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NO WEEING "PREPPED" THAT WILL AWAKE WITH A BA G! Surely you would like to know about some horses that are ready to win first rattle out of the box at Aurora and Lexington! LONG SHOTS GALORE!! During the first part of most meetings long shots get the money. Thats because the public has no line on the horses that are ready to win. THIS YEAR IT WILL BE DIFFERENT For those players that rush to their newsdealers and lay 15 cents on the line for Americas Foremost All Racing Weekly. THE HOME STRETCH THE HOME STRETCH maintains its own private dockers at Aurora and Lexington. Each clocker is a high-powered man. You get their very best. They are sending in some wonderful reports on horses that are ready to win first rattle out of the box at Aurora and Lexington. From now on be one of the WISE PLAYERS, it will only cost you 15 cents a week. THE -HARD BOOTS" HATE ONE READY Send us one dollar for seven weekly issues of the Home Stretch AND if you will include telegraph charges we will wire you the name of a horse that will go for all the money in the seventh race at Lexington on Friday, April 29. This horse worked a mile in 1:41 one morning last week. SEND FOR IT THIS MINUTE! HOME STRETCH PUBLISHING CO. 661 Phelan Bid?. San Francisco, Calif. For sale at all newsdealers, 15 cents weekly AETNA TURF AGENCY 147 WEST 42ND STREET. 7TH FLOOR NEW YORK CITY TERMS: DAILY. 820 WEEKLY— STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY This concern is a ligitimate turf agency, registered and listed under tlie laws of the State of New York. We release ONE HORSE A DAY never more to every person. We wish to state emphatically that each and every |mthoii receives this same horse. We do not promise yon the impossible, such as 20 to 1 shots .a.-h day, or 15 to 1 shots. If yon expect such horses, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to the Aetna Turf Agency. YESTERDAYS ONE HORSE: MALTHUS .60, Won TODAY— EXPECT 10 TO 1— TODAY ST A REAL GOOD THING SHOULD WIN AND PAY 10 TO Ive Our track men are at Havre de Grace and Beulah Park Ho not wait for results. Win- tuiir $.j aud receive tU.s 10 to 1 shot at Beulah Iark. You cant go wronf. Wire your and receive the advertised horse by fast telegraph service. Telegrams sent everybody promptly. No delay whatsoever. BEWARE OF INFERIOR TIRF INFORMATION. YOC ARE ASSURED OF RECEIVING SERVICE THE SAME DAY Ml SUBSCRIBE. CONTINUOUS SERVICE TO AI.I. WEEKLY SUBSCRIBERS. If you want to do business with an honest and legitimate organisation, subscribe to the Aetna Turf Agency. You will be more than satisfied. All those desiring our one horse a day. remit $." for one day or 0 for six days. We have no other propositions We entertain no propositions. Remit Tia Western Union or Costal Telegraph. Our offices in New York are open 12 hours a day— 7 days a week. WetSfir 3SC 11 SPECIALS. GUARANTEED SPECIAL DAILY PRIVATE SPECIAL8 FOR S.MJC AT ALL NEWSSTANDS KNOCKING EM DEAD. LOOK! g-GAFFNEY . . .2.10, Won LAST ISSUE OF WEEKLY ITNEW YVKKKLY OUT TODAY-** 35 Cents at All Newsstands. TODAYS XXX HANNKK r RKK ODE: HAVRE: Dayton-»-6-20-ll Get the new issue of Track Oi.serier for this WINNER TODAY. This horse has Iwn working Tike a champion AND THE WORD COMES THAT THE HANKROI.L IS HOWS ;ET YOURS HKKK IN A CHUNK. TI1S COMBS FROM THE SAME UEOIMJ-: WHO UAVH US COMPOSER 6.20. Won AGNES CALL 54.40. Won RED SPIDER li.80. Won BEAUTY STAR 16.20. Won GAFFNEY 14.80. Won MYRA M 13.40. Won Aud an army of others that i»uid the limit. iTrack Observers New Daily Serviced! ■sT-fl.OO AND .1927.sh mCIAaW For SaJe at All Newsstands; Also on Trains Going to Aurora. 99"Long Shot Special Today"WE ;OES at Aurora. Big DOINWS ON TAR WITH THIS ONE. The "WISE MONEY" IS DOWN IN CHINKS. Oct this winner: ASK YOl R DEALER FOR TRACK OBSERVERS " GUARANTEED KPrXTAL." Iarlajed with .00 Special will proh ably be a 3*20 to 1 Parlay-*! I warn vou nit to miss my and SPECIALS TODAY "TODAY IS TUB P.IG DAY." g-*rSPECIAL0FFER-« Both and SPECIALS mailed S1E«TAI. DE LIVERY TO YOU. INK WEEK. 0: :i MONTHS WEEKLY G1TB3I TO ALL WHO SI HS RIl.F. HT~ PRIVATK SPECIAL TOIIAVII Opening Day Special at Aurora. The last word to us was to "Bet the Limit." Another good thing goes Saturday. Dont fail to get these Specials. Wire immediately. Read page 4 of Track Observer for Special offer. Out of Town Dealers. BT. LOIIS All dealen. supplied by Wn.. I-lser, 7 V 17th St. OMAHA- Meyers Ncwsstore. 