Success of American Horses This Year in England, Daily Racing Form, 1910-05-21

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A I + 1 — J. SUCCESS OF AMERICAN HORSES THIS YEAR IN ENGLAND - •f- + While no race of any great im|iortaiice has as yet fallen la any of the American bred horses now being raced in F.ugland. they have made their presence felt and have won ami la-en placed in a fair share of their starts. Not only have the horses in American ownership done reasonably well, twit sev ral of those purchased by English owners have won good races. Shrubb. Slatln Pasha. King Star. Waierwillou . Doiincz M« i. Kdward. Shady Joe. Wamba and Medlieot all having attained winning brackets since the English flat racing season began at in March. Itaily Itaciug Form here presents its readers with a full statement of the ownership and names of our liorses that have won or Im-oii placed so far. and will give similar successes as they may Ik- achieved lien-after: March 14 H. p. Whitneys ch. c. Bobbin. 4. by Meddler Ilandspun: Batthyany Plate. Lincoln 1 l." A. Belmonts b. h. Xeriuau III.. 5. hv Octagon Nineveh: Lincolnshire Handicap. Lincoln •! 10 II. 1. Whitneys cb. g. Pequot. 3. by Hamburg -Begatta II. : Canwick Maiden Plate. Lincoln. 2 IS C. Carrolls h. c. Troubled Waters. :;. bv Meddler Lock Deo: Bick.-rstaffe Stakes. Lrwraaal... 2 22 H. Hartigans b. c. Shrubh. .!. bv Grlffoa -B.neme: Butrord Abb. v Plate. Xottinghani 1 2.! H. P. Whitneys a. or br. g. 2. by Hamburg Begatta II.: Willord Selling Plate. Nottingham. .", 23 A. Belmonts ell. c. Hasty Pudding. : . by Hastings— Teas Over: Bestwixal Park Plate. Not lingham ■ 1 23 Mr. Butters b. e. Slat ill Push I. 2. by Slave — My Fa e: Bohin lbxal Plate. Nottingham 1 23 A. Belmonts b. h. Norman III.. 3. by Octagon -Nineveh: Newark Plata. Nottingham 2 23 Mr. Naous ch. c. King Star. .".. bv Kingston Starligiil: Sberwood Selling Plate. Nottingham.. 1 2N H. P. Whitneys ch. g. 2. hv Hamburg or Sandriiigham Ficsole; Bemlleshatn Stakes. Kempton Park 1 2S C. Carrolls h. f. ftfc.ll Tii. 2. bv Meddler — Kamara: Bendleshaui Stakes. Kempton Park " April 1 O. Maildcns b. f. Coronal. ::. by Voter — Bosegarland: Countv Handicap. Alexandra Park 2 2 Lord H. Vane Tempests b. f. Medlieot. 2. by Meddler -Botha; April Auction Stakes. Alex andra Park 2 " 2 A. Belmonts b. f. Boudoir. 2. bv Octagon Oueens Bower: Grove Welter Handicap: Alexandra Pa ik 1 2 Mr. Butters b. c. Slat in lasha. 2. bv Slav — My Fate; April Auction Slakes. Alexandra Park 3 " . Col. Storys b. e. Flection. 3. by Voter --Amlirosllie: Bott.sford Welter Handicap. LetCCatCT. .. 2 S A. C. Mandaras ch. c. Doiincz Moi. :. bv Dieiidonm — Jovita: Berkshire Handicap. Newbury.. 2 " S J. B. Joels br. f. Watcrwillow. 2. bv Watercress- -Maxine: Beckliampton Plate. Newbury 1 12 H. P. Whitneys b. or br. f. 2. by Hamburg — Lady Frivoles: Fitzwilliam Stakes. Newmarket. 1 12 L. Waterburys b. f. Alster Cress. 2. by Watercress — Hamburg Belle: Fitzwilliain Stakes. Newmarket . 