Forty-Two Entries for Kings Plate: Nominations for Home-Bred Stakes at Woodbine Reflect Growth of Canadian Breeding Industry, Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-09


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i i i ■ i ■ i - I , e " • ,1 . r . FORTY-TWO ENTRIES FOR KINGS PLATE. I Nominations foi Home-Bred Stakes at Woodbine Reflect Growth ol Canadian Breeding Industry. . i y r roato thai March S. This year tor the first , ii ih. race i..i the Kiags Plate at Woodbine is , open to horses ihai iia.- wou race* before _..inn lo j the posl for kin;; Georges guineas, though the .-x tension is only to winners .d two-year-old races, which will carrj in the Plate a penaltj id five i IKiuuds as compared with those still naideas. I he changi in conditions was uol made- until after serious consideration of Its possible effects. Prac- i a tically Hie onlj weigh I j arguraenl against the pro t posal was that ii would take away froai the inter I est in ih.- race bj removing mueli of it- nncer 1 tainty. the likelj competitors bayiag been tried i in public previously. The object Ion was not a griet ■us on. . and the hist experience under the new con- : ditious show thai II has had etfecl this lime; and ;his was n,,- Hun- when the objection would be ai its strongest Last season aI r. i Dai i did. lins produced in Hearts of i ak a ooll thai showed better .lass j,, race* than perhaps anj Canadian bred ol his age in the historj of racing, except his hall hrolhei. Wire In. Ioi ail that he , w:.s looked on as a phenomenon. Hearts of iak . frightened nobody unl of the Plate. Racing Is , alwayn uncertain, and the aaonej is not paid till the winner has finished and passed the seab-s So ii happen* thai ihis year** Plate has half ■ dozen more entries than lasi year instead ol fewer, i and a her gatifyiug feature is thai the rortj iw entries represent tweuty-elgW different owners. Mr. J. E, Seagram has tour nominations, as have Mr. Giddings and the Brookdale Stable of Messrs. Dj ment. Mr. Robert Davie* has three, and Hon. Adnin Beck, Mi. Gorman and Mr. Maher can draw from a pair. Among the entries those thai have won as two Mai olds are lb-art* ol ak. Ondrauiida. Maid of i r • F.aiile son- and Auster. The last named, hied bj Mrs I A. Livingston and owned hv Mr. .1. s. Ilvnu ol Prencott. has m her credit a victory over Hearts of Oak al Montreal, though with a difference ■! twentj four pounds aetua! weight la h. i ; avor. The eoiidiiions ami entries recently received bj the Ontario Jockej Clnb for Hus most coveted of Canadian races, the fifty-fourth running of which will lake place at Woodbine May 84, are as follows: The King* Plate. St gaineas, the glfl of His Majesty, King George V. the oldcsl axtore run continuously on this continent. Estimated value sr,.nm: X.~.,O0u to be added bj the club. The firsl horse to receive the guineas, stakes and ,500; the -.-. .aid horse 00, and the third 00. The breeder of the winner to receive 08. A sweepstakes of s:« payable al time at eutiv. .*.". additional, nnless declared oul by Ma 1. and 9 additional for starters. For three-year-old* and upward, the prop erty of a British subject resident in Ontario, foaled, raised and Maine. I in Ontario that have never won a race, either on the tat at across emntry, other than a race exclusively for two-year-old*, have never left Canada, and have neve: been for a period Of mole than one month out of this provimc. Winner- to .any ." pounds extra. Heath of nominator .hos doI render entry void, in.