Mudlarks At Harlem., Daily Racing Form, 1898-07-30


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MUDLARKS MAULERS AT HARLEM The stoker on a battleship is said to fancy it is an approach to heaven when released from Ms arduous duty he gains the tropical sun heated deck of the vessel So felt the racegoers racehorse yesterday and the Harlem crowd was a largo one people being unnppalled unpaged by the predictions of the forecaster which told of a possible repeti repeat ¬ tion ion of the storm of Thursday night The cracked earth had lapped up with the avidity of a domesticated clam the only visitation of rain since the day preceding the American Derby so that although the track was heavy the moisture on its surface if corralled had not been in quantity more than enough to offset the amount of McBrayer Embracer in the toddy of a Ken i tucky tuck Colonel The barometric changes forced the general play from beer to brandy and Billy Meyer could be seen trundling from hia ia store ¬ house to the bar an extra cask of Blackberry with a vigor which would have put to sleep Jack McAuliffe Calciferous Traces of intestinal hailstones were marked on the features of many and the badly afflicted gum merchant was yelling fctjnres factories thirty pieces of Dr Beemans Bemoans pepsin gum for one bottle of Perry Davis Pain Killer Sixteen maiden twoyearolds toeholds went to the post for the first race and Pat Dunnes Dunes Prince Hurry Thorpe up opened at 8 to 5 The play was very light for the sixteen bookmakers who had hadcut headcount cut in for two days but White Pine and Nellie Fonso Fonts were nibbled at Arthur Mc Knight acted as starter in the absence of Richard Dwyer who had been served with a warrant as he was boarding a train at the depot and had gone to give bond accompanied by Leo Mayer And Arthur made a Gilman start the horses being dispatched badly strung out At the end of a furlong Vim and Vinegar led with Prince Harry close up and Air Blast third the trio being a great distance ahead of the fourth horse By the time the straight was made by Prince Harry who came on and won easily the stragglers were spread out over a quarter of a mile Vim and Vinegar was second and Numa Neumann beat Air Blast for third money Dick Dwyer was walking across the field when McKnight Mocking dropped the flag Arthur could not be blamed for bad work at the first fly as any man is apt to get rattled when trying to start sixteen maiden twoyearolds toeholds twoyearoldsJust Just to show the difference in starters Dwyer sent away abreast the seven horses that faced him for the second race Alvarado Allargando II at once went to the front with Martin K attending The latter only ran a half mile and then dropped oui ui Daisy F kept in second position to the last turn where she quickly had Alvarado Allargando II beaten and coming on with head high in air won as she pleased Alvarado Allargando II stopped at the betting ring and Prosecutor and Friar John always close up had a great fight for the place the former winning Muskalonge Muskellunge was never in it he keeping company with Pete Kitchen KitchenSpirituelle Kitchens Spirituelle Spiritual and Jinks got off in front with Loyal Girl third The latter only ran a six ¬ teenth tenth in company her place being taken by Tulla Tulle Fonso Fonts Jinks went ahead of Spirituelle Spiritual Spirituellethe Spiritual the middle of the turn the race being a aatch batch atch aitch between the pair Turner on Jinks took a good hold at the bend for home so that Tommy Burns on the favorite by hard riding got the track in the next furlong but when ready Turner let out a wrap and Jinks who had been buck jumping raced to the front and won hard held Tulla Tulle Fonso Fonts a bad third beat the others off The start was delayed by tile bad acting Mendacious and the length of time at the post doubtless worked against tjpintuelle she giving Jinks five pounds poundsFound pounds Found set sail from the fall of the flag and Jed all the way The Devil was second at tliA liar quarter Apple Jack third Eddie Burke made his run at the half mile ground and got to sec ¬ ond bond position Found turning for home lost several lengths by going out after the path so that Eddie Burke caught her at the last six ¬ teenth tenth but McNickle Canticle sat still on Huffmans Huffman filly and she with ears pricking and full of run beat the fast tiring imported horse which had been basted for nearly onehalf Neal mile The Devil was third the others being beaten off offAfter cofactor After the defeat of Alvarado Allargando II the specula ¬ tors torso had been warming up by degrees and the downfall of Spirituelle Spiritual and The Devil having added fuel to the flame the bustle in the betting ring was noticeable when Afamadas Alameda price was posted at 7 to 10 Babioca Barbican a now comer in the stable of Duke Wishard Wished was a strongly backed second choice although his only start this year was when at Brighton Beach May 25 he ran threequarters treasurers in a mile dash locked with as good a horse as Lehman There was a general play on the outsiders from men who had won on Found and Jinks This time the favorite brought the money home running away Locust Blossom was always socond second and Treopia Tropical third Babieca Barbican fourth was never better betterSimon betters Simon W led up the back stretch with Char ¬ ley levy Christy last but within four lengths At the upper turn Charley Christy ran to Simon W and the pair raced into the straight the favorite swinging wide and carrying Christy out Rounding for home John Bright slipped through on the inside and soon having the others beaten came on winning easily from Christy who driving beat Simon W Burns registered a kick against Turner for carrying him out but the judges would not tolerate this nonsense nonsenseJockey nonsense Jockey Edward Ellis who was a star some years ago at the eastern outlaw tracks and who rode well at Harlem in the spring of 1S97 has finally been reinstated according to Ed Corri Corrie gan Egan for whom he is to ride There never was anything against this boy who developed on the outlaw tracks and his riding thereabouts was highly commended by the horsemen But it was decided that the Turf Congress could not remove the ban holding over such unfortu unfortunate ¬ nates mates unless the Jockey Club under whose jur jour ¬ isdiction indication was the outlaw tracks of the oast Coast should first reinstate him Red Tape is the game with racing officials from the highest to the lowest and through the complicated ma ¬ chinery chimer of turf government Ellis has been de ¬ prived rived of a good living for over a year How he was reinstated is not public property but for once the influence of a powerful turfman Truman has worked for the benefit of a deserving jockey jockeyJ jockey J H Barnes owner of Dave Waldo Weald has been assured by Col Cool M Eewis Lewis Clark that ho does not consider him as implicated in any way with the performance of his horse and that it was never intended to cast an imputation upon his integrity or that of his partners partnersArthur partners Arthur McKnight Mocking said When I touched off the machine the horses were in line but many of the boys pulled up Both Caywood Cawed and Burns told me they thought it was no go goThe goTh The Corrigan family did a fair business Pat iDunno Dunn and J Carroll nephews of the Master of Hawthorne winning with Prince Harry and Daisy F FJim Jim Jim Bruen Braun starter at Hawthorne was present I as were Sam Lazarus the railroad man and George Scoggan Slogan the Kentucky turfman Truman

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