Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1946-05-11


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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS7 SELECTIONS Trackman J J Hahn SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Depreciation Maurice K KDepreciation Maurice K KDepreciation Maurice K KCreate Maurice K Maurice K KDepreciation Maurice K DepreciationMimi Depreciation Depreciation DepreciationJosephine CreateJosephine Create Depreciation Depreciation DepreciationCreate Hickory Jim Mimi Josephine Josephine Hickory Jim Create Seebeebee Epizar Miola Lookout Rascal RascalConscript Seebeebee Seebeebee Conscript Miola Epizar ConscriptMiola Conscript Conscript Conscript Lookout Rascal Lookout Rascal Lookout Rascal Miola Lookout Rascal Lookout Rascal Susan Time SUSAN TIME Susan Time Susan Time Susan Time Susan Time Dusty Zac Dusty Zac Royal Empress ComeBack Bean Pot Dusty Zac Glory Step Hurry East Dusty Zac Hurry East ComeBack ComeBack Claremont Miss Claremont Miss Claremont Miss Claremont Miss JUKE BOX BOXClaremont Claremont Miss Tinys Choice Juke Box Juke Box Bagnell Claremont Miss Juke Box Calm Port Tinys Choice Uefetchit Miss Tipper Uefetchit Tinys Choice THE DUDE DUDEWhitchtack The Dude The Dude The Dude The Dude The Dude Whitchtack Roman Belle Roman Belle Roman Belle Whitchtack Whitchtack Seamans Pal Whitchtack Whitchtack Whitchtack Seamans Pal Roman Belle Cerberus Cerberus CERBERUS CERBERUS Cerberus CERBERUS CerberusDevalue CERBERUSDevalue CERBERUSQuizzle CERBERUSDevalue Rockwood Lou Devalue Devalue Quizzle Devalue Devalue Devalue Quizzle DevalueQuizzle Rockwood Lou Devalue Rockwood Lou Rockwood Lou Latent Tangower Lee LeeLatent Tangower Lee LeeLatent LatentTangower Latent Tangower Lee Tangower Lee Rose Canyon Latent LatentSwain Latent LatentFour Tangower Lee Latent Latent Tangower Lee Swain Four Tens Rose Canyon Rose Canyon Rose Canyon Giant Star Just Tourist Giant Star StarMontree Giant Star Giant Star Giant Star Montree Montree Montree Montree Van Or Montree MontreeMaratimer Van Or Giant Star Maratimer Van Or Montree Just Tourist Cast Off Cast Off OffDads Dads Cast Off Cast Off OffDads Cast Off OffDads Dads Dads Mr Mais Pandisco Dads Dads Eleanor Van DadsTusco Tusco Cast Off Bitter Quill DadsPandisco Pandisco DadsPandisco Pandisco Trackman D S Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Sweet Reward SWEET REWARD REWARDSong Sweet Reward SirBlen Dog Fair Sweet Reward Song Sparrow Song Sparrow Dog Fair Sweet Reward Sweet Reward Dog Fair JettJett Miss Neleen Song Sparrow Song Sparrow Song Sparrow Song Sparrow Putitthere Duauesne Putitthere Jamae Putitthere Putitthere 3 3Duauesne Duauesne Putitthere Duauesne Sergeant Bill Jamae Duauesne Sergeant Bill Jamae Sergeant Bill Putitthere Sergeant Bill DuauesneJamae Jamae CASHIER Cashier Cashier Cork Cashier Cashier CorkTiger CashierGallonia CashierCork Tiger CASHIERTiger Tillie Galloniar Speedy Lee Tiger Tillie GalloniaCork Gallonia Cork i iTiger Faithful More Gael Vixon Cork Cashier Cork Tiger Tillie Prince Aethel Ariel Ace Ariel Ace LtBill LtBillAriel LtBill Lt Bill BillAriel Lt Bill LtBill Lt Bill Ariel Ace AceRiver Ariel