- mile and a quarter. A pie. e of plate will be presented bj the eluh to the winner. Declarations Thursday, May 1. To In- run Saturday, May 24. Owner, Horse, Pedigree. A. Wt. George Atkinsons i.N. Toronto ToWer, u. v. bj Pel-shore Mr*. Nelson I MKS T, i . Bate** Ottawa Legislator, ch. g, hjr The Commoner Mary Cowan S 121 Hon a. Beck* London Britains Aid. ch. e. by Phaeton Saapsbot :; l"s Hon. A. Hecks London t Hair Shot, eh. c. lij Phaeton -llalrtrlgger 3 108 James Bovalnis F.rainpi Fanny Boyle. ch. f. by Martimas Marj Cowan 3 HO John J. Bradys Glansrorth Coboorg Boy, eh. i. bj Coboursj c.vheie :; m:. Brookdale siahles Barrie Crystlawoga, ch. g, hi Tongiwder Grandma II 3 106 Bioitkilale Stabte* Barrie Elfaia, be f. h Sain FU ■• W8 Brookdale Stables Barrie Bewkkowa, br. f, in fori Hiiniei Miss Morgan :. J":« Brookdalt! Stable* Barrie Wanlatwwa, eh. I. bj Tongorder Ctarmh 3 HI8 .1. Collins Toronto Miss Harvey, b, f. hy Martimas Sampan » "■ c. w i -.ks Murrisbarg Ironical, ch. ;.. Iiy Oruutas Merriment •"• 106 lloheii Davles Torontol Gold Bad. eh. i. bj Ailes ilnr Gold Spot I IM Koheii Davies Toronto John Bowman, ch. g, bj inn. • Shore Parisian Lady •" 103 Robert navies Toronto Meter, ch. f. hy Dune Shore Mrs. Frank Foster o 103 Joseph II. iioanes Toronto Birdcage, ch. f, h Wir.-iu — Btirdette t ll T. J. Flwaids Toronto Millpoud, b. f. by Beguile s.-a Roll : 1W J. S. Flvnns Preseottj Auster. b. f. by Siauh. a..- II. Athleeu 3 IDS Harrv Giddings fOakvlllel Hearts of Dak. b. c. h Bassetlaw— Lady Light fool ■ 1FJ Harrj Ghiings Oakville Ondramida, ch. r. by Basaellaa My Honej ;: ms Harrj Gidings Oakville Venus Crania, br. f. h Bassetlaw Lady Beta ■ ll :: Harrj Giddings Oakville Widow Wise, eh. !. bj Bassetlaw My Maryland ■ MS P. Gormans Ottawa! Aurora Itahy. eh. ]. by Armealh II. Anna Italy 1 119 F .;. nn. ms Ottawa Arcadjr, b. 1". bj Stan hope 1 1. nna Daly 3 103 j. L. Hamiltons Toronto Porcupine, br. g, bj Martlma* Lualola • -l lion. J s. il- ii. In. s Hamilton Bockapring, ch _-. l.v Martimas Springwell* 1 1-1 p. Waheis Toronto Guinevere, a. f. ay Stanhope II Ganymede 3 108 • p Mabers Toronto Ulburne, eh. g, by Locobatehee Mis. Lois 1 1- T Mm pins lilamiltoiii Sir Melviu. ch. C, by Martimas Flicker :; HKI ; Mrs C Phalrs Toronto Holly Brook, br. f. lo Bowling Brook -Hollj Qoeen :; 193 i j i-oit. Hamilton Oakfamd Lad. br c, bj Martimas Irene A 3 108 II. ||. Roberts tStmcoe Mausolas, br. .-. i, si.iuhope II. .Meadowlej 3 Mis Jam.- 1. RysdaleS iN. Fallsi Mis . Mar aaret. Im Urine Shore— Miss Ugh t foot. . 1 119 i J l: Seagrams Waterloo Volvode br. -4. lo ps.iauti II. Chlaka 3 106 , .1 E. Seagrams Waterloo Vale ol Avoca, ch. •-. bj Havoc Irish Lass :: Kta J. E. Seagrams Waterloo Maid of Frome, b. f. i.v Havoc Frome 3 H,s .1 i; s. as;, ,., - . w.ii.! loo Battle Bona;, b. i. by Havoc Hose Madrigal I l"1- . l . Simons Torouto t rfiamt o. b. .-. l.v Stanhope II. Compassion ■ ",: S I Stewarts ilmi Erie Bxmer, b. .. lij Bxclamathai Myra Morella 3 109 , j . Ihomp-ous Hamilton Planutort, b. I l jr Il.iumli s I.:, Tori 3 193 ; .1 w and] kes Hlrimsbj I Ainrlta, b. I. lo SI tiibope II. Adeline M 3 106 ; William Walker- Toronto Hatha Walker, , h i :; bj lldrim Golden Glitter II 3 103 Entries for the other stakes ol the Ontario Jockey Club, which closed on the rirsi of the month, are ; equally gratifving The Breeders and Maple Leal Stake- now ai.- events of S.i«"» in added n ey ,•:,, !, Tbej are for bome-breds. and the former has a splendid lis; of fortj seven, mosl ol whi.h [ uill be seen under colors this season, and all ot ■ whi.h are material for next years Plate. 1 he en trlei for the Stanlej Produce Stakes, an open tu-iinitv. reach the encouraging number ol eighty-one The conrpk te 1 1*1 follows: Stanlej Produce Stakes ,000 added: an open 1 sweepstakes for three-year-olds; foals ol IM., by , .„i,.., i -ipnou of $." ea.h ror males covered m 1912 " and d .