Six Sires Potent in Our Breeding: Lines of Ancestry of the Horse Bonnie Scotland, Leamington, Australian, Virgil, Phaeton, Glenelg, Daily Racing Form, 1919-09-09


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. v SIX SIRES POTENT IN OUR BREEDING 5 . I Lines of. Ancestry of the Horses Bonnie Scotland, . Leamington, Australian, Vireil, Phaeton, Glenoid. In the course of the decade following the "close e 0 of the Civil War a group of six stallions exercised a a profound and far reaching influence on American breeding. One of these, Virgil, was native-bred, f L t the others were brought from England. The seniors s were Bonnie Scotland and Leamington, both of r v which werj foaled in England in 1S53, and were d distinguished racers there. Bonnie Scotland only r. ran four races when a three-year-old. He was sj second to Warlock in the Doncustcr St. Leger of f ; t1 that year in a field of t,wcnty-fivc starters, beating ; the Epsom Derby winner Ellington. He won the , v Doncastcr , Stakes at a mile and a half, beating Ellington again. That was his last race. Earlier ": in the year he had Von tlfe Liverpool St. Leger at ; a mile and throe-quarters. Brought to this country p 1:1 in 1857 by Captain Cornish of Boston, ho for a 1 "! number of years had little chance, but after many V1 vicissitudes he was made the premier at the famous i Belle Meade" Stud", near Nashville, Tcnn. There, 1 through his son Bramble, he founded one of the most virile and flourishing families in the world today al and, among others, sent such great horses into our . ra racing as Luke Blackburn, Glidelia, Aranza, Bram-baletta, Bonnie Wood, Beardman, Boatman, Barrett, Bushwhacker, Bootjack, Bancroft, wonderful racers in 111 any sprt of going and over any distance. He -Vus 51 a son of the immortal brood mare Queen Mary, and hi his notable pedigree was: ,Don fWaverlv. "Whalebone 3 g I John..."S Hetman iMargaretta 2 2 fgj I Platofs fComiis w w S .... dam I JIarciana BJ Qj? M. . " fselim m- f Buzzard .LScandal.J - castrcls dam rtSJ Ibaughterof.. fllhazard HSi L31- bJ" Pcipitate O- C Glulia- fPartlsan f Walton w Z tor .....i LX"aso1 w5 rt iPauline f oss. I S - LQuadrillo 9, niM. fFleniPoteh- fEmilius O I tef terf-lMyrrha of tiari- Harriet e lchon0 1 Leamington at his best was a great nice horse, 5 but uu -he, was raced iii England by a confederacy of lh plunging gamblers who..cami5aigned him to suit their low owh eniis. A stablemato of his was the famous I hoi horse Fisherman, which, like Leamington, was des- I tin tined to great success as a sire far from the land t of of his nativity. Fisherman going to Australia, while c a o Lcj Leamington came to this country. He made his first season iu tlie stud liere at the I3osu.ue BonltaJ 5 . e f s r ; f ; , ; 1 i . I 5 I I t c a o Fitz ntz Stud near Lexington. Ky. In that first season he sired the mighty race horses Longfellow and En-:ia. quirer, besides such other stars as Littleton, Lynching King ours. Miss Alice and Anna Mace. His greatness was recognized at once. His fame waxed in sub-y sequent years as he sent into racing such celebrities ? as Iroquois, winner of the Epsom Derby and Don- v- caster St. Leger in England; Parole, Aristides, the unbeaten Sensation; Harold, Olitipa, Spark Blazes, c Onondaga, Spinaway. Bob Wooley, Girofle, Girofla, I Susquehanna, Francesca and a host of other brilliant Fitz itz raccrs rhc IcdKrec of this remarkable sire was: a Sir Her- J Whalebone. .. fJJaxT Shoot oot - cuIes...- Uenclopc -c I LPcri fWanderer S? il , iThalcstris 103" r JL L, , . Bob Booty... Chanticleer -ji LGuIccioli.- Ilorne tcr 2 Flight Irish Escape H2Tfe L Young Heroine it 2- 5S f ,Panta- n i fCastrel .Dau-of rituzzar.l Alexander go ""Udalia fPeruvian 5 LMusIdora W flurel r"1"1? - H 5 Uaphne. . -I Mai1 of i."!1 a L Honor f,aml?1 . I Etiquetto lie Australian was younger by five years than Bon-x II.; . nie Scotland and Leamington. Along, with his dam m, 1,0 was brought to this country by A. Kcene Richly, an,s when a suckling. He was named Millington by by and under that name proved himself a capital race by by horse. It. A. Alexander bought him in 1861 and sk changed his name to Australian. Sent to the stud Pan he soon made a great name for himself as the sire sk of Fellowcraf t, Wildidle, Springbok, Abd-el-Kader, Itutherford, Helmbold, Zoo Zoo, Lizzie" Lucas, Baden II. U. Baden, AVuverly, Attila, Mate and many other fast ami staying race horses. Through his splendid son by by Spendthrift and the hitters descendants, Hastings Ci c, and Fair Play, he is well represented in the racing of today by the champion two-year-old Man o I War, living proof that his influence is still vital in our breeding. The blood of Eclipse, Herod and by Matchcm is well intermingled in his ancestry and following was his pedigree: Kej J rMnl- Humphrey rOomus ; :Lc p bourne. V Llulkfir ICIinkerina, I ; 00 "J Daughter of. . Cervantes lv ; S- Si . LM. by Golumpus :. 