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RACING GOSSIP Indiana law is more intricate than that based on the Scotch and English borderland about the Cheviot foothills Let us go to the common sense of Indiana racing and Indiana law The Sellers bill invited racing enterprise It wasnt wasn't one of yours trooly tool rooral rotor acts framed out of reforming and agricultural instinct It came on the end of a season of experience and legalized fortyfive fortified racing days per annum for every race track within the state The Indiana tracks grouped on the edges of Chicago for business reasons took life under the law Instead of violating they have gone to extremes in support of the Sellers law Judge Gillettes Gillette decision en ¬ couraged courage them It was a commonsensiblo commonsensible ruling Now the Indiana Supreme Court has killed it The decision leaves the standing of the tracks legal but in the open for the shots of Indiana officialism officials and what not Officialism Officials thereabouts has its angles Judge McCabes McCabe Friday ruling was as racing rulings al ¬ ways are superficially thick witted Its decisive vitals gave the reason of grouped book ¬ makers and officials for the conclusion that Itifrc Trifurcate was an illegal racing combination and that Lakeside Sheffield and Forsyth Forsythia were vir vr ¬ tually tally onr on track and should be so considered under the Sellers law Lower court superficial ¬ ity city is funny The higher it goes the more legal humor grades oil Judge McCabo McCabe furnishes Americans a legal lesson through ih contrast of legal error Had he told racing people that his reason for turning over the Gillette decision waj wa grounded on a combination of operators and an incident division of profits that portion of the public with its eye on the gun might have thought the decision intelligently wrong But Judge McCabes McCabe stated reasons for nailing Judge Gillette to the legal cross are just what they should not be and one can well sustain a strenuous movement against such a law Good law demands the support of every good citizen of every town and every state Bad law whether born out of ignorance or interest should be legally opposed The McCabo McCabe decision will not do and should bo keenly opposed opposedJimmie opposed Jimmie Jimmied Howe an excellent judge says that Requital is the best we have and the best wo ever saw He can gallop as fast as the rest of them can run This is big verbosity consider ¬ ing King that Prince Lief Leif and Ben Brush are both good threeyearolds where are the rest and that Requital is likely to meet them in the Brooklyn 7000 Special next mouth Both Brush and Lief Leif will be entered in that race which deserves all that is best Handspring is sure too Jim Murphy will also put his grand filly Souffle into the race Shes Ashes easily the best of the western threeyearold fillies of 1896 and to my notion better than anything in her line that the east can produce Certainly Inter ¬ mission is not within eight or ten pounds of her Tlu Talus Brooklyn Special ought to furnish us one of your races with a frame of sentiment and be ¬ fore and after comment We need more of that kicd kid Jne Jane of the keenest judges of Eastern racing lias Elias been in his eye since the Washington meeting began ho sent the news of Requitals Realization trial writes me as follows Our Eastern twoyearold toehold aro aero a lot of inand inland outers and your colt Ornameut Ornament impressed me as the best of them When he first came to Grave I send he was thin and showed the effect of his hard campaign but he has freshened up and put on a lot of fit sh Don dOro Dora is a counterfeit and Winged Foot is the best of the fillies The Friar has speed enough to beat anybodys anybody horse and can outwork hades and its extras in the moraing mooring But with the colors up he seems to lose heart He is a soft looking chestnut in color with a light mane and tail tailIts tilts Its of my opinion that Mr Belmont will not send his stable abroad this fall Navarre Navarro is laid up with a splint Margraves ailing leg Uas As given way Hastings is sore in the shoulders and the Blemton Benton twoyearolds toeholds are rank disap diaper ¬ pointments ointments He had a good prospect of a hard stable to beat when he said he would go to Eng ¬ land but how the scene changed changedIll changed Ill send you something about the Futurity in a day or two DAILY RACING FORM told the story of Requit Requite ¬ als alls try out for the Realization It alone pointed to him as the winner He was a natural 1 to 5 favorite yet even money was laid against him Our news came from an experienced racing man and an official of the Jockey Club More of the same kind will be printed from time to time on the eve of the great events eventsThe events The test in the Realization was a good one for the pace was hot from the drop of the flag to the last quarter pole where Hastings and his stable companion died away while Requital romped along to the winning post quite at his ease The crowd that gathered around his box in the coolingout cooling paddock after the race saw a colt that was remarkably free from distress