*:, ea.-h for the produce ol such mares unless k out bj the first oi January, 1914; or ol ; unless stiuek out by the first ot January. 1515: or of s., unless struck oul bj the first of January. Pi,,; starters o pa 0 additional; the eluh to , add ,500 I" the stake*, ol which semi to the sec I horse ind 00 to third: stake weights; winners i , tarn . pounds: of SI.immi. :, pounds; ol ,500. 7 7 pounds extra:; maidens allowed H pound- mares 8 iu, he Altered l»v person* not theii i u rs, hut I owner-, to have prior right; tr foal not alive bj Isl I julv |»i:i nomination of mare void, .hath d nominator doe- n,u render entry void: one and one iptxrter inil.s; i,i be run during the year 1919, as - the Ontario Jockej I lub maj due t. J.ini.s Rovairris Ismalian Selwik. Itrookdale Stables Fair Vnnet Reil rox: Miss Morgan Red Fox; Hera Red Fox; Baroness Pepper * K. ,| Fox; Ell Red Fox: Bella Red Fox; Be n m Is !;. ,. . llroa sv Kelstou. i- s Cami Il*« Called Back Fed Fox; Bin iMister Olseau. I.ivid a Campbells Taunt Gaj Boy: Setting . ; a Bo 1 1 - i lydes Rose «aj Io n Mawi rasl. i itrvi Mawr: Man sire.. Bryn Mawr; llhambra Brj-it Mawi ami Halhonsie; Preatidhrltatrice -Bryn II Ma a r Charles A. trews Cannle Maid Martimas •iieo. Crittenden* lietsv Blnford Balsovei Robert Davie* Banged Guitar - ■ Orme Shore:: Lou 1 pania Bolsover: Si. c Ila -Bolsover; Wish Bolso . vi4r Rose l.iwrem, Miller: lloi.len Orme Shore: Hs, hi, i Maker Dime Shore; Fair Flora Di si Mrs Frank F ster Orme Shore Kennel h T Bawes Monte dAmoin iMsean J I Doiiins A|i,: lainell R.,l t.-r.lam II Gldding* h H v Bassetlaw; Ladj Beta Bassetlaw; Better Half Bassetlaw: Cuba Frei BaaseUaw: Ladj Lightfool 11 St. Basa I Glasscos Miss Guiet] -Hokaland. ijeo. i. Heudrtep HhitpjOpCSe — DaviJ toinuk, fj I . i y , , j i i a t I 1 i : i , . , i • ; i , Piteena Harvey; OtstXoU Martimas; SprrhgweTls David Garrick. i toi. John Hendries Rnshwater Martimas. I William Hendrie .states Kelpie David Garrick: Temagami Havi.i Garrick; Logan Water David | Garrick; Bine Grouse Havid Garrick: Amah David Garrick: Flicker David Gurrick: Butter Scotch .. Martimas; Firewater Martimas; Hoki Land Mai iimas; Sally Cohen— Martimas: Percussion Marti mas; Piffle Martimas or H.uvex; llie I.inlie Martimas | George G. Mitchells BonnyclabberMartin Doyb?. A. E. Ogllvlea Bythm— Floral King; Aleriiment i Moral Kui. Junes Pearsons Tale. Ion Maid Ypsilanti 11. Joseph E. Seagrams Deris Havoc; Sea Wall Gal tine: Court Mai.i II.— Gelatine: Falrlie Head : . Galatine; Bouquel Galatine; Dolores III. — XUeUaa ti II : Irish Lasfl II. Havoc: Froit Frou - Have, Royal China Havoc; Irish Witch— Inferno: Itnitan ia Vpsllantl II. .las. A. Ih psons l.jt Tort Martimas; Kyle - Stanley Fay; Virginal Btanley Fay. 1;. r. Wilsons Nightfall— Ormoudale; fantaaqne Drtn. m bile: Mad. Inn Ormondale: Mexoana— Or-inon.lale; Witchcraft— Oguen; LAhjuette stalwart: Nam iet I. • Plaudit; Lady Navarre Plaudit. Breeders- stakes ,000 added: tor three-year ...Is. foal.d in the Dominion of Canada, 1911, and owned there al time of starting; to accompanj entry and sio additional to start, with ,000 added of whi.h S:;.Mi |n second horse and sl.,n to third; a winner to earr.v :: imuiiiiIs. of two or more races .". pounds, of the Kings Plate 7 pounds extra : maidens allowed 7 pounds; death of nominator does llot under entry void: one mile and a farioag; to h. run during the vear r.iii as the Ontario Jockey Club aiaj direct : M. A. Barbours Miss Kapaaga, ch. f. by Kapanga Coh Spes W. Bennetts Aniphion. b. a. by Inferno-— Court Maid II. Mr*. Charles Boyles Spencer, b. g, hy Harvey Supper Dame. Brookdale Stables Mail Order, b. c, by Tongorder Miss Morgan: Moss i . bat. c, bj Fed i-., Bella Hamburg; BeauctRvaL ch. c, by Tongorder Depends; Crannys Pet, b. I by Red Fox Grand Mi II. .. S. Fauiphells Corn BlOOm, ch. tl. hy e-ai ion Birch Broom; Sin Sin. ch. f. by St. Savin — Insinuate. W. C. Courtneys Carl Courtney, b. .