1411 Karnam. DETROIT Triangle Newsstand. Michigan and Gris-wold; Fau:i!y Theater Stand; Front Family Theater; Rubys Newsstand. Woodward and Temple and other newsstands. CLEVELAND — Quick Service. 4«fll Harvard Ave. And other newsstand" in all cities. CHICAGO PLAYERS — For *nle at Arcade News-store. S4 W. Madison St.. opposite Morrison Hotel, also Turf Shop. 72 W. Van Run n St.. and all outside newsstands or at office. TRACK OBSERVER PUB. CO. 26 West ftuincy St. Rooms 315-16. CHICAGO. ILL. SUPREME FLASH TODAYS FREE CODES: HAVRE DE GRACE— Aug. -22-12-19-3 HAVRE DE GRACE-June-18-7-3 1 John Gould New Address: ROOM 15. 1658 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY Today is the first day by which you will judge the talue of my connections. I have a probable winner, and one that should l e a price. My next horse is entered tomorrow in the sixth race at Havre and has seen letters in it. Come on, boys. My new connections promise better and bigger winners than ever before. Everybody can now real.ze the value of the super bonafide info. Rp-meniber. its a mere $.VOO investment that will iwove the xalue of u;y new boys at Havre. Releases Sent Today MO WILL .ET TODAYS HORSE AND TOMORROWS IN Viil K TELEGRAM. This is con-comlusne proof of asc setting my info, in advance. Come on, boys, iuvest a "fin." Here It Is The Real Proof Five dollars entitles you to two horses, one Thursday aud one Friday. From th; ontcome of these two races I want yon to judge my value. The ftva dollars I am charging will cover minor expeuses. 1 am only doing this to conduce the skeptic*. After you ! |»lay these two releases, if you think I deserve your confidence, get in with me. If not. just forget you ecr l.ad anything to do with me. Fair enough No? Those out of town, use Western Union, Postal Telegraph, or phone. DCN T PASS BY THIS CHANCE TO BE SHOWN THE VALUE OF INFORMATION THAT 13 INFORMATION AND NOT HOKUM BILLY KELLYS Code Book No. 2936 KELLY S CODE FOR THURSDAY. HAVRE: Kid-7-16-16-25-3-25. BEULAH PARK: Tea-12-22-21-1-23-20. AURORA: Ted-l-25-10-6-17-C3-2C A new Look with MOT code published every Thur.s-day. Price, one dollar. Sold by your dealer or direct from WM. BURKE KELLY 21 EAST 3RD STREET CINCINNATI. OHIO DAILY RACING GUIDE HAS THE WINNERS Reliable Turf Syndicate J. N. COLLINS, President 6. W. TAYLOR. Vice-President R. G. T0MRTNS. Treasurer 0 PATS FOR SIX DAYS SERTICE— TW0-H0BSE PARLAY DAILY I, James N. Collins, hereby assure each and every subscriber to receive six days service for their 0. By special arrangement with the telegraph company, all oat of town subscribers receive service thirty minutes after their money transfer arrives; no delay whatsoever. City clients receive the parlay the minute they call. Signed JAMES N. COLLINS. YESTERDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: Golden Rule, 2.00, Won Devonshire, $ 9.70, Won TlESDATS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: EDISTO 8.20, Won NETTA RUN $ 6.80, Won MONDAYS STRICTLY TWO HORSES: SOLO 3.90, Won JOHNNY JEWELL 0.50, Won SATURDAYS STRICTLY TWO nORSES: ALGOL 2.90, Won REJUVENATION $ 7.80, Won TODAY— THURSDAY— 0 TO PROBABLE WIN PARLAY BOTH HORSES START AT HAVRE DE GRACE Positively released to everybody immediately. No waiting. No delay. Do not miss this limit win parlay. Roth horses starting today at Havre de tJraee have been kept under cover jn*t for these particular soft spots, two crack jockeys have been engaged to ride and both these horses should gallop home as easily as their riders please at very big odds. Ail we arc going to tell you is go the cry limit and dont stop belting in a WIN PARLAY TO WIN ONLY. Subscribe to the RELIABLE. TTRF SYNDICATE and receive an honest, square deal. This syndicate is registered l y the county clerk of New York City. Twenty years in the same place, same name. Out of town subscribers — go to your nearest Western Inion or Postal Telegraph office and wire 0 for six days service. Your service starts immediately, no waiting, no delay. Office open from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. RELIABLE TURF SY DICATE 15 PARK ROW, SUITE 326, 327. 