Closing Day of M Grathiana Sale, Daily Racing Form, 1908-11-01

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- . i . i , M " l , : M t i 1 " " e : !l is 1 j; I- f e e r - 1 -s n s is e s r. ot if .s Z !h y is n I r. as rS for U ir a a It It no rl. ?,i jc i!o the its 1 the ho day v n ,r it - " ,.: in "" that t to " She , i" h look have 5 place ice the tl,f . 1. place 1CG limit nit in in CLOSING DAY OF MGRATHIANA SALE. Jifc . rid The last day of the McGrathiana sale was devoted be to broodmares that had lcen passed- over in the earliex days of the sale and the remainder of the Mr weanlings. Prices were low and many bargains were Hi undoubtedly picked up. Details are as follows: Broodmares. Lillian Fonso. ch. 13. by Fonso Lillian 4i Beatrice; Romulus Payne. Georgetown, Ky. $ llu V?r Lizzie D., b. 21. by Onondaga Spaldlc: J. i,1: B. Hansbrough 10 V.t, Madine. b. 10, by Leonatus Camilla: P. B. j,j Young. Lexington, Ky 100 fir Magi. b. 9, by Simon Magus Miss Nettle: Vji P. B. Young HO Magnificence, b. 0. by Woolsthorpe Magnih- iL cent II.: John D. Carr. Lexington. Ky 22o " Magnificent II.. ch. 10, by Macduff Extra: Fox. Jenkins and Keister SO .Make Haste, ch, 10, by Onondaga Black Maria: C. E. Conley 0o Mallow, b. 20. by Falsetto Marshmallow; J. T J. M. Taylor 1J L. t." Merito. b, 11, by Wadsworth Modjeska; P. B. Young ...v SO " Marmora, b. 20. by Falsetto Marmoset: J. U W. M. Taylor 10 ,, Marv Kemaghan. b. 14. by Whistle Jacket Mr i , Annie C: White and Co. ..- So L. Marv Moore, ch, 17, by Moccasin or Audrain J: W. " Minnock: P. B. Young 40 Sir Mayme M. M.. b. 12. by Falsetto Macola: f 1 A. Daingcrlield 1 A. C Meddlesome She. b. 11. by Meddler Sheboy- j, R gan: George B. Ott ........ 130 Miranda, br, 10. by Eothen Maria D.: J. ln A. McMannus 10 Miss Baden, ch. IS, by Baden Baden Heva: r jj. C. E. Conley - JJ rv Miss Dawn. b. 20. by Stratlnuore Dawn of V A. Dav; B. Schrelbcr , i Mocking Bird IV.. b. 10. by Pontiac Lady J. V Bird: Jenkins and Keister -0 , Mouev Maid. ch. 19. by Joe Daniels Clarissa: ., P. P.B.Young 0 . ; Mrs. Malaprop. ch, 7, by Orlllarab Brank: Kinzea Stone -lu W. Necktie, ch. 20. by Stonchenge Majority: n W. Jenkins and Keister o-u Nellie BIy. br. 20. by Stratford Maumec: William Steele i"V 1 Nellie Russell, ch. 10. by His Highness N el- lie Blv: P. B. Young I-1 New Jersey, b. 14. by Strathmorc Jersey Girl: B. Schrelbcr ................ M Notlimah. b. 0. by Knight of Ellerslic Dearest: E. L. Davis . October, ch. 11. by Esher W inning Lyes: White and Co o SI Ora Lee, ch. 14, by Buchanan Pauline Lee: " L I C E Conley Petersborough. cii. 21. by Mr. Pickwick R Sarong; B. B. Allen ... ;-v;"-v- Petrolene. b. 15. by Pirate of Penzance N Petroleuse II.: E. L. Davis fcJ Pirate Girl. br. 9. by Pirate of Penzance -L Catherine C: P. B.4 Young .............. 14 j Port AVlne. b. 10. by Portland Claret: B. 1 Schreiber - JU Princess Bowling, ch. 22. by Prince Charlie Q I Katie Bowling; George Wheatley ......... -o Princess Lorainc. br. IS. by Iroquois Brie- V a-Brac: Foster Helm ..... ... -o Queen dOr, ch. 19. by Kantaka Reine dOr: S George E. Kurvey Rockdove. b. 12. by Kinglike Stonecrop: I I P B Young J" Rossanna. b, 15. by Rosy Morn My ra; St. I I James Stable - I- Seraphine. b. 7. by Eolian M.: Watson Bros.. i: Columbia. Tenn -,,",Vi"v-": V Sif. Jr.. b. 10, by Emperor Sif: P. B. Young on 90 u Song. b. 19. by George Kinney Olivette: I Broodus Bros - 1J Spider, b. 20. by Rossifcr Long Cloth: J. o .1 W. Thomas , V. d Splendid, ch. 17. by Macduff Extra: George ; E. Kurvey "J I Squeeze, ch. 20. by Baden Baden Squcezem: Thomas Sloan . - ; M 1 I Startle ch 17. bv Onondaga Bonnie Lee: Tabb and Green . bV OJ 1 Swoot Nell. br. S. by Esher Intacta: St. o . I James Stable .