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REALIZATION AND FUTURITY FUTURITYDave Futurity Dave Gideon put his starting machine on the Holmdel Homely farm training track with a keon eon eye on the 40000 Futurity of 1896 He owns Eakins Akin the Iroquois Carlotta colt which he bought as a yearHng yearn for Gideon Daly Dally in 1894 for 6500 and for Gideon at the partnership closing for 12500 Captain Absolute of The Horseman writing about the trials of Eakins Akin last fall offers literary testimony to the effect that the colt is far and away the best that the watch and trial test has over uncovered He says The Carlotta colt had several trials in Octo Oct ¬ ber beer at Morris Park one cold blustering day when he did his three furlongs in 35J4 and fin ¬ ished dished out his half mile in 50 seconds Henry Griffin rode the colt and before he left for Cali Ali ¬ fornia Formica gave me an account of it itI ziti I thought I was on a good one when I rode Requital said he but if the Carlotta colt isnt isn't a better one next year Ill eat him Oh how Id like to ride him for the Futurity FuturityBut Futurity But isnt isn't that a fastbitof fascist ground at Morris Park I asked askedIt asked It is of course but outside the question of time it was a great bit of racing Why he handled Waltzer Walter You know what a flyer Waltzer Walter is He was good that day but the colt was better betterBut better But the weights weightsHe weights He had within two pounds of Waltzor Waltz I know I weighed myself after it and I had 124 pounds A yearling that can do Waltzer Walter at any ¬ thing like evens must bo a hummer How many old horses could do it at that distance distanceTliats distance Tliats Tits true but a yearling is generally as fast as he over is afterwards as an old horse horseFor Hereford For a quarter or three furlongs yes but this was a full half mile mileDont milled Dont Don't you think you have seen 2yearolds which could have won stakes for 3yearolds in the autumn Beii Beijing Brush could 1 think have won every 3yearold race last autumn at Morris Park1 Park1Perhaps Perhaps he could with difference in weigh but this colt handled Waltzer Walter one of the fastest old horsos horses in training at ovens I dont don't think he could have beaten Butterflies no horse could do that for a burst of speed but this colt is the fastest bar Butterflies I ever tried triedGriffins Griffins estimate of the Carlotta colt may not be extravagant but his brother Hamilton II was tried almost as high as a yearling and failed utterly last year Matt Byrnes Byres his trainer told me he was the greatest disappointment of his entire career as a trainer The Koene Kenney Stables half brother to Tenny Teeny by Candlemas Candelas Belle of Maywood Mayweed will race as Sti Stir Cloud Hell go in the Futurity unless acci acc ¬ dent interferes His stable rates St Cloud as having a chance chanceJimmie chance Jimmie Jimmied Rowe of the expensive Brookdale Boodle outfit has some candidates too The chief is Elkins Welkins named after the West Virginia poli polio ¬ tician Tricia who was a friend of the closest kind to Col Cool W P Thompson who has gone to his own place Elkins Welkins by Uncas Uncaps Laotitia Apolitical LaotitiaThe Latinate The Morris Brothers have a Futurity candi candid ¬ date too and think well of him He is known as The Friar and is royally bred by the English iiorse fiords Friars Balsam out of Lizzie Tizzies Baker BakerAugust Baker August Belmont highclass highlands and always in line pins his Futurity hopes on Don dOro Dora a colt by Rayon dOr doer Belladoua Belladonna Taranto Arrant by St Ulaif Fulani Tarantella Octagon by Rayon d Or Ortryu Oratory and Ficleua Fickle a real good filly by Rayon dOr doer Fidea Idea FideaW Idea W J Vrkell Rake has a sweet colt also a Futurity candidate by Strathmore Stratford Beatitude and Dare Pul Paul u r fnilers filers that he has a son of Touny Tony likeJv like rt it the bunt This nms ms Hp Eastern expectations There are a lot of Western Futur Future ¬ ity city candidates What of them DAILY RACING FORM will consider the Westerners later One of the richest of American thn than e year old oldstakes oldsters stakes is the Realization at miles run in inI mini I midsummer July 11 at Sheepshead Shepherd Bay Its BARNEY 9CHREIBER S FOUL SHOT BY X USKET MUSKET SL ANDEli Handel Here is a partially extended pedigree of Barney Schreibers Schreiber recent acquisition the novel and beautifullybred beautifully Foul Shot IthurieJ Thrice Touchstone f Longbow t Vrrbena Verbena 2 Miss Bowe Bowen Cat ton tonC tonic C a 1 l Trau Tau bys bays dam Pantaloon Carrel ° lLegordermaiii Idalia Vidalia l H Decoy Filhoda Filched Puta Punta PutaN Punta N S Finesse 3 Melbourne j Humphrey Humph Clinker 01 West Australian 1 Morpeths Moppets dam dami dam i Mowerina Mower Touchstone TouchstoneI Touchstone I LOT 1 Emma EmmarJ Emma rJ MS I Camel Whalebone 3 a i Brown Bess Bests Duchess of Selim Slim BreutandorfW Retained A 5 J Daughter of Breutandorf Retained W J Mrs Cruickshank Scrimshank l Canteen Waxy Pope Popea Pope a Calendar J Castania Castaneda Hambletouia Hamlet Stamford i g I Harmonica f Harmonicaf Harmonica a Tros Taros Priam Pram U Cassandra Ally 0 dam of Yattondon Atoned Alice Grey Gray Rous Rouse Emigrant I a b Gulnare Glare i Gulnarei Ulnae fo f The Colonel Whisker Cos Coos f Capapie Crappie My Ladys Lays dam damPS0 PS0 grandsire of Sister to Cactus Sultan 2 8 Yattendon Attendant Duchess of York J YorkJ York 2 a Dover Patron Sog Slog LBell Bell Brand Maid of Kent 9 a noted race mare Sophy Soapy Skelhinda Keeling 2 Sally Brass by Longtonian Longstanding estimated value is 30000 There are 63 oligibles eligible yet Here is the list Alarum Frontier Refugee Baritone II Hamilton II Requital Bonaparte Hastings San Marco Bonhomme Bonhomie Hazlit Halite Santa Bella Ella Captive Herr Most Scimitar Carlo Hock Himyaro Cimarron Silver II Castleton Carleton Izmir Rimier Sir Play Col Cool Thompson King T Strathroy Statuary Con Me to La Paloma Palma Terror III rWllorHowe La Salie Sallie The Native Longflight Longsighted Toltec Tote LongflightMadge Longsighted Madge Mage D DMaguiro Maguire Tourns Turns Maguiro Maguire Umbrella MaguiroMargrave Margrave Ventanna Venetian MargraveMarksLeopold MarksLeopold Marblewood Volero Valero MarksLeopoldMerry Merry Prince PrinceMidias Prince Whipcord Midias Midas Young Will Dennis Mingo Ming B f by Long LongDondor Londoner Dondor Donor Montezuma fellow Belle BelleFirst Balefires First Mate Parson Knight KnightFormal Knight Formal I Peep o Day B c by Stew Frank Harris Radnor art Nina NinaBy Nina By Falsetto FalsettoOn Falsetto On the form of 1895 there isnt isn't much work in the refinement of the above list They are Crescendo First Mate Ilazlet Laze IlazletHastings Lamentations Hastings Refugee Requital RequitalThe Requital The reliuini prelusion process of racing mathematics Requital 1 1Crescendo Crescendo 2 2Hazlet Hazlet Haslet 3 3Of Of course the season of 1596 will furnish par plexitiesas lenities bearing on the Realization But to do the form of the race stands as above

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