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JNOTASULGA, 11-5, WON S T® THOSE who have made recent inquiry a* to the New York tracks I I would state that the time is ripe to send in your suhscriptions. Do not delay after today. TO THOSE of my regular clients 1 would state that this will he a i* $ banner week for us. j S THE lilly is doing well and will repeat her performance of last fall. FRED OOOK has one at Tjexington he will spring which should count % J for a killing. RUSH YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS. b I "V f I W S5.QO for Six Wires | mJ J[ 4l 84, 119 La Salle St, Chicago. | WOOD S DAILY FORM LETTER FIGURES COMBINED WITH INFORMATION. .00 Daily. **r£££££Tm* .00 Weekly. RECORD OF OUR LETTER FOR THE PAST WEEK: APRIL 13. APRIL 17 APRIL 19. Belle of Jessamine. . . . 6-1 Won Jacobite 6-5 3rd Lady Isabel 5-2 Won Slickaway 10-1 3rd Suffrage 3-5 Won Okcnite 8-5 Won Creston 7-5 3rd Cadichon 9-5 Won F. Neugent 13-10 Won Los Angeleno 8-1 Won Rapid Water 2-1 Won Sanfara 1-2 Won APRIL 15. APRIL 18. APRIL 20. Glorifier 6-1 Won Aunt Rose 4-1 2nd Notasulga 11-5 Won Sir Toddington 3-5 Lost W. H. Carey 8-5 Won Glorifier 3-1 Lost Lord Nelson Scratched George P. Mt Near .. .12-1 Won Lord Nelson 5-1 2nd St. Francis 3-1 Won True Wing 7-10 Won Nappa 3-1 Won APRIL 16. _____ _ __ __ __ BSBBBBBBSBSBBSSBBnBSanaSSSS— E%*r. ■ •■■■■:. .iViS We Originate. Others Imitate. Entrc Nous 3-2 Won "——■———■ ~~~~~«~~~~~~~~""««api ■"■■■» SHENKLES BUSINESS METHOD in. id" J sasf weak OS :i eanitsl of 864. Praaf :il office or by mail. You can make wliat we do and prove all c ailvci ti c If yoa el our inctliiMl. Only iossililf way to make money at ractea with reasonable capital. Sent on trial with guarantee to refund money if not as represented or failure can U* sliown. Becsase jroa have btes "•faked" IB as resSOS something of value cannot lie found. We have it. sad have used it ."• year--. Ii is plain and simple, anyone can understand it. We warn you BgalS that Y m BSUSl order if you want the metbod for 85. We will raise price. It snanM be 810ft Write or call. !i lo 1 oclock. 1 have something special for all who can call this week. S. A. SHENKLE, 36, St Washingtoa St.. Chicago, HI. THE DAVIS METHOD wins on favorites, newspaper selections. table tips, ruesses, handicapping, or such freak methods as seloetlni? by sticking a pin in entry, post position, etc The fact that it stands about forty straight losses makes it the most formidable method known Can be played in handbook, poolroom, or track. Has been operated at th« racetracks and poolrooms since Nov. 1st, 1905. winning 0 000 for the player, and during this peroid a woruout on form-sdieet hiidicapoing won 8*8,000. upon which it sustained 28 consecutive losses This method can be played with small capital as well as a thousand dollar capital, thereby making it the most practicable system ever devised, espeiially appealing to tha small bettor, who. with his limited capitnl. can earn a steady, handsome income without fear of losing his original amount. Tne handicapping method I recommend to be used, wins on Hat bets and gets 40 per cent, winners. With e-ich system I send a guarantee and sworn statement that it will do what I claim or money refunded. Limited number for sale. The originator is selling it for the pu rpose of raising money to operate on an extensive scale. Price, 0 00. Address, R. E. DAVIS. BOX 678, KNOXVILLE, TENN. Pretension, 12-1, 2nd VMiLL7Tm araa the soi one Rill Lester*! etleats cl.ane.1 sp a m~mm ■-»/-■■_■_ m ** wa vria s| • m Satuiday. What my Busaage sMi,i: Play lre- • was our Advertised Special. • tension Brst and second, heavy for the place. | | fj 1 gave for heavy plays the past few dnya: [ g* «•» j ■ « m • j 1 Friday. DR. GARDNER . . 4 5 Won 8 Oil WedOeSddy, April 24 f Thursday, PRIZETTE ... I I Won i ■ " ! I .., .. we have another sure winner; 9 Wednesday, JUGGLER mumm ,-n . . -»«««/ 7 2 Won j j expect odds to be 6-1 or better, i My Specials Seldom Fail j I price ."oo"1 j TO IAND THE COIN. f WE GAVE OUT: f I have bees before the public every day for the J ! Jan. 1— WOODSAW 12-1 WON pa-; eight months anil have ,n,nlc a reputation that [ Jan. 15 — HOOLIGAN 4-1 WON ! ii be* Chicago tipster hat ever enjoyed. I claim jan, 26 — PITY 25-1 LOST X oni w liar 1 give and those who have been dealing f Feb 15—LOUISE MFARLAN . . 6-1 WON Z »iih me admit that when it conies to haaniag out . . j.e gg CHASE 15 1 WON 68 winners consistent I stand mt as far the h ".... ...... S oyer . M u_CUTTEn 11-6 WON i.tliers as Ilkes Peak d s over an ant lull. Any , 28-DECKLAW 2R— TJFfirT AW 12 12-5 S TOsT LOST V ■ ■ me who hai had experience pUying the races will JJch. •"••• Mch 29— wild IRISHMAN 5-1 WON * tell yoo that the only way to round up hlgb dan inf.uinatioii is by a great expenditure of thne and j j Apr. 19— ED BALL 7-2 WON j money. That is where I come in. The best is none i o.. .. •_ -. - . «..