Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-18

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Daily Racing Form Experts7 Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Slow Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Youroff Real Man Float Away Float Away Float Away AwayMistletoe Float Away Float Away 22 245 PM Float Away Mistletoe Mistletoe Heel Call Mistletoe Real Man Real Man 7 Mistletoe Youroff Heel Call Youroff MistletoePescadero Pescadero Heel Call Mistletoe 7 Cherriko Cherriko Conscript Knights Quest H Knights Quest II Conscript Conscript 16 315 PM Conscript Conscript Knights Quest TJ Hasty Star StarCherriko Conscript Cherriko Cherriko 14 Knights Quest TJ Drift Silver Cherriko Cherriko Hasty Star Knights Quest IE Knights Quest IE 14 Huri Horn Hari Huri Horn Hari HariCoupon Huri Horn Hari Huri Horn Hari Huri Horn Hari Huri Horn Hari Huri Horn Hari 30 345 PM Gummed UD Coupon Coupon Coupon Gummed UP Beziaue Gummed UP 6 CouponBeziaue Millo Beziaue Sweet Story Gummed UP Sweet Story Gummed UP Coupon 6 Phalanger Phalanger Dawn Captain Eddie EddiePhalanger Captain Eddie Quaker Phalanger 17 415 PM Quaker PhalangerQuaker QuakerLawrinson Captain Eddie DawnCaptain Captain Eddie Phalanger PhalangerGremlin Phalanger Phalanger Captain Eddie 15 Lawrinson Little Steve Phalanger Gremlin Little Steve Captain Eddie Quaker 7 Bulrush BULRUSH Bulrush Bulrush Bulrush Bulrush Bulrush 32 t 445 PM Prince OMars Uncle Mose Adams Needle Uncle Mose Hazel Lee Uncle Mose Uncle Mose 8 Uncle Mose Prince OMars Hazel Lee Hazel Lee Uncle Mose Prince OMars Prince OMars 4 PIG TAILS Pig Tails PIG TAILS PIG TAILS TAILSReal PIG TAILS PIG TAILS PIG TAILS 40 515 PM Doll Baby JoanT Real Sad Real Sad SadDoll Real Sad Joan T Real Sad 8 Real Sad Real Sad JbanT Doll Baby Joan T Doll Babv Joan T 6 RexAvis RexAvis Miami Springs RexAvis Gainer RexAvis RexAvis 23 545 PM GainerMiami Miami Springs Miami Springs Rex A vis Miami Springs Miami Springs Right Carla Miami Springs 14 Gainer Right Carla Right Carla Right Carla RexAvis Miami Springs Gainer 6 Starjike Valeroso U Evil Spirit Alley Evil Spirit Alley Evil Spirit 15 615 PM Evil Spirit Evil Spirit Alley Star like Toms Ladd AlleyToms Toms Ladd Alley 13 Hadaboy Alley Valeroso II Toms Ladd Starlike Evil Spirit Starlike 8 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS TWOSES Bourmont Twoses TWOSES Twoses Twoses TWOSES 31 1230 PM Jaco Royal Twoses Fairy TwosesFairy Manhurst ManhurstIrish Jaco Royal Fairy TwosesFairy Manhurst ManhurstChalledonna Bourmont Bourmont 8 Bourmont Jaco Royal Irish Nora Fairy Manhurst Challedonna Jaco Royal Jaco Royal 6 Exemplify EXEMPLIFY Bobs Bpys Exemplify Exemplify Exemplify Exemplify 29 1255 PM General Mowlee Rodimic Exemplify Bobs Boys Bobs Boys Bettys Bobby Bobs Boys 9 Don Bingo IE Don Bingo TJ Brighten UP Blazing Glorv Memorv Book Don Bingo n Don Bingo n 3 Jury Box Yukon Liberty Ite Yukon Yukon Yukon Yukon 24 I 120 PM Yukon Jury Box Yukon Epee Epee YukonGolden Golden Fleece Jury Box 7 Ayahs Boy Golden Fleece Topless Tower Golden Fleece Golden Fleece Lotelad Liberty Ite 5 Famous Victory Baroque NEW MOON Baroaue Baroaue True Blue Baroaue 20 145 PM Baroque True Blue True Blue Famous Victory New Moon Baroaue True Blue 11 Eve for Eve Cream Baroaue True Blue True Blue Famous Victory New Moon 9 Elkridge Knights Quest Rouge Dragon Sussex Knights Quest Knights Quest