All Ready at Charleston: Favorable Outlook for Saturdays Opening at Palmetto Park, Daily Racing Form, 1913-01-19


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ALL READY AT CHARLESTON FAVORABLE OUTLOOK FOR SATURDAYS OPENING AT PALMETTO PARK. Opposition to Proposed Meeting Fails to Materialize and Management. While Not Anticipating Any, Will Be Ready for Any Emergency. Charlc-t"h. S. C. January IS. -With less Ih;in oa ■■ week Intervening before the opening "I ! • lifty-li e lavs race meeting al Palmetto Park, this staid old southern citv is taking oa .1 m*-i i-«»i i i t ; n appear ■ace. Thi- crowd of visitors already oa hand aagnrti well tut ihr uminsi of Ike inciting. Wkatevet ■ke| i«ism one may hair had in regard to the ability of the management to conduct the meeting according to schedule- is quickly dispelled urival when the friendly attitude of the citizens is discovered. In all iinarteni are t 1m- hoard opea expression* in favor of the apart. If there is any liostility to tie proposed racing, it is not manifested on the surface, and if the expressions of ■ maJotMy of the townspeople coaat for aaythiai there will ix aoae. Manager Pom i- more s-miiiiiim- than over, as Uie opening date approaches, thai all their plans will he carried through without a hitch, and that the racing will l» of Ugh class, with the reaalt thai at its conclusion the sport "ill have gained many additional friends. Those loudest in favor of the ■pert are the met chants, hotel men and restaurant proprietors. To tliein the racing moan- to— idfrahlr in a financial Way and the are making elaborate preparation- 1 : the patronage Of the racing folk. Many of the most desirable apartments in the city have heen leased to the visitors and the better class boarding houses art also eager for them. The raelag of la-t season left a decidedly good taste witli the Cbarlcstonian- and also gave the town a Moan, real estate men claiming that property values have Increased from 20 to ."0 per cent since the advent of the racing here. As an indication of wliii racing has done for the town, plans are already being formulated for the building of two modern i--iting nt on Hie condition that the racing r..:-.i.. Interests succeed lu securing some favor from the Legislature, now in session. Some of Charleston* inosl influential citizens are now at Columbia, lead-lag their efforts to a movement to obtain an amendment to the law passed last year, deferring the date on which it will become effective. They are. from all reports, making a favorable impression and i; -likely that the lawmakers will grant the proposed ox 1 ciision of time. While everything apparently is serene and M hostility is expected by the racing management, slid they will not lie caught napping should any attack be made. They are well prepared and .ire going on with their plans for the meeting in confident fashion. The plant is in excellent condition and the many iui provenients made since the close of the meeting last April have brought it up to the standard of the most pretention- course-. The track is regarded as one ol the safest training courses in the country. Several bud spot- thai gave trouble last season have been remedied by the addition of a Mack clay which his pgeked solidly and made the goiug til tn. The bard rains *if the summer and fall proved beneficial to the course by making the going uniformly solid. The double locked combination steward and judges stand, which has displaced the old judges stand, contributes much to the beanty of the plant. The new stand is glass enclosed, permitting all a full view of the weighing-iii process by the jockeys. One departure rem last seaaaa will be the aboil tlon of the big bookmakers stands. Thi- old style paraphernalia employed by the bookmakers will he relegated to the pa-t for "all time. The small hind slate will be utilized during this meeting and is ex pec ioc| to give general satisfaction. Tin re will be 110 dearth of good horses available Tor racing lien, a- - of the most prominent raelag establishments in the- country will hare rep i ■-••illation. Thi- also appliea to Jockeys. The more Iloniinoiit rider- already here, with the stables they will ride for. include: Musgravc Tennessee Stable: If i.unsc Adair A. T. K.erner, W. O. .loplii: i:. Martin. .1. E. Mad. In: F. Uans, !