Latonia Derby This Afternoon: Eleven Fleet And Staying Three-Year-Olds Named To Contend For The Honors Of The Rich Race, Including The Kentucky Derby Winner, Daily Racing Form, 1920-06-12


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LATONIA DERBY THIS AFTERNOON ELEVEN FLEET AND STAYING THREEYEAROLDS NAMED NAMEDTO TO CONTEND FOR THE HONORS OF THE RICH RACE RACEINCLUDING INCLUDING THE KENTUCKY DERBY WINNER The thirtyeighth Latonia Derby will be run this afternoon Its victor will not reap such a great sum as fell to the winner of the Kentucky Derby Still its value is so great that it is an alluring temptation to any owner of a good and sound threeyearold The standard is different from that of the Kentucky Derby Annually there are in the big Louisville race candi ¬ dates vested with the fascination attaching to the unknown quantity This was exemplified last spring in the wild antepost backing of Bersagliere and others of that class which from Ihe beginning had not the ghost of a chance In contrast the Latonia Derby is usually con ¬ tested by tried and true warriors of the track with form proved in public and known to all who study the intricacies of the great sport That alone is quite an item Then the big race of today is at the searching distance of a mile and a half and in that respect it is a truer test of the stamina of its contestants than is the Kentucky Derby DerbyAs As is true of all stake races of long establishment the Latonia Derby has now and then dwindled away to a race between young horses of indifferent class but generally it has fallen prey to the speed and endurance of superb specimens of the young thoroughbred Such of its winners as Leonatus Bersan Silver Cloud Los Angeles Bill Letcher Kingman Halma Ben Brush Ornament Prince McClurg Lieutenant Gibson Sir Huon Olambala Governor Gray Free Lance Yowell John Gund Royal II Liberty Loan Johren and Be Frank were perfectly able to stand a critical comparison with the other star threeyearolds of any years of our turf history at large Indeed of these Leonatus Halma Ben Brusn Ornament Sir Huon Olam ¬ bala Governor Gray Free Lance Liberty Loan and Johren were wonderful race horses when at thejr best its two filly winners Los Angeles and Gowell were higlrclass young mares in their days of racing glory gloryUsually Usually this winnowing of the chaff from the sound grain of horsedom has led to small fields in the Latonia Derby but this year somewhat unexpectedly eleven have been named to go It does not follow that all will start but in any event it now appears that all the elements of a smashing good race are in sight for the delectation of all fortunate enough to vvifnesj if liastryear when Be Frankwon f ronr Ormond andKegalo vviththe favorite Eternal unplaced eight started over a heavy track This year that many or more will go and as the track will probably be at its best it will not be surprising if the present time record of the race is eclipsed This is 2 30 made by Governor Gray and John Gund in their respective years Some exceedingly good threeyearolds are to go today and if the race is to be run on the John Harper formula of extremest speed from eend to eend a great thing is possible in the way of time Those carded to go their racing records and other interesting particulars are Horse Col Sex SexUpset Pedigree Wt Sts 1st 1stBy 2d 3d Unp Amount Upset ch c cGladiator By Whisk Broom II Pankhurst 126 12 3 3By 513 17103 Gladiator b c cPeace By SupermanTLotawanna 12G G 3 3By 012 5924 Peace Pennant b c cMake By McGee Malta 126 28 5 5By 7 4 12 11670 Make Up b c cPaul By Disguise Fairy Story 126 8 1 1By 214 1100 Paul Jones br g By Sea King May Florence 