- .. -o Tacarhi. ch. 7. by Tammany Acaria: P. ; The" DreanTer! " b! " U. by" IlindooDreamiand: George Russell ,V"; iV I Tid Bit, b. IS. by Emperor Miss Mouse: R. 4" I E Beatty Tocsin, b. 21, by Alarm Auricular: J. Mc- g Tranquil, br. 12. by Cheviot Eternity. St. . James Stable - V.VVV. ; Tringlc. br. 19. by Tremont Triangle: n : George Wheatley Varnish, b. 1,". by Duke of Montrose Varna: o ; k P. B. Young "J Victorious, ch. 10. by Rapture Laura W.. 1 Tabb and Green v ; 1 Clonsilla. b. 10. by Enthusiast Maid of Ath- ens: St. James Stable - 1M 1 , Plunder, b. 0. bv Pirate ot Penzance Whirl- 1 1 wind: St. James Stable - lo Alary, ch. 19. by Alarm Novel: J. B. Hans- -, Beautiful Bells, ch. IS. by Onondaga 1 on- , witch: George E. Kurvey ................. oO Bon Bon. b. 20. by Hindoo Bourbon Belle: Fly ingK Wi t "clu brll. by Dtike of MonVrose Ten Witch: J. B. Hansbrongli 0 D rontanella. b. IS. by King Altonso Taran- tella: Cash ; VViV Haste, b. 21. by Energy Garonne: J. Mc- r, JeanTbrf 19." "bv " LongYeliow Fan fare" :" George 5 Uj E. Kurvey Weanlings. Brown filly, by Inspector B. Alary: J. B. i Hansbrough ....... . . f 0 Bay filly, bv Nasturtium Beautiful Bells; C. E. Conley - 00 u Brown filly, by Yorkshire Lad Bon Bon: St. James Stable VrwY 0 Bay colt, by Monsieur de LOrmc Fonta- o - nella: J. McMannus v v. 0 J Brown filly, by Inspector B. Haste; J. Mc- JU 0 Mannus - Brown filly, by Yorkshire Lad Jean: W. H. J , 0 u Franks - - - Chestnut filly, by Alloway Lizzie ; D.: J. L. Hansbrough V,; "a J Bav filly, by Yorkshire Lad Magi: W. S. J Henderson - i o Cliestnut colt, by Nasturtium Madine: St. Bav filly . by Alloway Magni"fice"nce": "Thomas j- Kelly Brown colt, by Lamplighter Mallow: J. McMannus "r" " V Bav filly, by Sempronius Marmora: J. M. Tavlor ;. Bay filly, by Cameron Mary Moore; W. S. c Cliresnuet Sfilly." by" Boanerges-Mcddlesome She: George Mills Bav fillv. bv Pirate of Penzance CNIocking Bird iV.: Jenkins and Keister ............. 2o -Mrs. Cliestnut filly, by Nasturtium Malabo prop; Thomas F. Kelly. . ...... ... ........ Chestnut filly, by Lackford Nellie Illy: . Bav fUly!nby Lamplighter NeWe Russeil: W. . I S Henderson o Bay colt, by Lackford New Jersey: W. S. Brmvncolt! br Yorkshire Lad Port Wine: I S C Lyne " Chestnut colt, "by Iuspector B. Princess Bow- ling: Frank Clarkson c,v V Bav filly, toy Lackford Rosanna: St. James I Stable Bav colt, by Monsieur de LOnne Song: Frank Clarkson - w Cliestnut colt, by Nasturtium Squeeze: P. I u Youn"1 ." J Bay" colt, by Sorcerer Startle: W. S. Hender- Chestnut colt, by Intrusive Sweet Nell: J. . McMannus -0 Bav filly, by Yorkshire Lad The Dreamer; Chestnut colt, by Lamplighter Tld Bit; St. James Stable ..... ,J Bav filly, by Lamplighter Tocsin: J. Mc- Slannus Brown filly, by Yorkshire Lad Trlngle: J r George Wheatley ......................... V 50 Bav colt, by Yorkshire Lad Victoria: S. C Lvne .. "0 Bay colt, by Woolsthorpe Enough; J. Mc- o I Baycou! by" Sempronius Saydnora: Thomas I Sloan ................................... 1 J Bay filly, by WoolsOiorpe Sliowers; J. Mc- I VllTlIlUS .-""."" Brown colt, by Yorkshire Lad Wildflower; Tliomas Sloan Yearlings. Bay colt, by Inspector B. Lena II.: St. BlnfilSlyfaby stmihopeCh"ann":"t." James Stable .... Property of W. E. Applegate. Lllv M.. b. m. 10. by Leonatus Troika: R. - I Wilson v vu Miss Nannie", "b.m. IS. ......-."-" bv Leonatus Belle of Runnymede: J. F.. Cook J Orlnda;3b. m. 17. by Hayden EdwardsMol- I lip eabro9k; B. ScUreihpr If

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