Registered Colors, Daily Racing Form, 1902-11-02

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REGISTERED COLORS. The following list of registered colors is in addition to that heretofore published on a separate sheet: A. Abernathy, J. A., blue, old gold sleeves. Adams, W. J., blue, white stars and sash, blue cap. Ahearn, P., green, white stripes, red cap. Aldis, A. H., white, rea and blue sash. Alexander, G.. maroon, yellow bars on sleeves, yellow cap. Appleby, L.O., maroon, white sash, maroon and white cap. Applegate, H. C, purple, orange hoops, orange bars on sleeves, white cap. Applegate and Martin, orange, green diamond on back. Arkell, W. J. and Co., pink, cherry cap. Armsb raster. F. W., lavender, lemon cap. Arnett, George M.. red, white "A" on back, green sash, red and green cap. Arthur and Brewer, canary, purple sash, red cap. Aycock, O. L., brown, red Btripes, red cap. Baker, G. C, black and white stripes, black and white cap. Baker and Weeter. green, black bare on sleeves, green and black cap. Baldwin, E. J., black, red sash, red maltose cross on back, red and black cap. Baldwin, G. W., black, red sash, red maltese cross on back, yellow cap. Banahan, J. P. and Co., green, pink collar and cuffs, pink and groan cap. Barker. J. M. and Co., yellow, red sash, red bars on slneves. Barnes, W. B., red, white "W. B." on back, blue and white cap. Barrett, J. F. and Co., green, white and orange stripes. Barrow, C. M., red, embroidered horseshoe on back. Basquill, J. E. and Co., purple, orange yoke and cuffs, purple and orange cap. Batchler. H. T., blue, blue and white cap . Baxter, E. P., cherry, white collar, cuffs and cap. Beams, H. D. and Co., black, white sashes, white band on cap. Boardmore, lioorgo W., damask rose, navy blue sleeves and cap. Beck, E. and G. W drab, pink sleeves and cap. Behymer, C. E., pink, white hoop, green cap Bennington, Newton, orange, purnle yoke and braces. Berger, E., red, black and white caD. Bernays. A. C. white, purple cap. Berthurun, John W., turquoise blue, green and white cap. Bird. Mark, white, green sash, black cap. Blackmore, Charles, red, white sash, green Bleeves, red and white cap. Blair, Harry, sky blue, crimson braces and sleeves, black can. Boardman, O. W., rod, green maltese cross on back, green cap. BoJand, Joseph, light blue, canary collar, and cnffs. red sash, white cap. Bolich, R. G., purple, American flag on back, orange sleeves, purple and orange cap. Bolich, R. G. and io., purple. American flag on back, orange sleeves and brown cap. Booker, Mrs. I., orange, blue sleeves, black cap J with white stars. Bowman, J. B., orange, red and green saeh, black cap. Boyd, Mrs. N red, green sleeves, white sash and cap. Boyle, T. J., sapphire, pink sleeves, pink and blue cap. Bracken, James, white, maroon polka dots, white sleeves and cap. Bradley, S. A., blue, white polka dots, red sleeves. Brewer, J. E., red, blue Bash. Brewer and Co., purple, orange sash and cuffs. Brewster, Mrs. E., white, red bars on sleeves, blue cap. Brien, R. C, olive green, red sleeves with green cuffs, red cap. Briggs, J. W., red, white sleeves, red and white cap. Brown, E. G. and Co., red, pink sleeves, blue cap. Brown and Peters, blue ana white Btripes. blue sleeves, red cap. Bruhns, F. and Co., black, yellow cross ou back, yellow cuffs and cap. Brumfield. W. S bine, gold "B" on back. Buckley, J. P. and Co., green, white and blue hoops, ereen sleeves and cap. Burch, P. M.. blue, orange cuffs and cap. Burgess, J., blue, white "B" on back, wliite cap. Burke. A., green and white stripes, green cap. Burke, W. and Co., turquoise blue, red sashes, green cap. Burnett, S. B., old gold, black sash, red and black cap, C. Cahn, A. fe.