Nasty Row in Arkansas: State Legislature is to be Asked to Enforce Amis Law, Daily Racing Form, 1907-03-10


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NASTY ROW IN ARKANSAS and his day _ STATE LEGISLATURE IS TO BE ASKED n will H TO ENFORCE AMIS LAW. is is ll! the Bill Beinq Drawn to Revoke Oaklawn Jockey • Clubs Charter — Bettinq Cases Dismissed u — Bribery Charqes Are Made. till i Little Bock, Ark., March 9. — There is to be MM S legislative agitation over the nueetfc— i of betting on horse races in this stele. The coming of ■ p committee of ti v«- from the Citizens Union of Hot S|.i-inus yesterday with the complaint that the Mthoritiea .it the resort have failed to enforce the i ■ ■ . • n 1 1 enacted Amis law and 1 lin t belting rroes on openly and defiantly at 0:ikl:iwn lias produced ii Mi- nnusual situation. The committee of dtiaens aaked the Governor to send the stale militia to ° or II. ■ i Springs to enforce the law. Bal it was found thai nndef the laws of iiiis state the Governor is aowetleas to raM oal the troops wlien the legists I nu is in Btsaloa, the law give* that body, when sitting, by the highest poliee powers, l: is said tonight thai a " resolution asking the legislature to send the troops to the racetrack will 1m- presented Monday. Kxpi.-ssioiis ai.- divided as to w ha I the legislature 1 would do with Bach a resolution. Many believe that there is no condition existing at Hot Springs sulli to i -iM for such drastic action, while others of the l: assembly are chagrined thai betting lias not been * suppressed nude: the law. Representative Qainn has expre s, ,i himself as be llevinsj that siuh a resolution could not possibly he "• pa -id. He said of the Situation that the house does ■ Hot feel -ailed upon to enfold- the law: that it made the law and did not diseover the loop hole. t il any exists, and that if there is fault now he lie- I1 lievea tin- legislature is willing that the matter * should he settled later in the courts without its 1 : ,.■ ft i . m i . I A hill is being drawn tonight to be introduced in f the legislature Monday asking the an.nediate rev oca -tiou of the charter of the Oakktwn lackey Clah. The procedure will be under article 12, Section 0. • of the Constitution, which says: . "The general assembly shall have the power to alter, revoke or annul a Charter, whenever in its I opinion injuries may 1m- worked to the citizens of I t the state under such charter * * * in such • iiianncr that no Injustice may be done to any of the Incorporators." v It" i lie charter is reyoked the rare meeting will be slopped and a receiver appointed for the property. v Hot Springs, Ark.. March 9. — Seventeen men. at- ■ rested on charges of violating the Amis law by betting at Oaklawn Park, were found not guilty by a jury in the court of Justice Alford this morning. The accused were all loeal people who were named i In the Information Med last Saturday as follows: R. ;. Davies, Will Dodo, Dr. s. h. Carawell, Willis Jones, Nat Howell. George L. P Leather inai-. Mr. Johnson, D. D. Ashford, Fred Gregory, W. B. hfiassj. Vine.- Plcehi, mil Thomas. ». 0. I Lvoland. C. 1". Hull. It. A. Rayios. Sam William aos and John J. Sunipior. It was agreed at the outset that the evidence Introduced in one ease should applj to all. The com ! plainant was unahle to detail information as to the aiiiount of money bet, on what horse and what race. The jury returned il- verdict after three minutes deliheration. There will probably be trials of the bookmakers, whose cases have been continued from time to time, on Monday. The alieady nasty stale of affairs was made more s.i bj the publication ot the following in a local newspaper this afternoon: Lawrence, Ark.. March !t — While smarting under tin- insult to which mj husband and I have been subjected, 1 feel it my duty to do what 1 can to expose the infamous course pursued by that gang of law breakers railing themselves the oaklawn Jockey i lull. l am prepared to make affidavit to the effect : in Thursday evening, about 6 oclock, Mr. .lames Eland, who has his horses quartered at Bssex Park called ai our home to see Mr. McGuigan; learning he was in Hot Springs, he desired to phone liim. , but not being able to locate him. he askfd me il I could call him up later to tell him to call at the Arlington to see Mr. Vila. Mr. Hand informed me that Mr. Ooodon lad instructed Mr. Vila to see Mr. McGuigan personally and not to hesitate about parting from ids money and satisfying UcGuigan. I at once said they had not money enough to do anything of the kind, that a million dollars would not do it. "Oh." In- said, "they dont want Mac to do anything, only not to Interfere further ami just lei matters take their own course." He said they had asked him to see Mae and tell liim they were prepared to do the right thing by him and to get him to call on Delia. Mr. McGuigan returned on the early morning train fr Hot Springs and Mr. Hand met him at oir gate ami made practically the -.aim- statement to liim that hi- had made to me the evening before. Possibly this may explain the change of heart observed in some of our officials. Signed Mrs. A. IfcGuigan. Louis A. Cell a went to Memphis tonight and a 1 Statement from him eaald not be obtained. James Hand saw not lie located tonight. Kain kept down Hie attendance at Oaklawn this 1 afternoon. P.ecause of the Change in the going, there were numerous withdrawals. The Tain was so heavy at times that colors were hard to distinguish. The closest finish was that bet w ecu Sealploek and 1 Rendigo. It. was a struggle through the last quarter r of a mile and there was asaeh bumping. Mountain claimed that Kealplock had impeded Bendigo. The 1 judges thought that Bendigo was usually tosponsible f tiiid denied the claim of * ul. Calabash wore down i The Bear and won the handicap after a liard drive. Jockey Mountain will loave liere Wednesday to " ride Yankee Girl in the City Iark Derby Saturday. He will remain in New Orleans until after the run Ding of the Crescent City Derby, March K. Puts*- McDetuiott, an old-Mine rider who, since e * his and day _ n will H is is ll! the • u till i retirement from the saddle, has Imen abroad graduated as a veterinary surgeon, arrived *• "Bub" Iter BOW owns Jack Lory and Txrolian. Fled I ors.Mhe bought Stol. n Moments today and ■ send her to his farm in Kentucky. Monday being usually an off day. nothing striking presented in the program foi the day in fourth race, but such horses as Watuga Btta Louise. Harney; Peter Knight, Tennybum, Kuro patkin: Potter, Ahwao, Wooltessa; Pretension, I lip. Hawkama; Moonvlae, TlvoUnl, Bequest; Sultry. Jack Lory and J. 1". May berry are in good form at pre- i ami the racing should prove fairly interesting, j J. I.. Dempsey.

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