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NAMES FOR TAVOYEAROLDS Charles Littlefield Littered Jr has registered the fol fool ¬ lowing names for an additional list of 2year olds oldsMerry soldiery Merry Heart b fbySir byssi Modred Molded Blithesome Domineer ch c by Prestonpans Preston Chiquita Circuital Goldseal Goldenly ch f by Goldfinch Frugality Fall ¬ ing King Star ch f by Tenny Teeny Starlight Skylla Skylab b f by Fitzjames Jewelry A miscellaneous list of owners have claimed names for their 2yearolds as follows William C Roberts Master Reg Greg b c by Fresno Mileto Millet MiletoE Milestone E W Hinkel Hinkle Dunpraise Unapprised br c by Duncombe Buncombe Hymn of Praise J H Croxton Croton Jessie Boswell Roswell b f by Blue Eyes Ultimatum Kittie Kitties Tebbs Ebbs ch f by A in tree Canto CantojLtharles Antalkalies jLtharles lethalness Bros Brows Alice E ch f by Ragnarok Agar oicommode incommode Mare MareA AreA A Nienaber Member Spanish Rose ch f by Deceiver AimeeA Aimee Aimee A N Bowden Easter B b f by Vagabond Lady Greensleeves Greens GreensleevesA Greenville A H M Cromwell Sir Philip Sidney ch c by Fortissimo Queen Elizabeth ElizabethT Elizabeth T J Bush Vinicius Incurs b c by Rossington Crossing Bridlewise Bridle BridlewiseRutledge Rutledge Rustled Stevens Rice b c by Bob Miles PunchyJames Punchy Punchy James O Gray Obstinate Simon b g by Simon Magus Persistence L E Simmons Lucinda B rn f by Wagner Black Bessie Ben Bramble b c by Bramble 111 Wind Hohenstauffen b c by Sleipner Steiner Iberia Little Dutch ch c by Teuton Teutonic Demi Demit ¬ rep repHarris epacris Harris Brown Rogana Brogan b f by Vanderbilt Belottie Belittle BelottieFred Blotter Fred De Ruiz Ritz Ella Jones ch f by Loco hatcheo hatched Golden Valley ValleyMrs Valley Mrs J F Caldwell Semper Simper Leon b g by Leonatus Lents Garnet Simon L b g by Simple Simon LArgentine Argentine Sea Storm ch g by Ben Strome Stone Sea Foam FoamMiddleton Middleton Middle Jungbluth Unbolt Ostra Rostra ch f by Han ¬ over Jess JessW Jess W P Norton Spurious br f by Perkins Edelweiss EdelweissJacob Edelweiss Jacob Ruppert Rupert Jr Ben Lodi blk balk c by Tre Tare mont Victrix Cicatrix VictrixGideon Gideon Daly Dally Jean Bereaud Bereaved b c by His Highness Carrie C CWilliam William William Lakeland Ethel Green b f by Tea Tray Kaloolah Alcohol KaloolahGeorge George Hinkle Carl C ch c by Ben Strome Stone TrjSweet Trisect Genevieve iJaWyfirnitiF Black J dchrc choric by BisektnSari Bisects Seabright Starlight J C Rogers Hub Prather Rather b c by Fonso Fonts Melody MelodyC Melody C B Campbell J W Man b g by Wander man Effa Efface J Jim Bond ch c by Barak Bark La Jota Ota Major Woolson Wools ch c by Barak Bark Miss Raines Rapines George Dunett Dinette b c by Barak Bark Lady Blackburn Rosa Clay br f by Vocalic Rosa RosaUriah Rosario Uriah Curia Eggleston Eagles Lonicerab Loonier f by B G Bruce Kathleen Aroon Maroon Chewassee Cease ch g by Ne ¬ braska bask Newby Newsboy NewbyH Newsboy H C R M Beattie Betties Hunslet Unset b c by Eon Miss Heimdal Hidalgo HeimdalWm Wm Rueger Krueger