Yearlings in Training at Palmetto Park, Daily Racing Form, 1913-12-31

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YEARLINGS IN TRAINING AT PALMETTO PARK Charleston. S. C, December 30. Names have been bestowed upon most of the yearlings in training at Palmetto Park for the two-year-old races of the coming year. A few still remain to b passed upon by Registrar Rowe of the Jockey Club and, in accordance with the rules of racing, none will be allowed to start in races until notice of approval of the name selected is received from the Jockey Club. The list of the yearlings that have bean listed with Racing Secretary Martin Nathanson is made up as follows: Aime Leslie, ch. f, by Pink Coat Senta; L. Weiss. Alco, b. g, by Handsel or Nasturtium Lemeo; H. McCarreu. Alleda. br. f, by Out of Reach Mary Mack; W. T. Woodward. Argent, b. f, by Singleton St. Agnes; E. G. Wil-lard. Black Earl, blk. c, by Roanerges Lady Dunravcn; II. McCarreu. Rlazeaway, br. c, by Waterboy Star; R. F. Carman. Blue Wing, b. c, by Hastings Blue Jacket; G. W. J. Rissell. Booker Rill, ch. c, by McGee Rose Lady; M. C. Moore. Brown Prince, br. c, by Maddalo Tourmaletta; G. W. J. Rissell. Charles Francis, b. c, by Cuuard Mamie G; W. Fenchter. Chevron, b. c, by Out of Reach Commena; E. T. Colton. Ciu:iioiiada, ch. c, by The Commoner Nevada: R. J. Austin. Crystal, I, f, by Hie Commoner Miss Alice; E. W. Moore. Cycle, ch. c, by Cyclades Elizabeth B.; R. F. Carman. Delight Jackson, ch. f, by McGee Precocious: M. C. .Moore. Ed Weiss, b. c, by Stalwart Absent Friend; L. Weiss. Electrician, b. g, by Electioneer Lightaway; J. Parsons. Ella Jennings, b. f, by Star Ruby Graziosa; R. F. Carman. Emma J. S.. ch. f, by Roanerges Belle of May-field: II. McCarren. En Rante, b. f, by Sain La. Bella; R. J. Lucas. Endurance, b. f, by Murntlinu Anna Brooks; J. II. McCarreu. Ermagarde. ch. f, by High Order Miss Juvenal; W. F. Knebelkamp. Eugenes, ch. c, by McGee Maltha; H. E. Williams. Eva M.. ch. f. by Goldcrest Tardy: J. W. .May. Filigree, b. f, by Ultimus Flycatcher; G. W. J. Rissell. Finalee, b. f. bv McGee The Governess; G. W. J. Rissell. " Flectabelle. ch. f. by Handsel Mowitzka; T. Abadie. Florence Moody, ch. f. by Boanerges Aala-lala; L. II. Adair. Flossie Crocket, ch. f, bv Boanerges Golden Bush; M. C. Moore. Gainsborough, b. c, by Canopus Picturesque; R. F. Ci.rman. Golden Laosie, ch. f, by Goldcrest Fleda R.; R. F. Carman. Goodwood, ch. c, by Watercress Almadie; R. F. Carman. Grey Squirrel, rn. or gr. c, by Hastings Turtle Dove; G. W. J. Bissell. Haberdash. br. f, by Martinet Strife; J. L. Holland. Iladda, ch. f, by Martinet Dollio Dollars; J. L. Holland. Hafiz, b. c, by Martinet Lacene; J. L. Holland. Halesla, ch. f, by Martinet Mai Lowery; H. Vivel. Halfpence, br. f, by John F. Suave; J. L. Holland. Ilapsburg II., b. c, by Hapsburg Stannel; H. McCarren. Hardihood, br. c, by Martinet Hostility; II. Vivel. Hardshell, b. c, by Martinet Common Sue; J. L. Holland. Harroun, b. c, by Martinet Rosetlnge; J. L. Holland. Hassock, b. f, by Martinet Agnes Brennan; J. L. Holland. Hauberk, b. c, by Martinet Druid; J. L. Hoi-laud. Haversack, blk. f, by Martinet Memories; J. L. Holland. Heccograph, b. f, by Martinet Lady Esther; J. L. Holland. Hello b. f, by Martinet Ethel Scruggs; J. L. Holland. High Falutin, b. f, by Martinet Adipose; J. L. Holland. Hyria, b. g, by Martinet Hester W.; J. L. Holland. I May. b. f, by The Commoner Hawksora; J. W. Hedrick. Idola, ch. f, by Maddalo Alberta H.; G. W. J. Bissell. Irish May, blk. f, by Extinguisher Lady Trebla; A. T. Divney. Jack Hanover, ch. c, by Goldcrest Result; J. Parsons. Jeff Roberts, blk. c, by Cesarion Grace Commoner: M. C. Moore. Jefferson, br. c, by Contestor Fads and Fancies; F. J. Grefer. Jesse Jr., b. g, bv The Commoner Bessie McCarthy: J. W. Hedrick. Juanita H., b. f, by Jack Atkin Jennie J; R. J. Lucas. Ken-pic, ch. f, by Transvaal Lady Eon; J. H. Nichols. La Patrie. br. f, by Out of Reach Consuelo II.; E. T. Colton. Lady Barbary, br. f, by Galveston Barbary Belle: R. F. Carman. Lady Reach, br. f, by Out of Reach Lady Manners: J. Mahoney. Lillian