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■ • . C , i I NEW LOUISVILLE JOCKEY CLUB j ♦ "CHURCHILL DOWNS." ♦ + CHAS. P. GRAINGER, President. LYMAN H. DAVIS, Secretary. M. J. WINN, Vice President ~ and Manager. ~~ H. C. APPLEGATE Treasurer J ♦ , 1 ♦ The Debutante Stakes for 1908. The Bluegrass Stakes for 1908. ♦ ♦ . THE DEBUTANTE STAKES. -For two year-old fillies. |8 £ HI J* mjr MM IW THE BLUEGRASS STAKES.— For • three year olds that ♦ Ay !• Ike nomination: |M additional M start. *1 .KH I M WflL **■* ittiiv B P* ""l w,m :l ■—■■*■ *■ m two races of any kiiid pror to ▲ MM, of which S-OO to second and 00 to third. Winners of »# I m i % Lm 43 Ule I,,SH« f tllis ■*•*•» IB t.. accompany the nomination: X a a sweep.-takes kt carry o lbs.; of two, 5 lbs. extra. Maidens $.-,0 additional to start. H.0M added, of wbicli 00 to second ▼ ▼ allowed 5 lbs. Four Furlongs. FOR a" J °° t0 *** Wl1"** n- lbs- Winner-. 0f a sweep- ♦ . stakes or of two races after February 1, 1908 selling A «. purses X XU D Uf M f lOAO I lie DaSnFOrfJ -M IVianOr OtaKeS TOr lyUO. -_ _~ _ __ _ excepted, to carry 5 lbs. extra. Maidens allowed 8 lbs. X THE BASHF0RD MANOR STAKES.— For two-year-old W !■■# tf 1 |l C _ « * Seven Furlongs. ? and geldiujis. to accompany the nomination: 0 addi- ■• * ■ ■ 1 ■ V an ... ♦eolts tional to start. .«] .000 added, of which 00 to secoud and 00 LOUISVillC StCCplGChaSC fOT 1908. ♦ It Jl P1 F1 "T" I A. I A ♦ to third. Winners of a sweepstakes to carry 3 lbs.; of two. o |#| %m t J | WM f~Z THE LOUISVILLE STEEPLECHASE.- v Elandicip for ♦ A lbs. extra. Maidens allowed B lbs. Four and a Half Furlongs. ■ W ■ fc- 1— ■ ■ lfj 4 three year-olds and upward. |S to accompany the nomination: + ♦ . — _ ■ - *r° additional »• ■*■**■ *10,H added, of which 00 to second A T. l he Juvenile Makes for ,««*» 1908. a | v q ="»i «o to am; »■*» to save stake, weights to t« «n- J X THE JUVENILE STAKES.— A Selling Sweepstakes for 1 Va* J C5 pounced two days prior to the day of the race. Winners after ♦ J two-year-olds. to accompany the nomination; 0 additional weights are posted to carry 5 lbs. extra. Four or more horses ▼ to of o1 difftrt?ut interest to start or the race may be declared off. start. ,000 added, which 00 to second and 00 to Ay third. The winner to t e sold at auction. Those entered to be ~ , Ful1 Course, About Two Miles. h sold for ,500 to carry weight for age. Allowances: 2 lbs. for ■ each 50 to ,500; then 1 lb. for each 00 to 00; then 2 ,.,,_, Th|» I LOUIbVIIIB fillfcvillf* Handiran ndHQICap fnr HM* IQftft IUS. ▼ W lbs. for each 00 to 00. Starters, with selling prices, to be AIQA KfMltlSpkV HprHV + named throttgh the entry box, at the usual hour of closing, the «IOU l%Vl I LMOIy LS/IM THE LOUISVILLE HANDICAP.-For three-year-olds and X ▲ day prior to the race, and those so named will be liable for the _a ■ upward. 0 to accompany the nomination; 0 additional to ■• a ~k a ♦ star; ing fee. Five Furlongs. ft KftflTlinKV |Lk* Slart- 1.250 added, of which 00 to second and 0» to third. ♦ UIIU llVBIlilUll V/UIIO Weights to be announced three days prior to the dav of the + ♦ The Clark Handicap for 1908. innn rT Winn "" "f " la e 0,her than a selIing »■"•■ af,,r ♦ ♦ I Of 111111 "*"■ ™ *M t0 B tXtra- S« «-» X THE CLARK HANDICAP. -For three year-olds and up- 0 to accompany the nomination: 0 additional to tward. start. ,500 addod. of which 00 to second an.d 50 to third. TIlC KCfltUCkV DCthV for l*IOQ wifVir. L. Weiglits to be annouueed three davs prior to the day of the a ♦ race. Winners of a race, ether than a selling purse, after THE THIRTY-FIFTH RUNNING OF THE KENTUCKY + ♦ weights a«e posted, to carry 5 lbs. extra. OTHICCO Ti el ncc DERBY.