He scarcely appeared to take a long breath and he snatched eagerly at the wist twist or hay that Trainer Rowe offered to him Dave Gideon said after the race and a look of the colt ho once owned He looks as though ho would be ready to go it again in twenty minutes minutesUnlike minutes Unlike many of the fastest horses in training Requital is without a blemish or an out of any sort His legs are as clean as a hounds tooth and until he was taken sick with catarrhal fever last spring he had never missed a feed His sickness early in the season prevented him from filling any of his early engagements and it was only by exercising the greatest caro cargo and discretion that Rowe succeeded in getting the colt ready tor tore Saturdays big race Having come out of the Realization without ill effects ho should now train on and improve still further If he does so it goes without saying that the best of the other threeyearolds will find him a hard customer to handle in the big race for colts of his ago at the riheepshead Bay meeting in the autumn autumnEvery outmaneuver Every admirer of a high class horse regretted to see the poor showing made by Hastings in the Realization The fast colt was not himself and there are many experienced followers of the turf who doubt whether he will again this season be in condition to show the sterling good stuff that is undoubtedly in him In ad ¬ dition edition to the shoulder soreness his pasterns are ailing and he is far from being iu shape to do himself justice in a distance race With Henry of Navarre Navarro temporarily in the hands of the veterinarian Hastings out of form and the once promising Don do Oro Oreo a dissappointment disappointment thestable testable which Mr Bolmont Belmont intends to ship to England next fall is in a rather bad way Though hes hems hard on one there isnt isn't a much better judge of a racehorse than Ed Corrigan In his hands Moylan Mayan has been one of the best of the Western lower middle class of late better than he would have been in Byron Mc Clellands Leland stable Iu Indio Indo Mr Corrigan probably has a really reallyshifty really shifty colt Ho paid 1700 for the son of Maxim and Ira by Doncaster Downcast Green Morris was his tout at the Simeon Simon G Reed sale The exsage message of Gravesrnd Graves is in line on Rancho del Paso pro ¬ duct Some of it is turned over to him for action Star Ruby is an instance At the same sale Morris got Midlight Midnight for 700 and Thorn Blossom for 900 It was Jimmy McCormick for Burns Waterhouse Warehouse that made Corrigan pay the price for Indio Indo who by the way was named before sale The bookmaker who hollers should be dis dais ¬ ciplined implied by the organization with which he is doing business There has been a recent case or two in point at the Indiana tracks The scourge has been applied with good results The oddslayers oddly of every ring have a shade and deserve it The shade is the result of labor intelligence and expenditure for informa informal ¬ tion ion That is purely trade information When they assume that form as they figure it is bad because it goes awry the miss from no matter what cause is not an occasion for a public clamor This is especially true when the stable from which the bad performance comes is of good class The present state of things in the east came chiefly from bookmaking declar declare ¬ ations actions Such clamor is generally and naturally accepted as more than ordinarily authoritative Without the turf what would the bookmaker bo The scandal and noise of interest that comes from any and every ring is indecent and damaging Racing officials with their eye on the gun are justified in taking sharp action against the barkers John McCaffertys Winged Foot is a filly and no filly but The Butterflies has ever won the Fu ¬ turity touristy What happened in 1894 though may occur in 1M6 Only sexual infirmities handicap the softer sex of the turf Yorkville Orville Belle was a good third to His Highness and Huron who was disqualified in 1891 and Lady Violet a sceed screed wonder about as good a second to Mo rollo roll in 1S92 when the race was first run over the present Futurity course of 1263 13 yards Winged Foots being kept busy nowadays Shes Ashes well engaged and the making of turf hay while tho thou racing sun shines is common since and Mc Caffertyism Aftertime The filly is out of Longshore Alongshore a good racing mare in her day and comes by her quality in natural lines even though tho thou Eastern idea of the dead Buchanan was and is that ho liked half a miles and tho thou mud It is not likely that Winged Foot turf noble though she is will win the Futurity I rather think that Ornament will land the rich stake The Order colts inclined to be cranky and all that but ho is a great colt by far tho thou best of the West and the Futurity course straight and broad is nis anis kind Then again his owner is a sensible and painstaking man and Ornaments crankiness will grow less Horse speed and quality is a sharp mark of intelligence When tho thou horse and the owner are both equipped men ¬ tally there are deep probabilities in sight

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