European War Developments., Daily Racing Form, 1915-03-25


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EUROPEAN WAR DEVELOPMENTS That a new and more powerful invasion of east Prussia by the Russians lias begun or is threaten ¬ ing is hinted in dispatches from both sides al ¬ though no definite announcement to this effect has been made either otlicially or unofficially AAord from Koenlgsberg states that thousands of refugees lire Hecing to that city Following this comes a dispatch from London that the Germans in their re ¬ treat from before Ossowlec the great Russian fort ¬ ress of north Poland fifteen miles from the Rus ¬ sian frontier abandoned two of their 42centimeter guiis one of which is reported to have been de ¬ stroyed by the lire of the fort AAbile Petrograd rejKHtCd that the Germans were planning to lift ilk siego of Ossowiec presumably in order to send reinforcements to the CracowCarpathian line im ¬ periled by the fall of Przemsyl there has been no direct claim that von Hindenburgs forces actually wero retreating in the north Following their suc ¬ cess at Przemsyl the Russian army released tberby seems to have been divided one section moving westward to reinforce tho troops attacking Cracow and the other driving south to aid in a new offensive In the Carpathian passes The Austrian official statement says tremendous losses are being inflicted upon tho enemy upon the latter front but admits that as reinforcements have been sent from Przeinsyl it is Impossible to predict the result of I he conflict Russian attacks are being aimed simul ¬ taneously at Dukla Uszok and Lupkow passes Al ¬ most two million troops are concentrated by the opposing commanders along the 05mile front iu which the three iwisscs are the gateway to Hungary HungaryThQ ThQ Giornale d Italia of Rome has received a dis ¬ patch from Athens saying that the British battle ¬ ship Cornwallis has been disabled iu the Dardanelles lighting Berlin announces announcesRome Rome hears that the formidable concentration of Austrian troops near the Italian frontier continues Reinforcements to Hie number of 40000 including several Bavarian regiments have been sent to the province of Goritz for the protection of Trieste It is rumored that Austria is prepared to make peace with Russia bv ceding Orthodox Rutlicnian Galicia lu exchange for a portion of Catholic Poland or If necessary by still heavier sacrifices It was an ¬ nounced at Rome that a royal decree will soon be signed establishing rules governing the sojourn of foreigners in Italy Tlie purpose of this is to pro ¬ tect tile country against spies A movement Is under way to substitute women for men in industrial occupations in the event of complete Italian mobi ¬ lization The men will receive their positions hack when they are disbanded disbandedA A statement was given out by the British ollicial press bureau telling of a defeat inflicted on a Turkish force operating against the Egyptian town of Suez On the 22d at dawn it says one of our patrols discovered a party of the enemy near El Kubrl post opposite Suez Aeroplane scouls c tiuiatod the number at about 1000 The guns at El Kubri opened fire and tho enemy retired eight miles east Early this morning a force under Gen Sir Younghusband attacked and routed the enemy who is now in full ntreat A prisoner says that Gen von Trainner and three other German officers were with the Turks TurksAn An official communication issued by the Russian war office says Our detachment which rpcouuoit ered Memel lias retired to Russian territory On the left bank of the Niemen in the region of Ma rlainpol we have repulsed a Gorman attack On tho road from Kalwarva to Suwalki near Pilwiszki our cavalry captured a German convoy with a quan ¬ tity of provision wagons In the Carpathians our troous continue to progress successfully on tho front from the Dukla pass to the upper Sail river At ¬ tacks by the enemy iu the direction of Uzsok were repulsed repulsedA A force of allied troops was landed on the Penin ¬ sula of Galllpoli Tuesday from transports in the Gulf of Saros according to a dispatch from Athens A general attack by land and water on the fortifica ¬ tions of tlie Dardanelles Is to be undertaken imme ¬ diately on th arrival of further French and Britisli warships now on their way to join the attacking squadron squadronTlie Tlie following official communication was issued at Vienna Fighting in the Carpathians from Uzsok to Konieczna continues During the last two days violent attacks bv the Russians were repulsed and we captured 3300 prisoners In a fight for a height near AVyszkow we succeeded in driving the enemy from his position and captured eight oflicers and S5 men menGeneva Geneva says that the Italian government has ordered the seizure at Luiiio near the Swiss fron ¬ tier of twentynine freight cars containing graph ¬ ite sulphur and other supplies said to have been destined for the Krupp gun works at Essen Ge inniiy and that an Italian agent at Luino was ar ¬ rested on tlie charge of purchasing the materials materialsA A semiofficial statement issued by the Russian general staff snys a Petrograd dispatch declares that contrary to expectations no epidemic of dis ¬ ease was found among the defenders of Przemsyl The number of soldiers seriously ill is said to be in ¬ significant although 20 per cent of those in the garrison are suffering from scurvy scurvyAn An official announcement given out in Berlin is as follows German sea forces have assisted the land forces in the onerations to the north of Memel on the Baltic They iHimhardcd on Tuesday forenoon the village and castle of Polangen and kept under fire the road from IUangcn to Libau LibauThe The congress of representatives of tho Russian nobility holding its annual session In Petrograd unanimously adopted the following resolution Tho vital interests of Russia require full possession of Constantinople and both shores of the Bosporus and the Dardanelles and the adjacent islands islandsTwentyfour Twentyfour thousand soldiers of the Przemsyl garrison wero killed during the long slogp there according to dispatches received at the Russian war office Twenty thousand more were wounded making the total losses of the Austrian defenders 44000 men menSeventeen Seventeen Belgians most of whom were young peasants were shot in the Ghent barracks after having been found guilty by a Gorman court martial of espionage in the interests of the allies says a dispatch from Amsterdam AmsterdamBombardment Bombardment of tho Turkish fortifications in the Dardanelles was resumed Tuesday worn Ing by uii allied fleet according lo an Athens dispatch The warships were accompanied into tile straits by a number of mine sweepers sweepersAH AH Britisli cruisers not only in American waters but In the Cariblxan Pacific and south Atlantic have been ordered to refrain from taking supplies from neutral countries iu order to avoid breaches of neutrality neutralityTwo Two hundred thousand Russian troops and many batteries of new artillery were released for the Cracow and Hungarian campaigns by the surrender of Przemsyl it is stated on good authority authorityFor For three days and nights a gigantic artillery engagement has been under way in the region of Aerdun and St Mihiel particularly at Esparges eastward from Verdun VerdunThe The Russian war office announced that one of the 42centimeter 10 inch mortars brought up by the Germans to reduce Ossowiec had been destroyed by the Russian artillery artilleryA A dispatch from Rotterdam says that 20000 pounds of rubber has been found in tobacco packs wliich it was intended to export to Gemany GemanyAVifh AVifh its capture by the Russians the Galician emsyl resumes its old Russian name

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