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ALL WON BIG MONEY last week by playing the INFALLIBLE SYSTEM. Have you done as well? How many turfites won last week the way they have been running, yet the players of the INFALLIBLE SYSTEM did not have a losing day, which proves the system is better than the best information and handicap figures. One of the horses that the system gave was A 60 to 1 Shot, Won, and others at LONG ODDS. The INFALLIBLE SYSTEM copyrighted is a gold mine, and is just the thing for turfites who are satisfied to win a certain amount, and is the ONLY system that guarantees to return your purchase money at the end of 30 days If a loss can be shown, which shows our confidence of Its merits. It is the best and ONLY system which you cannot do without If you wish to make turf speculation profitable. Investigate at once. No system ever invented can show as good results on so small a capital as this system does. This wonderful system has received nothing but favorable comments from those who have operated same with great success. Do you know that losing is impossible because the capital is surrounded with so many safeguards, and gives only an average of nine plays a week, and produces winners at remunerative odds? It guards against persons overbettlng themselves, and the selections are not based on jockeys, weights, odds, track conditions, distances, favorites, etc., and no doubling, handicapping or "doping" is required. It can be operated with a small capital either at the track, poolroom, or with a hand-book. Send for our "NEW BOOKLET," which is mailed free, and the system will be explained to you and what it does, showing past results. Address INFALLIBLE SYSTEM *Z2£r% t. TADEMA — HAVANA CIGARS — The Choice of Sportsmen and Connoisseurs W. F. MONROE 141 DEARBORN ST., TRIBUNE BLDG. CHICAGO, IliL. Wholesale and Retail Distributer DERBY DAY BERNAYS, to win, 8-1 3rd CLAUDE, place, 2-1 2nd THE PICKET, to show, 1 0-1 Won ADVANTAGE, Special, 8-1 2nd BONDAGE, 1 2-1 3rd YOUNG HENRY, 5-1 Won MIMOSA, place, 3-5 2nd SHORTHOSE, place, 7-1 Won SWEET TONE, place, 8-5 Won LEADER, place, • 6-1 Won GEORGE JAMES, 9-5 Won TWO PENNY, place, 5-1 -2nd For Monday J We have another 15 to 1 at Washington Park and two other good things, long odds. Also a few good things at Coney Island and Detroit. Nuff said. PRICE 50 CENTS, .50 WEEKLY. Special delivery or wire. Race Horse EST. SUITE 407, 130 DEARBORN ST. Miller and Gray ChicagoTURF EXPERTS— New York ROOM 18, 122 LA SALLE ST, CHICAGO. 50 Cents Daily, ,50 Weekly. MONDAY 10 to I Special at Washington Park This one will win sure. We have inside information on this good thing. Also two more; the odds will be 5 to i to 1 on each. Get this sheet Monday. Our St. Louis and Detroit one-horse wires get the money. Five Actual Specials .00. ActuallWinners Only Counted. WIRED TO ANY PART OF U. S. Sheets on sale, 11 a. m., at office, news stands Clark and Madison, Michigan and Randolph, Cottage Grove and 61st St. and main gate at race track. SoeciaLlnducement ONLY TO NEW CUSTOMERS. Mail T I FOB ONE TCOT SCIENTIFIC me J J WEEKS I LO I OELECTIONS of THREE SPECIALLY SELECTED RACES mailed the evening BEFORE. Regular price .00 daily, including my wonderful betting SYSTEM. G. W. LAPHAM 6534 8S3SS5: ATE- Telephone Hyde Park 5833. «3L OUR SELECTIONS s-PK Get the Money.d ~"*tae= Special Inside Information on the Races. Dont Do a Tiling Till You Get Our Sheet. Nothing better for the Money. .00 A DAY . . . .00 A WEEK. Special Delivery or Wire, 11 a. m. CTAHICV P PR 185 Dearborn St., Suit© 01 HULL I and UU. 603. Phone 5308 Cent. RELIABLE PARTIES desiring quality— not quantity— who are in a position to place a bet on something good— WHEN IT IS GOOD— can eecuresome satisfactory information occasionally on the Chicago races by communicating with OAHIEL STOKER tsse SSStgS.ATB Peerless Selections My information comprises the THREE VERY BEST BETS of the day. Eighty per cent, am winners is my average." jbw«"»i Daily. Weekly. --Wired Anywhere.