Close to a Whitney Day: Stamina and Delirium Win for Him, but Baby Wolf is Beaten, Daily Racing Form, 1908-10-16


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CLOSE TO A WHITNEY DAY. f i t C STAMINA AND DELIRIUM WIN FOR HIM. BUT BABY WOLF IS BEATEN. Hilarious Runs a Remarkable Race for a Two-Year-Old Nimbus Regains His Speed Quite Buddonly. New York. October If!. Degplte the perfect wcrtber and promising card, the attendance at Bel- 1 ncnr Park today showed an inexplicable falling off. t Nobody could have foreseen the wholesale scratch- 1 lues iv Men reduced the two big handicaps, the Rain- apo end the Hunter, to two-horse races, and partially i ruined the remainder of the excellent program. . Hence the apparent lack of interest In the sport t reflected by this state of affairs was commented j upca. Notwithstanding the depleted fields in the two important races, their running produced highly 1 satirijctory results from a purely racing standpoint, t tiie finishes in both being marked by stirring efforts 1 an.1 small margin wins. Stnmiua and Delirium, the winners, came from Harry Payne Whitneys hie es- i tatlitiiment. and. with Baby "Wolf in the fifth race." 1 were making what was possibly their last appeal-- i ance cn the local turf. Had the last-named won it would have been a pronounced Whitney day. J. i F Keenes track two-year-old. Hilarious, was Baby s Wolfs conqueror, and he accomplished the feat by runrifng in 1:3S Hat. the fastest time shown at the distance during the meeting. It was a noteworthy ; achievement for such a young liorse. Thomas II. 1 Williams lightweight jockey. Clifford Gilbert, rode all three of the Whitney starters and displayed the ! bent jockeyskip of his career. Tiie tabled history of the Ramapo Handicap since i 1900 Ig: Year, Winner. Wt. Jockey. Val. Time, i 1900 ICillashandra 120 N. Turner. .,7S0 1:55 19C1 Blues 124 Shaw 1.7S0 1:54 : 1902 Igniter 1115 OConnor ... 2,010 1:5H 1903 River Pirate ICS Hicks 2.210 1:51 1904 Outcome 102 W. Davis... 2.0D0 1:5G1 1003 Cederstrome . 98 W. Miller... 2.190 1:334 190G Running Water... 121 W. Miller... 1.910 1:514 1007 Faust 92 G. Burns 1.920 1:51 100S Delirium 110 Gilbert 510 1:53 Following is the history in brief of the Hunter yJJar.dlcap since 1900: kT. Winner. Wt. .Tockey. Val. Time. Tif Oneck Queen 103 McCue ,020 1:40 1901 MorningsMe 120 N. Turner... 950 1:40 1902 Rossignol 112 J. Martin... 1.400 l:40i 1903 Molly Brant 119 Odom 1.G40 1:39 1904 Hamburg Belle... 125 Lyne 1,415 1:41 1905 Cor Maid 10S W. Knapp.. 1.330 1:39 l OC Zi-nnp 95 Koeruer 1.5S0 1 :3S 1907 Veil US W. Miller... 2.070 1:39? 1S0S Stamina ll.V Gilbert 520 1:39 Run at Morris Park prior to 1903. Racing began with an upset. Court Lady, an outsider, scoring over seven two-year-olds of good caliber, including a nearly high-class youngster in Royal Captive, which ran unplaced. Strike Out. whir h was making his first appearance in the colors and ownership of F. II. Milden. threatened to rpreadcagie the others for half of the journey, but tnl. .cd weakly and in the last stride succumbed to e suddenly improved Madden castolf. Royal Captive was admirably ridden by Sweet and not only Jaued her usual speed, but failed to stay. A quartette of evidently unsound horses participated in the Autumn Meadowbrook Steeplechase. vt r Have miles of cross country, for every one of Hum came out of Hie long journey sore, or lame. ml In Hie case of Parson Kelly, so pronouncedly :o that he hobbled buck to be unsaddled with ex tr t.j dilliculty. For half of the journey Flying Miuhine so decisively outpaced and oiitjumped the others, including the favorite, that, barring accidents, it seemed as if the Hayes candidate could net possibly lose. This fact aroused much rejoicing among the layers who hud taken liberties with My ,rae-i. Their pleasurable anticipations, however, were short-lived, for the leader suddenly bolted at tl " eleventh obstacle and before he could be -.-traigltened out and resume his journey My Grace bud a winning load, from which he was not after-w r - displaced. The condensed history of the Autumn Meadowbrooi: St r-j lei hase is as follows: ear. Winner. A. Wt. Jockey. Val. Time. Ii2 Cheval dOr ..! 