-tate, steel gray, pink sleeves and cap. Cahn, J C, orange, blue sleeves, pink cap. Cain, J. G., purple and old gold bars, purple and oid gold cap. Calkins, J. G., old rose, black bars on sleeves, black cap. Campbell, C, ., violet and yellow halves. Carley, George, red, yellow sleeves. Carroll, Georgeand Son, green, cherry polka dots. Carroll, L red. orange triangle on back, orange sleeves, black cap. Cates, Mrs. Marie, orange, black cap. Chamberlain, E. 0 red, black hoops and white cnffs on sleeves, white cap. Chappell H., lilac, yellow "C" on back, blue cap. Cheney, S. L., black, red stripes, black and red cap. Childers, Charles and Co., red and white halves, red and white cap. Chinn, N. J blue, white hoops and cuffs, green cap. Christy, W. C. and Co., baby blue, black cap. Clancey, E. B., red, green star and crescent on back. Clapp, M. E., old gold, red shield on back, red cap. Clarkson, Frank, white, red sash, black and orange cap. Clayton, J. D orange, red shoulder straps, red and white rap. Cleveland, W. S. and Co., white, red, white and blue sash and band on cap. Clopton, S. A., red, cream sleeves, blue cap. Cochran, Emerson B., green, red sleeves, hite cap. Cole and Co.. green, red polka dote, white cap. Combs. J. T., blue and white halvf s. red can. Couran, W. V. and Co., green, white sleeves, red and white cap. Cooksey, J. B., blue, black and yellow cap. Cooper and Brown, black, gold stars, gold bars on sleeve?, gold cap. Costelln, rauk. red, blue sleeves, orange cap. Cottrell and Patton, old gold, green stripes, green and yellow cap. Cowie, William, old gold, black sash. Cowser, A. R., old gold, black sash, black and white cap. Cox, D. F., green and black halves, green cap. Craghead, H. R., white, blue sleeves, red cap. Cragg Bros., baby blue, white "C" on back, red cap. Crawford, J. R., red and blue halves, green cap. Craven, T. H., white, blue stripes, brown cap. Crawford and Logan, red, brown cap. Croker, J. R., blue, red bars on sleeves, red and blue cap. Cronin, John, yellow, red sash, black and yellow cap. Cronin. J. R., pale blue, white sash, maioon cuffs, green cap. Cunningham, B. J., black, purple diamonds. Curtis, B. W., gold, black belt black bars on sleeves, gold and black cap CurtiB and Dernham, orange, red sash, sleeves and cap. Curtis, W. S., orange, red sleeves, orange and red can. D. Daily, Charles C, black, white and yellow sash, black, white and yellow cap. Daingerfield, Algernon, royal purple, pink sleeves and cap. Daly, J., garnet, garnet and blue cap. Darby. J. W., and Co., red, blue "D" on back, blue cuffs and cap. Davennort and Holt, green, red and green cap. Davenport and Holt, blue, white cross on back. Davis, G. A., dark blue, red sash, red and white cap. Davies, T. A., and Co., black, gold squares, black sleeves and cap. Davis, D. M., scarlet, white cuffs and cap. Davis and Phillips, cherry, gold bars on sleeves, red and black cap. Davis and Sella, black, white moon on back, black and white cap. Dayton, A. F., steel gray, cerise bars on sleeves, white cap. De Beque, Frank, purple, white stripes, purple and white cap. Deckneite. J. H.. white, blue braces, blue cap. Dodson, R. P. and Co., red and white stripes. green saBh. red, white and blue cap. Dolan. F. C. green, crimson saeh, crimson bars and cuffa on sleeves, green and crimson cap. Donahue, W. J., white, shamrock on back, green cuffs, red cap. Donnell and Dring, black, red sleeves, red and white cap. Dooley and ONeil, red, blue sash, red and blue cap. Doyle Bros., green, black cap. Doyle, Martin, blue, red cuffs and cap. Drake and Monaghan, blue, gold stars, cherry sleeves, blue cap. Drever, A. L., red, black sash, white cap, Duffy, Frank, maroon, white polka dots. Ouggan, Joseph, black. Durnell, C. S., green, green and white cap. Durnell and Herz, white, green shoulder straps and cap. Dyment, N., green, orange sleeves and cap. E. Edward and Lattimer, black, green yoke and cap. Edwards, Fred and Co., yellow, black sash and cap. Edwards and Tising, turquoise blue, green cap with red band. Egbert, Horace, green and orange stripes, green cap. Eichschlag, H. J., black, red sleeves and cap. Elliott, W. W., black, orange yoke and cuffs, black cap with orange tassel. Emory, Preston, green, white sash, red, white and blue sleeves. Erb. Lee, bottle green, purple and green cap. Everett, W. T., blue and orange halves, orange sleeves, blue cap. Evera, J. B.. scarlet and