Famous Futurity Saturday: Gross Value of This Years Running Approaches 5,000, Daily Racing Form, 1919-09-09


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FAMOUS FUTURITY SATURDAY Gross Value of This Years Running Approaches 5,000. I i Interesting Side Lights in History of This Noted Race List of Remaining Eligibles. NEW YORK, N. Y., September 8. While Man o War lias been for some time considered to have at his mercy tlie 1019 running of the famous Futurity Stakes, a formidable opponent lias loomed up virtually overnight in S. C. Hildreths speedy Dominique anil as u result renewed- interest is being manifested in tin: decision of one of the most noted races of tlie American turf. No race that is contested by thoroughbreds in the United States possesses a tithe of the sentiment which attaches to the Futurity. It lias done more to perpetuate the blooded horse than any other race ever offered. Designed on tlie broadest and most liberal linos by the Coney Island Jockey Club in 1885, it was a success from its inception, the original running in 1SSS bringing out a field of fourteen starters, with the value of the prize reaching the then unheard of total of 5,000. James .G. K. Lawrence, the secretary of the organization, who was a keen student of racing and a natural horseman .to .boot-.was,-rresiousillpi.rfor. the race. There were predictions of failure when the initial appeal was made to tlie breeders of the country, it being a new idea to nominate the produce of mares instead of the individual. There wore so many saving clauses in the conditions, however, that the race won instant favor, and the response was as spontaneous from the owner of . a single mare as from the millionaire with hundreds of matrons in his blue grass paddocks in Kentucky or the alfalfa fields of California. Mr. Lawrence made it a condition that no fee should be paid in , case a foal was born dead, nor was there an obligation if a mare dropped twins or was barren. Special weight allowances were conceded to the produce of untried sires and dams or those that had failed to produce winners. In addition there was a cash bonus to the nominators of the first throe, the total of 1,750 being divided into three premiums of ,000, 00 and 50 respectively. The permission to transfer an entry was a still further appeal, and breeders, realizing that their yearlings would have an enhanced value if nominated to the rich prize, gave ! the race their solid support. FUTURITY OF OLDEN DAYS. It was around the Futurity that the Coney Island Jockey Club built up much of its prestige and it was tlie best advertised race in the United States. "When 1 this organization abandoned its Slioepsheail Ray home some years ago the Futurity was kept alive , and was decided in 1910 and 1913 at Saratoga. Then August lielmont, representing the AVest-chester . Racing Association, secured permission to give not only it but those other Coney Island stakes, the Suburban and the Lawrence localization, at the splendid course which bears his name, and the ; . thousands which formerly journeyed to the track by the sea are now whirled from the heart of New " York or llrooklyn in half an hour to a most modern i plant a striking contrast to tlie early days of the " event, when every manner of vehicle with the exception of the automobile was employed to make ; the trip, which even by train took an hour and a i half or more. Gone are the potato fields and meadows of Flatlands and Greenfield, but the memory of the days arefragrant with the old-timers. The- first Futurity was won by Sam Bryants 9 , white-faced gelding Proctor Knott, which had cost the tall Kentuckian but a few hundred dollars. The big chestnut was ridden by a diminutive negro a named Pike Barnes and defeated by a neck Sal-vator, the