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HIGHLAND PARK CLUB 218 HAMMOND BUILDING, DETROIT, MICHIGAN. GEO. M. HENDRIE, Pres. and Treas. WALTER O. PARMER, Secretary. WINDSOR AND FORT ERIE J2 I IjL IrC E S Entries Close Iues Jci. April 2ik!. I«H7 Summer Meetings, 1907, Northern Racing Circuit: ONTARIO JOCKEY CLUB, Toronto .... May J 8 to June J I WINDSOR Tunc J 5 to July J 3 HAMILTON JOCKEY CLUB, Hamilton . . . June 3 to 15 I FORT ERIE Opposite Buffalo July 22 to Au£. 31 FALL MEETINGS ANNOUNCED LATER. TO or DUN AT UUINDOR ",s- ex,ra: of a"y ,wo strikes In 1907 of aggregate v.iIup Of $.?.000. or one of $"..000 value, fi ll =s. extra ■** DC- "»-»• ■«■ winwown. noii winners «.f a three ve-ir nW atakc af *i -Jimi ralae Hut hart not aroa Oirr* ratwa this rear arlltag THE FRONTIER STAKE, ,500. A irareei take f..r lht e ye.ir olds: 0 to aceoinpnny the nomln.i- races excepted, allowed 7 lbs ; non u inuers lids yeir, 12 II.-.; urn i.lens, Is ll -.; tlliea allowed s ll.s. tlou. ?7.r. addltkmal start; ralae "i stake to i«- ,000, of which .soo to the winner. 4im» i the aec- One and One-Quarter Miles. o.id. BM lo the third, the foarth 00. Winnets ... ■ race of ,000 Tatoe in ma to carry 3 ll.s. extifti; GENESSEE H01ET. HANDICAP. ,500. K„r three veir olds and upward; 0 to ..-, ouip.-mv the c.ii- « r;/1",;:, T"1 -/ :1,IV »•*»•« ,".e sl:,L ." $,,,,1H,-- S* 7"lt;, !w,,."wtantr8. * n! ■»«», additional t„ Mart. Vahw. tum. of which ,200 to the winner. 00 to seconu, 00 to ?,; , , - ::o " . """ ,U" ::,-aoS "[■?," o" ," J :,1Km,d B 1, - « i:Vr.J.1"«V 1" ,1,i11- Weight! to appear three days prior to the race; acceptances the dav preceding the r: af Banal three race* in 1907. u S ll.s., two races, I.. Ilis.; dhes allowed 8 lbs. One and One-Eighth Miles. IBM of elosing of entries S,x F«rMan tl..,.WtI,oI SP,R, ."MO STAKE. ,500- n.r .line yea, ..Ids at.d upward: 0 to accouieany ll.; a«.ta.- THE CANADIAN SPORTSMANS HANDICAP, ,500. Tor three year olds and upward: 0 to aCCOM- "n- additional to Hart; value, ,800. of winch . 1."imi to the winner. 90 to second ml 00 to ,,any the nominal ion and additional to start Value 500 ol which ".hi to tbe winner 1200 to Jv ,1 it r-.,l i" . ,* " "I V".r "*?** 5S* ,0 b H!1 *, ."""■? ■ "I1- ,,l,h ,to««2 8 ,,,s- « "»»al time of dosing of entries day Indole nee. Winners after publication of weights, 3 IPs. extra. ■* ,;,,i,r Wllh « LI ti,e /.I-. iV :,"a ST"* eXtra- s "1"» "",; ■ ". ,mii. **"and£»*** * One and One-Sixteenth Miles. box the day preceding ,he race. Ono and Or.e-Sixteenth Mile;.. •! tit? T.TII.r,rn „.,__ ,, THE PONTCHARTRAIN STAKE, .500. -A handicap for all agea; 0 to accompany the noiainU.on. .,,„ ,:"m,-7.i!., Tin .,7mu ST-i $, .„„ , °.V7 5!?~r«t*?JS f".r ! "T VfZZS?? iV "|w:"1;!! ," !"-"";i:"V 0 additional lo start. Value. r.Hl*ol which ,200 to the winner. 00 to second and 00 to thirl. lSrkaOM Trn.—. 1. "n S ". " V -..f ,."",,,"4! " T f . V "S ","* " - "• f,r ,:"1 of P/eaghta entries. n, appear Winners three after day. publication prior to of the weights race. lo Acceptance* .any 3 Bm! through extra. entry box at usual ttane Six of Furlongs. eLiring f " $.,1 *4WL s bldlt"! ,, ,s w ■**■ m, Vdii stll,n» • ■*•« ri 1 tu i u-"» : I i through .7 KV:"1, entry *-;,H box T day awtHkag £•£ the "" roe. ,K THE ROYAL OAK FAHM STAKE, ,500. For t wo year-old- : 0 lo aeeompanv the nomination. 0 ... . .. 9 * Twr vat.t vWTt ctjitp K-T «i unn v 41 „ 111 1 e.o additional to start Value ,600, of wbid, .2H. to the winner. 