canary diagonal halves. Eveslage, G W., white, blu9 sash and sleeves. Ewart. Mrs. T. D., yellow and green halves, red on back, green sleeves, white cap. F. Fahrner, John, pink, blue collar and cuffs, red cap. Farley, William, plum, orange sash and sleeves, plum and orange cap. Faser, V. and Co., lavender, purple sleeves, lavender and purple cap. Fame, J. R. and Co., blue, yellow sleeves, pink cap. Foval, H.E., rd, drab sash. Fawcett, J.T.. blue white diamonds, red sleeves, white cap. Featherstone, A., canary, black sashes. Ferris, J. C. Jr., red, black and blue cap. Fine. W. P.. cerise, green sash and cap. Finley, 8. E., green, yellow stripes on sleoves. Fleischmann, J blue, red and white sashes, white sleeves and cap. Fleming, J. F., green, yellow and pink bars, pink sleeves, white cap. Flynn, John S., apple green, plum sleeves and cap. Flynn, K., pea green, green and orange cap. Fogg, J. F., black, yellow sleeves, white cap. Foley, Michael, green, white sash, red and white cap, Forriss, J. H., white, rose bars, white and rose cap. Foster and Brent, reen, red sash, white sleeves, green and white cap. Fountain. D. S., red, white and blue maltese cross on back, red, white a ad blue cap. Fowler, John, purple, green collar, cuffs and sash, purple and green cap. Frazee. J. B., green, white belt, white "F" on back, old gold cap. Friobie and Co., cherry, green sleeveB with cherry bsrs, green cap. Furst, Abe, white, scotch plaid sleeves and cap. G. Gabriel, Francis, royal purple, yellow "F. G." on back, purple and yellow cap. Galway, James, black yellow Bleeves, pink cap. Gardner, H., black, white belt, red cap. Gaskins, W., red, white sleeves with black cuffs, red and white cap. 9entle, William, black, white cap. Gering, F. Jr.. canary, black yoke and cap. Ohio, J. C. and Co., blue, yellow sash and sleeves, blue and yellow cap. Ghio, James C, confederate gray. Gibbons. C. J., green pink stripes. Gilbert, R. E.. pnrplo, white sleeves. Gillnam, I., black, ereen sash. Ginzbnrg, Alex., black, white "G" on back, white tassel on cap. Glenn. L. and Co., baby blue, red sash, red and yellow cap. Goodharte, C old gold, blue sash, black and yellow can. Gooding, A. P., blue, orange and white cap. Goodlow and Co., blue, red diamonds, red "3" on back, white leaves, red cap. Goodsill, N. S. and Co., ultramarine bluf, red star on back. Grater and Co., green, pink yoke, cnffs and cap. Gray, A. 8., purple, green sleeves andcap. - Greenwald, M. and Co., blue, orange sleeves, blue and orange cap. Grimes, C. E., old gold, blue crescent on back, blue cap. Gumberts and Powers, orange, black sleeves green and orange cap Gustin. Charles, yellow, black stripes, black and yellow cap. H. Haber, M., white, gold oat sheaf on back. Hall, fc J white, gold bars, white and gold cap. Hamlin, F. R maroon, white sash, green cap. Hanchett. L. J., canary and black stripes, black sleeves and cap. Handrahan and Harding, terra cotta, white cross on back, green cap. Hanway, C. O , white, scotch plaid sash, white and scotch plaid cap. Hart, F. A. and Co., white, purple and gold. Hartley, Mrs. M. V., blue, white polka dots, - green cap. Hatcbett, A., white, red horseshoes on back and front, bine cap. Haverly tiros., yellow, black hoop, yellow and black cap. Hawk. Charles, green, red sleeves, red and black cap. Haydpn and Bell, red, old gold bars on sleeves, white cap. Hays, R. B., royal purple, gold 3ash, white cap. Hazzard and Co., blue, white sleeves, white "H" on back, orange cap. Healey, Charles, green, gold bars on sleeves, red cap. Hebbard, tf. L. and Co., orange, blue sash, blue and orange cap. Hedgen, P. W. and Co., black, white collar. Hemingway, R., green, white braces and cap Hendrie, G. M., tartan, yellow sleeves, red cap. Henig, P. and Co., white, red "B" on back, red cap. l Herrmann and Cassin, blue, white star on back. Hickey Bros., red. green sash, yellow sleeves. Hickey. P. H. and Co., green, red whip and horseshoes, white cap. Hill, C. M., blue, red and black cap. Hill and Co., bine, white stars on back, red sleeves, white