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GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY. 9 A Losdon dispatch of yesterday says: ••The report of the Investment ot Ivangorod in yesterdays i oiniiiunii atinn from the war ounce puzzles military experts, who declare it is ha ■nssilde that the great fortreas could have I n surrounded completely. It is believed here the German official reports must have been translated erroneously, as claiming the investment of the fortresa itself, when the outlying protecting forts were meant. From the standpoint ■ if the allies, one of the moat hopeful features of the campaign is the stubborn defense of the Lublin-Ihelin railroad by the Bosnians. n the Karew frost, tu the north, there has been a lull in the righting, but the renewed activity of the Germane t torn Koviin to the Italtic has developed Into an Important engagement, as ■ result of which the Russians bave been compelled to retire. At any rate, the Berlin otBcial Btatement does not claim any advance for • .n Maekensen, while the report, although it stati -s thai the Russians have e aaed their counter attacks alone the Narew, does not mention any Buccesa on the part of von Hindenburg. However, should the Kussiaua bold Warsaw ii would surprise the military critics in the allied countries, who have discounted the lost of the city, attacked famn all aides by opponents possessed of Buperioritj in gnna and munitions. Grand Dnke Nicholas, although aide in deliver some stinging counter at-tacks and inflict heavj lossea on the Austro-Gfer-mans, must in the first place consider the safely of ills armies, the loss of which would be niiuh more serious for the Russians than retirement from the iolish capital and the territory around it." The French war department yesterday gave out i he following communication: "The night was considerably disturbed at several points along the front. In Artois. in the neighborhod of Souches, there was violent cannonading and grenade hgbl ing. Between the Oise and the Aiane. in the re gam of Quennevierrea and on the plateau of llonv rant, on the right hank of the Aiane near Bonpir. anil on the Champagne front several artillery a ticais also were reported, in the Argonne there was rirte and gan tiring in the region of Baga-teile. where one of our companies succeeded yester-day in aeialng part of ■ trench, thus strengthening the front ii our advantage. Pont-a Mousson was Intermittently bombarded in the night. In the region of irrscourl a strong hostile recon noltering tone supported by artillery was turned back hj or Infantry and artillery. In the Vosges an attempted German attack against our posl li.uis south of the 1 aye was easily repulsed. The l.isiloiis we had won east of Met/eral on tin- crest of tin lingo and Barreakopf were subjected to a violent 1 iiubardment. The enemy momentarily sue .ceded in penetrating part of our lines, hart was driven out by an energetic coonter-attack." The American Society of Aeronautic Engineers, ;, bmtj 1 1 in|H s...| ,, ii,,. foremost aeronantie experts and engineers of the country, has Jatst been organised at the request of Thomas A. Bdisoti. cfaalr-inan of tin- advisor hoard of the navy, it was an n, aimed in New York Thursday night. The new soi-ioly will ii-.pi iat ■ with the navy board In man] new projects that are soon to .■ taken np. Tie following officer" were selecteil: President. Henrj . Wise Wood: vice-presidents, Orville Wright, i;i,nii ii. Curtis*. W. Sterling Burgess, Elmer A. Sueiry, Peter Cooper Hewitt and John ilnvs Bam ini nil. Jr.: treasurer, larke Thompson, and serre l»ry, Lawrence It. Sperry, TU1 directors Include Thomas S. Raldwin, Henry Woodbousc, Joseida A. MeininetK and Biou .1. Arnold. "Four add lineal directors." the announcement says will be army and navy aeronautic ens neers, to be selected and appointed by the army and navy departments. "The Smithsonian institution, the post oasee d-partim-nt. the weather bureau, and the bureau of standards, each are invited to ip|tolnt one director, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ami the Cni-veraitj of Michigan are Invited to do the name." A statement of yesterday from Borne says: "Dto-loitiatie relatii.ns between Italy and Turk-. v. alivadv strained, are becoming more tense because of tin-repotted refusal of the Turkish authorities t.. permit Italian subjects to Pave the Ottoman empire. Ii is believed Uere that ■ declaration ol war by Italy » "" ":l1 future is biglily probably. B p,,rts from Cairo that ■ Turkish-Germsn expedition #|as landed on Italian terrltor in Tripoli has aroused the Ire •! the Italian press. Koine also lias beard .;,iii a large number of Italian reservists have been detained at Smyrna on the pretense that |»aas ngei Ui|iic has been slopped because of the port being t loseil. whih other liil!:a:s are similarly ilctainecl at -i.aiious points in Asia Minn. Syria and Arabia. Mlllouh It.ih is at war with Austria, there lias lieen no declaration of hostilities against either i.ennanv m Turkey, the allies Ol Italys antagonist. It bus been the belief In diplomatic circles that each side |s waiting tut the other to take the Initiative , t j , I thus assume the responsibility for extending the scope of hc conflict." A Iaaidon dispatcb of Thursday nieht says: "The latest report received from Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton, i commander in chief of the British expeditionary t forces at the Dardanelles, recounting the operations -np to yesterday was given out tonight by the official t press bureau, as follows: - ;en. Sir Ian Hamilton reports that in the northern section ot operations 1 a raiding party rushed a trench on the front Of our Inn- during the night of .luly 18. All the enemy tied except one. who was killed. On the southern area tin- Turks n .Inly 18 made an attack on some , newly captured trenches in the French section, hut , Were repulsed with ease. In the British