Work-Outs of Eastern Horses., Daily Racing Form, 1910-05-08

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WORK-OUTS OF EASTERN HORSES. New York. May 7. — Recent work-outs of horses in training at Gravesend. Sheepshead Bay and Aqueduct were as follows: Gravesend— Weather clear: track fast. Adam Bede — Half mile in Si. Was under a pull. Arasee — Half mile In 53;. Was working along in an easy manner. Adriuch. — «alf mile in 51. Has all her speed. Aston K»y — Three-quarters in 1:19. Went along nicely the first part and was eased up at the end. Bushy Creek — Half mile in 51. Shows a lot of speed and is close to form. Bashti — Half mile in 50. Looks well and works well at all times. Belleview — Seven-eighths in l:34j. Looks well and has shown improvement of late. P...uah — Half mile in 52. Was full of run. and ujis eased up at the finish. J Bob Vernon — Half mile in 51*. A good-looking colt. Cloister Man — Half mile in 51. Cuthbert — Seven-eighths in 1:35. Has all his sp ed and is close to racing form. Double O— Mile in 1 :49. Denny — Half mile in 52. Has plenty of speed. District Attorney — Three-eighths in :JJ. Works and acts like a nice horse: has plenty of speed. Ed Hever — Half mile in 51s. Explicit — Half mile in 54. F.liiioia — Half mile in 51J. Nice work for this filly. Ft:ir Miss — Half mile in 52. Was working along easily and could run fast if let down. Far West — Mile in 1:49. At his best. Fair Star — Half mile in 54. • i. lu. us, — Mile in 1:47. Was well in hand, and aits like a good one. HeatherbWioni — Half mile In 50J. Shows a grand burst of speed. Intrinsic — Half mile in 52. Coming around nicely to best form. Indot — Half mile in 49J. Has plenty of speed and shows improvement in staying, lrihh Gentleman -Half mile in 52. Works along in a nice way aud shows improvement with each work. Kingpin — Tlalif mile in 50J. Nice work for this colt, .aligning Elsie — Three-eighths in 38. Miss Jonah — Half mile in S3. Was under a pull. Maid— Half mile in 00. Works along like a niie filly. Maauma — Half mile in 54. Was under a pull and is now close to form. Mirdli — Three-quarters in 1:19». Has plenty of s|teed. O Em — iSevon-oighths in 1:40. Pretend — Mile in 1:47. At his best. Prince Im| erial— Mile in 1:50. Was under a pull throughout and never looked better. Proclamation — -Half mile in 52;. Has shown plenty of speed. Poker— Half mile in 51. At his best. Practitioner— Half mile in 51. R."pul:ition — Half mile in 50». Has improved a great deal of late and shows speed. Sixtj -Mile in 1:51. Fast and shows a grand way of working. Sea Cliff— Half mile in ijd*. Was well in hand throughout the work. Sparkit — Mile in 1:49. Was going along easily all the way. Star Blue— Half mile in 51;. Has plenty of speed and is mining around nicely to lus best form. Sam Jackson — Half mile in 53. School inarm — Three-quartets in 1:20. The Squire — Three -quarters in 1:21. Coming around nicely to his best form. Waring — Half mile in 52. Has improved a great deal of late. Wise Mason— Mile in 1:49. Was well in hand aud looks to ! •■ up to his best form. Young Belh — Half mile in 40;. Good Work for tliis filly. Zool— Half mile in 50. Has plenty of speed. Sheepshead Bay -Weather cloudy: track fast. Ashwcll— Three quarters in 1:25. Has been going along nicely and is nearly ready. Abrasion — Five-eighths in 1 :03J. Has all her early si ecd and is getting good. Bishop— Five-eighths in 1:0.3?. Coming to hand in a nice way. Fashion Plate — Mile in 1:45. Was well in hand and is rounding to form. High Gat — Three -quarters in 1:22. Hesitate — Half mile In 495. A grand-looking youngster with a nice way of going. Jim Kane— Three-eighths In 36. Montcalm — Three-quarters in 1:20. Training along in a nice way and will soon lie ready. Maromar.