cap. Hiner. R. J., orange, blue bars on sleeves, blue cap with orange tassel. Hirth, J. P. and Co., white, blue sash, red cap. Hoffman, M. J., black, lavender, sleeves, black and lavender cap. Hogan, W., red, bine sash and sleeves, white cap. Hogan, J. C, green, old gold sash and sleeves, green and white cap. Holloway and Oo., black, blue hoops, yellow cap. Holtgrewe, F. W., baby blue, yellow sash, green cap. Honig, D. I., red, red and yellov cap. Hooe, John D., pink, four.leaf clover on back, green cap, Huck, F. J., sky blue, red bars on back, red collar, cuffs and cap. Hucker and Kohrman, red, white sleeves with blue boons, bine cap. Hudson, W. H., black, orange linka on back and sleeves. Humphrey, "4. O., blue, white star on back, red, white and blue cap. Hunter, A. B red, white tash, blue and white cap. Hurd and Gillnm, maroon, pink cap. Hurd and Stevens, violet, white Bleeves, red and white cap. Hums, B green, red sashes, white cap. Hums, Thomas, green, black sash, red cap. Hutzler, C. 0.. old gold, elks head on back, old gold and brown cap. I. Irion, S. M.. blue, white bars on sleeves, red cap. Irish, Mrs. F. H white, American flag on back, black cap. V Ivey. J. J., green and white halves, black cap. Izett, J., black, red bars, black sleeveB. red cap. J. Jabine, Eugene, green, white polka dots, white cap. Jackson, D., violet, white sleeves, black cap. Jackson, Frank and Co., turquoise blue, white sleeves, purple cap. Jackson, Levi, purple, red sleeves and cap. Jackson, W. H. Jr., Yale blue and white 3tripes, white slooves, bine and white cap. Jennings, W., bine, white cuffb and caps. Johnson, Ben, white, red stars. Johnson, F. G , yellow, black polka dots, yellow and black cap. Johnson, F. W. and Co., black, white star and crescent on back, white cap. Johnson, J. W. and Co., black, white star and crescent on back, white cap. Johnson. P. P. Jr., and Co., white, black shoulder straps and cuffs. Jones, Milton, purple, red and yellow. Jones, P. H., Yale bine, white star on back, blue and white cap. Jones, R.. white, purple polka dots, purple cap. Joplin, Mrs. W O.. white, red sash and cap. Jordan, Martin lilac, blue cap. K. Kahn and Co., green, pink sleeves, red cap. Kavanangb, L., g.Leen, yellow anchor on oack, blue and whitel cap. Coburn, W. Kubn, C. F. Steele, R. Cochran. H. Lampard. A. Sullivan, R. S. Cogswell, 8. Landry. F. Sutherland, 8. Collins, C. Lewis, O. Taffin, L. Conley, J. Lindsay, D. E; Tanner, G. Connolly, J. Lines, A. Tattersall. W. Corbley,T. Logue J. Taylor, B. Conghlin, Mi Long, H. Taylor, W. H. Crabb, S. London, E. Thomas, E. Cramer, C. Lowe, M. Thompson, G. Croghan, J. Lyons. W. Thompson, L. Crossthwait, W.Lyne, L. A. Thompson, M. Cunningham, J.Mathews, E. Tompvins. N Dade, M. Mathews, J. H. Tod sail, W. Dale, W. Matthews, W. Townsend. F. Daly, L. MacJoynt, E. Treanor, J. Daly. W. J. Mc Auliffe. P. Troxler. E. C. Dangman, W. McCann, J. Tolly, E. P. David R. McClure, D. V. Turner. N. Dayisson, Q. McClusky, G. Vandusn, C. Dean, T. McCue, P.- Valentine, F. Dean, W. Mc OonaP , H. Valentine, W. De Soto, E. C McFealy, N. Vickrey, H. Dolan, L. McGinn, J. J. Vignes, J. Dominick, E. McGovern, P. Vititoe. D. Donegan, J. McGovern, T. Wainwright, 8. Donnelly, E. Mclnerney, J. Waldo, J. Donovan, J. clntyre, J. Waldo, W. Dosh, H. McKinney, W. A Wallace, J. Dowell, J McQuade, J. Walsh, J. Dowler, C. Meade, T. Walsh, W. Downing, W. Meyer, J. Wanshire, A. H. Downs, I. J. Michaels, M. Watson, H. E. Doyle, W. ff. Uilbnrn, J G. Watson, H. Duffy, F. Miles, M. Watson, W. Dugan, C. J. Miller, J. Weber, A. Dugan.John Minder. A. Weber, J. M.Dunn. M. Mitchell D. Wedratrand, C. Durbin, E. Moll, A. V. Weir, E. J. Earls, D. Moody, T. Welsh. W. Eggerson, A. Moon, G. Whitaker, R. Ellis, E. D. Mooney, W. Wickline, J. W-Ellis, W. i. Moore, A. Wilkerson.G.A. Enoa, A. W. Moppin, N. Williams, M. Fallehy, H. -Moran, J. Williams. E. Fauntleroy, J. Morper. E., Wilson, C. Ferrell, F. Morris, T. Wilson, W. Finley. A. Morris, W. Wilson, H. S. Fisher, J. Morse, Q. E. Wilson, H. Fitzgerald, J. Mountain, G. Wilson, H. T. Fitzmaurice,W