Thirty-Nine Entries for Latonia Derby.: Prominent Candidates for Kentucky Derby Also Eligible for Three-Year-Old Race at Latonia., Daily Racing Form, 1914-05-03


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THIRTY-NINE ENTRIES FOR LATONIA DERBY. Prominent Candidates for Kentucky Derby Aho of | Eligible for Thrce-Year-Old Race at Latonia. j J Cincinnati. O.. Mav 2. — The historic I.atonia i Derby will be run this season OH Saturday. .lime ] IS. This will be the sixth day of the meeting at ] Latonia. which begins on lot v and continues tor ] tweet] tour pacing days. This great race waa tirst ran as the Hindoo Stake* In 1883, the MM tlic Latonia track jras opened t the public. It was in -1 ran m tm Latonia Derby in 1*s7 and it holds :iu unbroken record as having annually been the feature af the Spaing meetings at tllis beautiful course among the Kenton County liills of Kentucky. i It is tie mm Derby race in this country thai is I alwas ran at one nute and a half, the distance oi it- English protype at Epsom. The subscription this season is ." each with Slot! additional to Start, which, with the ,008 added by the Latonia Jockey Clab, will make it one of the richest three year-old events of tin? season. It la a race in i which winners in 1914 of 83,000 will cany live pounds extra and maidens are to be allowed seven i pounds. The official entry list for this greal race h made an of thirty-nine nomination*, as follow*: Teller Old Kosehud. Constant. John Jund. Bock ; Keenon Defendum, Thornhill. Bradleys Choice. Boots and Saddle, Black Toney, Baahy Head. Beach i Comber. Bulgarian, Iridescence. Casnarina, Bring-bnrsl orb. Doctor Samuel. Mscknes. Brlckley, San i Vega Kilday. Pebeco, Decathlon, Bronsewing. LAiglette. Robert Kay. Ralph, l.elloc. Boblnetta, Aristocrat. Watermelon, Frances M.. Krin. Patience, Hodge, Justus Goebel, Ivan Gardner and old Ben. The other stakes to be run at I.atonia include a i record breaking array of entries and are as follows: Inaugural Handicap— For three -year olds and up ward. 82,000 added: one mile and a sixteenth: Tom i. Old Kosehud. High Private. Samuel R. Meyer siocih. Joe Delbold, Boots and Saddle Brad l.s Choice. Black Toney, Baahy Head. Hawthorn. Celesta. Bringhurst, Casnarina. Yenghee, ttudolfo. Brlckley Don. rail. Greal Britain, Decathlon. Coy I-ad. Bronaewlng. LAiglette, Flora Una, Milton P... Bebago, Princess Callaway. Bemnrlte, Ralph. Bel loc Any Port, Star Jasmine. Strong. Aristocrat, Prince Hermls. The Widow Moon, Smoke House. Morristown. Erin, Clniis. John Furlong, Patience. Froglegs, China Tom, Hodge, Cream, Gowell, Vmir. John 5. Wearer. Solar Star. Ivan Gardner, Canute " Puna, Wilhite. old Ben. Total 54. Cttpaetta Stakes— For two-year-old fillies. .0 hi hi added: live eighths of a mile: PleetabaUe, Florence Moodv. Filigree, Idiolo. , Briga Sister. It. First. Bed of Rows. Belle of All. [ Rest Bib and Tucker. Chitra. Splitit. Climber. iyi sy. Bapressaey, Mav gueen. Mind the Paint. Hermpsa, , One Step. Cynthia, Star of Night, Nigra, Ruth h Carter. Sea Shell. I.a Patric Margaret I .. Mad ,1 cap. Duchess. Columbia Lady. I.adv Mexican. Misty v Morn. Baby Hastings. Mountain Pearl. Blanche ic Lew hi, Ghetto Girl. Yinoland. Pan Maid. Badinage, t. v H. II. Hewitts eh. f. by Canard — Inspiration: Ilild *■ red. Norma L.. September Morn. Inez. Lenors. Rosalie. * Arrogance, tiilt Edge. Menlp Park. Water Witch, Walerblossoni. Alkanet. Thomas C. McDow r: ells chestnut lillv by Planudes Monarda. chestnut 11 tillv bv Plaudit — Bracegirdle: Lady Reach. Rebecca :1 Moses. Theresa Rethel. Linda Payne. Flossie Crocket »■ OeliLht. Jackson. Katharine C. Kcwpie. London " BM, Almeda Lawrence. GertbelnM, Helen Ray bonld. Mary Reardon. Juliet. Wild Rose. Dignity, r« The Lark. Lea Invalidos. Sweetheart Sue. Alice * Dunn. Yen. v. Go-Kusy, Miss neater, Ida. Ba*f ;v .Edith. Sunset ami Alledo. Total 7!t. Merchants Stakes— A selling sweepstakes for nr three year dds and upward, .5tM» added: one it- mile: Bolv Hill. Temr. Beau Chilton. Constant. John ill Jund.* High Private. Samuel R. Meyer. Bleeth. a Joe Diebold. Bell Horse. Bclialict. Bushy Head. .1 Bac. Bra.kton Belle. Barberry Candle. Cash on Delivery. Progressive. VoRhorpe, Orange, Bulgarian. n. Celesta. Mockler. Berinu.lian. Garneau. Yenghee « Big Spirit. Reciprocity. Archery. Brlckley, LAig g lette. Bronaewlng Casey Jones. Flora Fiua. Milton in B.. Osaple. L. H. Adair. Bereuata. Sebago, Raonl, d. Eustace. Mis- Thorpe. OHagan. OSnllivan. Pr -sumption •e Star Jasmine. Strong. Prince Herniis. is. Cedar Brook. Maud B. L., Krin. Isabelle Valle. e. Patience. Penalty. Jenny Geddes, Roadmaater, ■r Hamilton. David Craig. Flying Tom. Beiilah S.. v. Chartier Cream. Ring. Lady Moeuet. Ymir. John Im G Weaver. Winning Witch. Furlong. Graver Hughes •s Bdltb W.. Worlds Wonder. Wild Horse, Red Star. if. Wilhite and Old Ben. Total 75. Harold Stakes — For two vear-old colts and geld d ings. 82,088 added: five-eighths of a mile: African Beau. Pif. Jr.. Roscoe loose. Jack Carey. •v Emerson Cochran, Grey Squirrel. Blue Wing. Bars irs and Stars. Business Agent, Merkel. Between 1 "s. s. Bell Buoy Last Coin. Superhuman. Apple. Solly. v. Luke. Hanson, Malabar. Shoddy. Money Maker. ■V. Chevron, Netberbow. Moseowa, Bfeveu Pence. c Dortch Bamboo. Col. Tom Green. Izzotboy. Raven •u ball St Charlcote, Cabjarian, Converse, Martinar. ir. Manioc Skiles Knob. Chalmers, Gano, Scrutineer. Resign. le- Long Beach, sir Edgar, Boon Hoo. W. II. Lande-mans Ic eh c, by Peep o Day— Barbara Whiting; g- Ingomar. Rhodes, Rlnaldo, Tillotson. Ctestertou. ,n. Manager Waite, Delano. Irish General, J. C. C. Milams b c by Marta Santa — Manna : JetT eff Roberts Marion Goosby. Booker Bill. Hugh Hunter. BT, Blectrioiau. Dr. Carmen. P.cnicap. Indian Runner. Br. Timepiece. Chas. McCormick, Prime Albert. Eddie lie Dclling Ed. Crump. Raincoat. Precinct. Redland. id. Paul Gaines. Hex, Type. Billy Joe and Noble-man. le- Total 75. Quickstep Handicap--For three year -olds and up 1 Ward, .ihm added: throe of a nub-Joe Walsh. Old Rosebud. John Ound. Mac. Brad id levs Choice Roots and Saddle. Trans Miller. Haw w thorn Celesta, lldios. casnarina. Rerinudian. Bring lg hurst lontarabia. Ducal Crown. Royal Dolly. Napa pa Nick. Flying Yankee. Brlckley, Archery, Oolle, Coy "v Lad. LAiglette. Casey Jones. S-bago. Sompli !!. c. OSnllivan. Presumption. Star Jasmine, Gracllla. ■V,V The Norman. Prince Hermls. Smoke House. 1 , he Widow Moon. Leo Skoluv. Erin. Miss Declare. 