pride of the copper king, J. I!. Ilaggiu. . ALWAYS RICH IN INTEREST. Thus at the outset the event Avas fraught t with interest. For an outlay of a few hundred 1 dollars an unsexed son of Luke Blackburn had j brought his owner a competency for life. There a was a rush to make nominations for future runnings. - From the 5,000 of Proctor Knott the race e grew to 7,000 in 1S90, when tlie lielmont pair, Potomac and Slasher, lsomebreds from the famous s Nursery Stud, finished first and second. It was a ,t iltting close to the racing career of the great man ii whose personality was one of the strongest elements in the government of the turf of that period. . "With Mr. Belmonts death came the dispersal of f his stud, and Ilis Highness, by The 111 Used Princess, by King Tom, fell to the bid of David 1 Gideon for ,000. This colt won the Futurity of f 1891, which was worth 2,000. The following year, 1802, Morello, which had been sold as a yearling for r 00, was the victor, and the breeders of the country, - realizing that there is no patent right. on speed, launched out still more boldly and tlie race s became of international importance. Canada carried - oil the honors with Martimas in the colors of I w - " Continued, on second pae. CO. ; Y. y. at of of E ed s- or or ! to fo ie - 11 - FAMOUS FUTURITY SATURDAY Continued from first page. William Hendrie in 1S9S, this being the only noini-O. nation from across the border. 11 was about this period that the . breeding of thoroughbreds in the United States was at its top. There were about 4,000 yearling registrations with j the Jockey Club and farms devoted exclusively to the production of the thoroughbred were to be found throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, California, Mis-.y sonri. New York, Virginia, Montana, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, while here and there in other portions of the Union men with a love for the thoroughbred and the germ of hope planted in their hearts were tempting fate and mating a "mare or two with the best sires within their reach. When the period of restrictive legislation was at its height in 1911 and 1912 most of the marcs were sold, many or them going to Australia and the Argentine. Only the real optimist clung to the best of his dams. The nominations of 1915 were comparatively small as a consequence and the value of the race was 0,590 when Thunderer won, as against the 7,000 of Potomacs year. However. Sat- nrdays renewal will net the winner about ?25,000, so that material progress has been made in a twelve-I month. With the turf entering upon a new era of prosperity still further improvement may confidently be expected until the high tide of 1890 is once more reached. Fortune has been exceedingly kind to the Kccnc and Whitney stables in the past in copnection with this event, the former winning it with Domino 1S93, Chaeomac .1899, Colin 1007, Maskette 1908 and Sweep 1909. The Whitney laurels were gathered in 1900 with Ballyhoo Bey, Yankee half interest with J. E. Madden in 1901. Artful, 1901, Pennant 1013 and Thunderer 1915. The present August Bel-f- moilt has not as. yet Avon the prize, though on a number of occasions his colors have been in second place at the finish, borne by Lady Violet, Brigadier and Lord of the Vale. CAKPFIRE WO.N IN 191G. The experience of Richard T. Wilson should put heart into every breeder in the laud. Mr. AVilson secured Campfire through the union of the young and untried sire Olambala and the young marc Nightfall. It was the marcs first foal and as Olambala had not sired a winner prior to January 1, 1914, Camplire gained an allowance of five pounds and carried 125 pounds instead of 130 which would have been his burden had he come from a family of producers as was the case of His