Munro, A. Wilson, G. Flick, R. Murphy, C. R. Wilson. J. Flint, G. Murphy, E. Winkfield, J. Galbreath. L. Murphy, Joseph Winkfield, K. Garic, C. F. Murphy, T. WinslettT O. Gaylor. W. Murphy, W. J. Woods, J. H. Gilmore, D. Murray, J. W. Woods, J. T. Giimore, J. J. Narvaez. R. Worthington,R. Gilmore, R.J. Narvaez, W. Wright, C. Gisborne, F. Neel, C. Wright. J. Givens, F. Neeley, E. Young, W. Gleason, M. F. Nelson, W. Zeno, J. Golden, J. Newcom, J. W. A.PPBENTICE8. Adams, John Hardy, B. Pittman, H. Arnold. A. Harrington, L. Price, C. Arvin, H. Harris, C. Red dick, C. Assel, J. Havill P. C. Reddington, E. Baptist, J. Hayes. E. F. Reed, F. Bates, R. Heim J. Renecamp, and.. Bell, A. Hennessey. W. Richdson, B. H. Benson, A. Herbsrt. F. Rogers; J. L. Bistle, F. Hicks, James Scbenck, G. Boland. J. D. Higgins, W. Scott, F. Booker. J. Hill, C. Scott W. Brady, S. Hodgson, E. Shader, A. JS. Breed, H. Hoffman, L. Short, H. Brown, C. Hoffler, J. J. Sinclair, P. Bnrton, J. Howell, D. Skelton G. Calvit, L. Hunt, W. J. Smith, C. A. Carroll. Charles Jones. Robert Smith, C. H. Cash. R. Kearns, C. P. Smith. Fred Coleman. W. Key, Earl Smith; J. F. Collins, T. Koenig, R. Spargur, L. Cunnell. C. Lawder, F. Spencer, L. Cormack. A. Le Blanc. F. Stille, A. Coulter, J. Luehrs, J. Stivens, T. Crthwite.G.W.Lynn, T. Tadlock, A. DaviB, B. Macanley, W. Taylor, Robert Dean, L McCaff ty, W.ThMen . . Dennis, 3. McFadda i H. Tobin. H. Dion, v. McQoiqrn, J.H.Tooman. E. Dnnn, 0. R. Mcilurrav, ff. Turner, E. Dnrh .m, H. B. Mabou, F. Dehlin, R. Earl J. Manley, E. Watson, G. Edwards, E. C. Maier, F. Weickert, 0. Ezall, R. MHrtin, R. Weinmann, F. Feicht, 8. Mensior, F. Wenzig, R. Finney. J. Mewes, W Williams, C. Fuller, G. Miller, E. W. Williams. T. Furst, W. Moore. James Wilson, C. 8. Gaignard. A. Mnlhall, C. Wilson, E. Gaines, C. R. Nelson, G. Wilson, M. Galena, C. Nero, E. Wishard, D. E. Garvin, V. Nevins,F. C. Wood W. H. Gilmore, H. Offut, W. Woodard, C. C. Graham, John ONeill, S. Haack, V. E. Phillips, H. Kusb, L. J., white, blue "K" on back, blue and white cap. L. La Rue, J. H old gold, green "L" on back, green sash, sky blue and white cap with green tassel. Lafferty, J. and Sons, black, orange anchor on back, orange sleeves, red, white and blue cap. Lally, James, blue, red "L" on back, white sleeves, rati cap. Lamay and Co., white, blue bars on seeves. Landon, G. I., old gold, blue collar, cuffs and cap. Langle, 8. Fj, white red sleeves, green cap. Lane, John E., purple, Dink sash and sleeves, red cap. Lang. J. G., green and white stripes, old gold sash, green and white cap. .Laaxnce A. bine, old gold horseshoe on back, blue and old gold cap. Lazarus, H. L., yellow, white sleeves, red and white cap. Lee, W. H., red white and greenbars, black cap. Leigh, Mrs. M., light blue, red sleeves, white sash and cap. Lemp and Co., cherry, cherry and black cap. Lester, W. V. black, blue sash, gold cap. Levy, Joe, purple, old gold sleeves, green cap. Levy, L.i seal brown, old gold sash, sleeves and cap. Lewis, F. F., red and yellow hoops, black cap. Liflander, M., dark blue, red and yellow. Lindenbarger, George, black, blue sash, white cap. Loebr H. C. and Co., green, old gold owl on back. Lorenz, Henry, black, white star and crescent on back, Lott, fred, black sleeves with blue bars, black . and blue cap. Lowe, C. A., yellow, black belt, black and yellow cap. Lowe and Waters, black, yellow sashes and slneves, black and yellow cap. Lurkin, William, red, silver sleeves and cap. M. Mackay, Clarence H.. turquoise blue, black sash, Mack cap with silver tassel. Madden, J. E., cherry, white hoops on sleeves and cap. Madden, T. R.. purple, old gold sash, gold boops on sleeves, white cap with gold tassel. Malone, Mrs. R. E white, red and blue stars, green horseshoe on bacl , green cap. Mangan, J., blue, yellow sash and sleeves, wl ite cap. Mannion, John, blue and green halves, lemon sleeves, white cap. Marshall, H. I., chocolate, blue sleeves and cap. Martin and Patton, red, orange sleeves and cap. Mattingly, M. P., black, white cross on back, white cap. McBoth