1 ... chares. Claxonette. Hodge. Milton R , tadj ifooaet. John O. Weaver. De|» sit. Grorer Hughes. "j Edith W. Wilhite. old Ben. Korfhage and augh - Hill. Total. .",0. Valuation Stakes -For two year olds. 81,588 added: ■d five and a half furlongs: Uiiem Beau. Pif Jr.. Rooree Goose, Jack Carey. ,v Rmeraon Cochran. B. First. Best Bib and rocker, ,, Bell Bnoy, Between Is. Bring Deep. Best ol Rosea. os; Kris Kringle. Chitra, Mind the Paint. Supremacy, ,.v pph- Vicars Daughter. Sandstone. Star ol Night. ],, iv Ijmgborne, Malabar, Moseowa, Columbia Lady. Vlisn Horn. Ravenhall. Si. Charlcote, Chalmers. !,.s lij Mayor Stone, Gano, Rescue. Dimity. 11. II. Hewitl-chestnnt fdlv by Canard— Angerona. Tlnsman, or ,, H Lamb-mans chestnut colt bv Peep ..Day Bar ,„ bara Whiting: Tillotson. Arrogance. Clejterton. ;ill Edge, Menlo Park. Bingo, Tliomas C. MrUou ,,. Planudes Monarda; Frondeur. nr -lis chestnut tillv by i.,. Hal Mc ;.-e Col. Fred. Jeff Roberts. Marion Goosby. Booker Pill. Hugh Hunter. Kewpie, London Gin, ; .] Gertbelma. Helen RaybouM, Mm Reardon. Beni-cap .,,j Wild Rose. •Tim-niece. Prince Albert. Dare ..,•,. Devil Ceo Roesch. Goldcresl Boy. Raincoat, Pre I.,. chart, Redland, ih Easy, Miss Fielder. Ida. P.nsv _, IMitl, l|,do. Billy -I-". Noldeman. Borel. Total r,i 71. Independence Handicap 1ir three-year -olds and u.d ■award, 42,800 added: one and three sixteenth miles: ••s Old Ros. hud Teller. Sleeth. Sami! It. Meyer, High Prlrate, Black Toney, B»ts and Saddle Brad ,! ...i leys Choice, Baahy Head, Beach Comber, Hawthorn. ,. Celesta Bringhurst, Casnarina, Iridescence, Urr , Da Yeiighee. Big Spirit. Rudolfo. Macknes, „.„ Donerail Greal Pritain. Coy Lad. Bronaewing. ,,..■ i."" LAiglette sir Catesby. Flora Finn, Milton p... I,". Callaway. Ralph. Belloc. Osaple Princess Sempritp. n Ioit risloi-rai. Strong. Prince Hermls. Iran .,„ ,s L. Morrlstown. Krin. Clubs. John Inrlong. I, -inn Geddes, Btar Charter. Froglegs. Ftylns l ,T. i n, Hodee Cream. GoweB. fnrir, Jann 6. Wear«r. .„ Solar Star Iran Gardner, Consin Pass, old Ben and m/l Sam Hiisoh. Total. BC Ciiiiinnati Trophy — For tWO-year-ohts, 83,008 £5 added, and a beautiful siher loving cup: three-onarters of ■ mile: Maraarel Bnrkley, African Bean, Pif Jr.. Roscoe ICOC Goose Jack Carey. Emerson Cochran. Bars and and Stars Best Bib and Tucker. Merkel. Between Us, is. Business Agent. Brigs sister. Last Coin. Superhuman, ! -r- climber. Gypsy. Apple. Lake. Solly. Hanson. -on. Langborne, Herutoaa, Dw Step. Hngenot. Billy Dml md ley Shod. s. I Shell, Li Patric. C%erroh. Nether ie- bow Eleven Pence, Bamboo. Col. Tom Green, Ba Hi renball, Rubv Hasting-. St. Charlcote. a Igarian. laff, Conrersi Blanche U-wis. Martinar, Manioc « iln tt". 1 1 • •. iirl Skiles Knob, Sam McMeekln, Clialmers, Mayor lyor St .m. Gano. Resiue. Rancher, Pan Maid. Badinage, c.e. H II Hewitt- ch. f. by Canard Inspli on: Norma I... Roa Septenibef Mom. Christie, lie, Sir William. Harold. Rlnaldo, Arrncance, Chester ter ton Manasei Waite. Delano, Hal SfcOee, Linda nda Payne. Jen Roberts. Marion Goosby. Booker Bill. .ill. Hndi Hunter. DmttIk. Marj Reardmi, Powei . rs, Timepiece, Chas. McCormick. Prince Albert. Wild ,i!d Ros,. Ed Cramp. Eddie Deillng. Mars c.,--,,iy Lea l.s Invalid.-. Raincoat Precinct. Redland :•• Easy, is. Me MhM fielder, Ida. Alledo. BHt] *a* and N..I.I Id man. Total. 1MJ.

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