-. hy Was. Wright Maud I. vies. Thomas Crittendens Betsy dOr, eh. f. by Ailes dDr I!, l-y Binford. Robert Davies" Duke of Chester, h. c, by SI. Savia Wish: Dilhli.n. b. g, by BolaoVer Gay Dora: Roguish, b. f, by Bolsover Mischief Maker. U. M. Dales Golden Gleam, br. f by Kebjtoa Drowsy. K. T. Dawes- Ieur de Rien. h. g, by Andover Mome d Amour. T. J. Flw aids Lady Isle. h. 1. hv Havoc — Fairlie Head II. Giddings Bee Hive. b. ■. bj Baaaetlau Mv Honey: Allan Bam, b. c, by Bassetlau Jai Ami; Half Law. h. .-. by Baaaetlau Fetter Half: Banjo, h. c. i.v David Garrick — Cuba Free. F. Glasscos hay colt, hy Makalau.l Ode: liav filly, by Martimas -Miss Gaiety. J. G. Gormau* Gerald c. -h. c. hy David Gar rick Kelpie. George M. Hendries St.uir Creek, h. c, by David Garriek Springwells; Martena, b. f. by Marthuas Placenu. Col. John S. Hendries Salltleet. eh. g. hy Marti mas Firewatei ; Henham, ch. . by David Garrick - Flicker; Slipper Day. br. f. hy Martimas -Blue i Ironse. George Lowerya Hope Dea, b. f. by vrpsilantl II. Prima Vera. Sol. Mints Did Reliable. I., c. hv David Garrick Sampan. o. oberuessers Percy Ryan. ch. g l.v STnalfainti 11. Coouille. Charles Phalrs Tom Flauagan. b. ., by Perahore or Havoc Vera. ions. W. c. Roberts Actor, ch. c, l David Garrick Dak Maid. Joseph V,. Seagrams Sea Lord. b. g, by Ynailanti II s.a Wall; Meissen. I». «. by Inferno -Rural nine: Sir Lam color., h. K. hv Ypsilanti II Dob •res HI.; Sweel Discord, h I. hv luleluo Bose Madrigal; Fallen AhueL ch. f. bj inferno Satanic: Froissart. b. g, by Havoc iron Iron; la vei house. b. Lr. h Havoc Martyrdom: Extravagant, b. -. by Havoc; Dark Bosalecu, " br. f. by Have. Irish Lass 11.; Vuatasto, h. g. by Havoc Devi*; Taeiloo, b. g, bj Ypsilanti II. Cliiuka: Beoarr br. -. by Earl Rogers— Virginal; Ethel G., in. f. by Earl Sogers Kyle. Maple Leaf stakes 42,999 added: tor three-year old tillies iii the Dominion of Canada In 1911. and owned there at time of starting; sr, to aarempaaj entry ami $|n additional to start, with ,000 added. of which $:;:* goes te second hone and 50 te third; a winner to carry three pounds, ot two or more r* -lie pounds; of the Kings Plate aevea pounds extra maidens allowed seven pounds; death of lioiniiril 1 does not render entry void: one mile and a sixteenth to he run dnrtug the year l»M as the Ontario Jockej luh may dire. I : M. A. Barbours Miss Kapaaga, ch. f. by Kaaunga coll Sp.s. Hon. Adam licks Hair Spring, ch. f. by Farthlna -Hairtrigger. • itrookdale Stables Grannys Pet, h. f. by Red Fou- Grandma II. C. s. Campbeir* Siu Bin. ch. f, by st. Bavu in sinuate. Thomas Crittendens Betsy dDr. eli. f. by Ailes dOr— BetKj Blnford. Robert Davies Boguish, b. f. hv Bolsover Mb hid Maker. K. M. Dales Golden Gleam, br. f. by Kelstoa Drowsy. T. j. Flwaids Isle. b. f. hv Havoc laill.t Head. E. Glasscos bay lillv. h Martimas Miss Gaietv. George M. Hendries Martena, b. f. bj Martimas Placena, and Martola, b. f, hy Martimas Loaiola. Colonel John S. HendrU"s Slipper Day. hr. f. h. Martimas Blue Gronse. George Lowerya Hope lH-s. b. r. hy Ypsilanti II. Prima Vera. A. F. Ogilviea Irish Harmony, eh. f. hv Dublin Rhythm. Joseph K. Seagrams Meissen, b. f, M lafern Royal china: sweei Discord, b. f. lo Inferno Ros Madrigal; Fallen Angel, eh. f. by Inferno- Satanic and Dirk Rosaleeu, hr. f. hv Havoc — Irish Lass || William Walkers Ethel G.. br f. by Earl Ros . Kyle.

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