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OAKLAND TRACK ONLY Saturdays Long Shot Withdrawn. Monday: One from 8 to 20-1. This tries; oatctaasea his add ind will simply breese in Ironi all the way. Tuilii,-. -Iiis la .hi opportunity to make a bundle of easj nionev that tpntCB but ollie a I e.ll . 20 -1 Special Tuesday. This one turned a mile in 1:41 w ilhout the slisht-«»-t eltort, wUch is- yiM«i enough to lieat. the bunch he is in m ith by a block. 10 -1 Special Wednesday. One 1 have an Interest in. lie has the speed and stamina to run rings aroaad the res! ol the lield and is ready for the fray. Thursday we have ■ natural 1". to 1 special that will romp in. This eineh belong* to a table thai is noted for making sensational roups. There is bill one elian.e in a hundred ol him losing. friday we will cut l.K.se a lorn. si,.. I that will surprise everybody by bis sodden Improvement over his recent races. I his eineh will win palled up t a walk. o in 1 should be the price on this eineh. Saturday : 20 -1. This eineh has u en secretly prepared for this killing, and one thai is going to win of die in the BILL LESTER and CO. Suite 37, 90 La Salle Street, Chicago, III. Tel. Main 2928. Owners and Trainers. Daily, or 0 for 6 Guaranteed Winners. National Racing Review No. 79. | J com 87 71 Heurl.oni Street CIIIIVAUO. 1 1,1 • . Yesterday Special. MARY MORRIS, 3-1. Third. Yesterdays One-Horse Wire, LUTE FOSTER, 9-1, , won. .00 per week. ; !°_2oj KILLING !22J l » Monday e.anes off the biggest killinu of the seas.!! at city Park racetrack. I have gone to eaor-moaa expeaae in obtaining tiiis information. To prove my ability 1 will give three wires tree if t thai horse Shoaid not win. All money will Ik- aragered la oai of tow a poolroom* so .1- to ei long odds. Net ■ lb. liar will «»• placed at the track. Send fin- this one. I give the best track information thai money ean secure. JACK P. RILEY. TERMS: 50 cents Daily : .50 Weekly f , 90 6th Avenue-Cigar Store. | Goldproof 6 5 Won I1 . 0 wan our Daily One Horse Wire Saturday. ■ E | I THfl EE I I I I ij WINNERS |1 1 .00 ■ 1 | I I ONE HORSE A DAY. | I I S T. C. WOOD 0 CO., 59 Dearborn Street, Chicago. S I # ESTABLISHED 1904. 9 ■ % ■ ™ • . , " THE AMERICAN RACING MANUAL. No man of f the turf should lie without it. Py registered mall, • leather Ixiuud. 00 cents; paper bound, 40 ceuts. ilaee your order today. Pally Raclug Form Publishing ► Co., 124 Fifth Avenue, Chicago, 111. i 1 I CHASE, 1 5 I, WON Mr. Mayer wired this horse direct from Mew Orleans on February 25. This week we will have another one just like it OBTfilNflBLE ON SPECIAL TERMS ONLY SUBSCRIBE TO OUR DAILY ONE HORSE WIRE IT POSITIVELY GETS THE MONEY "OUR INFORMATION COMES DIRECT ER0IV1 THE TRACK." TSLBOBAM8 ON FILE FOR INSPECTION. 1 ] THE NAME OF EVfRY HORSE IS FILED WITH THE DAILY RACING FORM EVERY NOON MAYER and CO. TUBF EXPERTS Suite , 504 :: 171 Washington Street :: Chicago, III. SHENKL . i E S BUSINE S S M ET HO D , Hined §74 past week. largest amount needod any one d»y ... Call or wi .te and we will tell you just how we did this. « ill al- • refer you to men doint; it daily We referied those who tiled or wrote us last week, to I! SINKSS men whu are doin daily lust what we do. They in estlntod, proved that what we advertise is Hue. then txmsht o ir method. You will do the s.mu if liii: investigate, duly method tellimr the only poc.sible way to get your pereentiire of winners and , know you will get tin in. ilelhod sent on trial with positive guarantee to refund money if you tan -hov failure, or that , we do not :se money we s.ty we do. lretty ptrontr Kuantntee. Oar met ho i will prove to any one that making money it raring is as safe at i:i any other business. Writi us or eall at oilice, I to Ho el gelt, ind let us prove what we -ij. Ji we cjiti prove it. then you surely want our method. Call or Older at once and v.e will start yon to making money if rou follow OUT method, lanss i years. Hont waste lim. writing foi- particulars— order atone- and make money SENT NOW K MC S * — WORTH S 1 0 I . S A. SHENKLE. 