section | there has bei 1 steady progress daily consolidating and in some eases extending trenches won on July 12 and TI. Yesterday. July 2. a small redoubt was captured with Insignificant loss and a successful at- ■ tack was made on part of a communication trench ; held by the enemy. " A Petrograd dispatch says: "The Kovoe Vreamya publishes what purports to lie details of a massai re by the Turks of Armenians which exceeds in nuinhei | aaj record in history. In one section of the article it is said that the Turks after inassaereing whole sale the papulation of Ititlis. collected nine thousand women and cnllden from the surrounding villages and drove them to the banks of tl.i Tigris. where they shot every one of them. Then they killnl another thousand which had escaped the Urst slaughter. Four battalions, it Is said have been sent to the Mush valley with orders to destroy every 1 in .it the 12,000 Armenians in that district. Tne slaughter has already begun, it is said. All the Armenians in tin- Diarber region, the report says have been killed. The reported cause of ties massacre or si lies of them was the charge that Armenians were plotting a pro-Russian revolutl n." fhe new American note to Great Britain protesting further against interference with commerce between the Cnited States and neutral nations was almost finished yesterday al a conference between President Wilson and Secretary Lansing. It will be sent forward to London probably next week. Secretary Lansing will finish the note and expects t forward it !•■ President Wilson at Cornish I ir his final approval before dispatching it to Louden. The note has been delaved partly because of I ae presidents desire to complete the last German note before lakiiig up the issue with Great Britain and partly because of developments in the British situation which have eome up From time to lime. Tin- London DaBy Mails correspondent at Milan sends the following from II Secoio of yesterday: ■fhe great battle of the IsrstSB has reacted its fifth da.v. The heights of Podgore have been taken The Carso battle is at Its height. There the Ital ians have captured two more lines of trenches and, have taken another thousand prisoners, making a I I total of nearly 4.011 during the lust three days. 1 1 New bridges are being tin-own across the |s.,|iZ., and great masses ot troops are taking tip positions i on tin; eastern bank." Referring lo the advance nf the Teutons on Lublin, the Louden limes Petrograd correspondent ~avs: •Military authorities now atlirm that the seizure of tin railroad line will not decide the issue, as ir 1 :ns parallel with the Russian front, but there is ic int.ii t i..n of permitting the foe lo proceed along the line beyond Wlodawa on the way to Rresi l.ilovsk. Now for the lirsl lime the La-- aiis are able lo operate in a region where strategic factors are in their favor." Counting nly the cost of operation, of civil gov eminent, sanitarj work and administration and the handling of ships, the Panama canal is now on a i paying basis, according to oaVial reports. Receipts ! f..r May not onfo wiped out the deficit nf s.i.i. tsn which had grown up since flic olielling of the canal trade, bat left ■ balance nf I17T.7W. which works "in ■ profit of 1.9 per rent on the ex penditiue. The allies at the BardaneUea are using armored automobiles to break through the entanglements erected by the Turks, according to a dispatch from the eorres| undent of the London Times al Milyleiie. They drive these ears at high speed into the en tanglomeuts. grappling the wiles with iron hooks, and then speed away, fhe result is n,at big gap are left through which the infantry may charge. The British ha •Copied suki sb Sheyukh on the Euphrates river in Arabia, according to an official report and are now attacking the lurks, who havo taken up a position below Naseriyeh. Reports of British defeats in Irak are declared in the report lo be unfounded. Srak-Arabl lies uiostl.i itetween the lower courses of the Tigris anil the Euphrates ami includes the city of Bagdad. Yesterdays baseball results — National League: Boston 2, Chicago 1: Pittsburgh ii. New York 1 itiist gii ; ,.v York 4. Pittsburgh ■ second game i : Brooklyn .». St. Louis 7: Cincinnati ::. Philadelphia 2. American League: fnicago ::. New York 2: Cleveland 1L Philadelphia :;. Detroit 2. Washington l. Federal League: Pittsburgh .".. Newark 1. Sir Harhcil Beerbobm Tree, while addressing a ■fitting of the Actors aaaecistioa Tharsday, said that the war had practiealy doubled the cost ol living, while | r the theatrical profession it had resulted in a titty per cent redaction in salaries. Alter tie war. he said, and actresses would virtually have to start life over again. President Wilson geaterday urged officials ••! the American Red cross not to discotnfndr tin Ti -effnrrs io relieve famine sufferers of Mexico despite the ditlii ulties they are encountering, lie told them to keep trying to get ft* d into the distressed see lions and do the licst they could. i t t 1 , , | ■ ; Alaskas gold production in 1!iI4 was valued at 5,704,250, an increase of 40,000 over the pre- a i;s year, figures made public by the geological survey showed. Prednetioa of copper amounted , to 21.450.C28 pounds, against 2l.i. !».!. s in llil.T , fhe total mineral output was 9,118,080, com- , pared with ,47«.3S6 in 101::. The Italian line steamer Ancona sailed from New York yesterday for Naples with 754 reservtsta for the Italian army. They caaae from various pails of the Cnited States. A big crowd saw tne ship l sail and there was much enthusiasm among those on board. All told there aie_ .117 passengexs nu tlte Aneona. The strike at the arms and ammunition factories of Bridgeport has been settle,! and the men will go back to work on Monday. The International Machinists Union abandoned the attempt to cause a genera] strike and tone recognition of the union.

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