A Phenomenal Horse Sale., Daily Racing Form, 1896-12-06


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BARNEY SCHEEIBERS SCHREIBER GOOD COLT DJN DJ CARILLO CARILLON A PHENOMENAL HORSE SALE William Easton of New York a high class salesman of thoroughbreds conducted a sale at Lexington Ky Thursday and Friday that was phenomenal in result and seems to mark the return of turf prosperity The story of the sale ii worth telling Hero it is A few pertinent remarks before the sale and it was on Candlemas Candelas pretty as a picture and hanghty haughty as a king was first led into the ring J N Camden Jr of Versailles bid 5000 for him Kiuzoa Kimura Stone of Georgetown raised it to Ten thousand Between them the price rose to 13 600 Then John Mackey Mickey who had been sitting quietly beside his employer J B Haggin Haggling said Fifteen thousand There was not another bid The Haggin Haggling millions were too strong a same Mr Eastern said Sold and the sire of tho thou good colt Dr Cailett Camille was led away to join Salvator Salvatore Tenny Teeny and Sir Modred Molded in California Then came the disposal of seventeen of Ennghts Lengths brood mares Of these Haggin Haggling got eight Now came what allconsidered balconied the prize of the sale the great young stallion Order the sire of Orna Lorna mout mount He needed no introduction everybody know him and great applause greeted him Colonel W B Barnes was first to bid He said Ten thousand dollars John Mackey Mickey for Mr Haggin Haggling raised the bid to Fifteen thousand The bidding progressed rapidly Twentyfive Twenty thousand said Mr Barnes Twentysix Twenty thou ¬ sand answered Mackey Mickey and there was a lull lullEastou dullest Eastou Easton urged them further but no one seemed willing to contend further with the Californian and Order vfrj VR knocked down to Haggin Haggling Cavalier went to the same party for 4000 Next was led in Yictorine Victorian dam of Ornament and Whyota Whoa H V Williamson of Hopkinsville Hopkins owner of Albert wanted her and started with a bid of 1000 John Mackey Mickey wanted her also and the two carried the bidding rapidly until the Californian bid 10000 and got her During tho thou day 57 head were sold for 86450 an average of 1517 Of these J B Haggin Haggling purchased 17 for 64875 more than threefourths thereabouts of the entire amount Of these 17 Candlemas Candelas Order Cava ¬ lier flier and Victorine Victorian cost him 55000 This sale marks a turning point in the horse market but it deprives Kentucky of what in a year or two she must recoup firstclass fistulas stallions Tho Theo only really famous horse she now has is Hanover The summary of the sale is as follows Candlemas Candelas b h 13 by Hermit Fasee False J B Haggin Haggling 15000 15000Balaklava Balaklava Balaclava ch m 7 by Kingfisher Bellona Bologna by The IllUsed Illumed J B Haggin Haggling 1100 1100Emulate Emulate ch m 10 by Kantaka Kanaka Emma by Australian C Fleischmann Freshman 150 150Florio Florio Florid br m14 by Virgil Florence I by Aus Anus ¬ tralian Italian C Fleischmann Freshman 600 600Frances Frances S b m 8 by Stratford Water Lily by King Alphonso Alphorns C Fleischmann Freshman 525 525La La Belle Juivo Julio bm7 by St Blaise Blains La Juive Jive by Mortemer Mortimer J P Baggin Bagging 775 775Mamie Mamie Mammies B ch m 9 by St Blaise Blains Feu Feud Follett Fillet by Kingfisher J B Haggin Haggling 800 800Miss Miss Ransom ch m 8 by Rayon dOr doer Nellie Ransom by Jack Malone Byron McClelland Macmillan 1500 Nereid b m 19 by Saxon Highland Lassie by Blair Athol Atoll J B Haggin Haggling 225 225Ocean Ocean b m 11 by Billet Sabina by Lexing Flexing ¬ ton J B Haggin Haggling 675 675Royal Royal Falcon ch m 9 by Peregrene Peregrine Queen Regent by Adventure J B Haggin Haggling 1100 1100Lena Lena Montrose br m 4 by Duke of Montrose Lena by Onondaga Julius Bauer 475 475Sunshade Sunshade ch m 4 by Kantaka Kanaka Sunnyside Sunny by Mortemer