QuestSussex Knights Quest 19 J 210 PM Redlands Frederic n Knights Quest SussexKnights Knights Quest Elkridge Sussex SussexRedlands Elkridge 7 Rouse Dragon Redlands Frederic n Redlands The Beak Redlands Sussex 7 Vain Prince Star Beacon Vain Prince Redthorn Star Beacon VAIN PRINCE Vain Prince 19 i 235 PM Star Beacon Soldier Song Soldier Song RedthornSalto SaltoAir Salto Redthorn Redthorn Star Beacon 12 Air Current Vain Prince Air Current Air Current Vain Prince Air Current Redthorn 9 What Not NotSedgemoor Eurasian Sedgemoor Eurasian SEDGEMOOR Eurasian Sedgemoor 19 PM EurasianSedgemoor 300 Sedgemoor What Not Headoverheels Sedgemoor Bully Good Sedgemoor Eurasian 15 SedgemoorHeadoverheels SedgemoorCamptown Headoverheels Sedgemoor Stickv Kitty Camptown Camptown What Not What Not 8 i Guinea Club Irish Echo Irish Echo Irish Echo Irish Echo Joans Tip Irish Echo 24 325 PM Irish Echo Manamaid Manamaid Joans Tip Manamaid Irish Echo Manamaid 9 Manamaid Caumsett Caumsett Manamaid Guinea Club Manamaid Joans Tip 7 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Jessie Gladys Rebbina Light Banset BansetUpdo Valdina Joe Light Banset BansetRebbina Rebbina Rebbina 15 15Lteht 130 PM Rebbina Light Banset Updo UpdoJessie Jessie Gladys RebbinaMightily Rebbina Jessie Gladys Lteht Banset 13 13Jessie Valdina Joe Dorothy Pomp Jessie Gladys Rebbina Mightily Light Banset Jessie Gladys 10 10Zacharias Zacharias Two Kick Fogoso ZACHARIAS Zacharias Zacharias Zacharias 22 22Two 200 PM Argella Polymelior Two Kick Polymelior Two Kick Two Kick Two Kick 11 Chance Sord Chance Sord Chance Sord Chance Sord Chance Sord Argella Fogoso 5 Side Boy Side Boy Chuck Side Boy Side Boy Side Boy Side Boy 27 27Chuck 230 PM Chuck Chuck Side Boy Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck 15 15Inver Director J E Inver Fox Inver Fox Inver Fox Inver Fox Inver Fox Inver Fox 5 Dream Parade Dream Parade Lightfoot Lee Lightfoot Lee Dream Parade Dream Parade Dream Parade 23 300 PM Lightf oot Lee Lightfoot Lee Sparker Dream Parade Lightfoot Lee Alpine King Lightf oot Lee 17 Sparker Alpine King Dream Parade Reigh Star Refeh Star Lightfoot Lee Alpine King 3 River Shannon ShannonSack Clingendaal Anzac Clingendaal Clamor Girl Clingendaal Clingendaal 18 ClingendaalAnzac ClingendaalSack 330 PM Sack Anzac Kleig Light Sack Kleig Light River Shannon River Shannon 8 SackClingendaal AnzacRiver SackAnzac Clingendaal River Shannon Clingendaal Anzac Clingendaal Kleig Light Anzac 8 ABBE PIERRE ABBE PIERRE DENSE PATH PATHKansas Abbe Pierre ABBE PIERRE PIERREKansas ABBE PIERRE ABBE PIERRE 33 400 PM Ksar of Audley Ksar of Audley Kansas Ksar of Audley Kansas Ksar of Audley Ksar of Audley 8 KansasBegda KansasBegda Barbara Childs Kansas Begda Kansas Begda Barbara Childs Dense Path 7 Butcher Boy BoyTexalite Panther Creek Circus Wings Panther Creek Panther Creek Texalite Panther Creek 19 Texalite Grey Wolf Panther Creek Grey Wolf Waugh POP Panther Creek Texalite 9 TexaliteCalcutta Calcutta Texalite Texalite Circus Wings Butcher Boy Grey Wolf Butcher Boy 6 Mad Bunny Lady Orchid JelwellRichestan Jelwell Jelwell Lady Orchid OrchidApropos Lady Orchid Lady Orchid 19 500 PM Lady Orchid Hattie Belle Richestan RichestanNoodles Lady Orchid Apropos AproposJelwell Hattie Belle Jelwell 12 Apropos Jelwell Noodles Hattie Belle Jelwell Apropos Mad Bunny 5

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