2.0- Mowe- Touch. -. Camel " rina....S stonc LBantcr 122 v, .Eninia f Whisker " 1 r iGibslde Fairy , Erailius f2rv1i,I, rYoung 35 Emiliusi tMMy .1 f d Hg 5 I IShoveler fScud o I S 1 r L Goosander W f Whisker..... fWaxy - "-Persian.. 1 iPtnelppe aB Variety "" ,." Virgil, a big brown son of Glencoes best son. Vandal, had a varied career on the turf, which in- eluded a descent from stake winning on the flat 1 to the more humble role of hurdle racer, but a the I right good one. After being done with racing Virgil was in obscurity and forgotten for some time. r but finally was given a chance in the stud, and 1 from his first crop of foals sent into racing three I ! brightly blazing stars in Vagrant, Vigil and Vera ! Cruz. Vagrant ran in six races as a two-year-old m 1S7;. and won five of them. The next year he won the Kentucky . Derby, defeating among others the famous Parole. Virgil and Vera Cruz were also by , magnificent . racers. From the time of their advent there was no more neglect for Virgil. He quickly j became one of the most popular and successful sires c of his time, his crowning glory as a sire bein-a- Ins slashing bay son Hindoo, one of the greatest r racers of all times, and he, in his turn, siring the , mighty racer and sire, Hanover, it was due to Virgil that the male lino of Glencoe was preserved - j in this country, and his sterling pedigree was: fSultan fSelim "5 G CnCOe"lTrampo- l"acchante d f "2 J line Tramp 31 LAVeb 1 S. "Ularics fTranby...... r facklock L SS dam...1r ... L J au. of Orville h-" LLucilla f irumpator St NicllIas. . Emilius v C 5 - Ynrk- J f Pi -2 f shire 1 tsoamew g g I " " " Uliss Rose. . . . f Tramp illP.a s Uagh.of Sanc-hn and f nw CrlPPle Kredoc m LLiUlc tmh J VcfSBy I Grecn Princess it0gj. Stewart Cooks Whip I Mary Bedford riiaeton did but little racing in England and did J nothing of any account in what little he attempted But he was a richly-bred horse. He was brought to th United States by Richard Ten Broeck, and being sent into st,Itl service in Kentucky his high breedin-told at once and he leaped into fame as the sire of the famous Ten Brooek, which at one time held the American record at one, .two, three and four miles-King Alfonso, Aramis, St. Martin, Katie. Tolona Lisbon, Felicia, Jack Hardy, Phyllis, King Faro and many other wonderfully fast and frequpntlv whinln-j horses of both sexes. Because of his failure in racing and of his . legs being bad below his knees he would probably neyer have been given a chance in the stud in England, but here he sired sound horses with the best of legs, Here is his pedigree: a r Hark- Economist... f Whisker S ttwny.."S Fanny loranthe rJ L Dawson . . . f "ockllgh o. it j r lMiss Toolcy SS Pocahon- J Glcneoe f .Han C - w tas....i I. -trampolino LS -Marpcssa ,nly kl go"l lr8tom....atond-toM----Sffir Clare win- Lc:huzucc cassx b Daughter f Falstaff . . . . . Touchstone SL ot8.!A Sister to I Pompey... f"".1"1? " L Variation Glenelg was. imported in utero by R. W. Cameron and was foaled at his Clifton Stud on Sta"ten Island, N. Y. He was bought by the elder August Bell mont, and did all his racing for him. He was a great race horse and winner at all distances up to four-mile heats. When on the turf he met the best horses of his time and won the majority of his races with the top weight. He was equally great in the stud and was the premier American sire for four years. His daughter. Firenzi, was a mighty race mure, and another, Ferida, was almost as good. Post Guard wis a grand racer and stayer, and others of his progeny which won great distinction were Aellu. Mintzer. Herbert. Monitor, Little Minch. Heel and Toe, Danichcff, Kitty Clark, Ada Glenn. Dan Sparling and many others. Glenelg was an extremely handsome horse, of great vitality, and lived to the advanced horse age of thirty-one years, expiring in 1897. His hardy pedigree was: Stock- The Baron... fj; KWcatcher - well...-s I Echidna Csj -Pocahontas. fGIencoe . 2"j I Murpessa 5 Sortie.... lbourne... "l""-,pliri,,:cr S y l.D. of Cervtes Cig V. Escalade f Touchstone tJ I.Ghuznec J Kingston. Venison partisan andS LOtieen Anne.. fSlane Garcia Alice """"rDefencc J I fWlialebono Defiance "V iPet rain!boro,"Rh T, JL I; of Top.Turvy

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