— For three-year-olds i foals of 1000k to accompany A One Mile and a Sixteenth. OlAIVtO IU LLUbt the nomination; 5 to be paid May 1. 1!KS: 0 to be paid T March 1, 1900. 00 additional to start. The value of the ▼ X The Frank Fehr Stakes for 1908. SatlinlaV. FekUafV 1 SZZTrnZTZZSZlZ. i WT1«»*»» VI** JL WM. l*»M. A THE FRANK FEHR STAKES.— A Selling BwniaMahll for J f J winners of a three -year-old race of the value of ,500 allowed jt three-year-olds and upward. to accompany the nomination; 5 lbs.; maideus, 12 lbs. One Mile and a Quarter. r ♦ 0 additional to start. ,000 added, of which 00 to second A and 00 to third. The winner to be sold by auction. Those A Tht% %C §■ lr fi I f ttfCk entered to be sold for .f«X to carry weight for age; if en- IBB IVentUCKy U3KS lOr 1909. X icred to be sold for .0iX. 4 lbs. below the scale, then 1 lb. Dll1»rnC Ofifl ftflil CCHA THE THIRTY-FIFTH RUNNING OF THE KENTUCKY W v altoarai for each X to ,000, then 1 lb. allowed for each f OTSvSf lUU UllU jUU OAKS.— For three-year -old filii.s foals of 19 Hi.. to arril ♦ ?1 hi to tM . Winners of a sweepstakes after March 15. 1908. pany the n.miination; » to he paid May 1, MM; 5 to be At i n. 1 1 to be entered to be sold for less than ,400. Starters. Handicaps tf/Cflft OM/1 C7Atl Pad March *• 10l!,• *l°" additional to start. The value of the a .iiii selling price, to be named through the entry box. .it the Every Day. 2DUU uOQ Af stakes to be $::. of which 00 i i second and *150 to X usual hour of closing, the dty prior to the race, and those s Non-winners of a three-year-old race of the value of H.4M ▼ ▼ named will be liable for the starting fee. One Mile. - allowed 5 lb-.: maidens. 12 lfeand One Mile and a Sixteenth. ADDRESS COMMUNICATIONS AND ENTRIES TO A | LYMAN H. DAVIS, Secretary, - - - - LOUISVILLE, KY. X Advertised Special Lost Patrons get Tuesdays wire FREE. Dec. 21, BAIMPOSAL 3-1 Won Dec. 23, LEGATEE 20-1 2nd Dec. 24, JUDGE NELSON 6-5 Won Dec. 25, Left at Post. Dec. 26, DEUTSCHLAND 9-1 Won Advised Patrons by Letter. Dec 26, PRINCE NAP 7-5 Won Advertised Special. Dec. 27, BAN LORD 5-1 Won Dec. 28, Advertised Special withdrawn. Dec. 30, NORTHWEST 9-2 Won Advised Patrons-by letter. Dec. 31, SILVER WEDDING .... 15-1 Won Advertised Special. This horse I advertised for a killing. Jan. I, No wire sent out. Jan. 2, Special withdrawn. Jan. 3, DORADO II Won Jan. 4, Advertised Special withdrawn. Jan. 6, BIG STORE 5-1 Won Adiised out-of-town patrons bv letter on this g..M| thing. Jan. 7, ENTRADA 2-1 2nd A.lveriisei Special.! Jan. 8, Advertised Special withdrawn. Jim. 9, B5LLY MYER 9-2 Won Advertise,! Special. Jan. 10, No wire sent out. Tin- alMive were my wiTin-rs since December 21. and are filed with Daily Racing- Form each day. NOTICE! I have word from my man at Oakland on three horaee that go for the money the coming week. M in. in informs me they are lit and MM uml. barrtag aa accident, arill win at goad odds. TUESDAY TUESDAY my inimen.es patrons will receive information on a horse that ha* been prepped for a killing. My man Itnbnoa me Hii ia one of the best things lie bus IkhI for some time, and you can get down for a g.xxl bet. THURSDAY THURSDAY ■ bocae that lias 1 | run for W"ik last three outs ■aea tor the money; is fit and ready and will be played by a select few, and the odds will probably be 10 to 1. SATURDAY SATURDAY Mi haraa has had ■ apaetel prep for this raee. Bad my m.m informs me cant lose unless he :a!N down. I will advise a plunge bet to win. This is one of the t«-st things 1 have had this sea-on. OAKLAND