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FORMER JOCKEY WM. KELLY DAILY ONE HORSE A SAT 5 FOB SIX WINNERS Strictly one horse a day. Everybody receives the same horse. The horse I advertise is the horse everybody receives. Telegrams sent everybody early. No waiting. YESTERDAYS STRICTLY ONE HORSE: TOD RENESOR 7.50, Lost Today— 15-1 Expected Today— 15-1 Expected POSITIVELY WIRED ALL WESTERN CLIENTS— NO WAITING Today is the big day. Do not miss this big 15-1 probable winner. Have a very bis l et — win only. Do not miss todays probable winner. Should pay ID to 1 or better. Subscribe today. Do not wait. Prompt servii-e to evcryb-jdy. Strictly One Horse Each Day — Positive Service Every Day Subeerilic today and convince yourself of the honesty and truthfulness of the advertisement of JOCKEY WM. KE1.I.Y. Out of town clients, remit money Tia Western Union or Postal Telegraph and receive my wire immediately. No waiting. Office open 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. Terms — 1927.sh daily or 5 for aiz winners. Strictly one horse each day. Positively wired all western clients. No exception*. WM. KELLY. 1476 Broadway. Room 701. New York City. AETNA TURF AGENCY 147 WEST 4*ND STREET. 7TH FLOOR NEW YORK CITY TERMS: DAILY. 0 WEEKLY— STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY This concern its a legitimate turf agency, registered and listed under the laws of the State of New York. We release ONE HOUSE A DAY NEVER MORE to every person. We wish to state emphatically that each and every person receives this same horse. We do not promise yon the impossible, such as 20 to 1 shots each day, or 15 to 1 shots. If you expect such horses, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to the Aetna Turf Agency. YESTERDAYS HORSE LOST SATURDAYS HORSE: THE HEATHEN .10, Won TODAY— TUESDAY— EXPECT 10 TO 1 WIRE YOUR and receive the advertised horse by fast telegraph service. Telegrams sent everybody promptly. No delay whatsoever. We wire you one horse a day. This horse is telegraphed everybody as soon as we receive their monev order. Prompt servi -e assured to everybody. After you receive a winner we do not ask you for additional money for specials, extras, etc. We only release one horse a day. The horse we release is the one we advertise. g- DO NOT MISS TODAYS WINNER— EXPECT 20 TO 1 ~m| BEWARE OF INFERIOR TURF INFORMATION. YOU ARE ASSURED OF RECEIVING service the same day you subscribe. Continuous service to all weekly subscribers. If you want to do business with an honest and legitimate organization, subscribe to the Aetna Turf Agency! You will be more than satisfied. Ail those desiring our one horse a day remit for one day or 0 for six days. We have no other propositions. We entertain no propositions. Remit via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Our offices in New York are open 12 hours a day— 7 days a week. WEEKLY RACING GUIDES Two Daily Code Services The Turk W orlil-Famons Long Shot Specialist and Watson "Buck" Watson, well known and successful handicapper. The two are releasing two specials caea, every day. FREE to Weekly Racing Gnide readers. The Turks Releases for Tuesday : BOWIE: Seven- Stop -Patrol. Should beat this field. Four-Ride-Judge. Is due for brackets. Watsons Releases for Tuesday : BOWIE: One-Blinkers -Clocker. Should repeat. Two-Trainer-Stake. A rare niuddcr. FOR CODE, BrY ISSUE OF APRIL 2 Weekly Racing Guide Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly 2o Cents at All Newsstands Monthly FORM BOOK Now On Sale BILLY KELLYS Book Code No. 291 KELLYS CODE FOR TUESDAY: BOWIE— Sun-7-18 -16-24-10-10-11 -9 A new book with new code published every Thuisday. Price, one dollar. Sold by your dealer or direct from WM. BURKE KELLY 21 EAST 3RD STREET CINCINNATI. OHIO My First Release WON NOT THE FAVORITE, EITHER My term*: Winnings of 0 straight play; by wire, my expense. . Have mo send you my code or submit your own to avoid delay. Dont mit s the three in view at present or what follows. No propositions, please. J. J. Burke 717 ST. PAXIL STREET BALTIMORE, MD. Braxted Brothers 0 pays for six win parlays — two horses daily WESTERN CLIENTS— NOTICE— READ— WESTERN CLIENTS Remit ten 0 dollars, via Western Inicn or Postal Telegraph, to our New York office and reeeiva the advertised two-horse parlav for six davs. IMMEDIATE SERVICE TO ALL III T OF TOWN SUBSCRIBERS. TELEGRAMS SENT TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS IMMEDIATELY 1TON RECEIPT «»K TEN «0 DOLLARS. No waiting. No delay. WE ARE THE OFFICIAL TURF COMMISSIONERS FOB THE MARYLAND MEETINGS Bowie. Havre de Grace, Pimlicoi. YESTERDAY WE WIRED TO EVERYBODY: MYRA M .30, Won FIRST EDITION .00, Won Saturday We Wired to Exervbodv: Friday We Wired to Everybody : , THE HEATHEN . it, Won SKAVAR $ 9.16, Won LANCASTER .30, Won AFCILLA 1.10, Woa The above horses were wired to all our subscribers, with the advice to BET THE LIMIT— WIN PARLAY ONLY 90* BIG LIMIT WIN PARLAY TODAY -3pg Telegraphed to cveryl ody immediately on receipt of 0. No waiting. DO NOT MISS TODAYS BIG WIN PARLAY Prompt and immediate service to all western clients. SUBSCRIBE TO BRAXTED BROTHERS AND MAKE MONEY. BEAT THE CAME BY ILAYINO OUR TWO-HORSE PARLAYS. HLast year at Bowie we released eight win parlays in eleven days. Watch us this year "Ipgj We state nothing bnt facts in our advertisements. We advertise over the entire country during the eastern racing season. We do not operate at the