Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1948-05-19

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFigures Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing 5 Prints for 1st Todays Best 7 Polntsj Z for 2d I for 3d Todays Best in Black Type Trackman D S Fair Lincoln Fields at Washington Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Atlantic City Pene Atlantic City Perie PENE Pene I Pene PeneLady Atlantic City Pene Our Best PENEVinita Vinita Major PeneAtlantic Atlantic City Lady Rheanelle Vinita Major Vinita Maior Vinita Major Atlantic City Vinita Major MajorVelvet Velvet Heels Velvet Heels Tiger Bqots Uttle Hare Sun Symbol Velvet Heels Sun Symbol Little Lady LittleHare Brave Deed Velvet Heels Sun Symbol ValdinaDate Brave Deed Sun Symbol Dora M LittleLady LittleHare Sugar Beet Sugar Beet Sugar Beet SUGAR BEET BEETOne Sugar Beet Sugar Beet I Big Casino One Blue Big Casino One Blue Tiger Tom One Blue One Blue Tiger Tom Tiger Tom SeamansPal OneBlue Big Casino Eagle Look EAGLE LOOK LOOKApproval EAGLE LOOK LOOKApproval Eagle Look EagleLook EAGLELOOK J L Tri Step Approval Approval Approval Approval EAGLELOOKApproval Approval I Kaslik Tri Step Tri Step Tri Step Tri Step Tri Step Radio Joe Radio Joe Radio Joe Private Joe Karakorum Radio Joe I Private Joe Karakorum Jessies Beau Karakorum Radio Joe Karakorum Karakorum Private Joe Sandstorm Stella Sriyder Private Joe Private Joe MEL HASH HASHI Safety First FirstMelHash MelHash Mel Hash Mel Hash Mel Hash I Elkhorn MelHashWithastar MelHash Safety First Safety First Safety First Safety First I Cascadian Withastar Cascadian Withastar Carillou Rouge Elkhorn Petes Kid Mr Danny DauberupCanada Dauberup Mr Danny DannyDauberup Mr Danny Mr Danny I Dauberup Petes Kid Canada Dauberup Ganado Dauberup CanadaWalloon DauberupGanado In the Bag Dauberup Walloon Ganado Petes Kid Petes Kid Bonnie Charlie Trust Fund Pilateer Sons Twinkle Alan F FBonnie Bonnie Charlie I Trust Fund Bonnie Charlie Alan F Bonnie Charlie Bonnie Charlie Alan F Paddygoeasy AlanF HighKick Alan F Trust Fund Trust Fund Trackman C J Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Dauntless Gal High Shine High Shine High Shine High Shine High Shine Merry King Landlord Pharalus Pharalus Landlord Dauntless Gal Teaneck Dandy Dauntless Gal Teaneck Dandy Red Board Red Board Pharalus Covert Side SideHaberdasher Black Majesty Advance Covert Side Black Majesty Covert Side HaberdasherNewspaper Haberdasher Covert Side Mess Boy Black Majesty Covert Side Black Majesty Newspaper Advance Mesmer Newspaper Mess Boy Advance Peace Trend Lion Rampant RampantEscarp Lion Rampant Escarp Frere Markette MarketteEscarp Lion Rampant RampantEscarp EscarpDunnihald Lion Rampant Escarp Frere Markette Dunnihald Escarp Escarp EscarpFonda DunnihaldRank EscarpLion Escarp Fonda Escarp Rank Lion Rampant Frere EscarpFrere Markette Wine List Wine List ListShackleton Pompous BUNCHBERRY Wine List Wine List ListBunchberry Shackleton Shackleton Bunchberry Pompous BUNCHBERRYPompous Shaekleton Bunchberry Lord Greville ShackletonBunchberry Bunchberry Wine List Twilight Trail Pompous BunchberryPompous Pompous Dark Venus Degage Degage Dark Venus Snow Boots Dark Venus Yankee Hill Dark Venus Dark Venus YankeeHill Degage Degage SnowBoots Yankee Hill Yankee Hill Degage Dark Venus Snow Boots COALTOWN COALTOWN COALTOWN Coaltown COALTOiWN COALTOWN COALTOWNMy COALTOWNMy COALTOWNMyReauest COALTOiWNMy My Request My Request MyReauest My Request My Request My COALTOWNMy Request Salmagundi Salmagundi Salmagundi Mr Ace Salmagundi Salmagundi Stunts Safe Arrival Safe Arrival Stunts Safe Arrival Safe Arrival Ready Jack Big Dial Succession Cer Vantes Page Boots Stunts Page Boots Smart Eddie Big Dial BigDial BigDial Big Dial Bob Mann Bob Mann BobMenn Eurasian Picardy Belle BelleMightyMaster Bob Mann Tlemcen Picardy Belle Picardy Belle Picardy Belle