36, 84 WASHINGTON ST.. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS NOXALL SYSTEM The NOXALL SYSTBU eopyrlgbtcd the best tin i systen ever devised. HOOD on ■ Winter track is daring the regalar season. If um are ■ LOSER, it will pay yoa to gel the Noxali System. it has SOLVED Ihe probtem of "llow to beat the raees." i ■ ■ NOXALL SYSTEM is not :i scheme. A Rtandard publication in I I. form. ONLY ;ir.K- A.NTEED SYSTEM soW. Like any article of REAL merit, advertise - lt« If. TRACK, | POOLROOM OR HANDBOOK L I with equal results. Selects plays from the entries. This system h:is received nothing lmt favorable comments ■ from those who have purchased it. Hundreds of nnsotlcited testimonials expreasing great satis-fai tloa. A positive WINNER. Tlio system dots not play i very race. An average of eight plays S Week. No tips, handicapping or "doping" required. Not complicated, hut easy to operate. BIG RESULTS obtained from SMALL CAPITAL. DNLIKE any other system; new theory; new thoughts; new ideas. GREATEST winning system. Will do more for yoa I than all selections, information, handicapping and I J tips combined, a positive fact. WRITE FOR TREE BOOKLET. Tells all about it and wh:it it will do. Only system l sold with ■ guarantee. Par chase money at the end of 30 days trial If a loss is shown. This alone . . precludes" the NOXALL SYSTEM from beiag ll , scheme. Investigate at once by writing for par- . NOXALL SYSTEM. GRaVESEND. N. Y. SPIDER I WEB I 17 to I, Won. March 5. We have ■ Jo to l Special tor Tuesday thai nil! l win .is easily as Spider Web won for our clients. Monday we sent Belle Strome, - to ■■ won: Wednes day are had Firebrand, :; to 1, lost Thursdays ; special was scratched. We publish losers as Well as winners. ONE HORSE DAILY. Four Guaranteed Winners, , or 10 3lt Guaranteed Winners, 0. RUSH YOUR SLBSCRIPTIOIvS AT ONCE. RICH and CO., SUITE 306, 1016 WALNUT STREET, • KANSAS CITY, MO. - ; l » t WE BEAT THE RACES We have an Sbaohrte eineh for making money on the races. We back our own proposition. e do not ask you te bet your money on something that we do not do oar* Ives. We have ■ large number ot clients who are successful and will cheerfuHj state that we do mike them win. We can do the same for you. Give as ■ months trial al 5.00 per week, payable weeklj in advance. If yon lo not win playing is instructed, :i the end of the I weeks, we will pay you sack in cash 0,00. GUARANTEE HANDICAP CO., ROOMS 604-605, 225 DEARBORN ST., CHICAGO, ILL. , f I1 . ■ E I I I ■ I I | I JOHN CHESTER CO., KXPKHT CLOCKKKS. OCCASIONALLY NOT D AILY. Two Grand Specials THURSDAY, MARCH 14. THIS ONE has worked in lightning fast time, and is only known to i select tew ob the Inside, sad should win, barring accident, from start te tiuish. SATURDAY, MARCH 16, an 8 to 20 to 1 Longshot. The people who own horse make very tew mistakes; BO, If you would like to end the week ■ -.rood winner, send in your Ilhis SUBSCRIPTION AT ONCE. Terms: for One Special, for 3 Specials. Koom K IHcCloskey Bulletin;;, 3SSO St. Charles St. KKW ORLKAS8, I.A. S I 9 ■ % ■ ™ " of f • ► NOTICE. T have the best thing of the winter fit New Orleans- 1 am not n tipster or bandicapper, hut I am in ristht with an eastern combination and know this horse will Win. This .on.es oC Wednesday, March 13th, and ought to i»- «it least 13 to i or better. Send today before it is too late. I charge you .