Seagram Stable Numbers Fifty.: List of the Horses in Training at Waterloo for the 1907 Campaign., Daily Racing Form, 1907-03-27


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SEAGRAM STABLE NUMBERS FIFTY. List of the Horses in Traininq at Waterloo for the 1907 Campaiqn. Toronto, Ont, March M. At ins Waterloo Farm .1 1: Beagraai baa eight] nine Ihonauklard horaea and forty of them are la training, la addition to the roor t. 1 in. .n-. Havoc, Mthaer, rVrahon ami P 1 -i-icnie 11., there are twewty-six braeaanarea, nineteen yearlings, twenty 1 wo year olds and twenty others raagtag in age frosa three to seven years. There 1- n. i 1 sick bane sa the place, in fad the general health of the horses in this part of the coaatry tin- year is —roaiaiiailj good. a g«od crap ot foals is expected al the Waterloo Farm this year, but they will he late. Here is a list of the horaea la training: Sapper Dance, b. f. ::. by Morphea* New Dance. Sea Wall. br. I. ::. by St. Serf Fairlie Head. Half a -Crown, b. ,. :;. |,v HaHing Martyrdom. Assemblyman, b. c, .".. by Ugly Semlev. Babbling Brook, b. c, ::. by Watercresa Baby. Im siane. eii. •. :;. by Watercress Flavaae. Aanherley, b. •. ::. by Russell -outscramble. LmkIIimisi. br. c, .;. by Ogden Anxious. S"iir Sack. br. C, 3, by Lissak -Wild Olive II. Aqni lint. eh. g, :;. by Watered sr Wmaciott. Cloton. eh. g, 7. by Hazelhaich cunboline. Inferno, i.. h. .-,, by Havoc Ron ln. . slaughter, b. e, 4, by Havoc Martyrdom. Harnko, b. f. 1. by Havoc Pen in,,. Pen. -1. br. g. I. by St. George Vantage. Sir Ralph, br. g. 5, by Bread Knife Margarette. Mllitaho. eh r, 2. by Milner Ron Ino. Capetown, br. .. •_• bj MHaer Fairiae Head. Mill Dam, br. c, 2. by Milner Damn. Byenpener. br. f. 2, by Milner Wink. Mllver b. c, 2, by Mllaer Clonic. Cecil Rhodes, h. .. 2, by Milner Celandine. Milliners Rill, ch. f. 2. by Milner — Rusina. " 1 it.-., b. e. 2. by Havoc Xenia. oni of Step. b. f. 2. bj Haroc New Dance. Beismh b. c, 2. I v Havoc Semlev. China Shop. eh. f. 2. by Havoc — Chluka. Dog of Water, eh. c. 2. by Havoc — Dolores III. Great Roman, ch. e, 2, by Marius II. — Atossn. Praetor, br. r, 2. by Marius II. — Vielleicht. Sir Galahad, b. c 2. by Orate! chaste. Offenbach, eh. c. 2. by Tanzmeister Offering. Corporal Trim, b. c. 2. by Lniuplighter —Armoury. Bathbrhk. b. r, 2, by Ralliampton — Ironic. Mill on the Floes, ch. f. 2. by Milner— Irish Lass II. King of Somerset, br. g, 3, by Diamond Jubilee — Fromc. Merry Ei gland, ch. h, 7, by St- George — We Know JL I Main Cliamc. ch. c, 3, by Pirate of Penzance Princess Lotralae. Reine de Saze, b. f. 3. by Cohan Princess 1 " 1 1 i 1 Jubilee Juggins. l . c, 2. by Juvenal— Julia Hanover. The Kings Plate candidates are Il.iiuko, As-sciiibhiiian. Reine dc Sae. Snppi r Panic. Sea Wall and Half a Crown. Karuko. the full sj-t, r to Inferno, has improved greatly through the Winter. The veteran turf critic on the Toronto Sunday ,,ild who saw her recently, said of her Chances for the Kings Plate: "U she is not first past the final pool on May IS next, she will be kicking hard at the door and it will be one outside the Seagram stable that w ill w in." Assemblyman is a big colt, well tinned, and is well worth remembering. Sea Wall and Supper Dame do not call for much.. Half a Crown is too tight. of the foreign-bora three jrrsi uldi, hud years aacccflafal performers. Purslane and Main Chaace, are the pick with the latter, a greatly filled out colt, on top. Purslane looks like giving ■ good account of himself, and like his stable companion, the son of Pirate of Penzance, is evidently ready to take up work whenever those over him are ready to give it. I.yndhiirst. the aameaake of the popular stork exchange secretary, is a well shaped eoH and May be heard froai. Rabbling Eiook. too, looks trim, but win Ihcr BBC will display the energy of a Warwick i- another tiling. Roth Sour Sack. I BOO of Claudes sire, but hardly the cut of Mike Dalys qaadraple Derby winner, now dead, and ftaahtlkj . m ay add to the revenue and if I.H.ks and toga go for anything eertateti si id. Aejaa Tint is rather on the com rder. King of Somerset, the sa I the 1150,000 Diamond Jubilee, now in the Argentines, and out of Pi una, 1 daughter of Galtee Heres stre, Kendal, is ■ wee bit of ■ runt. Of the older borate Merry England is in superb eoiidilion. While Infernos aath riltllldlllf have the apfjearaaee of carrying him over maaj 1 su,,,...- fill mile yet. It will have to be .1 rattler that will heal Inferno this year for if ever there was a workman the Canadian bred son of Havoc and Ron Ino is one. CI 11 is jus, Cloteii, that is all. which means that he may or may not. and looks about the same as previously. Slaughter has improved, ami should give some soil of an account of himself with the right weight Pence should repeal bis lale victories, for he is seemingly as sound as a dollar, and Sir Ralph is in good fettle and seeoaingly capable of going a distance better than ever. He would be a shrewd man who would pick the best one of the twenty two .war olds nine bred in Canada and seven bred m the I aitod Slates The I inadians include the lir-t Of the get of Milner. foaled in this country. They are generally a good. strong looking lot. Milverton am] Cecil Rhodes are two racing like colts, so, too, is Capetown, bat some oheerveii doubt if the nick with the South African of P.oii lit-- will prove as happy in Mililabo as it has with Havoc in Inferno and llaruko. Mill on the Floss. t|ir ij|„t foal of Irish Lass II.. is rather a taking tilly and so ahn is Milliners Rill, a half sister to John Ruskin. Dog of War aid Seismic are aoi of Impressive appearance. China Shop and Out of Step are just ao SO. The seven rafts from the United states were boaght at the auctions at Baecpshead Rav last summer for a total of K3.130. They make I brave array and. in contrast with the Canadians, it is notlcable that their feet are considerably larger. They have something to -i.ukI upon. Rathnrlch is the highest priced one f the seven. He cost fgOO, and smoothly turned colt, but tl e most in favor With the people about the stable is Jubilee Juggins. He cost £300. The cheapest one of the tot, Praetor, tor which Mr. Beagraai paid only |130, js apt to make a high dass racing tooL lie looks like a tacehorae from his tail to his aose. The prices paid for the others were: Corporal Trim, 30; sir Galahad, ; Offenbach, 50, and Great Roman. 00

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