328 NEW YORK CITY Braxted Brothers 0 PAYS FOR SIX DAYS— TWO HORSES DAILY [ WESTERN CLIENTS— NOTICE— READ— WESTERN CLIENTS Remit ten 0 00 dollars, via Western Cnion or Postal Telegraph, to our New York office and receive the advertised two horse parlay for six days. IMMEDIATE SERVICE TO ALL OCT or TOWN M I MHItlM Telegrams sent to all shIjm tiUts immediately upon receipt of ten i 0 110 dollars. No waiting. No delay. WE ARE THE OFFICIAL TIRF COMMISSIONERS FOR TUB MARYLAND MEETINGS iRowie. Havre de Crace, Pimlico. Yesterdays Parlay Lost TTESDAYS TWO HORSES: EDISTO 8.20, Won JOCK $ 5.20, Won 50 TO 1— TODAYS PROBABLE WIN PARLAY— 50 TO 1 WIRED EVERYBODY IMMEDIATELY ON RECEIPT CF MONEY ORDER DO NOT MISS TODAYS TWO HORSES Prompt and immediate service to all Western clients. Subscribe to BRAXTED P.RtVTTIERS AND MAKE MONEY*. Heat the game by playing our two-horse parlays. Wire your money and we v. ill do the rest. A fair and square deal assured to everyone. We state nothing but f:icts in our advertisements. We advertise oier the entire country during the Eastern racing season. We do not operate at the winter tracks. We have been releasing tnrf information for the past 14 years. HONEST INFORMATION. PLAY OCR TWO-HORSE PARI.AY EACH DAY AND YOU SHOULD WIN. PLAY THE PARLAYS WIN ONLY. BONA FIDE COMMISSION HORSES. NO GUESSWORK Western clients, wire ten 0.00 1 dollars, either via Western Union or Postal Telegraph, and yon will receive six win parlays. Not one cent additional charge whatsoever. Prompt service to all West- rn subscribers. BRAXTED BROTHERS, 1480 Broadway New York, N. Y. WEEKLY RACING GUIDES Two Daily Code Services The Turk YY orld-1-anions Long Shot Specialist and Watson ! "Duck" Watson, well known ami successful hand icn pp r. I lie two are releasing two specials each, every day. FREE lo Weekly ltucing Guide readers. The Turks Releases for Thursday : HAVRE DE GRACE: Seven -Atlanta -Saddle -Judge - Timer Ready for brackets. Two-Colors-Wh:p. Can beat tame. Watsons Releases for Thursday: HAVRE DE GRACE: S:x-S:ar-Break This looks like the spot. One-Colors-Ride Has lhe • las. FOH UODE. 1IIY ISSUE OF APRIL 16 Weekly Racing Guide Yorl«ls «:rratcst llucini; Weekly ti tents at All Newsstands •JACK FIELD ALSO AND " SPEC! ALT* "HOW DO TOD LEKE THKr MY FREE" 00 SPECIAL" EDISTO 8.80. Woa AIM "MAXIK " WON 1. All in our WEEKLY BOOK that is a "RIOT" everywhere. TODAYS "FREE" CODE. Movies-Cream-Garter- Lace - Hair TODAYS -OCCASIONAL" -*M| SNOW MAN 8. Won REALIZATION 3. Won DUDLEY 0. Won AND MANY OTHER "WINNERS" TOO MM KKOI S TO MENTION were given recently ..n my . "Oft ASIONALS." I "WARN" YOU, DONT MISS TODAYS Rush to any TELEGRAPH, anal $.-, .,r TODAYS- or 0 for 3 "WINNERS Yon jret 3 WINNERS, ea.h MIST PAY 4 1 or "I.KTTEK -Nuff Sedr WHO WILL WIN TODAYS FIFTH RACE? "I KNOW"— AND A "LONG SHOT" ALSO Hurry to your NEWSOKALEK an.l jret IA« K FIELD t OST YOi; worth "TuDAY." And REMEMI.KR " ray JJ SPK IAL TODAY — SHOI I.D WIN A ;AI.N and PAY I t„ s 1 This cumes from Lhe same CROWD who Milt TS yester !:iys SPEriAU WANDERING MINSTREL .- WON TOO t AN WIN A NE$ ON ToDAVS fj SLEElKR. ■MAfK FIELD" SOLD EVERYWHERE — or MAIl.KD TO Yul. both aud SJ WW IALS, for 110 f r G days. CHICAGO PLAYERS DONT GO TO "AURORA Intil yon SEE MK TODAY I hae a -8MWf wh.. should WIN at "1!U; ODDS Tlu» is r RE* * oine iiji In my off. re. Jack Field Rcom CC0, 33 W. Randolph St. Chicago Sun Forward. 1.00. Won lust :i sample or what you get in the old. reliable STANDARD 30c at all neusMjuiils, mailed direct, .i copies fcr l«t Todays Iodc S|M cial: October I.iimiua -IS ii BaVOnVi Standard Turf Guide, 403-22 W. Quincy St., Chicago

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