2 13 II. P. Whitneys ch. g. Pequ.t. 3. hv Hamburg— Begatta II.: Selling Plate. Newmarket 1 13 H. P. Whitneys ch. c. New Castle. 3. by Meddler— Homespun: Wood Dlttou Stakes. Newmarket I 13 C. Carrolls b. f. Queen Tii. 2. bv Meddler — Kamara: Oranbv Plate, Newmarket 2 " 14 II. P. Whitneys b. or br. g. 2. by Hamburg— Begatta II.: Selling Plate. Newmarket 2 " 14 A. C. Mandaras ch. c. Domiez Moi. 3. bv Dieudonne — Jovita: Handicap Plate. Newmarket.... 1 " 14 H. I. Whitneys ch. c. Whisk Biikhii. 3. by Broomstick — Audience: Craven Stakes. Newuiarket 2 13 H. P. Whitneys eh. g. 2. by Salidringliain or Hamburg— Ficsole; Sudbury Plate. Derby 2 13 A. Belmonts b. h. Norman III.. 5. by Octagon — Nineveh: Doveridge Handicap. Derby 2 " 17 H. P. Whitnevs ch. g. 2. hv Hamburg — Jinks: Osiuiston Plate. Derby 2 " 17 II. P. Whitneys b. g. 3. by Hamburg— Yorkville Belle; Ilighnehl Selling Plate. Derby 2 " 1» L. Winans hlk. or br. g. Kdward. 4. bv Plaudit — Jassun: Prince of Wales Stakes. Epsom.... 1 lft J. B. Jix-ls br. f. Watcrwillow. 2. bv Watercress — Maxine: Westminster Plate. Epsom 3 " 1W Mr. Eseotts br. h. Bobrinski. !i. by Kingston — Catherine: Banstead Plate. Epsom 1 " 19 F. Parkers br. f. Littoral. 3. bv Hamburg —Long Shore: Banste.-d Plate. Epsom 3 2ft Mr. Liishiiigtons ch. c. Sliadv Joe. 3. by Sombrero — Josh- Rood: April Stakes. The Curragh... 1 20 C. Carrolls b. f. Queen Tii. 2.,bv Meddler— Kamara: Hyde Park Plate. Kpsom 2 W A. C. Mamlaias ch. . Donne* Moi. 3. bv Dieudonn. — J.vvita: Trial Handicap. Poutefraet 3 21 Mr. Prentices br. e. Wamba. 4. bv Ben Brush — Cap and Bells: Trial Selling Plate. Sandown.. 1 22 II. P. Whitneys eli. e. New Castle. :;. bv Meddler -Homespun: Tudor Plate. Sandown 2 2C. II. Cecils ch. g. Pequot. 3. by Hamburg — Begatta II.: X.0M Ouineas Trial Plate. Newmarket. :; " 27 H. P. Whitneys ch. c. Whisk Broom, 3. by Broomstick — Audience; 2.b N» duiucas. Newmarket 3 27 II. P. Whitneys b. or W. f. 2. by Hamburg Lady Frivoles; Wllbraham Plate. Newmarket... 1 " 2S A. Belmonts b. f. Boudoir. 3. hv Octagon — Queens Bower; Free Handicap. Newmarket 3 2S H. P. Whitneys b. f. Artless. :j. bv Hamburg— Martha II.: Kly Plate. Newuiarket 1 2! H. P. Whitueys b. or br. a. 2. h.v Hamburg — Begatta II.: Two Year Old Selling plate, Newmarket : 1 May 1 . Carrolls b. c. Night Rider. 2. by .Meddler— Ballantrae: Middlesex Plate. Bant Park 1 3 Lord Lonsdales ch. r. Ivlncarh. 3. bv Kingston — lingham: Ccstrian Selling Plato. Chester.... 1 4 Lord II. Vane Tenutests h. f. Medlieot. 2. by Meddler— Rotha : Badminton Plate. Chester 1 " 3 Mr. Butters b. e. Slatin Pasha. :!. by Slave My Fate: Botharnstcad Stakes. Harpemlen 3 " 3 A. Belmonts b. f. Boudoir, 3. by Octagon — Queens Bower; Ilarpcndcn Tow 11 Handicap. Har- pendeii 3 " 3 A. Bclinonts b. h. Norinan III.. 3. hv Octagon Nineveh: High Firs Plate. Harpemlen 1 t» c. Carrolls b. f. Queen Tii. 2. bv Meddler — Kamara: Spring Two-Year-Old Plate. Kempton Park 2 • G H. P. Whitneys ch. g, 2. by Hamburg — Jiut-s: Spring Two-Year-old Plate, Kempton Park.... 3 j. *

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