131 1C 8 8By 323 46247 Prince Pal b c By Prince Palatine Wilful Maid II 126 14 5 5By 315 7347 Ethel Gray brf By Hessian Sweet Marjoram 114 6 0 0By 024 222 Rouleau brc By Tracery Royal Coinage 126 6 1 1By 014 975 Kinburn chc By Duval Royal Captive 126 14 2 2By 525 3841 Captain Macch c By The Manager Royal Dainty 126 14 2 2By 138 3150 Sterling b c By Horron Verneida 126 24 2 5 2 15 3200 The lameness of Paul Jones was more pronounced this morning and it is practically cer ¬ tain that he will be an absentee from the Latojiia Derby Jockeys Johnson and Rodriguez respective riders of Gladiator and Upset were arrivals during the afternoon At present Upset is enjoying favoritism but Make Up has come in for considerable attention during the past twentyfour hours and owner Respess makes no secret of his confidence today that the colt will be the victor Saturday At least eight starters are expected to strive for the rich prize Sterling and St Paul being among the doubtful one The post positions the an ¬ nounced jockeys and probable starters follows 1 Rouleau D Connelly 5 Gladiator A Johnson 9 Ethel Gray H Lunsford 2 Upset J Rodriguez 6 Kinburn J Howard 10 Paul Jones T Rice 3 Captain Mac L Lyke 7 Prince Pal C Robinson 11 Sterling L Mink 4 Peace Pennant M Garner 8 Make Up W Andress AndressThe The following is the tabulated history of the Latonia Durby Year First Jockeys Wt Wt Third Wt Val 1883 Leonatus L Murphy 110 Drake Carter 107 Lord Raglan 110 2850 1884 Audrain FisbburnlIO Fallen Leaf 105 Buchanan 110 3850 1885 Bersan I Murphy 118 Lupant 118 Lord Coleridge118 4080 1880 Silver Cloud 1 Murphyll8 Blue Wing 118 Mtana RegentllS 3810 1887 Libretto I Murphy 118 lim Gore 121 Montrose 124 4390 1888Los Angeles Armstrong 110 White 112 Gallifet 121 4270 Los Angeles Armstrong 110 White 112 1SS9 Hiadoocrnft Hollisll5 Coma to Taw 118 King Regent 112 4300 1810 Bill Letcher Allen 115 RIley 124 Avondale 112 5380 1811 Klngmnu I Murphy 128 DIckersou 117 Poet Scout 112 4540 1802 Newton Clayton 117 Itonald 117 3700 1813 Buck McCann Thorpe 117 Boundless 128 Midway 112 4450 18I4 Lazzarone W Martin 117 Pearl Song 117 Selika 120 0555 1805 Ilalmn Thorpe 127 Freo Advice 117 Basso 117 0720 1K9 5 Ben Brush Simms122 Ben EVler 122 Loki 122 12290 1817 Ornament Clayton 127 F F V 114 Endurance 114 8740 ISflSHun dOr Conley114 Plaudit 127 7H20 1899 Prince McClurg Beauchann 122 Deering 114 Ways Means 115 0825 1JOOtLleutenant Gibson Bolandl27 1K1 Hernundo J Winkfleld114 Gaheris 110 ludge Redwine114 49S5 1902 Hnrrv New Otis 114 South Trimble 114 Martin Burke 110 4390 1103 Woodlake Crowhnrstll4 Bad News 111 Tancred 114 7035 1904 Rlwood Prior 127 Ed Tierney 117 Ixmsdale 112 5730 190r The Foreman Treubel110 Hamhright 110 McClellan 117 5950 1900 Sir Huon Troxler127 Lady Navarre 122 5095 1907 The Abbot J LeeJI4 Uedgauntiet 114 Beau Bruinmellll 4410 1908 Plnkola Minder 114 Czar 114 Ordono 114 3055 180 Olambaln T Rice 114 The Peer 111 Plate Glass 110 3093 1910 Joe Morris C Grand 117 Boola Boola 117 Donau 127 2925 1U1 Governor Gray T Rice 124 Star Charter 125 Messenger Boy 117 3550 1912 Free Lance C Peak 114 The Manager 114 Worth 127 4250 1913 Gowell Teauan117 Great Britain 122 Foundation 122 5725 1914 John Gund A Neylon122 Constant 122 Dr Samuel 119 6025 19ir Roval II O Ganz 122 Tetan 122 Dortch 122 10125 Dodge K Murphy 122 George Smith 127 Dick Williams 119 9950 1917 Liberty Loan 1 LnftU3122 Cudgel 122 Midway 122 9570 191S Tnhren F Robinson 127 Kxterminator 124 Freecutter 122 9925 1919 Be Frank C Kummer 119 Omond 122 Regalo 117 101CO 1883 1884 1885 and 1880 was run as the Hindoo Stakes Dead heat with White tWalkover

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