and Palmer, blue, red cross on back, red cap. McCarren, H. Jr., red, white cap. McCarthy, J. T., green, purple sleeres, white cap. McCarthy and Flynn, green, old gold sash, purple sleeves, white cap. McClain, J. O. and Co., lilac, pea green sleeves. McClernand, John and Co., old gold, black "M" on back, black cap. McCranor. T green, white sash, red, white and blue cap. McCune, W. J., purple, white cuffs and cap. McDowell, Joe, red atid green halves, green and white cap. McGeehan, John. Yale blue, white bars on sleeves, white sash and cap. McGilvray, P. F red, green star on back, green cap. McGraoy, George, green, white "G" on back, McGrath, P., green, brown belt, old gold cap. McKelvey and Johnson, old gold, shamrock on back, green sleeves, old gold and green cap. McKincey. w. F., green, black "M" on back. McLean, William, green, black sash. Mc Murray, George, blue, red sash, black and white can. McNautjhton S. and Co., magenta, white ball on back, white cap. Mc Sweeney, E. D., black, white star on front and back. McTague, Frank, red, vhite sleeves, black cap. Medlin and Bro., red, white sleeves, black and white cap. Meister. F. D., blue, purple and green cap. Mengle Bros., green, red and white cap. Meyers, F. R., yellow, black stripes on back., Milden, F. H., Jr., cherry, white horse shoe on back, green sash, cherry and green cap. Miles and Doris, black, old gold sash, black and old gold cap. Miles. Thomas, cerise silver sash. Miller. B. L , red, yellow bars on shoulders, white cap. Miller, George W., red, white sleeves, blue cap. Miller, M. D., green, pink sash, white cap. Miller, Mrs. E. F , orange, white sash and sleeves, red cap. Miller. R., black, yellow collar and cuffs, black and yellow cap Miller, William, blue, red sleeves, red, white and blue cap. Mitchell, Joseph, white, red sash. Moody and Everett, bine, orange yoke and sleeves, white cap. Moore. E. W. and Co., maroon, yellow sleeves and cap. Moore, J. W. and Co., red, yellow bars on Bleeves, yellow sash and cap. Moore, Natt, black, white "M" on back. Moore, Robert, red. white diamonds, white sleeves and cap. Morgan, William and Co., purple and white halves, red cap. Morgan and Co., white, red sleeves, blue sash and cap. Morris, E. T. pink, black "M" on back, black sash and cap. Morris, G. B., purple, white cap. Morris, T. F. fc Co.. yellow, black sleeves. Morrow, J. D . bine, red and old gold cap. Mower, W. L blue white star on back, white sleevea, blue and white cap. Mulkey, W. and Co., scarlet, white sash, blue cap. Murphy, Edward, green, "white polka dots, green cap. Murptiy, and. J., old gold, pink and white cap. Murphy, T. J., red, green bars on sleeves, green tassel on rap. Murphy, T. M., purple, orange "M" on back, green cap. Murray, Thomas A yellow, black sashes, yellow and black cap. Myers, R. F., old gold, pink cuffs and cap. N. Naylor, John, green, red bar and cuffs on sleeves red cap. Neal, G. H., red, white "G." on back. Newman andEgan, purple, black leeves, white cap. Nixon, John and Co., blue, red sash, put pie cap. O. Obear, A. J., black, gold stars. OConnnll, J., red, green maltese cross on back, black cap. Ogden, C. E. and Co., red, purple and orange cap. Oldham, A. V. and 1.0.. old rose, black Btar on btfck. gold cap. ODowd, John and Co., turquoise blue, green sash and cap. ONeall, J. W. and Co., purple, black sleeves and cap. ONeill, John, white, green sash, green and whit cap. ONeil, J. and Co., green, white sash, black cap. ORourke.I. W., cherry, white sash and sleeves, cherry and white cap. Ortlepp, William, light red, white "O" on back, white cap with red band. P. Pack, S black, old gold hoops, black sleeves and cap. Parks J W., pink blue sash and cap. Partington, H. purple, gold braid, crimson Bleeves, black cap. Patterson and Putnam, red, primrose sleeves with red hoops, white cap. Payne, S. G. and Co., old gold, black sleeves, white sash and cap. Pearcy and Co., red and black halves, pink and white cap. Pechman, H. and Co., white, peacock blue cap. Peck, io E., black, white "P" on back, green sleeves. Perry, H. J. and