Deep Run b c by Kassoh Lasso Faustena Fasten FaustenaR Fastener R W Noble Idleness b f by Candlemas Candelas Kinloch Kino KinlochFred Fred R Hamlin Haling Nilmah Anima br c by Clarendon Claremont Castilla Castillo Charlo Carlo br c by St Charles Nerina Marina NerinaThomas Inebriations Thomas L Reynolds Crown b f by Sensa Sense ¬ tion ion Tiara TiaraMiss Tiara Miss de Groote Garrote Calmar b c by Forerunner Emulation EmulationW Emulation W H Karrick Kari Sensina Sestina b f by Sensation Alexina Alexia AlexinaJoseph Alexia Joseph A Sykes Dykes Uncle John J blk balk c by Tremont Fremont Hayti Hattie HaytiE Hattie E C Hazard X Ex b f by Tristan Dristan Banish ment meant mentBromley metrology Bromley Brome fc Co Oration b c by Cheviot Gold Basis BasisG Basis G D Ripley Riley Gy trash br or b c by Sidney Rosedale Roseate Lee Bruno b c by Free Knight Maggie Merrill MerrillJohn Merrill John Kelly Owas Was Queen b f by Owas Was Queen of Beauty Godfrey Geoffrey b c by Kingston Ella Blackburn BlackburnT Blackburn T E Davis Vigorous br f by Lord Esterling Sterling Gypsy Maid Maudie Maude Esterling Sterling b f by Lord Esterling Sterling Diadem DiademR Diadem R J Daly Dally Come to Order b c by Order Floroon Florin FloroonJ Florin J B Respass Trespass Lady Roller b f by Falsetto Flora McDonald McDonaldThomas McDonald Thomas S Martin Idolatry br f by Water Level Isis Stream b f by Water Level Stray Lass Venturesome br f by Water Level AdventuressWilliam Adventuress Adventuress William Ives Wives Co Nora Ires Aires b f by Hitn Hint yar yard Lulu S SJ J B W H F Doerr Doer May Landis Lands b f by Pontiac Annie F Joe Carroll ch c by Pontiac LimaJ Lima Lima J C Taylor Nonelastic Nonrealistic b f by Fairview Balsam Pius b f by Rey Frey del Rey Frey Belphoobe Telephoto H T Batchelor Bachelor Hoy Holy Beach b c by Bobby Beach Mollie Ryan W S Payne Chollie Collie Howard ch f by Mac duff Sonora SonoraSam Sonora Sam Lucas Gold Baron ch c by Rayon dOr doer BallerinaJ Ballerina Ballerina J O Desha Des Kunja Kunai b f by Kehama Khan Briga Riga zee Eberon Oberon blk balk f by Eberlee Abele Fonsica Finical FonsicaF Monica F C OReilly Gorily Ineemamora Cinematograph b or br f by Darebin Darwin Conncmara Conc ConncmaraM Concordant M D Richardson Land Ho blk balk c by Spring land Alta Blue Aconitine Conditioned gr f by Sir Dixon Aconite AconiteBert Aconite Bert Rankin Faith Ward ch f by First Ward Faith Thompson ThompsonW Thompson W H Millman Mailman Vanmount Amount b or br f by Dandie Dandier Dinmont Dumont Miss Vanderbilt Nick White b c by Dandie Dandier Dinmont Dumont Lucie Lucien Dortch Doth Harp string br f by Dandie Dandier Dinmont Dumont Teresina Ceresin TeresinaSidney Egressions Sidney Paget Page Gadfly b f by Meddler Zegri Zero ZegriJ Zero J V Shipp Ship Miss Regent br or blk balk f by Montana Regent Mirror Dreyfus Refuse b g by Forester Easter Day DayJ Day J D Smith Dan Cupid b c by Sir Dixon Belle Carter Bently Bentley B ch c by Onondaga Skylight Simon Glover chcby chubby Simple Simon Squeeze

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