The Indiana Derby., Daily Racing Form, 1896-05-07


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THE INDIANA DERBY DERBYThe Derby The Indiana Derby to be run at Sheffield next Saturday is as near the ancient mile and a half dash with weight up as the other socalled scaled der deer ¬ bies bides of tho thou day Its 2000 is worth the effort of the good horse from a good stable too Its route is nine furlongs a stake winner of 1896 gets a 5 pound penalty one of two or more 8 pounds Maidens are allowed 5 pounds and beaten maidens 10 pounds These are equalizing conditions though tho thou beaten maiden allow ¬ ance Vance may cause a few candidates to start before the race They will come from the group below tho thou present weights of which are given Pinchbach Pinchbeck 114 Fischer 112 Doctor G Elsie Ferguson St Lee May Galop Gallop Whisper Bonnie Dundee Gaufield Garfield Starboam Starboard Panout Peanut Lillian E There are twenty in tho thou group above The screw of performanco performance in 1895 and 1896 weight and route considers causes its formation Of the lot Ulysses Lillian E Serena Bonnie Dun ¬ dee St Lee Elsie Ferguson Caufield Coalfield and Whis Whigs ¬ per are best bestThus estrus Thus the refined lot is six strong and as below with their form in both 1895 and 1896 and the best performances of each at the distance near ¬ est 1 18 miles 1895 I 1896 I I Best Race Near Distance St Won St TV on Wgt Wt Dist I Wgt Wt I Place Year I Time Trk Turk Muskalonge Muskellunge 8 2 122 1m 70 y 96 Newport 1896 144 Fast Kamsin Amassing 25 11 17 6 119 7f 95 San Fran 1896 127V4 Fast Sidkel Side 33 5 8 5 122 1m 100 Memphis 1896 141 Mi Fast MillieM Millie 19 12 63 117 1m 95 NewOrlnsTlS95 l42k Fast Don Carillo Carillon 20 7 122 1m 112 Oakley Ankle 1895 147 Hvy HIV Schiller Chiller 13 5 122 1m 106 St Louis 1896 1 43M Fast Big Strive 114 Little Thorn 112 112Sayirma Sayirma Syria 114 The maiden band is but five strong Only two get the beaten allowance so far There are 46 entries Of the other fortyone fortune these can be re ¬ jected jetted under tho thou lenses of form Highland FlingOnolaska Fingernails Fling Onolaska Gondolas OnolaskaLottie Lottie Loftier LottieDel Blotted Del Coronado CoronadoAirlight Coronado Airlight Airtight AirlightZephyr Taillight Zephyr Billy ZephyrBilly Zephyr Kinney KinneyPaskola Kinney Paskola Paso The rejective ejective mark to the above group of fir teen is elastically built In some cases inability to go a route is tho thou bar in others the weight of the distance running from 107 to 122 pounds caused the condidates candidates to be thrown out of the contending list listThere littered There are still 26 left A second sifting is in order Its result takes in these Ethelleah Ethel Ulysses Serena Mike Kelly Nikita Ikuta Blacking Brush BrushUnity Brush UnityWillie Huntsville Unity Willie Shannon ShannonNellie Shannon Nellie Smith SmithMamie Smith Mamie Mammies G GOtho GOth OthoHarmony Harmony Otho Oho Excuse La Salle Sale Cochina Cochin Inspector Hunt Uncas Uncaps A scrutiny of tho thou racing of tho thou six above leaves but four sharp contenders Muskalonge Muskellunge and Nellie M though smart fall below the standard and on the general quality of what they have done if tho thou four start next Saturday they should finish this way Schiller Chiller 1 1Don Don Carillo Carillon 2 2Kamsin Kamsin Amassing 3 3Sidkel Sidkel Side 4 4Of Of the others next to Nellie M and Muska Musk ¬ longe longed one turns toward St Lee Bonnie Dun ¬ dee Whisper Caufield Coalfield and Serena Ulysses did nothing last season to give him a chance The Kentucky Derby uncovered him to a later date He will not reach

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