■. B. Brown; Skin in. .1. II. McCarrea; Wdl .1. M. Cooper; .1. Mc-Inure. .1. o. Talbot t; Prach E. I., lone-; Kir-en hanm, .1. Brannuu: MpellmaB. Tennessee Siabl-. Other- who nave announced an jiii:.ti"ii of riding here are Moudon. Tioxlei C. Grand, Pickens, Tapllu. C. Peak, Teaban. Fain. Buxton and Obert There will lie la excess of E00 hones at the track. Which will Ik- -iitlnieiit for He meeting without the prospect of a -le.ilagc a- nearly all the racers arc . in tit condition for racing. Oae "f the more pretentious establishments i- that of F. J. Pons, who 1 races in tin name of the Tennessee stable. There are twentv four in the itahie including John Parking. Judge Wright. Jack Kellogg and other useful racers, besides several likely looking youngsters. 11. ■. Bui|w ells lot contains twenty -lx. of which 1 Hen Loyal, Prince Ahmed. Pa ton, Lochlel and Bone • .linen an- among the best known. Mr-. 1.. A. I.i logrtoas band 01 twelve arrived at the coarse recently and is msde up of Pandorlna, Talecarrier, Stanto Phew and Momma. W. T. Anderson Ms sereateen in training here, including Royal Message : and Marjorie A One ,.f the pretentious strings i-that cd J. O. Talbott, who has twenty. Including : Jawbone, winiii of last eai-- Palaaetto Derby, de-elded at this track. R publican. Tarts, Colonel Cook Clothes Brush and others. The .1. I.. Holland lot number- seventeen, Donald Dacdonald being tie best. .1. V. May. the Lexington turfman, ha- ten. prinetpelly juveniles. Countless and Theresa Gill being tin- older horses. W. l Bare* will campaign twelve, ill addition to mil lag a- Me "f the Steward* here. The heal in hi- care are Shackleton and Dr. Duenaer. Wayne ». Joplin will try for purse- with [ thirteen, among them Chetiyiila. Mo. -ant and Cbil-toii King. Cberryola is training well. Archie /.hunter, in charge- of .1. m. Zlmmers lot. is devoting , his attention to Caugh Hill. Ancon, Gardenia an.l i three good looking youngsters that he regards highly. Frank F. Brown expects great things from hi- band j of six. comprised of inner Hughes, Merr.v Lad. • al Hon Flub. Volthoipe and a two year old by 11-limus ; Stepping Slop.- thai he has named Brown stone. This colt is the best looking juvenile al the . course and can run fast. A stable that should cut a wide swath in lie- lacing here i- that of Adair ft Maker. Their racer- number ten and include Busv. Mud SIM. White Wool. lev. Eloyal Tea and Contl -neural. Jockey i: ose will |o the riding for this B stable, and «- Hiinlcv Baker, the young trainer hat-inc them in charge has them all in tine fettle the -tatde should be well up on the- winning list. C. T. Patter-on has the J. E. Madden stable in charge. Most of the members of ibis stable are; two-year Olds. T. F. Sheedy brought a dozen from the north, the ■ RloTe prominent in the l"t being Nonpareil. Yenghee. I.olind.-r and Accord. .lame- s Rverman ha- twewtj liinler lii- rare, lui-c ellaiieoielv owned and eiul. 1 ■ Igg the ..Id -lan.lbys T. M. Green an.l Mack II. Iubanlvs. the property of "Facie Dare" Prevviii of r Danville. By, E. W. MuJte arrived recvntly trow Nashville. . ■ r . Tenn.. with Bettie Sue. Joe Stein and three go id looking iwo.v.u olds. Mis K A. Iv-on will be represented by I nloa Jack Troy Weight, Spell bound mid others. W. ;. K tng-Dodds will have five in charge of trainer John Paul, the best being Wood-era f I «. D. henaiill Milloli I., i- lice In -t li ilia; owner".- String, lie is going along well In preparation. J II McCarren Ms twelve A. !i tones Carlton n. i- training well. V. 1.. Davis will campaign fifn-eu. inc luding Sash Cash and Sylvcs- tris. J. L. Strodts guiatet v ill iiuludo Pluvious - and Omfeer. C D. Bay will have sis. with 1 Ainorot and Banorella as the best. There are more than one hundred two-year olds at t the curse, among them some highly tried and well I Ihoiigfil of colts. Tin- Lawrence »V Comstoek young - stem, which came from California, are a grand leak lag l"t. Tiny are bv Salvation and Kapld Water J. L. Holland has a pr i-ing and fast working lot. I he get of Martinet. Several in Wayne J,,plins s stable- are attracting favorable attention. They are chiefly by out of Iteuch and Nasturtium.

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