MightyMasterEurasian MightyMaster Picardy Belle Uncle Remus Tlemcen Tlemcen MightyMaster Eurasian Eurasian Trackman A E Brown Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Tascbsa Amperage Tascosa Invermark Girl GirlAmperage Amperage Amperage Amperage Tascosa TascosaBlueSerge BlueSerge BlueSergeAmperage Amperage AmperageTascosa Tascosa Tascosa Blue Serge Blue Serge Amperage Tascosa Blue Serge Invermark Girl SaraleeC J J Lynch Freddies Pal LpW TENSION TENSIONJ Low Tension Low Tension Clyde T Count Lovely Count Lovely J J Lynch J J Lynch J J Lynch J J Lynch Freddies Pal J J Lynch Count Lovely Count Lovely FreddiesPal Able Ablei Gee Raf RafAble Able Gee Raf Able Able i Sweepnack Able AbleNoahvale Gee Raf Sweepnack AbleSweepnack Sweepnack Gee Raf Garden Pot Noahvale Sweepnack Garden Pot Gee Raf Sweepnack Better Bet Jr Blenweed Blenweed Blenweed Blenweed Blenweed Tigers Gift Better Bet Jr Sunshade Dagori BetterBet Jr Better Bet Jr Jaylcee Tigers Gift Better Bet Jr Better Bet Jn Tigers Gift Tigers Gift Dodos Girl Shaffie ArielActress DodosGirlMarksman DodosGirl Gunnison Dodos Girl Super Foot Marksman Gunnison Marksman Shaffie Gunnison MarksmanGunnison Gunnison Dodos Girl Shaffie Gunnison Ariel Actress Shaffie Red Tag FEARLESS FEARLESS Fearless FEARLESS FEARLESS FEARLESSRed FEARLESSNenePobre FEARLESSMr Fearless Red Tag NenePobre Red Tag Mr Dumjohn FEARLESSRed Red Tag Mr Dumjohn Mr Dumjohn Mr Dumjohn NenePobre Red Tag MrXhimjohn DECISION So Black Decision Decision Decision Decision BraveBid Decision Brave Bid So Black Brave Bid So Black So Black BraveBid So Black Celtics So Black BraveBid b Plucky Teddy TeddyIyer Navy Flyer PennypackerYleeBar Pennypacker Navy Flyer FlyerHadamar Navy Flyer Navy Flyer Iyer Penhypacker YleeBarPenetrator YleeBar Hadamar Plucky Teddy Plucky Teddy HadamarRenraw Perietrator Plucky Teddy Penetrator Renraw Taxi King Pennypacker Trackman J G Carpenter Garden State Park Selections Made for fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HAND P ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Glory Be Abiel Abiel Abiel First Pal Abiel AbielOffenbach AbielOffenbach Offenbach Layaway Offenbach Offenbach Abiel Glory Be First Pal Glory Be Layaway Layaway Glory Be First Pal Blue Dell Anchoress Lucky Year Maize MaizeAnchoress Anchoress Anchoress Lucky Year Smajor Our Tune Anchoress AnchoressBacchante Lucky Year Lucky Year Sandglass Odd Pigeon Miss Covery Bacchante Odd Pigeon Blue Dell DELLDEB DellDeb Red Jerry DellDeb Loose Horsey DELLDEB DellDebDa DELLDEBMirthmaker Mirthmaker Convicted Convicted Da wnO Peace PeaceConvicted DellDeb Red DELLDEBRed Jerry Red Jerry Loose Horsey Mirthmaker Convicted Red Jerry Loose Horsey Monifieth Monifieth Slamish VINITA ED EDEntranced Vinita Ed EdEntranced Vinita Ed Slamish Geramond Macon Switch Entranced Entranced Monifieth 1 Vinita Ed Pilot Man TiDit Monifieth Slamish EntrancedSlamish Slamish Blue Jack Three Rings FirstNtehter PangoPangp Three Rings Three Rings Three Rings Lustral ThreeRines Gallant Jake Gallant Jake First Nighter Lustral Gallant Jake Gallant Jake Lustral First Nighter Gallant Jake Black Gang Agilant Agilant Agilant BLACK GANG GANGAgilant Agilaht Time Stitch Black Gang Time Stitch Black Gang Agilant Black Gang Agilant Flatbush Uranium Flatbush Time Stitch Time Stitch War Dressing SweetTatersHadawin SweetTaters Happy Hoodlum HoodlumSweeteena Happy Hoodlum HoodlumSweetTaters Hadawin Happy Hoodlum Sweepstake Hadawin HadawinSweeteena SweeteenaHadawin Sweeteena SweetTaters HadawinSweetTaters SweetTaters Sweet Taters SweetTatersFalsely SweetTatersFalsely Hadawin Sweeteena Hadawin Falsely Falsely Hadawin Ice Dancer ICE DANGER DANGERAboko ABOKOHard ABOKO Sobre Todos Aboko Aboko Hard Blast Aboko Hard Blast Valdina Clown Hard Blast Ice Dancer SobreTddos I Did Maneen Ice Dancer I Did Sobre Todos

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