Highness and Domino, both of which Won with the maximum impost in the saddle. The fact that both the sire and dam of His Highness were past the twenty-year mark when he was sired is interesting As an added fascination to the breeding problem winch delights the student of the -turf at every turn ,t may be recorded that Ornus, the grandsire of Campfirp, was an outcast from the Morris stable sold to a negro for 00 and raced by him at , New Orleans more than twenty years ago. He was a Reared chestnut horse, bought in England as a yearling, and failing to stand the drilling of that most severe of taskmasters, Wyndham Walden, passed into the discard. When brought to New Orleans he was a hopeless cripple, but one day when the track was fetlock deep in mud lie won a race at odds of 100 to 1, a hobbled off the course and was forgotten until Oiseau and Olambala, horses of quality, flashed Across the racing horizon. Ornus, the cripple, was by Bend Or and the noted dam Ashgrovp. The blood of champions Was in hi?; veins and it is passing to quicken future generations of American horses. The total entries received for this years race numbered 80S, of which 206 declared at 0 each, ; forty at 0, 105 at 1919.sh0, forty at 0, leaving 109 still eligible to start. The gross value of the race with starting fees included will closely approach , 5,000. The following arc the remaining eligibles to this noted race: M K. I. Alexanders Phenolax, ch. c, by Fair Play Starry Night. . . . . E. C. Arnolds Vice-Chairman, b. c, by Ballot M s Bittra. N. IC. Deals Court Fool, b. c. by Filz Herbert 1 Courtisane. Belair Studs Polysanda, ch. f, by Polymolus Springfoin; La Rablec, b. f, by Rabelais La Flam-bee. E. B. Bradleys By Golly, b. e, by Helmet c Acutissima; Best Pal, b. or br. c, by Helmet Padula. S. Broaddus bay colt, by Duke of Ormonde Irish Song. Brighton Stables Furlough, ch. c, by Fair Play Ferment.. . 3 P. A. Clarks Bonnie Mary, b. f, by Ultimus Belgravia. f Gifford A. Cochrans Ardito, ch. c, by His Majesty Early Rose; Bersagliere, b. or br. c, by His Majesty Veil. W. It. Coes Star Court, ch. c. by Star Shoot, Courtmaid; Service Star. . e, by Star Shoot Phew; Armistice, b. c, by Disguise Debacle; Lady Archie, b. f, by Sir Archibald Lady Echline; Masked Dancer, br. f, by Disguise Tripping. John H. Collins brown colt, by Zeus Dorothy IC. Glen Riddle Farms Man o War, ch. c, by Fair Play Mahubah. Hal Price Headleys Missa, ch. f, by Ivan the Terrible Melissa. S. C. Hildreths Dominique, ch. c, by Peter Quince Berry Maid. Mrs. Walter M. Jeffords Hoodwink, ch. c, by Disguise Tamapamass. Willis Sharpe Kilmers Sekket. ch. f, by Sun- dridge Queen Tii. E. II. Kinnamanns- Jim Chase, b. c, by Prince Frederick Dene. . i C. II. Knebelkamps Peccant, ch. c, by Trap Rock Peccadillo. Max Kornblums Ira Wilson, b. c, by Ormomlale Blue Slocking; Edith K., b. f. by Ormondale : Mamie Worth. Belmont D. Lesters Doctor Jim, b. c. by Ogden Rock Merry. A. S. Lillards Sentry, b. c, by Fair Play Sur- cingle. George W. Lofts Donnacona, b. e, by Prince Palatine Kildonan; On Watch, br. c, by Colin Rubia Granda. I George J. Longs Nordeck, b. or br. c, by Sain Bashford Belle. James MacManus Padriac, ch. c, by Belloc Anna Patricia. A. K. Macombers Kings Champion, b. c, by Uncle Continental; The Sachem, b. c, by Uncle Our Lassie. J. E. Maddens Rouleau, b. c, by Tracery Royal Coinage; Black Hackle, ch. c, by Star Shoot Shelby Belle; Game Chick, ch. f, by Star Shoot Tory Maid; Captain Alcock, ch. c, by Ogden Mallard; Sand Bed. ch. c, by Ogden Sand Pocket; Light Wine, b. f. by Orniondale Frankness; brown filly, by liessiah Sweet Marjoram; Brookholt, ch. " c, by Ballot Gracilla. P. E. Mdllers Sam Tangle, br. c, by Flotsam Tangle II. J. W. McCJellands Phantom Fair; b. f, by Peter Quince BeUita. 