-»_- • Rush 9 toog I for BUI Lesters clients. I em always the [ in your subscription. highest bidder in the g I thins ki snd seenre | . X Informatioa thai other folks eaa*! touch. If yoa [ m v A x mi a* 0/ Z want i square deal sad the kind of goads thai psyi S |/| Z Y H l-C sVt I .£ 1 Z Mibscribe to my ■errke at once. Btrery day tins j AtAX*. JL 1j11 84J V X» Z week should-be ■ gak one tor my follow.,- , j |7| Washinj,ton St.. Chicago. I BILL LESTER and CO., »•■■ ■■■■■■■■■"■■■■■"■—•» Suite 37, 90 La Salle Street, Chicago, M88M8MMQNM6M4 6MMM6tJMM69*J6M **J*B*B Tel. Main 2928. Owners and Traintti. iilp/ITAp IO Vl/filV 1 I , J 1 Daily, or 0 lor 6 Guaranteed Winners. 1 lL/AIJI, WW 1 I ] was Our liaily One florae Wire Saturday. 5 NOXAIL SYSTEM l6wIRES-i5i| Record of above. « The N«»XALL systkm copy rijrh ted la the host ] | turf system ever devised. GOOD on a Winter track C? ■ f O 1™ 1 3 as during the regular season. If you are a LOSKR. it I I T| LOSerS in 7f I 1 C T C% I will pay you to set the Nazal] System. It has I I v **J M~r **. j ~r • « BOLTBD the problem of --How to beat the races." Wo|| b,iya, we have asain struck onr 1 The xtiXAbb M8TMI is n..t a "chetae. A lri|0. JXow is the tlrae U iu. | standard puhlicHtlon in book form. ONM GUAR- I | ■ 6J ANTEED SYSTKM sold. Like any article of REAL j j . • ..,***».» *»« merit, advertises itself. i T. C. WOOD and CO., • TRACK, POOLROOM OR HANDBOOK j | B9 Decahjbc0a,gnoS,rec! 2B RVortV y!*1, | with equal results. Selects plays from tin* entries. | This system has received nothing hut favorable BjsssssBSBSjfgag»gpssssgBjeaasBjF» ineiils from those who have purchased It. Hundreds ■ , i factio,r,i,u Ml tcsUmonials «"ressius s™1 6atia- Turf Reporters Special A positive WINNER. The system does not play Room 112 S » nrarhnrn St rtiiratfn 5 WOOm Jl, J UCarDOm »l., UnicagW. every race. An average of eight plays n week. No tips, handicapping r "doping" required. Not y |nssi ill 8-20-80-3S-4-u6 II "11 is. complicated, but easy to operate. BIO RKSULTS . . . . . , . . ... *_ obtained from SMALL CAPITAL. UNLIKK any Record of above Special-for last «, days other system; new theory: new thoughts; new Ideas. |7 Won, 10 Seconds, 3 Thirds. 2 Scratched. «;R1:AT1:ST winning system. Will do more for you ..•„,.., l i i..- " •■ •; ,: 7 a 10 -j.. -jit " uw -.to m;-,v* i..T- than all selections, information, handicapping and V" , combined. A positive fact. - tips emember% The Keporter only eosta S6 asnes a week. WRITE FOR PREE BOOKLET and is miiHNl to you in a pl*ln. «e«led env»l»pf. Tells all about it and what it will do. Only system Tllr riPTrnil lltrnnillTinil nn sold with a guarantee. Purchase money at the end Till- FANlcKN INrUKMAI UN LU of ;:0 days trial if a loss is shown. This alone ■»*■ t.«U I 6.1111 | II I U II 111 H I I W II VU. precludes the NOXALL SYSTEM from being a 5 Guaranteed Winners for .00 InVCStlgate at °nce by WrilUlg fCr P8r ticulars. at Even Money or Better iinVlll CVCTCM PQIVECFNn N V Oue a day. On Eastern tracks only. Uur man HUAALL OlO I LlTl, UnHlLOLilU, n. 1. there informs us lie has some saw. cues ready. ; ! — -= Information wired at 10::?u a. m. FOR 30 DAYS ONLY! The Eastern, 228 E. 63rd St., Chicago, 111. HEBK1R YOIKOMANCK. Thurntons great. I. A H. ; u , — — Sa%?*!Tm38a WIIM BIG MOIMEY 0M THE RACES. •Att-SVSTCSS t™ te» yu. bow *o do it with small capital. PlBl.lCATIOK. I will furnish the Handicap System com- Aaaress, Dy mall only, r ftt£Z;™JandZ£22~* Progressive PubUshers. Hampden Bld., Chicaft. MO.N F.% -MAKER for the class of play it offers for — — ; r;r ; = r= treat otli LARGE and SMALL capital. The two copies cent in National Racing Review No. 15 plain cover, sealed, for a«00. Thousands of testimonials. "••«■ „„„_.. BT n n«»han fltmt OH1UAWU. rillDAUO. HI- 1. A THURSTON. Pub Dept ,C K«tabll«hed »lnee 1H98 J1 "e",6,°",,*;et B*SJ At Suite 7-8 Bennett Bld?.. l eti oit, Mich. Reference: Any Yestcr.l.n ■ BpeeiSl, KKKK1 -l -ml Mercantile Agency. *1.00 per month. 29 cents per copy. . . — t B- 1 H..1-M Wire. KKATOR, Won. $."..0» per week. WHAT THE RUNNING HORSES DID IN 1906. A complete record of the performances and win- »■■■■■■■ m. t»»ttv wamwr Tnvii SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM. nings of all horses racing last year. Price . Daily Racing Form PubUsUiug Co., 124 Flftn Aveuuc, Chicago. 111.

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