCoole. J. H. — Red Harvey, Redskin, Engadine, Nereid, one other. Nugent Bros. — Traveller. Open Fire. Doctor Glenn, Chiek I" p. Yalovian, Jack Knight. Coy. Gettysburg. Nash. M. A. — Foreland, Settee. Potter, W. J.— Genuine, Brilliant and seven others. Reuter, P. — Long Point, Cobra. St. Donard, Green Blazes, Billy Witt, Harbor, Mysterious, Clique, Rose Mist. Russell, J. J. — Burnt. Corn Belt. Oley. Little Manager. Llewellyn. Lang Syne. Quin Chin. Harbor. Lexington Maid, Flaherty, Lunnie, Florence Mills. Endor. Ray, C. O. — The Abbot, Love Pirate, Frontiersman. Sterrett. E. E.— Dell Evans, Glenmary, High Card. Sims. W— Bolton. Abstract. Black on White. Chappin, Marengo. Bolivar Bond, Broomouey, Billy Star. Rocker, Tolin. All Set. Theall, J. B.— Smoky Day. Dolly Bay. Halu. Kushee. Radigny. Cheer Leader, Sporty McGee. Make Ip, Radio. Trotter, E. — Dearborn, Moultrie, Edith Alice. FROM TIJUANA. Abbott. Mrs. O. II.— The World. Cup Bearer, Shasta Itock, Starless. Stream, Fort Wayne. Barnett, R. — Queen Bess, Brown Betty, Belle Wood. Bonnie Lizzie. Baroni A. A. — Cross Bow, Maclean, New Beauty. Irvington. Handsome Star. Some Fashion. Rolling Star. OLeary. Crispie Seth. Bernard. Joe — Fast Set, Star Dust, Circus Lady, Buek Pond. Band o Purple, Iirrie Boy. Ktlgewater. Capt. Ijwtira. Handrop. Slippery Smiles. Firey Rose. Buck, M. W. — Kosman. Golden Glen, Ternley, Blaek Sea. ITitterman. Flysweep. Cooper. Joe — Boomerang, Pud, Wisecracker and one other. Cox. H. D. — tnionville. Captain Guard. Colonel Carr. Green Hills, Chief Sponsor, Patlian. Carlos Euri.pie. Tis Seth. Dry Joe. Quintana Rot . Sea Green. Tavern Talk. Creech B. Bookbinder. Olenister II.. Shasta Gold. Itock ford. Sweet Grass. Traproe. Seths Ak-Sar-Ben. Pearl Boots. Tormentor. Six Pence. Royal Princess. Etkert J.— Bright Idea. Devil Girl. Hill. J. Red Weed. Col. mark. bfear. C.— Battle On. High Prince. Better Luck. Montello. Musketeer. Income. War Bells. Pan t.old. Johnson. Bruce Shasta tiraude. Soldier Bird. War Balaam, Kefee. M. C. — Gene Oliver. Tamale Dick. Specialist. Scotland Forever. Fair Catch. Sanction. Dont Weaken. Mat-Neil. George Six horses. MH.ill and Inna Eight horses. McCoiinell. H. Jack Alexander. Mat Hunter. Ililouise. J.i».ie llartman. iolden Lux, Rubinette, llu.y. McClair. B. F.. Jr. — Move on Seth. Program. Adjuster. Kidder. Bills Ho| e. Apres Moi. Mason. I. L. Kamakani. Isaman. La Belle, Mala. Moscrop, J. |*. — Maximus. Jack Jr. Pruett. Geo. E. — Brotherly I»vp. Proceeds, Snooksie K., Poor Puss. Miss Rochester. Tull ot. Vcniiie Sue. Chili Con Carue. Snow Maiden. Su-zctte. Sirite. J T— Fchrah. Worlhman. Transplant . liM Hr.iiilway. Arist..tle. Chula Visla. Watson. K. E. -Firth of Tay. Time Exposure, Holy Boy. Chopsticks. Rob Boy. El id. Ninon. | Jo- Patton. Specialist. Betty Teets. Ojo. Brother John, Billy Watts, Good Times, The Muscovite.

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