1 v . . I 0 of a a L t v d r. sj t1 v , ": in a p 1:1 in "! V1 1 al ra in 111 51 a hi his 3 g 2 2 w w BJ Qj? rtSJ HSi O- w w5 S O 1 but uu lh low owh hoi horse tin tined of of Lcj first j , ; M 1 c Wm. F. McGccs Mannikin II., ch. c, by Herbert or Gretry Manzanita. Oneck Stables Swirl, b. f, by Sweep Kaskaskia. Oak Ridge Stables Sea Mint, ch. c, by Sea Mintless. Ral Parrs Violet Tip, b. f, by Fair Play-Violet Ray; Paul Jones, br. c, by Sea King May Florence; Ralco, blk. c, by Rock Aiew Black Mantilla. A. I. Parrs Laughter, b. or br. f, by Fayette Tickle. Godfrey Prceees Acushla III., b. f, by Herbert Irish Eyes. C. R. Richards Alice iraigh, b. f, by Star Marian Casey. C. E. Rowcs Miss Jemima, br. f. by Black Toney Vaila. J. K. L. Ross Royal Jester, b. c, by Black Jester Primula II.; Irisli Dancer, ch. c, by Celt Bcllet Girl. John Sanfords Pontypridd, b. f, by Llangibby Orange Lady. P. M. Walkers Titania, ch. f, by Bard of Hope-Lady Fern. II. P. Whitneys Arcthusa, b. f, by Broomstick Bellefontnine; Capclla, ch.. f, by All Gold Bonnie Star; Damask, br. c, by All Gold Crinoline Scurry, br. c, by Brooiuslick Dovelet; Leviathan, ch. c, by Whisk Broom II. greyhound; Panoply, b. f. by Peter Pan Inaugural; Servitor, b. c, Whisk Broom II. Martha II.; Sammy, ch. c, Broomstick Panasine; Upset, ch. e, by Whisk-Broom II. Pankhurst; Wendy, b. f, by Peter Remembrance; Grand Slam, ch. c, by Whisk Broom II. Trumps; Wildair, b. c, by Broomstick Verdure; John P. Grier, ch. c, by Whisk Broom Wonder. George D. Widcncrs Rambler Rose, ch. f, Garry Herrmann Golden Rose; Royal Duck, br. by Royal Realm Duckshot. J. E. Wideners Fair Gain. ch. c, by Vulcain Fairy Gold. R. T. Wilsons Round Robin, b. or br. c, Olambala Mauviette; . Simpleton, ch. c, by ,Luke McLuke Booby. ... K. D. Alexanders Anticipate, b. c, by Plaudit Antipathy. N. K. Deals Mildred, -b. f, by Superman Lady Appleby; Sandy Deal, ch.. c, by Superman Franks Daughter. William Booths Gladiator, b. c, by Superman Lotawanna. . . . Brighton Stables Keliher, . ch. c, by Celt Sanci. George H. Bulls Kilearn, ch. c, by Plaudit Wild Thistle. ,. R. F. Carman Carmandale, b. c, by Meridian Daruma. , . P. A. Clarks Dunsandel, ch. c, by Celt Etelka. WT. R. Coes Cleopatra, . ch. f, by Corcyra Gal-lice. Hardin Fields Leonardo, b. or br. c, by Sweep Ethel Pace. Robert L. Gerrys Feodor, -ch. c, by Ivan Terrible Nannie Hodge. Glen Riddle Farms Dinna Care, ch. c, by Super- man Dinawick. A. B. Hancocks. Comedian, ch. c, by Celt Star Lady. W. S., Heathprs .bay colt, by Heliotrope Dead Heat; chestnut filly, by Heliotrope Stray Moments; chestnut filly, by .Heliotrope Witchcraft. Willis Sharpe Kilmers Tache oGaunt, b. f, John oGaunt Sabretache II.. , A. S. Liilards chestnut .filly, by Celt Eostrc. J. E. Maddens Northern Belle, b. f, by Tlieo. CookrrNortliern. Girl. , J. W. Mays Head Over Heels, .ch. f, by Celt Belle Flour. C. Moles brown colt, by King James High Gate, Thomas Monahans King Albert, b. c, by King James Rosecrest. J. W. McClellands Universal, b. c, by Sweep-Gold Ten; Richelieu, ch. c, by Celt Network; Red Cross Girl; br. f, by Plaudit Golden Fancies. William F. McGees Nell McGee, ch. f, by Celt Worfcn.iaid. . Ral Parrs Blazes, br. e, by Wrack Blazing Star." Quincy Stables Doughboy, b. c, by Wrack Lady Arisfocracy. A. L. Rogers Gloom, ch. f, by Blucs-Royal Lady. J. K. L. Ross King Thrush, ch. c, by Thrush Silent Queen. Clyde Smiths Bwitus, ,b. c, by Zpus Diplomacy. The Beach -Stables Right Over Might, b. c, by Celt Follic Levy. Fitz ntz King ? v- c I Fitz itz Shoot oot 103" tcr it - . lie . II.; m, by by by by sk Pan sk II. U. by by Ci c, I by Kej ; :Lc I ; lv ; :. v, " , .1 f o - ,." 1 I the r 1 I ! ! . , by . j c r , - j d 1 v C 5 Pi illP.a J

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