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and SELECTED Races mailed daily the evening BEFORE to reach patrons in Cincinnati, Chicago and many other cities REGULAR PK1CE .00 DAILY. California and 0 EACH track New Orleans 01 WEEKLY AS A TEST only to new patrons. My customers are mostly MONTHLY subscribers, earn from to 0 daily handling your own money with VERY small capital. They play my Grand 2-Horse "Long" Odds Betting System. My California Scientific Selections now ready. My New Orleans Scientific Selections ready Nov. 30. Mail I FOR ONE TP PT OCIENTIFIC Me j WEEKS LO I OBJECTIONS CU I 1 DU 1 II 6534 CORNEIX ATE. . If. LArnAITl .......Chicago Wired to long distance customers. "igpir Trust You" I hold a strictly confidential position to certain horsemen who are "in the inner circle." My duties require me to remain in Chicago all winter. I receive private advices from New Orleans and California which seldom exceed three a week all told. The horses wired me are to be played around the country by those on the inside. To reliable parties I will furnish these advices in cypher ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT CHARGE until after the horse I wire has won. Then I expect as my compensation a small percentage of the winnings. On account of the position I hold I cannot afford to use my own name in an advertisement. If you will drop me a line I will explain more fully. M. S. HOWARD 180 Monroe St.. CHICAGO TRY ME! MRS. L. MOORE I will send you by wire two or three specials daily, upon receiving your address. Write me at once. BOX G57, - - NEW ORLEANS, JL.A. ED. AUSTIN Member Western Bookmakers Association. Turf Correspondent and Commissioner. MCLOSKEY BUILDING NEW ORLEANS, LA. Overnight or morning odds and information on New Orleans races furninliecl to band books, pool rooms, etc. My staff of dockers is tho best at the track, and my extensive acquaintance and experience give me unsurpassed facilities. CORRECT QUOTATIONS GUARANTEED. TERMS: - - .00 DAILY. GET THE REAL THING ! T SPECIALS DAILY O WIRED AT 13 OCLOCK. Dally Wire and Letter Service. A telegram each morning, advising the Two Best Things of the daily program ; a regular weekly letter with information, advice and suggestion to subscribers; also privilege of inquiries and advice at will by wire or letter. TERMS: . . 0 WEEKLY. Thanksgiving Offerings ! GRAHAM TURF BUREAU HAS THEM. The winners at Oakland, Latonia and New Orleans are yours for .00. Call at office. GRAHAM- Boom 1002, Mailers Building, corner Qnincy and La Salle Sts., Chicago. snp a BU1slo horse with W d.1 r-i-f-oH 1 Led some owners string being sent to New Orleans. Address W. F. COOPEB, 52-54 Merchants Building, La Salle and Washington Sts. EstabllslxedlSOO REYNOLDS and CO - BRST SSKS: Bofore the public Phone 5154 Central. Delivered anywhere, ovary ay. Back "Sheets" on File for Inspection. Ad SOL SMITH, . 5-2 WON GUARANTEED SPECIAL JlK SILURIAN 3 to I WON MURESCA 1 5 to I 2ND WEm GANANQGUE5 to 2 WON BUTTONS 3 to 10 WON 1114 JUDITH CAMPBELL 2-1 . 2ND ivfiik our clients received the above yesterday. Today we Have Four Absolute Certainties, Including a 10 to 25 to I Shot. Wo Never Mis- Remember, wo just give the best bets, not every race. represent. Terms : .00 Daily, .00 Weekly, specials included, or .00 for two actual winning specials. Wired at 10 a.m. OH, YOU TRAYNOR! ANOTHER WINNER YESTERDAY. is what I sent my clients. Of course, the price was short, but how did I know that all the good ones were going to scratch so as to spoil our price? Instead of being a short price. we would have got against that good winner LORD OF THE VALLEY at least 2-1. My other selection, Demurrer, 7-1, chucked it up after leading all the way. But never mind, well win a bet on him yet. Monday I opened the week with that good winner, Dramatist Won at 4 to 1. Now is the time to subscribe. I am in my stride, and the bunch of winners I am going to send my clients will just startle them. I have got some good ones in pickle now, and they are nearly ripe. "We are doing well here at Washington, and the appended record below shows the success we had last week when 0 STRAIGHT AT JAMAICA WON Sl.280.00. Won. Lost. Nov. 7th MEDAL, 12-1, WON; GAY BOY, 4-1, WON 20.00 Nov. 9th SWEET ALICE, 6-1, WON; RACE KING, 7-5, WON 148.00 Nov. 10th MONET, 5-1, WON; COLONSAY, 6-1, 2D 100.00 0.00 Nov. 11th LADY AMELIA, 3-1, WON; ORTHODOX, 8-5, WON 92.00 Nov. 12th ORISKANY, 10-1, WON; SOURIRE, 4-1, WON 280.00 Nov. 13th RETICENT, 4-1, WON; HOODWINK, 3-1, 2D... 80.00 20.00 Nov. 14th FOXY KANE, 12-1, WON; ARDEN, 3-1, WON 300.00 ,320.00 0.00 A 5.00 ACCOUNT WON 20.00. If you are unable to personally take advantage of my two-horse wire I would advise you to forward me an account of 5, 0, or 00, which I will have placed at the track for you in , 0, or 0 straight bets; when playing for you I charge nothing for the information, but deduct 20 per cent of the net winnings as my commission. Information mailed to you each a. m. Itemized statement with winnings forwarded at the end of each weeks play. TRIAL ACCOUNTS OF 0 ACCEPTED, OPERATING ON A BASIS. Two Hot Ones Friday and Saturday will be wired all my clients. At least 10-1 will be quoted against each of these and, taking into consideration the fast work and special private preparation these have received, there is nothing left to do but cash your money. Barring accidents I dont think these can lose. The advisability of obtaining these must be clearly apparent. Next week, the closing week at Bennings, will see some long ones win. I am in the know, and my clients will undoubtedly reap a harvest, as I am going to wire some of the longest winners of the week. Dont hesitate, but subscribe at once. Mail orders wired at 7 a. m. Terms for racing wires, 0 for 6 days, for 3 days, daily. A. TRAYNOR, BOX 25 1 , GRAVESEND, BROOKLYN, N. Y.

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