Ace Ariel Ace AcePrince Ariel Ace Prince Aethel River Pat River Pat Prince Aethel Prince Aethel Fighting Don Fighting Don FIGHTING DON DONNavy FIGHTING DON DONSigma FIGHTING DON DONNavy FIGHTING DON 31 31Jacks Jacks Jill Daily Trouble Navy Cross Sigma Kappa Navy Cross Jacks Jill 6 6Navy Navy Cross Jacks Jill Jacks Jill Jacks Jill Jacks Jill Navy Cross 5 King Bay Colonel OF Tiger War Colonel OF Colonel OF Colonel OF OFTiger Colonel OF King Bay Colonel OF OFPatmiboy Tiger War Tiger War Tiger War Patmiboy Patmiboy Patmiboy Black Knave King Bay King Bay I Unconditional Full Cry Galaprox Plover Brand Galaprox Galaprox Full Cry Galaprox Unconditional Galaprox Plover Brand GalaproxUnconditional Unconditional Galaprox Plover Brand Darby Dimout Unconditional Full Cry Plover Brand Nictor Nictor Nictor MeatBall MeatBall Nictor 1 1Meat NictorWalters Walters Boy NictorWalters Walters Boy Meat Ball Nictor Walters Boy Meat Ball 1 1Walters Meat Ball Meat Ball King Victory Walters Boy Nictor Walters Boy v Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Peace Harbor Peace Harbor Peace Harbor Peace Harbor Peace Harbor Peace Harbor 1 Warrenton Battle Theme Battle Theme Green Dragon Battle Theme Battle Theme i Portal Quandary Green Dragon Urandum Green Dragon Green Dragon PHANTASY PHANTASYBest PHANTASYBest PHANTASY Phantasy Phantasy PHANTASY PHANTASY 3 3Best PHANTASYBest Best Dress Best Dress BestDress Best Dress Best Dress Best Dress 1 1Mother Sunny Mitylene Mother India Mitylene Mother India Mother India Intact Mat MatGala Mat Mat Mat Mat i Knights Armor Gala Reigh ReighIntact MatGala Gala Reigh ReighYankee Intact Gala Reigh Intact Boiled Shirt Intact Yankee Chance Gala Reigh Yankee Chance Gala Reigh Spring Thaw ThawDumpling Dumpling Spring Thaw Spring Thaw By Sea Spring Thaw Dumpling DumplingCuisine By Sea Cuisine Dumpling Spring Thaw Dumpling Cuisine Cuisine By Sea By Sea Dumpling By Sea Menu Menui Bridal Flower HADRIAN HADRIANMenu BRD3AL FLOWER FLOWERHadrian Bridal Flower Bridal Flower FlowerHadrian i Hadrian Hie Heel Menu Hadrian Hadrian Hadrian Bridal Flower Hadrian Bridal Flower His Grace Hie Heel Menu HadrianMenu 71 Pavot Fighting Step StepBuzfuz Buzfuz Fighting Step Fighting Step StepBuzfuz Fighting Step 17 Sirde BuzfuzPolynesian Buzfuz Fighting Step First Fiddle Buzfuz Buzfuz r rPavot First Fiddle Polynesian First Fiddle Pavot BuzfuzSirde Sirde Pavot I Ran Mate Camptown Track Stan Tracy Irish Count Camptown Track Irish Count Stan Tracy Irish Count Irish Count Chance Thread Irish Count Camptown Track 10 Irish Count Stan Tracy Chance Morn Stan Tracy Chance Thread Stan Tracy 9 k Stage Bond Oatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal His Jewel Stage Bond Eauanimous Stage Bond Stage Bond Stage Bond Oatmeal His Jewel Sugar Report Omamax His Jewel His Jewel Trackman E P Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS I Our Boy Our Boy Cash O Boy Cash O Boy Cash O Boy Cash O Boy J Dizzy Heights Cash O Boy Our Boy Oakmont Our Boy Our Boy OurBlen Winged Heels Our Blen Ted Wes Oakmont Oakmont i 1 Oceania OCEANIAWinter OCEANIA Jungle Call CallOceania Oceania Winter Wheat Oceania Winter Wheat Winter Wheat