110 Mr. Harris. .$ 900 :15 Ul.! Almnnzor 5 102 Henry SS5 0:11 1 ib-l Libretto G 154 Mr. Stone. . 1.000 5:32 1005 Tom Cogan 5 150 Jj. Evans... 1.180 5:52 190f. Oleroso 4 154 Mr. Smith. . 1.100 5:32 1907 Jrdge 0Gin...7 147 Mr. Page... S90 G:32 190S Mv Grace 7 154 Mr.J.OBrieu 1G5 0:2S? i Run at Morris Park prior to 1SI05. Another coup went through successfully in the , last race. This time it was Nimbus, the sprinting elmmolon of the Empire City meeting in August, which was the vehicle for its consummation. He never gave his shrewd backers a moments uneasiness, as he led by a wide margin from start to , "ihe Brighton Beach track will soon be a network : cf streets and avenues witli houses lining them. Already the fence that enclosed the famous old track - is in the course of destruction. Tomorrow Hie work of leveling the ground will begin and the track will soon be obliterated. Before the snow tlies nothing r will remain of one of the most noted tracks in the country. . According to the list furnished by A. J. T Joyner this afternoon, the Whitney shipment of thoroughbreds 1 for England next Saturday will consist of f Stamina, Bahv Wolr. Delirium. Bobbin. Perseus. Held Daisy. Hillside and sixteen yearlings. Only tl ree, Priseillian. Practical and Antaeus, belonging r to August Belmont will be sent over on the Mlnne- I ,inThe Benning fall meeting has been oUieially called j 0lJamcs R. Keene said today that if any stalls had 1 lieeu engaged for his horses at Oakland or Santa Anita it was without his knowledge. Neither was lie aware of the fact that Maskette was destined for r r: eing in California. "On Hie contrary she will 1 probably Ro to England with Colin. Ballot and Hie - ot.iers," bo remarked. "I dont know just how many of my horses will be raced abroad. I havent had 1 the time to canvass the situation thoroughly. I may race a dozen two-year-olds on the other side next season, certainly all that are eligible to stakes s two carloads of racers were shipped to Oakland. Oal., today. Those owned by James McManus were e Included in the consignment. It has developed that the crack filly. Gowan. was s cut down behind in her last race. Some feeling exists as to the horsemen who are e leaving here for the west before election day. Several have cone and others are preparing to depart. - "They mostly are westerners, who have made the east t her stamping ground during the summer months. W 1b claimed they should have followed the example set by T. Griffin. Julius Bauerj J. A. Bennet and I others, who, while desiring to ship to California a early, have decided to remain here until they have e Toted. The horsemen who are to remain claim that t tliev stay behind at some cost to fight the battles for r Others, who will be the first to get under the cover r of Hie Jockey Club If there is racing here next year. . It is freely asserted that racing will be a thing of the past unless there are changes from the present conditions. An instance of the falling off In attendance can be gathered from the fact that all II told there are only seven hundred and fifty annual 1 members belonging to the several associations. Out t of that number not more than fifty have attended d " the meetings recently and tiien only occasionally, notwithstanding their due are paid. They state e frankly that tiey are fearful that the county officials will drag them Into the courts on some pretext. The e race-going public is In much the same frame o X f i t C mind, hence the small attendance and the shrinkage in the gate receipts. It is easily seen what will become of the snort under such conditions. Time and hard work only on the part of those concerned can bring back the high-class racing that once existed. That there will be a great fight In the courts this winter is assured, and it probably depends upon the decisions and the interpretation of the existing law as to whether there will be a continuance of racing iu this state.

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