O., ch. f, by Rockton Richfield; C. J. Odell. Little Mac, b c, by McGee Little Whit; G. W. J. Rissell. Marlon Goosby, br. c, by Marathon Pheenie Fickle: M. C. Moore. Marjorie D., ch. f, by Cyclades Diplomacy; N. F. Dortch. Martinos, br. g, by Masetto Ocanya; Mr. Greene. Mawelons, b. c, by Sempronius Darunia; R. F. Carman. May Ippo, ch. f, by McGee Rosemay; W. II. Frey. May Maid, ch. f, by Yankee Catherine Carson; W. Perkins. Mesa H. Gorin, ch. f, by Cunard Whisk Broom: n. R. Gorin. Miss Clara, eh. f, by Stalwart Navarres Hope; L. Weiss. Miss Fissy, br. f, by Ilapsburg Glad Smile; II. McCarren. Mona G., ch. f, by Apologize Virginal; W. Walker. Netherbow. b. c, by Out of Reach Belle of St. Louis; E. T. Colton. Norma L., ch. f, by Cunard Lady Kismet; J. W. Johnson. Ormulu, cli. f, by Fair Play Orlenta; E. G. Wil-lard. 1ago White, b. c, by Sain Hannadaga; R. J. Lucas. Paid in Full, b. f, by Orison Follow; W. Perkins. Roscoe Goose, b. c, by Dick Welles Please; L. II. Adair. Sandleman, b. g, by Extinguisher Alma K.; A. T. Divney. Santo, b. c, by The Scribe English Esther; W. G. King-Dodds. Single -Maid, b. f, by Singleton Lady Madge; E. G. Willard. Siugletime, b. f, by Singleton Lady Rayon; E. G. Willard. Sir Edgar, ch. c, by Cunard Stumpy; J. W. Johnson. Small Fortune, b. c, by Galveston Maid of Fortune; J. T. Mahoney. Snip, ch. f, by Nasturtium Happy Kate; T. Abadie. Sophia B., b. f, by Orison Work; J. Parsons. "Splltitr ch. f, by- Mexican Clara Bauer; T. J. Brown. St. Helene, br. f, by Statesman St. Jeanne; G. J. Day. Stalwart Helen, ch. f, by Stalwart Helen Miller; L. Weiss. Still Day, br. f, by Peep oDay Keep Still; R. J. Austin. Strome, b. g, by Stromeland St. Lucie: A. T. Divney. Syrian, b. c, by Electioneer Chlcklcts; G. W. J. Rissell. Theresa Bethel, ch. f, by Pter Quince Prairie Belle; C. T. Worthington. Truth, ch. c, by Bauyah Red Hoop; Beverwyck Stable. Unalerua, b. f, by Peep oDay Briretta; J. W. May. Virginia II., b. f, by Stromeland Bethel Gray; A. T. Divney. Virginia Nell,- b. f, by Nasturtium Miss Eddie; T. Abadie. Watlien, ch. c, by High Order Delia Tallica; W. F. Knebelkamp. Zangaree, ch. c, by Maddalo Icaria; G. W. J. Bissell. Chestnut colt, by Celt Eliza Russell; J. S. Tyree. Carbide, br. c. by Celt Lady Goda; J. S. Tyree. Bay filly, by Celt Sister Anna: J. S. Tyree. Celto, blk. f, by Celt Toots; J. S. Tyree. Bay iilly, by Cesarion Al Lone; W. Walker. Brown colt, by Cesarion Utilitas: C. Borel. Chestnut filly by Cyclades Boneda: C. Borel. Brown filly, by Czar Searchlight; Mr. Stone. Bay colt, by Doraute Bettie Gray: J. Forsythe. Bay colt by Dorante Murictta; E. T. Colton. Chestnut colt, bv Dorante Osee; E. T. Colton. Bay filly, by Filigrant Male Hanlon; E. T. Colton. Brown filly, by Garry Herrmann Tin Cup; J. S. Tyree. Chestnut filly, by Glorlfier Albertola; J. S. Tyree. Chestnut colt, by Glorlfier Mermaid: J. S. Tyree. Chestnut colt, by Gloritier Sallie Washington; J. S. Tyree. Bay filly, by Golden Maxim Auntie Mum; O. A. Bianchi. Chestnut filly, by Golden Maxim Lacona; O. A. Bianchi. Bay colt, by Golden Maxim Personal; C. Borel. Brown colt, by Hastings Josie L.; J. S. Tyree. Bay colt, by Jim Gaffuey Resignation II.; O. A. Bianchi. Bay colt, by Jim Gaffney Viola B.; O. A. Bianchi. Chestnut colt, by Marta Santa Pirate Polly; J. S. Tyree. Bay filly, by McGee Allanette; J. S. Tyree. Bay filly, by My Boy II. Ousel: E. W. Moore. Chestnut filly, by Nasturtium Pink Rose; O. A. Bianchi. Bay filly, by Out of Reach Lady Augusta; E. T. Colton. Black colt, by Out of Reach Miss McMeekin; J. Forsythe. Ray colt, by Out of Reach Rosinantc; E. T. Colton. Bay filly, by Out of Reach Short Cake; E. T. Colton. Chestnut colt, by Royal Flush III. Modreda; J. S. Tyree. Chestnut colt, bv Salvation Illusion: F. E. Baird. Bay filly, by Salvation La Cerita; F. E. Baird. Kay colt, by Stalwart Torrid; J. S. Tyree. Chestnut filly, by The Commoner Ice Water; G. P. Sherman. Chestnut filly by The Scribe Speedmast; C. Borel. Kay filly, by Voter Little Fraud; J. S. Tyree. Chestnut filly, by Voter Queens Messenger; J. S. Tyree.

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