Latest Eastern Work-Outs, Daily Racing Form, 1922-04-27

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LATEST EASTERN WORKOUTS 903 903JAMAICA JAMAICA JAMAICANEW NEW YORK N Y April 2G Todays vrorkouts included the following Weather clear track fast ThreeEighths Mile Mile002Monaetery 002Monaetery 39 001Valcntia 30 30Half Half Mile 878Billy Gibson 53 891Margct Whitc50 Whitc50SSOKcziah SSOKcziah 53 525War Mask 00 00900Morvich 900Morvich 53 53FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile Mile000Jyntee 000Jyntee 102 900Sircn Maid 101 101ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Mile Mile873Quecn 873Quecn Blonael19 000Tufter 1174 1174900Rainbow 900Rainbow Boyl10 Boyl10One One Mile 900Horologe 143 143Morvich Morvich galloped an easy half mile pre ¬ paring for a workout tomorrow Jyntee was well under restraint Rainbow Boy could have worked faster Siren Maid seems near good form Tuf ter looks and acts good Hor ¬ ologe worked a good mile easily easilyHAVKE HAVKE DE GEACE GEACEHAVRE HAVRE DE GRACE Md April 26 To ¬ days workouts Included the following Weather clear track fast ThreeEichths Mile SOSAlex H 37 37897Betsinda Irish Pat 897Betsinda 33 3389SFlypaper Royal Oak 89SFlypaper 42 42S94Flibbergibbct Top Notch S94Flibbergibbct 38 SOI Translate 9SHildur 38 Annadee 49 49S9GCapt 900GalliTant S9GCapt Costlgan49 896Haidee 893Camouflage 53 S99Mcrrimac 835Cresta 901Olympus 744Chasseur 900rrctender 901Carmandalc 801Routledge 901Domingo EOGKomuliis 901Dr Chas WcllsnO 901Two Feathers 51 51881Darc 881Darc 53 901Thimble 51 51898Forshala 898Forshala 01 899Tieklish 51 51890Faith 890Faith W 50 50FiveEighths FiveEighths Mile Mile901Danicl 901Danicl 108 901Oriolc 104 104839Fusce 839Fusce 103 697 T Vengeancel03 Vengeancel03839Loyal 839Loyal Swperl08 901 Yashmak 105 105ThreeQuarters ThreeQuarters Mile Mile890Bullct 890Bullct 118 9SMontalvo 123 123901Cromwell 901Cromwell 110 000Night Raiderl147s 900Colando 110 110750Dresden 892Nonns 121 121902Our 750Dresden 118 118899Dark 902Our Flag 115 = 899Dark Hill 119 1199COFuten S01PiIory 110 110901Rajah 9COFuten 120 120901Halu 901Rajah 118 118St 901Halu 110 110901Joan St Allan 117 901Joan of Arcl20 902Sagamore 118 901Manna 117 95The Decisionl19 Decisionl19001Mcrcutio 001Mcrcutio 119 S95VChairman 110 110One One Mile 899Artisan 140 140901Bondagc 897My Play 142 901Bondagc 157 157893Boniface S97Mock Orangel44 893Boniface 147 147809Biff 800Polly Ann 143 809Biff Bang 150 899Kustler 148 S9SComine Ci 148 839Sammy Kellyl50 717Doctor Jim 140 140899Frigatc Sand Mark 147 899Frigatc 110 110901Jaeques 901Sailing B 143 901Jaeques 147 147S 899Soa Cove 140 S SLoIllpop 148 148901Miles 901Scc Thoughtsl44 901Miles S 150 SOlTricks 107 Mile and a Quarter BOlOvermatch 213 213Top Top Notch appears to be a fine twoyear old and in top notch form Irish Pat and Rolo worked well together and had plenty of speed Cresta and Forshala were canter ¬ ing and never extended Carmandale la ready Routledge showed a fine half Romu ¬ lus with the speed he has should soon come out of the maiden class Olympus was al ¬ lowed to run on his own courage showing a fast half Captain Costigan appears to be a fair colt Oriole was only cantering Manna seemed to be doing all he could Halu worked a good threequarters Our Flag showed fine speed all the way Night Raider was doing his best My Play worked well Polly Ann was doing her best

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