Co., blue, gold "Z" on back, gold bars on sleeves. Persinger, J., green, white stripes, red star on back, green and white cap. Person. John, blue, white cross on back, red sleeves and can. Pfizer, Charles, blue, yellow shoulder straps yellow bars on sleeves. Phillips, A., white, black and white cap. Pierpoint and Bellows, red blue sash, white sleeves and cap. Pike, fi. A. and Co., white, red, white and blue easb, blue cap. Pohlman and Co., yellow, black sleeves, red and black cap. Price, H., purple, white bars on sleeve3, white sash and cap. Price, J. H., black, green sleeves, white cap. Puckett, T. F. and Co., yellow, purple maltese cross on back. Putnam and Co., red, primrose sleeves with red hoops, primrose cap. It. Radford, J. A., black, white polka dots, white collar and cuffs. Railey. C. L blue, red and yellow hoops, red cap. Rankin. A. J., purple, white sleeves with red bars, old geld cap. Rathbone and Co., red, red, white and blue sash, and cap. Ray, C. O., red, white battle-ax on back. Redmon, J. K., green, orange yoke and sleeves, green ani orange cap. Redmond, W. F., cherry, blue hoops on sleeves, red cap. Reed, A. B. and Co., white, purple stripes, purple and white cap. Reynolds, C. A. and Co., blue, gold stripes, blue cap. Reynolds, Mrs, E.. bronze, white bars on sleeves, green cap. Rice Bros, white, blue stripes, white cap. Rice. M., red and black halves, red sleeves, black can Richardson. H., scarlet, white polka dots, black cap with gold tassel. Risley, E., peacock blue, yellow anvil on back, yellow cap. Robbins, C. F., pink, black and yellow cap. Bobbins, J. H lemon and black hoops, lemon and black cap. Robertson, G, A., black and old gold stripes, black and white can. Roche. O. C, green, red sleeves, red and green cap. Roesslo. John, white, pnrnle sash, green sleeves and cap. Rogers, J. T. and Sons, blue and white diamonds. Rogers. S. S bine, white cuffs. American flag on back, red cap. Rogers, W. M., black, yellow yoke and cuffs, black and yellow cap. Rose, C. G.. purple, white bars on back and sleeves, white cap. Rudolph, E. M. and Co., purple and white hoops, purple cap. Russell. C. M.. orange, blue sash, blue and white cap. Russell, G. P., green, black "R." on back, pink sleeves, red cap. Rutledge and Stevens, blue, white diamonds. Ryan, Ed, red, white sashes, blue cap. Ryan, P. J , black, white sasb. Ryan, T. H red, white sash, red and white cap, S. Sanders, Munford and Co., lavender, blue hoops, blue cap. Sayers, Thomas, blue, gold bars on sleeves,, gold cap. Sayre, G. B.. orange, black and white sashes black and white cap. Schneider. D., orange, red sleeves with orange bars, blue cap. Schorr, John F., scarlet blue "S" on back, blue hoops on sleeves, blue cap. 8chwarzendahl, J., blue and white halves, blue sleeves, red cap. Segar and Barstow, white, black cross on back, black l,8" on sleeves black and white cap. Sellers, Earl, black, orange collar and sleeves, black and orange cap , Shafer, W. T., red, white bars on sleeves, yellow cap. Shannon, J, L., blue, orange sasn, white and orange cap. Shea, M., bronze, blue sash, bronze and blue cap. Shearer, G. H. and Co., blue, black sleeves and cap. Sheehan, E. and Co., pink, green sleeves and cap. Shelhamer, C. D., old gold, red stripee, red sleeves and cap. Sheltou and Co., blue, white polka dots, white sash. Sherman, E. W., blue, white polka dots, whito sleeves and cap. Shipley, W. E. fc Co., old gold and gray halves, blue cap. Shipp, K. P. and Co., blue, green cap. Short, William, green and red halves, green cap. Simpson, John, black, white horseshoe on back, red sleeves, greet and black cap, Simpson, uorence, magenta, white sash, purple and white cap. Sinclare and Waide, blue, yellow star on back. Sloan, Fremont, red, white F. S." on back, green cap. Sloan, tfrank, red, green collar, green sleeves with red cuffs. Sloan and Mattox, orange, green horseshoe on bact , green sleeves and cap. Smith, Charles H., purple. Smith, C. H., blue, lemon bars on sleeves, maroon sash. Smith, J. F. and Co., light blue, white sleeves, blue