winter track*. We have been releasing turf information for the past 14 years. HONEST INFORMATION. PLAY OUR TWO-HORSE lARLAY EACH DAY AND YOU SHOULD WIN. PLAY THE PARLAYS WIN ONLY. 0 pays for six win parlays — two-horse parlay daily Western clients wire ten 0 dollars either via Western Union or Postal Telegraph and you will receive six win parlays. Not one cent additional charge whatsoever. PROMPT SERVICE TO AIX WESTERN SUBSCRIBERS. BRAXTED BROTHERS, 1480 Broadway New York, N. Y. WWWRKPMSS "GREATEST RACING AND FINANCIAL WEEKLY IN AMERICA" 145 West Forty-Fifth Street, New York City Price 15 Cents A BIG EIGHT-PAGE RACING PAPER NOW IN ITS THIRD TEAR On Sale Everywhere in America Greatest Succoss Ever Scored by a Racing; Weekly J. Haynes Daily Specials The racing editor of The Press is serving a select, private clientele of eonaerrative bnainesa Men with TWO HORSES DAILY, for 5 per week. After the track conditions, scratches, postpones, jockeys and all known conditions are available each day, J. Haynes telegraphs to his clients TWO HORSES. These are the pick of the days play. The Haynes service is no respecter of prices. Sometimes his horsea "hit" at big figures: sometimes they are short prices. This is the chance you must take. IT IS WINNERS—NOT PRICES— THAT HAYNES CONCERNS HIMSELF WITH. Another thing: the Haynes service does not reach for the moon. The horses he vends out must be rated by Mr. Ijiwton with the highest fignre or they are not released. Therefore, if yon can use a careful, conservative business service and pay no attention to tips or anything but the J. Haynes wire, your business is respectfully solicited. Follow this service one week and Haynes warrants yon will he on the right side of the ledger. How would you feel if you collected from your bookie at the end of the week instead of having him collect from you? Telegraph your .7 for one weeks service immediately and break your losing streak. YESTERDAYS $.7 SPECIAL: High Hope, 1.10, Won Red Spider, $ 3.60, Won J. Haynes Recent Specials: Friday, April 1— FORE LADY, .1927.sh, Won; FIRST BOWIE, Lost Thursday, March 31— NANS FORTUNE, 3.20, Won; DEEP THOUGHT. .60, WM Wednesday, March 4— BRIDE O THE WIND, 2.40, Won; LEXINGTON MAID, Lost Taesday, March 10— REALIZATION, 3.00, Won; SCAMPAWAY, Lost Monday, March 28— TOM P., .00, Won; DAVID L., Third Satarday, March 2«— THE VINTNER, .00, Won; EAGLES HOME, Lost Friday, March 25— H KY BEGGAR, .60, Won; FLORIDA GOLD, Second Tharsday, March 24— BRIDE THE WIND, .»0, Won; RUMBLING, Lost JOHN GOULD 5 FOR SIX WINNING DAYS WITH WHOM PROMISE IS PERFORMED ROOM 4, 3536 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY Phone: LEXINGTON 0938 THE OLD RELIABLE AND ONLY MAINSTAY Stick to a man who has been before yon daily for the last fourteen months, who release* daily six days a week; who is doing all in his power to drive the "fakir from the field: whose honesty and integrity is established. John Gould deserves yonr confidence. Give my connections and myself a chance to show you our willingness and sincerity. In order to make money in this game youve got to get in with a man who means what he says and sajs what be means. Come on, all ye "skeptics;" join my gang and make money. YESTERDAYS ADVERTISED SPECIAL: PARMACHENEE BELLE 5.70, .40, 2nd Well, boys, we just missed yesterday and advised all our clients to play the above horse — win, place ■nd show — can any other turf informant swear that they release every day and give only one horse a day! John Gould can swear that he is the only one. RESULTS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS— CONVINCE YOURSELF 0 FOR TODAY AT BOWIE I cannot take np yonr valuable time telling you all I know regarding todays limit winner. All I can say is that it comes from the right source and that every obstacle has been taken care of to make this a big success. Everybody knows that John Could never advertises a limit winner, but today 1 can make it strong that I have it, because this one will not be given a 1-2-3 chance by anyone else. Rush your subscription and convince yourself that I know a thing or two. 5 FOR SIX WINNING DAYS ABSOLUTELY NO FAVORITES RELEASED A fifteen-dollar subscription entitles you to six winning days service. We release every day of the week. Can any other turf informant boast of such dealings? Remit by Western Inion, Postal Telegraph, or mail to JOHN GOULD, 3536 Broadway, Room 4, New York City . Evidence T.efore convicting a man of a crime or believing an nnusual happening. EVIDENCE is always abso-r lutely necessary. The predictions I made regarding several horses that would win during Hie liowie meeting have come true. After the result of the sixth race Monday was official, it became known that the third ..f my Dowie horses had WON AT GOOD ODDS It is necessary to refrain from publishing name as per agreement with connections. My fourth and last of this group of Bowie specials goes tomorrow WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6 Terms for this horse, which should pay more than my opening day special, Skavar, m. won. are in advance and -." per cent of your winnings after this one wins. Make all remittances by wire to J. J. McCABE, BOWIE, MD. Not a "has been," or an "ex," or a "former," but an active horseman SUPREME FLASH Turf Weekly TODAYS FREE CODES: BOWIE— Jan. -10-5-H-18 BOWIE— June-25-18-20-26 DAILY RACING GUIDE HAS THE WINNERS

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