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«■» WEEKLY RACING GUIDE WEFKLT BOOK 35c. MAILED 10 WEEKS. J. 11 £j A All £ «J * 11 lj lu 1 DAILY SPECIALS, ; OCCASIONALS. NEW WEEKLY OUT I PICTORIAL OF THE TURF 00 FREE CODE LATONIA— UTICA-PINCH-FLORA-HU MAN _ tuTn A" Tnat tne Name Implies— A Guide to the Races ___A_ i f mi I TfUll AuAUl . PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY YESTERDAYS OCCASIONAL R 1 *£/. 7il Wnn WEEKLY RACING GUIDE is sold strictly on its merits as a publi- DULh, tfrt. IV. HUH cation that picks the wjnners. Its regular features include HORSES YESTERDAYS tl SPECIAL . C * L*C 7A W READY TO WIN, SELECTIONS, CLOCKERS SPECIALS, BEST jplCcS. «PJ. iJ9 IT OH WORKOUTS, TIMELY PICTURES, DAILY CODE SERVICE and other Just another illustration of what the MASTER ,,,,., ... clccker can do. valuable data for race followers. lUeUA 1 FREE C0DE SPECALS F0R SATURDAY At Belmont: ANOTHER ADVERTISED Judge-Quarter-Place. Mystery Occasional mJ*££uS+~. Remember. 4 out of 5 SATURDAYS OCCASION- - _. _ ALS WON, so DONT miss this one; ask your news- At DlUB JDOTlJKtS dealor for th0 Secretary-Hay-Place. CLOCKERS OCCASIONAL • ■ MASTER a—Ar. I -w For code buy this weeks issue of WEEKLY RACING GUIDE . 0N SALE AT ALL LEADING NEWSSTANDS I fl 1 • Mgcl OftKl S 25 Cents a Copy ftl H Q *1 SUBSCRIPTION BY FIRST CLASS MAIL, .25 PER MONTH DAILY RACING IllC, PlibHsherS The SMARTEST THTMG he ha. bee. able to DIG CHART, UP at Latonia, so. by all means, dont forget to GET SSattC ™* rirht now * ,eur new,d"ler 144 East 34th Street, New York, N. Y. DAILY MASTER CL0CKER ======================= , incited 2 weeks, . BARGAIN OFFER— OCCASIONAL and 1 SPECIAL mailed 1 week. 0. aaaasaaaaiaBaai Address. 440 S Dearborn St., Chicago. 111. W £ ■» Hfl A III 1 I 1 I DETROIT-FOR SALE II IH Wlf Al I I T T l" aSaaf •IftVl ansa! ft/U*lal Triangle Newsstands— Griswold and Lafayette Bird. %J J M Fan iiy Theatra Newsstands — Cadillac Square. CHICAGO — At all newsstands and Arcade News, 14 THE TURFS BRIGHTEST SHINING STAR W. Madison St. Daily— I Horses Daily— 0 Weekly 1SS Fulton Street, Room 418, New York City WJl-P1-£ flLlMtf WOW! AND AGAIN THE MAN WHO KNOWS J ... ■ gmg MM — ■ ■ ff]||» M1B_. DUSTY „._„ MARY MOAA 2.00, Won VM«1I VftMllU FLORENCE MILLS 2.60, Won Sold on All Newsstands and "SPECIALS" Parlay paid over 0 to . Yesterdays only 2 horses both won again. This makes 3 days in sno cession that both my horses won and they were not favorites. WHOS L00NEY NOW? Thursdays big double: BONA VERA .70, Won Do We Know Something, Boys? bagenbaggage .80, Won I SHOULD SAY WE DO ! ! ! parUy paid - ,9S * * WEDNESDAYS BIG DOUBLE: Yesterdays "FREE" Belmont Special: TEN EYCK -60 Won W-0-N w u n A-G-A-l-N" h u h i n.. DOLLY BAY 8.70, Won 00 TO "PARLAY" TODAY *«*•» *" - »1M * » Rush to your