and white cap. Smith. J. M.. red and white halves, green cap. Smith, Mrs. M. J. and Co., red and white halves red cap. Smith, R. A., dark blue, red sash, pink cap. Snow D. L., blue, orange star on back, orange cap. Somerville, W. G., orange, green hoops, green cap. Spence, K., green, red stripes, old gold cap. Speth, P. G.. red, white "S" on back. Stanfleld, W. L red and purple stripes, green cap. Stanhope, H. H., blue, red sleeve?, red and blue cap. Stanley, F. and Co., purple, white star and crescent on back, purple and white cap. Stepi ens, D., pink, blue cap. Stevens, H. L. and Co., turquoise blue, yellow sash. Stewart, J. A., purple, white bars on sleeves, white cap. Stowe, M. and Co., green and yellow stripes, green and yellow cap. Street, W. R., white, green ball on back, green cap. Strobe, George, purple, red and white eash, white cap. Stubbs Bros., black and orange halves. Stubbs Bros. and Co., black ana orange halves. Stueve, William, white, green polka dots, old gold cap. 8ullivan. B. J., green, white collar and cuffs. Summers, Gill, red, green sashes, white cap. Swope, W. M. and Co., pink, green sash. T. Tarbel, P., ultramarine blue, red star on back. Taylor and Heiman, sky blue, black sash. Terrett, J. H., yellow and white squares, red cap. Thorn, J. and Co., white, red white and blue diamond on back, Thompson Bros., white and blue stripes, white sleeves, blue cap. Thomason, H., red, silver cap. Tichenor, N. B. and Co., cerise, blue "T." on back, red cap. Tinsley, J. O. and Co., black, red yoKe and cuffs, j"-pink and bine cap.. Tobey, W. 5., black, orange sleeves, white sash and cap. Todd, J. B. and Co., red, red, white and blue cap. Trowbridge, C. M., pink, pink and white cap. Troxler, John J. A., turquoise blue, burnt orange yoke, sleeves ana cap. Tucker, Frank, yellow, red star and crescent on back, red sleeves and cap. Tusker, J. C. and Co., orange, black sleeves, green and olack cap. Tyler, Owen, cardinal Scotch thistle on back. T. Vivell, W. C. and Co., cherry, orange sash, chem and orange cap Walker, William and Co.. old gold, blue sash, white and old gold cap. Wallace, W. H., red, white, diamonds, red and white cap. Wallace and Stewart, red, blue bars on sleeves, red and blue cap. Wallhauser, Fred, blue, white horseshoe on back. Walters, John, gray, black sleeves, red cap. Ward and Harlan, blue, white sleeves, red sash and cap. Washam, W. T., Jr., red, white square on back, green cap. Watew. J. C, red and white balvei, white cap. Watson, T. A., black, blue sash. Watts, T. B. and Co., red, blue Easb, green cap. Weber, John, red, black maltese cross on back, black cap. Wehmhoff, Henry, blue, yellow baraon sleeves Weil, I. K., reo, green yoke, red and green cap. Weir, if. D., red, whito sleeves. Welch, Z. W., lavender, white stripe , red cap. Welsh, E. F. and Co., peacock blue, red and blue cap. Whnleu, Thoma, pink, yellow maltese cross on back, cherry sleeves, green cap. White, Ricnard, white, purple sash, red cap. White, W. H., white, orange sash, blue cap. Whiteside, J. J., red, old gold horseshoe- on back, black sleeves, green cap. Williams. C. H., blue, golo points, old gold cap. Williams, G. R., black, orange sleeves, blue cap. Williams, J. C. and Co., green, white belt, green and white cap. Williams, R. D., old gold, red sash, green cap. Williams, d. M., red, whito and blue hoops, red cap. Williams, W., black, red sash, caffs and cap. Willis, Mrs. A. B cherry, white W" on back, cherry and white cap. Wilson, T. L., orange, black and orange cap. Wilson and Co., blue, red sleeves, red and white cap. Wolfe, Charles, brown, blue sleeves, purple cap. Wolverton, D. C. and Co., royal purple, whito sleeves, with purple bars, purple and white cap. Wood, John L blue, black bars oh sleeves, blue and white cap. Worley. Mrs. A. D., purple, yellow UW" on back, yellow bars on sleeves, yellow cap. Wyatt, L., green, yellow bar on right sleeve. T. York, Corliss, red, black sash, green cap. Z. Zeigler, H. M., yellow, purple sash and cap.

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