-i — Seven-eighths in 1 :32. Afarigot — Three-quarters in 1:20. M. Cauibon— Mile in 1:49. Niuibus— Three-quarters in 1:18. Looks well and has not lieen pressed for anything fast. Referee— Half mile in 53. A nicely-going youngster with a good turn of speed. Rose Queen Half mile in 49. Shows all her speed. • I J Regina Margherita — Five-eighths in 1 :03. Starlioard — Five-eighths in 1:04. Salian — Mile in 1:45. Has been working along nicelv for some time and will soon be ready. Supple— Half mile in 51 15. Has all her speed and is ready. Scarpia — Three-quarters in 1:19. Tallahasse — Five eighths in 1:08. Has been resting up and is taking useful work again. Traveller — Seven-eighths in 1:35. Trance — Half mile in 52?. Has all her speed. Warwick — Half mile In 50*. White Rock— Half mile in 51 J. A good looker and mover. Aqueduct — Weather clear: track fast. Banives — Half mile in 55. Bob Co.- Hair mile in 55. Was well in hand and 1 full of run. , Don Antonio— Seven-eighths in 1:33. Shows a good 1 work whenever asked and has his speed. Dune Campbell — Five-eighths In 1:08. Elfin Beau— Seven-eighths in 1:34. Has all his speed and never looked better. Ethel Le Brume — Mile In 1:50. Shows her old-time turn of speed and is coming around to form. Fountain .Square — Mile in 1:47. Looks good and i shows a great deal of improvement. Keep Moving — Half mile In 51. •Madman -Half mile in 51. Has all his speed and i 1 never looked better. Melton Street — Half mile it* 51. Shows much speed. Orton — Half mile in 51*. Shows a good way of going and is a good looker. Pajaroita — Three-eighths in 39s. tilde Fred — Three-eighths in 39. Has not been asked to show much speed. Wander — Half mile in 53. Was under a stiff pull I throughout the work. Gravesend — Weather clear, track fast. Angerona — Three-quarters in 1:20. Arasee— Mile in 1:49. Anna Sellers — Half mile in 50;. Brighton — Half mile in 51J. Ballet Ihince — Five-eighths in 1:09. Curly Locks — Three-quarters in 1:22. Chickasaw — Three-eighths in 39. Elinora — Half mile in 52. Fezzan — Half mile In 57J. Fits Herbert — Three-eighths in ".9. Great Caesar — Three-eighths in 38J. Golden Sand — Five-eighths in 1:09. Galley Slave — Three-quarters in 1:17. .Terseyman — Three-eighths in SM. Klllarney Rose — Half mile in 54. Loco — Mile in 1:46. Mazuma — Three-quarters in 1:24. Mutineer- Half mile in 58. Miss Jonah — Five-eighths in 1 :09. Madcap — Half mile in 54. Nisi — Halt" mile in 565. Neva — Half mile in 52. Pyramid— Half mile in 56;. Quantico— Seven-eighths in 1 :33. Quicksand — Half mile In 56$. Sir John Johnson — Half mile in 52. Sans Sonei II.— -Three-quarters In 1:24. Spindle— Mile in 1:49*. The Turk— Mile in 1:45. Tirade — Half mile in 56. Typical — Half mile in 58. Watervail — Half mile in 56;. Sheepshead Bay — Weather clear, track fast. Ballot— Mile in 1:48. Banco — Three-eighths in 37?. Blackfoot — Half mile in Hi. Big Stick— Half mile in 54. j Bonnie Kelso — Five-eighths in 1 :04. Crash — Five-eighths in 1 :03. Capsize — Three-eighths in .".7. Dulleare — Seven-eighths in 1:33. Dreaming — Half mile in 49$. Duke of Ormonde — Half mile in 54. Dust— Half mile in 51*. Frosty — Seven-eighths in 1:32?. Fleece — Five-eighths in 1 :07. Crania — Mile in 1:51?. Guy Fisher—Mile in 1:46. Gauntlet — Half mile in 51?. Hilarious— Mile and a quarter in 2:15J. first mile . m 1:47. Harlem Maid— Half mile in 54. Infatuation — Half mile in 49;. Jest — Half mile in 49*. King James — Half mile in 49?. Kotonah — Five-eighths in IsMf. Melisande — Half mile In 57. Mary Davs— Mile in 1:40*. Pluvious — Three-eighths in 42. Sweep — Mile and a quarter in 2:16?. Seneca II. — Half mile in 49i. Tonv Bonero — Seven-eighths in 1:32. Turf Star — Half mile in 52. Transform — Mile in 1:44. War Jig— Half mile in 51. Woodcraft— Half mile in 49?. Aqueduct — Weather clear, track fast. Ben Loval— Mile in 1:47. Black Chief— Mile In 1:54. Elizabeth Harwood — Five-eighths in 1:03*. Fulfill— Mile in 1:55. Jno. Reardon — Mile in 1:55. Nadzn — Five-eighths in 1:05. Penn — Half mile in 52. Richard Reed— Five-eighths In 1:034.. Sensible — Three-eighths in 38.

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