** "THE- INDIAN," 167 -ajffSg™1 BOOK OF SYSTEMS Guaranteed the best methods by which success can be had from racing. These systems have been carefully selected and tested and proven successful. CANT LOSE. PRICE . MOORE and CO., 109 E. Van Buren St., Chicago. • j The following -were our winners the past five -weeks at the local tracks: 1 jfYl CI •2T4Pkfirr,V Frl.JunelO: Thurs. June 11: Tues. Juno 2: MonMaVS-UIliLllJ Toah 3-2 onr Bessie 7-1 Hargis 2-1 Moronl O 1 THOU ART A JEWEL 0o™JmM,1° Sffia0.:::: tl Swe!-~:": ll8 IIIUU Hill H ULIILL. Eugenie B 3-2 Gold lece 3-1 C.H.Bradley 8-5 Sat.May23: McChesney... .... 1-1 g/;;;; tl Mon.Junel: John McGurk 5-8 T11~~ r~1~ W£d* *?UIle 1 Dick Bernard .... 3-1 High Chancellor. 2-1 tl A ~ « * k Established 1890 nil n ljn n .ff/1 lf_% Tne.JuneO: Plying Torpedo.. 4-3 Fri. May22: Before the public Ullftll U lialU Colionae.V.V::.":: i-8 Ralph Young .... 7-1 Sat.May30: f?,"" fS 8V7day 3 to 5, heavy, won. Savahle 1-3 Mon.JaneS: Glassfull . ... 2-1 Xtoii. 1. xnnrs.aiay A A _ V «1 Tues. June 16: Savahle 4-1 ?«keofYork 5-3 =M L Touchw d ""sss"" *™ja.~.« /0i%andandO Li* iVU.UU.II U jackRattlin 3-1 Sat June 6: Epicure 1-1 Automaton 13-10- Havlland 7-3 lampoon 5-2 St. Paula 8-5 4 to 1 hcivv 2nd Thurs Mav28- mMmM ™ i It. ?i A11-a-Dale 4-5 DIck Bernora.... 3-1 Sardine f..„ri 4-5 Wed. May 30: JtffiKfvft. lA/OYllA W 1/1 hi Mon.June 15: Pri. June 5: WedJtava?. * Peter Paul 3-3 WHlin HI Shutout: madegood PeterPaul 5-1 zll,,a Nil Firbwie 5-8 »-l UUltU 11 1U11. L KMgkV the following day. Sherry 5,3 tingu"lt "V.".*.*.V 3-5 Omdurman 4-1 4 to 1, small bet, won. Sat. June 13: Thurs. June 4: Alice Dougherty*. 9-5 Tues. May 19: „._,._- PeterPaul 7-2 Dr.Nowlin 3-1 Proceeds 3-1 Compass 10-1 WllSa HlOK WkI.I.RS Savahle 3-1 Sanctum 3-1 Tues.Mav36- Nellie Waddell..7-1 0 *|Njr UhhUftO DickWelles 3-5 GregorK 8-5 Plying Torpedo.. 5-3 linguist 11-30 Withdrawn. Fri. June 13: Wed. June 3: Crest 6-5 Mon. May 18: We Never Mis- Th« above were distrib- Glassfull 4-1 Falkland 8-5 Lampoon 7-3 Our Bessie 7-3 represent. MtZT lWta0rt™eU* ™ Fa™ni™ en 3.2 i.adyF. Knight.. 3-2 — Saturday. NOTE THE PRICES. We advertise only horses given straight to win, and can furnish sworn statements that all of the above is absolutely correct. Betting on our information is like finding money. Dont fail to take advantage of a good thing, as this will in all probability be the last season that our information will be sold indiscriminately. Next Week, Beginning Monday, there are several more almost sure winners in sight with odds from 3 to 30 to I TERMS FOR BEST BETS AT WASHINGTON PARK .00 DAILY; .00 WEEKLY, specials included, or .00 for live winning specials, scratches and placed horses not counted— only actual winners. Wired at 10 a. mj Delivered to any city address before 12 m. Separate office for ladles. Reynolds and Co., 6th Floor, 119 Dearborn St., Chicago- Also on sale at 12 m. at news stands in Saratoga Hotel and Sherman House and stands at Clark and Madison Bts. ; restaurant 1253 8. Haleted St.

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