OAKLAND SPECIAL ONE-HORSE WIRE FROM MY MAN AT THE TRACK. ONE A DAY— NO MORE. .00 GUARANTEED TO WIN .00 or SIX WIRES for 0.00. If any on" of these Specials loses. I will give 1: -e lb* next Special until I give you a wiuner. " V. ii ners count— not losers. And I guarantee mv One Horse Wire genuine track information no guess work. All Specials wired in code. Imrn receipt of your subscription for wires I will send code by return • : miil. EX-JOCKEY MARSHALL, Plioi.e Main 1293. Initials B. I. BOOM 610, DC FIFTH AVENUE, CHICAGO, ILL. I One Horse a Day | 5 * Saturday : J $ Rio Grande . 8-1 lost iV Friday : It was withdrawn 5 Thursday: C Coniedienne . 3-1 2nd Wednesday : C W. Griswell . 3-1 Won i m Tuesday: * J Ivanhoe . . . 8-1 3rd J S Monday : t K I Donna . . . 12-5 Won f Hig proiits are made eery week playing, CI Jh Write for our monthly statements, show - Imt BeaaM at a flat bat and progressive l lay. ■ « I | Terms for Wires: .00 Weekly.»i| f REYNOLDS and CO., | ? 402 Godchaux Bldg., New Orleans, La.S yAAA+A+AA+++**+++AA*++*A**and SEA SALT 2-1 Won was vesterdavs FORM SPECIAL. Record on these ■peclaJt -13 WINNERS OUT OF PAST 27 STARTS. You cannot beat this kind of i-iformation at any |ii be. and we are selling it for only 25 Cents Per Week. -:- .00 Per Month. . N.w book containing code to these FREE Iorm Specials on sale now at all news-stands and agents in I . S. or Canada. Mondays Form Special: September Orange — 1-72-47-73-35-5-37. Last Chance to bH ill on our UNDER COVER SPECIAL guaran-teed. ah ■ahaeriptloaa must be la Moadav/, a. m. None but suIwM-riliers will know exact lav when lhi one will go. DO NOT FAIL TO SUBSCRIBE, if you do youll regret it. The Standard Turf Guide, Room SIS, 59 Dearborn Street, Chicago. BOOKMAKER getting BEST OF INFORMATION will Bead OCCASIONAL WIRE rz or .". weekly! for PER MONTH. INVESTIGATE THIS. Send stamp for FREE LIST OF HORSES being prepared for social aae. CLARENCE It DAVIDS, 1319 Coliseum Street, New Orleans, La Turf Exchange YPSILANTI, MICH. THA1SS LEAVE MICHIGAN CENTRAL DEPOT, Detroit, AT ltOO AMD Ii40 P. M . NATIONAL RACING REVIEW Room 37. 71 Dearborn Street. Chicago. Mondays Special: No. 70. .00 Per Month. -;- 25 Cents Per Copy. ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦« ♦♦♦« ♦ w ▼ ♦ THE + I Coney Island f ! Jockey Club ♦ RACE COURSE :: :: SHEEPSHEAD BAY, NEW YORK J ♦ OFFICE : Windsor Arcade, 571 Fifth Avenue, New York ♦ ♦ , . ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ The Coney Island % X Jockey Club Stakes 5,000 : ♦ ♦ X For the June Meeting, 1908 ♦ X TO CLOSE ♦ X Wednesday, January 15th, 1908 t x . : . . , . FOR THREE YEARS OLD— By subscription of 5 each, to accompany the nomination; X 50 additional to start. Guaranteed Cash Value 5,000. cf which ,000 to the second and ? a ,000 V the third. Should the winner of this stake also win The Tidal and The Lawrence X Realization Stakes, The Coney Island Jockey Club will give an additional 0,000 to such horse ▼ jT winning the three events. Weights: Colts. 126 lbs.; geldings, 123 lbs.: fillies, 121 lbs.; win- ▼ if ners of three races exclusively for three years eld of the value of ,000 each, or of one of the ▼ j£ value of 5,000, to carry 3 lbs. extra. Non-winners of a race exclusively for three years old ▼ of the value of ,000 allowed 7 lbs.; of ,000 allowed 10 lbs. ONE MILE AND A HALF ♦ — - =— X ♦ ENTRIES TO BE ADDRESSED TO THE CLERK OF THE COURSE A X THE CONEY ISLAND JOCKEY CLUB | ♦ Windsor Arcade, 571 Fifth Avenue, New York ♦ ♦««♦ ■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦?

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