00 to second and 00 to third. Win- ,,on .mFJo a.bimonM fu , 1;"$ V ;e?rn , *r-.?j;,,i "V;v:"1; ••" •,.1-l, ,""":,,r1 U.,*,1,:,,"f " " "* ih uers of a rac of ,000 value to carry :i lbs. extra: of two races ot the aggregate value of ,000. or one ,"" ."Vm V.. . . *■ , ,, I IX*. / * V, the w.mier. ,H .0 ._., ,,nd «■; *100 o or of tt.999 value 5 Jbs. extra: non-winners of a race of ,090 value that have not won four races of any ;,H ih I , t L h n o" 7" VV,?:, -:""V Z « "r i * ,• *S 2 i U *"" l° * Btorte™ U1" M""l-; "" value allowed 1 lbs.; if such hive Four hrti ],n" .f, not won two races. 10 lbs.: maidens. 12 lbs. and One-Half Furlongs. / . . ., , b bov • ntrv nr 1,,, ,1, r *«»««*». THE DETROIT STAKE. ,500.-A selling slake for two rear olds: 9 ... accompany the noinina- th BUO HcTn K« . ,, t, », m • ..ot tlon. .1 additional to start. Value. ,809. of which ,200 to the witiner. 99 to second and 00 to B1tISr,nt.!?A!L,U,SjrA- Sf*?, uL W" V:"" "o.V *H ™FVandA third; ,000 weight for age; 2 lbs. allowed for each 99 less to ,999, the. 1 lb. allowed for each 00 n?oT u i i XLjSi . ! - "f "l"1 S " " """"",• *l? ". S";" °f P°° to, less to $.-,00. Winners of three slake, not to be entered for leal tha.i ,000. Starters with selling price "Vn., n/il , its Z ? fit * t|- SS 12 ,,""• ****??£ thfough entry box a. usual 1 tine of to he named through entry I ox the day pieceding the race. Five Fuilorgs. ,los,n« of «"1""s- Wtaawa vi after publication ot r weights lo carry 3 lbs. extra. Five and One-Half Furlongs. THE INTERNATIONAL STEEPLECHASE, .200.— A handicap steeplechase: 0 to aoc.11.pany the NIAGARA STAKE, .999.— For two year olds; 0 to accompany the noiiiinr.tion. 0 addili.i.al to nominal ion. S.I0 additional to start. Value. ,200. of which mhi to winner. 00 lo second and 99 to sart- Value. ...00, of which ,200 to the winner. 00 to second and 99 to third. Winners af two third. Weights to appear three davs nrior lo the race; BCCeptancea the day preceding race at u-uil tme »*•**• of aggregate value of ,200 since Mav lf.th to carry 5 fits, extra; non winners of a race af ,000 of closing of entries. Full Course. value allowed 5 lbs.; if sucu have not won four races. S lbs.; of two races, v12 lbs.; maidens. 15 lbs. O RUN AT FORT ERIE. THE GRAND CANADIAN STEEPLECHASE, ,200. -A handicap steeplechase: K10 to a. -company the THE CANADIAN DFKBY, .000.— A sweepstake f..r three year-olds: 0 to accompany tbe nomina- nomination, 0 additional to start. Value. ,200, of which too to the winner. 00 to aaeoad and $.00 tlon, 00 additional to start. Value of the stake to be $:i,000. of which ,999 to tie v inn. r. 00 to to third. Weights to be announced three days prior to race; acceptances to lie made through ent.y box at second, 00 to thml, four.b to save start. Winners of a three year-old stake af .5ihi value to carry 3 usual time of closing of Catalan. Full Course. QPPpiai NCTIOEI No entry will be received for auy of these stakes except upon this condition : That all disputes, claims and objections arising out of tlio racing, or with respect to O r tv l«fc« law ■ Iwfc. the interpretation of the conditions of auy stake, shall be decided by a majority of the executive committee present, or those whom they may appoint, and their decisions upon all points SHALL be FINAL. A,Hi1,sSM.hioM nM ,.„ovs,o WALTER 0. PARKIER, Secretary, 218 Hammond Building, Detroit, Mich. • ■ hCNTHY BLANKS MAY UK HAD ON APPLICATION AT THE OFFICJC OF DAILY RACING HIK1I.

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