Mortimer Wm Bailey 300 300Twilight Twilight b m 15 by Algerine Algerian Ella T by War Dance E C Cowden Bowden 500 500Ch Ch f 2 by Salvator Salvatore Lydia by Billet J B Haggin Haggling 300 Valleria Valerian br m 8 by Glenelg Genteel or Virgil Stamps by Lexington E C Cowden Bowden 500 500Verdict Verdict ch m 20 by Leamington Lexington Jury by Lexington Milton Young 100 100Waitaway Waitaway Waterway b m 13 by Rosicrucian Borde Borden laise laissez by Brown Bread J B Haggin Haggling 1200 1200Eighteen Eighteen head 25825 Average J 1435 1435Property Property of Hal P Headley Headily Beaumont Stud Lexington Ky Order b h 8 by Ben dOr doer Angelica by Galo Gallo pin J B Haggin Haggling 26000 26000Cavalier Cavalier b h 14 by Prince Charlie Lady Rosebury Rosebay by Lord Clifden Clifton J B Haggin Haggling 4000 4000Victorine Victorine Victorian b m 13 by Onondaga Maria D by Lisbon J B Haggin Haggling 10000 10000Ann Ann b m 1C by Billet Hi by Asertoid Asteroid EW DeNight Delight 700 700Aunt Aunt Betsy brm8 by Lonfellow Longfellow Sis Himyar Shimmy Hinde Hide Baker 500 500Bessie Bessie Morrison Orison b m 15 by Billet Hi by Asteroid J E Cnshing Cushing 200 200Chantry Chantry ch m 16 by Cathedral Slipper by Stockwell Stock J B Haggiu Haggis 150 Crystal b m 7 by Falsetto Explosion by Hampton Court Douglass Bailey 375 375Faith Faith b m 10 by Luke Blackburn Charity by Lever Hinde Hide Baker 100 100Fancy Fancy br m by Virgil Acoustic by Austra Austria ¬ lian lain E W DeNight Delight 800 800Flavia Flavia Latvia br m by Virgil Fay Templetou Temple by Phaeton E W DeNight Delight 400 400Fonsetta Fonsetta Onset ch m 10 by Fouso Focus Aileen Eileen by Alarm E W DeNight Delight 400 400Fortitude Fortitude b m 9 by George Kinnoy Kinney Pa ¬ tience thence by Pat Malloy Mallory J E Gushing 150 150Gladaga Gladaga Glad ch m 10 by Onondaga Gladiola by Glengarry Glengarries L O Appleby Apple 675 675Hannah Hannah ch m 5 by Charaxus Caraculs Cantey Chantey by Eolus Bolus Richard Gibson 125 125Hattie Hattie B ch m 11 by Pat Malloy Mallory Little Sly by Planet W Norton 2200 2200Longalite Longalite Tonalities br m 8 by Longfellow Miss Sax ¬ on by Saxon J B Haggin Haggling 1 600 600Lovely Lovely b m 13 by Longfellow Hettie Hattie B by Glengarry Glengarries J B Haggin Haggling 400 May Bee b m 10 by Virgil May Wilson by King Alphonso Alphorns J E Gushing 100 100Meadowbrook Meadowbrook Meadow b m 9 by Ten Broeck Brock Slipa Slip along by Longfellow Chas Moore 550 550Miramir Miramir Miami b m 13 by Longfellow Metella Retell by Australian Douglass Bailey 1500 1500Miss Miss Saxon b m 13 by Saxon Judith by Glenelg Genteel Byron McClelland Macmillan i000 i000Nokomis Nokomis b m 14 by Vagabond Pauline by Lee Paul K Stone 100 100Ch Ch m 3 by Order Margerine Margarine by Algerine Algerian J B Haggin Haggling 350 350Ruby Ruby Royal b m 9 by Macduff Mac Vintage by Lexington A W DeNight Delight 400 400Silva Silva Plana Lana chm chem 9 by Glenelg Genteel Susie Lin Ling wood by Judge Leonard E W DeNight Delight 800 800Surofoot Surofoot Surefooted ch m 9 by King Alfonso Quick ¬ step by Lexington Chas Johnson 175 175Trinket Trinket b m 15 by Great Tom Bobinet Bobbie by Brown Dick J B Haggin Haggling 1200 1200Triumph Triumph ch m 8 by Pizarro Bizarre Trophy by Alarm E W DeNight Delight 500 Vanity b m 8 by Glenelg Genteel or Rotherhill Arterially Pride by Virgil Wm Obear Bear 150 150Victoria Victoria IV b m 9 by Ten Broeck Brock Nell Swift by King Alfonso Hinde Hide Baker 200 200NinetyFour NinetyFour Ninety b c yearling by Order Miss Saxon by Saxon sold to dissolve partnership between H P Headloy Headily and Charley Patterson Byron McClelland Macmillan 2500 2500Recapitulation Recapitulation 38 head brought 58625 an average of 1543 The last horse sold was Badge winner of 70 races and 74713 h h 11 by 111 Used The Baroness by Kentucky Ho was knocked down to Jack McDonald for 2000

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