*2. Hi for this. M. Henrie, 161 Fifth Avenue L I I l . . Turf Followers Are yon -o sitnattd that you ean play the MM every lay BeoMsse that i the onrj way to ass at the ■aeeng game, if you are not so situated, no system or amount ol money will bring you out a winner. If you can play cery day, aro eon-SSrvattve, ami wi.l follow in tractions on our daily wire, which e play St I kitty on form, »y will surely mnke yon a winner. judtfiiiK the lutiu- t y the past, for every month the past twelve has been a winner. We have had losing weeks. ho! never a losing month. We send from here each Bkssaaag before nine oclock a wire i.amiiig three hoi sea, one only of .. Mek is to he played, and that always the llrst one named, i lOSBt in case i i -cratch, when you are to play the second cue named; at.d 11 the second one :dso is scratched, play the last one named, hut never more tlrvn one Thia insures you a play e cry day and you are not paying for wires on horses thpi ire scratched. Either of the three are ligured as best in heir respective races. Strictly science, not so-called inside- information. Winners will average season through front M to II par cent, toe latter bei:i£ the average the past jiar. ind at odds that are sufficient to make it so attractive you will stay by us when you once start. Our terms are .00 per week in advance, or, if you will agree to accept and pay lor the daily wire, we will for. aid a* above every morning, and at the end of each week you to remit us the result from one dollar on tiu"h winner we have sent you. Flat bets are absolutely safe, or you can am the 10 per cent, method of placing money We ean refer you to some of our clients, by their permission. Opportunity for few more to aetasesaa-i mlssioner for us on attractive basis. O.u plan and terms fully explained above. THE CltOWN CO., Opcllka, Alabama. I l ; 3lt • - PLANUTE, 4-1, 2nd w» inn- ! hur-.lu » Advertised Iteluiul Special. Ai Men;, with a bad ride, lost him the rue. TODAY at NEW ORLEANS A S to 12 to 1 EXTRA SPECIAL. Wednesday and Friday 2 Big Winners! The?, Two Soodthliigs, a A .1 ert l»e«1 last week for ,-ilneMiitv and Friday. Mar. IS and • it, should proe two of the best things pot o er at New Orleans this si-Hson. Ali we can say is that we expect to see these two f.lli" beyor.i! a shadow ot a doubt. Dont m!s* hem, a-eiiher one is worth the price of a weeks Information. NDTITFI * c *low y°u he track wire ol the I I IvL. w horse you play. Terms: for 1 day, 0 for B tlays. Suit. .115, 1C7 Oearbom St., Clitcugo, III. THE B. B. INFO CO. SKmST iThc Miller System | A new and origtea] winning system. Wins g I consistent]] with small capital, withoai "; P danger of losing it: can be played al any JV W track, handbook or pootroma, If :i loss can 9 W be shown after thirty days trial, your meaty • a will be refunded. It Ims stood the lest of ■ ■ time, having been In successful operettas B ■ for more ilmn a year: proof that it is in ■ 0 fallible. Vou pick your own horses from the jg gj entries, but ten minutes time required. ■ S X h.imii :-.ip method which has won over ,000 Z X - nee I i I mi ■ Sal bet of 0. X I GUAKANTEK that yon ean verify this, after T. f receiving system, or money will hi- refunded. 5 J .Send for particulars al once. jjr - C. S. MILLER, % I Room 8, 45 La Salle Street. Chicago. 9 vyVvVwVwrvvvWsWITwVwwwOwVvVV Turf Exchange YPSILANTI, MICH. MICHIGAN CENTRAL DEPOT, Detroit, AT 1:00 AND 1:40 P. M. LOCHGOIL, 11-5, 2nd was; tbe only horse sent out by us Saturday. ONE HORSE DAILY. . . . NO MORE. Have yoa trisd us? Wo deliver tlto goods. Our iuformatiou conies direct from the track. We make good. No hot air. Our terms for this service are .00 PER WEEK :: or :: .00 DAILY THE WESTERN INFORMATION CO., Room 1415. M VVashiuKton St. Chicago, 111. TURF REPORTERS SPECIAL It. 312, 59 Dearborn St., CnU-ago. Mondays Soecial: 75-62-72-58-71-53-63-49-73-65. Entry List: 1-6-10-12-703-719-755-763-767. 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