newsdealer and gat JACK CLARKS TAnAV IQ PAV niV and *5 SPECIAL and "PARLAY" both horses lJVfl IO T« I L/« I "ShT"PARLAYTODAYf" """* Y°V *" Ba "nre "«■ *et 7°*" todly " the" is Tery Uttl" ChanC °f the" 2 h ,r"" MkinS "y mi,Ukfc I know something today. Rush your ?20 00 for a weeks subscription and be a winner. Wire money bj Chicago Players, "20-1 Shot" wesu™ umon or postal Telegraph. "Free" at Aurora Goes Today j Evo-ybody call a- our olfic3 and ret this FREE II t T IIAI Ilinn « »V «■ Wl V "ftv probable 20-1 SHOT today at "AURORA." This MAI U I II |4 i I ft f ft II II aft I I 1 an u ° th" put IN A I nUL 1 Llv ss ow.,».s., won I II 1 11/ 1 1 ll 1 1 And v.9 gaie this FREE also. ■ ■■ ■■■■ 1 I ftl ■ ■ JACK CLARK Private clo *efrDAIIT 1/l/lfllllV/ « DAILY-ONE HORSE A DAY-li DAILY Room, 806. 64 W RANDOLPH S„ CHICAGO, ILL. PHONE. STATE 8648 r n THREE STRAIGHT Dusty Mary, 2.00, Won I AOKlTaO BmSI¥*f*7 DOES THIS ""K IKE ESSWOBK K|TTY PAT 3.40, Won UCUI §C aUdl I J MADV AfNF MULCIBER 1.40, Won ITlllll I ilVjllEu Two Horses a Day Two Week. S.rvice for S10 DOLLY BAY 8.70 ™ WOn PAH.I.AY KING Yesterday. Release CQQ 1 WftTI MARY AGNES . . . .9.00, Won */.1U, If Oil THESE H0HSZS WEHE JJ-J«- ™ 5J0 WOn M X SBSS • ;.M: -V ,,,:„ DAY MY FC,™ CO Thursday s Release: OS IN MM.. II I VISE JaniMaO Bona Vera $ 6.70, WOn LOWING mj information. There is no lu.k aaafceSfcaBftVal Col. Board 0.70, WOn to this. I send only horses that have been WAY A 10 parlay on my two horses paid 26 Co. carefully prepureil for their races. Cal1 T0DAX for demonstration. Wednesdays Release: Write IMMEDIATELY for description. Follies 7-1 , Won RaffnnKaa0atTP % $ 9 ».au, 8A Wnn s°ld °n "S7 wments genbaggage, . Ten Eyck $ 7.60, Won won D0M|N0 SYSTEM CQ |NC_ 0.00 parlay paid 04.00 on above. Ia.al.I7 RaV 1 Q 7ft Wnn ■ W Moar08 8t" Bai » » Chicago, HI. Where elso can you obtain these long-priced win- 1/UUY DA], BlO.IV/, II Ull Phone, Randolph GC35 ners for the small sum of 0.00 for two weeks • • * service. , — I Do not fail to subscribe for my service, as the SPEtIAI. HOTICI — Horse must vtln todaj day ycu miss .s the day you lose. Use Western , one ,„„ , c,k fre.. Tn|s ,„ for TODAY! Union cr Postal Telegraph, giving correct nams and addroaa |a avoid unnecessary delay. City clients, today only, as I hclleve this is one of the If you want, for once in your life, to be in caU. . oat things of the l.atonla meeting. Hash "risht" on a «ensational turf transaction, do not My information tUrti at once. . ; f ail to call at our office between 11 a., m. and 1 p. Address "ur m"atT bJr Western lnlo» or r"St»Vm. today. YOU" PAY AFTER YOU WW. GEORGE BARRY WS9S - Great Lakes News Bureau 0 E. 11th St. New York City 172 MILFOUD ST. BBOOKLYX, X. Y.l 6 H. MICHIGAN AYE dHICAGO

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