OceaniaFagrace Oceania Jungle Call Jungle Call Jungle Call Jungle Call Jungle Call Fagrace Fagrace Oceania Winter Wheat IODINE Iodine Iodine Manchac Iodine Iodine War Glance GlanceManchac War Glance War Glance Coral Star War Glance War Glance Manchac Manchac Loutey War Glance Manchac Manchac Hasteville Hasteville HastevilleShako Hasteville HastevilleZax JSasteville JSastevilleShako j viiie viiieShako Hasteville Shako Shako Zax Shako Shako HastevilleShako Shako ShakoZax ZaxShako ShakoZax ShakoZax I CalsPet Zax Shako Zax Zax ShakoZax Zax Panacea PanaceaI Trojan Fleet PANACEATrojan PANACEA Gorget Trojan Fleet Panacea I My Angela Panacea Trojan Fleet GorgetSophocles Sophocles Sea Bees Tr leet Trojan Fleet My Angela Sea Bees Panacea SophoclesPanacea Gorget Gorget Assault AssaultI Assault Assault ASSAULT Lord Boswell BoswellAssault ASSAULT I Lord Boswell Lord Boswell Lord Boswell Lord ASSAULTLord Boswell Assault Lord ASSAULTLord Boswell Hampden Hampden Hampden Hampden AssaultHampden Hampden Hampden The Doge DogeI New Moon New Moon The Doge THE DOGE DOGENew The Doge I New Moon The Doge The Doge New Moon New Moon New Moon Black Gang War Kilt Skytracer Director J E Director J E Director J E Grey Hood Connachta Saxon Paul Omaha Mike Omaha Mike Saxon Paul i Saxon Paul PaulGeronimo War Dressing War Dressing Saxon Paul Connachta Omaha Mike Geronimo i Saxon Paul Grey Hood Plantagenet Saxon Paul Connachta Trackman A E Brown NARRAGANSETT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS FALSELYMinnas FALSELY Falsely Falsely Falsely Falsely Falsely Minnas Agent Wake Robin Epistar Wake Robin Wake Robin Wake Robin Epistar Maximont Wake Robin Out Front Bee W Bee Epistar Top Transit Blenweed Blenweed Blenweed Blenweed Blenweed Blenweed Soverton Happy Prince Top Transit Top Transit Top Transit Happy Prince Top Transit Top Transit Happy Prince Soverton Happy Prince Double Jay DOUBLE JAY JAYO DOUBLE JAY JAYLittle Gay Pet DOUBLE JAY JAYSilee DOUBLE JAY JAYGay O G Kelley O G Kelley Little Stella Double Jay Silee Gay Pet Gay Pet Gay Pet Gay Pet Red Corona Little Stella O G Kelley Midway Sun Midway Sun Danny J MIDWAY SUN Danny J Midway Sun Danny J Danny J Laboulaye Danny J Midway Sun Danny J Easy Reeling Laboulaye Midway Sun Laboulaye Easy Reeling Laboulaye Can Double Paper Mill Marksman Elmo T Paper Mill Paper Mill Air Patrol Ogham St Jock Paper Mill Ogham Can Double Johnny Jr Johnny Jr Paper Mill Ogham War Page Marksman Helioptic Helioptic Helioptic Spangled Game GameHelioptic Helioptic Helioptic Spangled Game Momo Flag Spangled Game Helioptic HeliopticAllpulch Spangled Game Spangled Game Momo Flag Spangled Game Momo Flag Allpulch GabePaul Momo Flag Dinner Party Pukka Gin Dinner PartyPlebiscite Party Plebiscite Pukka Gin Dinner Party Pukka GUI Dinner Party Plebiscite PlebisciteAgrarianTJ Dinner Party Dinner Party Pukka Gin Plebiscite Plebiscite AgrarianTJ Pukka GUI Plebiscite Plebiscite Pompagle PompagleOver Pompagle Over Over Dance Pretty Pompagle Over OverTchada Over OverPompagle Pompagle OverPompagle Pompagle Po pagle Over Tchada War Glenn War Glenn For Granted Over Dance Pretty

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